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Tan Jee Say clarifies: I was not evicted from Orchard Road base

Posted by temasektimes on July 24, 2012

Popular leader of the opposition Tan Jee Say has clarified on his Facebook that he was not evicted from his ‘base’ in Orchard Road, contrary to earlier media reports.

A Straits Times article last Saturday titled “Tan Jee Say faces eviction from Orchard Road base” claimed that Mr Tan has been told to leave the office he initially rented to hold policy discussions by the landlord, Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

However, it transpired that Mr Tan is not a director nor shareholder of Chanson F&B Pte Ltd, the company who is the tenant that has been served a termination notice by SLA.

Though Mr Tan’s wife Patricia is a shareholder of Chanson F&B, she is also not a director.

Mr Tan has been prevented from carrying out his original plan to hold policy discussions at the office premises, because the SLA had informed Chanson F&B in June that it was not allowed to do so, as it would be in breach of the terms and conditions of use of the premises in the tenancy agreement.

A former high-ranking civil servant, Mr Tan is a REAL opposition leader who contested in last year’s General and Presidential Elections.



9 Responses to “Tan Jee Say clarifies: I was not evicted from Orchard Road base”

  1. WP = idiots said

    Funny. How come this same Mr Tan didn’t say anything when the Media first reported it was his when he first set it up. Now close shop accuse the Media of being bias

  2. Naivety said

    Hey TT!

    Your caption read as follows: “Popular leader of the opposition Tan Jee Say…”, may I know he is the leader of which Opposition Party, please…care to illuminate?

  3. Mike Zeng said

    All ‘enemies’ of the PAP Govt can expect such things to happen to them. No surprise at all.

  4. Aminurasyid said

    Let me be frank with you. This SLA themself have no grant to claim whatsoever of any land in Singapore. All the so call Government agency such as HDB, URA nd JTC have no valid grant to claim for themself.

  5. just curious said

    How could he be “elected” as leader, since he only took part in 2 election within the same year?

  6. Gregory said

    Is SLA or HDB equally efficient when it comes to evicting foreigners who breach the terms of use of their apartments or HDBs by illegal subletting?

  7. ANGRYNativeSingaporean said

    Old habits die hard!!! Look what they’re doing to M Ravi, and now Tan JS???!!!!

  8. whatever... said

    “Mr Tan is a REAL opposition leader who contested in last year’s General and Presidential Elections.”

    You don’t say. Up till now, I thought he is just some imaginary friend of the mod at TT. Anyway this has confirmed my thoughts. TT is run by the crazed faction of SDP who wants to see Singapore fail just for the kick of it.

  9. Ah Pao said

    Tan Jee Say a REAL opposition leader? Don’t make me laugh. If not for this self-interested loser, Tan Cheng Bock would have become President instead of Mr Slick.
    TJS’s policies also suck, intending to let all low-wage workers become toilet cleaners.

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