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DPM Teo: Civil servants must guard against ‘behavior’ that will erode public trust

Posted by temasektimes on July 25, 2012

Following a series of high profile sex scandals involving senior civil servants, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean took the opportunity to remind the new batch of Public Service Commission (PSC) scholars to be mindful of their ‘behavior’ when ‘serving’ Singaporeans.

Speaking at the PSC’s annual scholarship ceremony, DPM Tel said “integrity, service and excellence will remain core values of the Singapore public service, even as it transforms itself to better serve the public.”

“Officers know that as stewards of public resources, they are expected to perform their duties with the highest standards of integrity. They must guard against any behaviour that can erode the trust Singaporeans have in the public service,” he said.

DPM Teo’s comments come in the aftermath of two ongoing probes into ex-CNB Chief Ng Boon Gay and ex-SCDF Chief Peter Lim Sin Pang for allegedly procuring sex for contracts.

Mr Teo added that as Singaporeans become more informed and participative, collaboration and engagement will be the two key trends that will shape the public service.


19 Responses to “DPM Teo: Civil servants must guard against ‘behavior’ that will erode public trust”

  1. Jack said

    Sir, are you referring to your colleagues in the Ministry of National Development?

  2. Jaded said

    stewards of public resources? what a joke…

  3. CB mouth. said

    Look who’s talking. hahahahahha
    I don’t trust your CB mouth….

  4. Seb said

    Maybe he should be mindful of his own behaviour when serving Singaporeans…..Put Singaporeans first, stop focussing only on the economy and turning this country into a company, stop bringing in FTs while Singapore is brusting at the seams. Be accountable to Singaporeans.

  5. The Trust has been eroded already,for the Civil servants spate of mistakes and errors.Even recent Vice-President of SPH corruption matters.NUS Students were told to take off posters,relating to their activities on Christianity…Kong Hee an upright and decent man;Tan Ye Peng the most honorable and good person,according to us,slap with 10 charges…Civil servants’ complaint,and two Christians who committed passing Chick Tracts to them,being sent to jail,..convicted.

    Mas Salamat case.Khaw Boon Wan bicycles.Everyone is curious to want to know the interpretation,in English meaning,and Law students should be also very interested to learn its meaning,because Dictionary cannot help much: Siphon,Mis-use,Criminal Breach of Trust,Misappropriate.

  6. Crap... said

    DPM Teo, don’t be a hypocrite.. your expertise in smearing and gutter politics during the Hougang By election is so competently demostrated to all Singaporeans. So please don’t associate yourself or your PAP gang with the word INTEGRITY.

  7. ursula76 said

    Kinda too late to say that, isnt it….

  8. The top practices nepotism and cronyism, what do you expect from the bottom? “shang liang bu zheng xia liang wai”.

  9. ngpy said

    It is very much appreciated that DMP Teo is reminding new officiers to mind their behaviors in serving the Singapore Citizens. Hope that Our DMP Ministers is fully aware of what their intermediates are doing is of most important. Keep it up Mr Teo.

  10. Victor said

    Yes Sir, DPM Teo. We trust the public services like ICA, MOM and all the other ministries to being in more foreigners to Singapore Sir.

  11. mahbok tan said

    Ya ya ya ya …must arrest 13yr old girl and handcuff for burning SGpore flag ….. but their superior can let go ang moh like they do not know how to work or follow procedure…!!!

    Then hor FTrashes can insult SGporean and get a slap in the hand ONLY….!!!

    And the stamfuck waffles wuf wuf case , the AGC and the judiciary can show us the kind of justice that we have … you think its easy to earse this kind of perception from your own citizen….???? FT = slap in hand….COS = handcuff and drag to policestation….aiyoyoyoyoyo…u all miss-ni-ster arh make my blood go high high lei….do stupid thing like no tomorrow….even if u want to bull shit hor go bull shit with cow lar in the open land …!!!

  12. Kim said

    Teo couldn’t even answer questions from JC students, and he wanted to talk about participative and engagement. What do you think?

  13. Vic said

    He should listen to himself.

  14. Kelly said

    TCG is dreaming. Why would Singaporeans trust ass-kissing bureaucrats. They are as useless as PAP ministers.

  15. Invictus said

    Sir, is one of the behavior that erode public trust is putting one’s financial compensation and personal interest above serving the people ? I wonder …

  16. Ken Lee said

    pay them more they will behave!

  17. Steve said

    Mr Teo Chee Hean, what have you done for Singaporean so far? Give us a break don’t show yourself anymore, it was really disgusting even listening to the words that comes out from your mouth or reading it, remember me I am the one that shut the door when you come visiting Pasir Ris St 71 BLK 769 during Y2007 G election.

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