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MND refers controversial purchase of Brompton bicycles to CPIB

Posted by temasektimes on July 25, 2012

Following a public outcry from Singaporeans, the Ministry of National Development (MND) has finally referred the controversial purchase of 26 Brompton bicycles to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

NParks’ decision to buy the foldable bikes has come under intense public scrutiny with some criticizing the wastage of public funds as cheaper bicycles could have been bought.

Furthermore, the tender was called during the Lunar New Year period, when many businesses were closed.

Though National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan initially justified the purchase of the bicycles, he eventually ordered an internal audit into the procurement process which eventually discovered significant ‘discrepancies’ warranting further investigations.

An NParks officer, Bernard Lim, the assistant director of the Park Connector Network has been suspended from work.


25 Responses to “MND refers controversial purchase of Brompton bicycles to CPIB”

  1. Fuck PAP said

    $8 bypass Khaw needs another bypass.
    These PAP cbs are above the law and they do whatever they want, now even the minions are behaving like mini lees, all of them should be dragged out, beheaded and have their corpse whipped!

    • KHAW PEH KHAW BU said

      Ur Right! Maybe this time he needs a brain bypass at the a$$ Hole instead, also @$8? 😉

    • i say what i think only... said

      brain bypass. typical pap attitude. defend their stance at all costs without finding out reasons. blind faith. cannot let people say u are wrong. cannot wash dirty linen in public.

      so what has he got to say about these good buys now? u also claim to be a good buy when whole singapore do not feel so. at least 40% do not feel so though…

  2. Ron said

    Good. CPIB has to ability to seize information from both the NParks and also the vendor including all bank records, all electronic and paper mail, etc. Will be interesting to see what happened.

    The assistant director is in deep doodle. Also those other officers who are his superiors. Who were the Procurement officers? Who in the Ministry of Finance reviewed such purchases? How high will accountability go?

  3. Jack said

    I have to give it to National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan

    • Terence Chong said


      You have to give it to the “CSI Public”!! I dare say if not for the relentless investigators, KBW would have brushed this under the carpet!!! The “CSI Public” investigation was too thorough and public knowledge thanks to TT, TRE, and TRS!!

      • stevenado said

        Yes dead right. Kudos to “CSI Public” Paid millions of dollars, yet spew rubbish!!!

  4. Time to raise his pay said

    I think we should increase the pay of the Assistant Director by five times, the same way we raise our ministers’ pay, in order to prevent corruption in MND.

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      Well said… WE should all vote the increase the pay of all civil servants by 10 times to reduce corruption. Now it is 20 Brompton bicycles, who knows the next time it could be 200 ship loads of toilet paper…

    • KHAW PEH KHAW BU said

      Better still, increase everybody’s salary across the whole of Singapore. Perhaps, that may solve the “money” part of corruption. However, the rampant happenings with the other type of corruption via the “power of the pussy” needs to be addressed. 😛

  5. Sashaqueenie said

    Bravo! I am so proud of you netizens! The investigative work done on various new media channels really helped to launch an official inquiry on this shady business. Please give yourself a good pat on the shoulder!

  6. Too many corruptions here.

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      Ask Lee Kuan Yew and he will deny that there is any corruption in Singapore. Afterall he raised the salaries of MP and civil servants to to prevent corruption. I truly believe this old fart who is spending his last few days in solitude and reflecting on his past evil

  7. mahbok tan said

    allo fellow citizens …. like this hor …somebody or a single body hor cannot die peacefully lei…. coz hor later he will wake up from his grave when we mention his name…..ha ha ha….serve ur familii rite….!!!!

  8. Ben said

    “High salary to prevent corruption ” So what you think ? sure high rank management no corruption ? I think so , so why CPIB check ? Must be misunderstanding …….

  9. True BLUE Sinkie said

    What’s the fuss?? Khaw Boon Wan initially defended the purchase of the bikes with all his reasons and justifications. Where the hell is Khaw hiding now? In some some chicken farm?

  10. ursula76 said

    Mr Khaw, have some pride and do the right thing.. You have said a lot of things in public which have unintentionally exposed your incompetence.. Stepping down would be the best thing now..

    • stevenado said

      Yes, Khaw should resign! Too many blunder yet act as if he is on the right track.He should know in Japan, the minister concerned will do a what they “karitari” something like that. In Singapore, no need lah..just resign and join Mah…

  11. cc chia said

    Looking forward to the auction of the Brompton bikes in order to recover the money that was overspent. Perhaps we’ll then be able to get these foldies at an affordable price (assuming the NParks staff have not already sabotaged the items before returning them).

  12. 过路人 said

    Khaw Boon Wan should be investigated for purchasing 400+ pieces of expensive ergonomic chairs when he was Minister of Health.

  13. sgvelox said


  14. Lollapalooza In SG said

    The bike cost more than a PMET’s salary at NTUC.. Can justify meh??

  15. ANGRY Bird said

    Khaw BW step down. You are a “half past six” minister, not fit to be in office. STEP DOWN!

  16. Pussy Rules said

    Good news!, I like this. Npark ban us MTB trail riders from from riding in some areas in Bukit timah and bukit panjang trails. They deserve this now!

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