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SNEF: Longer maternity leave will result in ‘loss of productivity’

Posted by temasektimes on July 25, 2012

The Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) has voiced out its opposition to NTUC’s recommendation that working mums be given six months of paid maternity leave with another optional six months of unpaid leave.

In a statement issued to the media, SNEF feels the current four months leave is already generous, compared to regional countries and economic competitors, adding that “longer maternity leave can result in a loss of productivity.”

It also warns that legislating more and different types of leave will add to labour costs and have other unintended negative effects which may lead to some companies choosing to hire men or younger women to avoid the higher employment costs.

SNEF proposes instead that companies be given better support to create family-friendly workplaces such as a “baby bonus for bosses”, where tax incentives are given to employers, whose employees go on maternity leave.

The recommendation by NTUC was made to boost Singapore’s declining birth rate which is one of the lowest in the world.



17 Responses to “SNEF: Longer maternity leave will result in ‘loss of productivity’”

  1. Ken Lee said

    even now four months paid maternity leave already got so many sinkgaporean out of job! six months ha ! ha ! ha ! even mom can’t do anything can you???

  2. Piratetoon said

    NTUC can never propose something good – always full of crap ideals that can never work. This evil proposal will put more Singapore Women out of job. Think NTUC only wants to creat opportunity for foreigners to take over locals job. Couples don’t want baby because of our pressure cooker education sytems.
    Parents need to “Q’ for pri sch. registraion , take PSLE – After PSLE worry cannot get to good secondary school after that woory cannot go to JC and than cannot go to Uni. Give singaporean children free education till uni. than can see population increase not 6 months maternity leave. Put more effort to help the locals if you are sincere.

    • ~~~ said

      Well you can criticize NTUC for their proposal, but SNEF is no diff, their counter argument is also reflecting Singaporean way of making money … the employer can earn more from govt with their proposal and no additional benefits for the mothers

  3. Invictus said

    Where is our fearless defender of the worker’s cause, Mr Lim Swee Say, to fight for the workers of Singapore. I want to see more of his ‘brilliant’ productivity arguments.
    Why don’t all Singaporean work 24/7, never takes leave, never get sick or pregnant, then productivity will be at an all time high ? What’s dumbass !

  4. Both of you are barking up the wrong tree.

    There is already a disparity. It has been this way for decades.
    Why are the Unions only now trying to do something when it should have been tackled a long time ago?
    At the way things are now, what ever you do is going to hurt the economy. Why?
    Because the “Tripitide” system made this problem. Why?
    Investment & Employers were given too much leeway for decades.
    When you spoil a child from young, they grow up spoiled.

    Now, you have a mess in your hands.

    To solve the birth issue, we need to make “living” in S’pore easier for all.
    At present, “work” is all we got. There is no life.

    If the government can make it’s citizens live life independently, where they are able to self support themselves
    rather than get help from the government, it would give pride to it’s citizens and value life.
    Only than, citizens can have a family life.

    At the rate we are going, it doesn’t look good.

    I like to carry on but I need to go to work.

  5. Vic said

    I don’t think it is right to formulate maternity benefits exclusively for working mums. Also, it should not be for the employers to bear the costs lest employers would discriminate against women. The government should come out with some policies to benefit all mums, particularly the ones in the lower income group; and, not just for encouraging child birth but also for relieving financial burden of raising children.

  6. citutt said

    BS…6 mths leave n the company will not take married sporean women. Instead its a gate open wide for ftrash to come n take over our womens job..gahmen will say our women fault for not being competitive…twist the words n make local feel guilty of ourselves n accept ftrash with open hand..

  7. Fuck PAP said

    yalah yalah, go employ all the foreigners and let singaporeans starved to death lah. ccb, want baby, want productivity, want economy progress, want career, still have to do your fucking ns, you can’t have it all lah. fucking greedy pap muthafuckers!!

  8. Neutral said

    Is it any surprise that SNEF is opposing to 2 more months of paid maternity leave and optional 6 months unpaid leave? No prizes for guessing whose pockets will feel the pinch. NTUC is proposing policies that will benefit employees which means employers have to pay the price whereas “SNEF proposes instead that companies be given better support to create family-friendly workplaces such as a ”baby bonus for bosses”, where tax incentives are given to employers, whose employees go on maternity leave.”

    Why not have NTUC pass a law that says working mums are to be paid 6 months maternity leave and employers will get tax incentives also. Win-win situation. End of (fairy-tale) story.

  9. Be long sighted said

    SNEF needs to take a long term view to boosting TFR as a strategy towards higher productivity and not be penny wise and pound foolish! This extended maternity in the nordic region is a living testimony towards long term, sustainable productivity – something the short-sighted SNEF obviously failed to see. SNEF must re-invent itself (sounds familiar?) to think further and think outside the pathetic box they have been keeping themselves comfortably in.

  10. Parity said

    Isn’t preferring to hire males because of the new maternity leave against the fair employment act? Can we let such statements get away?

    People don’t want to have kids because of the ever after costs. Milk powder, diapers, water, electricity, pre school, primary school cca price etc.

    SNEF statement shows extreme ungraciousness. Singaporeans have sacrifice and subsidise for their business success by bearing with the expensive HDB, squeezed buses, trains, high costs of living. Now they use sacarsm towards us? Thus kind of “integration” from higher society. Singapore is very sad.

  11. Robox said

    While those who might be affected will probably welcome the recommendations of ‘six months of paid maternity leave with another optional six months of unpaid leave’, I wonder how many of them are also greeting this with mixed reactions.

    Will this also make Singaporean women more vulnerable to being discriminated against by employers compared to men, both Singaporean and foreign? Will it also make them more vulnerable compared to foreign women, many of them young and single and will only marry once they return to their homelands? After all, Singaporean men have been compalining about such discrimination against them due to their reservist liabilities.

  12. Sad to be Singaporean said

    Both parties are not looking in depth to e root cause. I lost my promotion due to my 4mth maternity leaves. Boss said i did not contribute much last year to coy so i was not promoted!
    The real root cause why birth rate dropped is due to high living cost!! I had 2 young kids n now srarting to feel e stress of $$ – childcare, medical, milk powder, driaper, daily food intake, enrichment.. all need $$! My hubby n i love big family but we r just average earning family, decide to stop for 3rd kids!!

    Govt should learnt from western country: provide free education for childcare or pri sch. And look into how to reduce e woman from losing job. Abd last but not all, i not interested in e 6months maternity leave! Please give me $ instead!!

  13. NTUC should propose meaningful thing said

    NTUC should propose meaningful thing.
    Why not high bonus so that mum could get domestic help like maid and they can go to work with less burden?

  14. No Can Do said

    @ NTUC Shd Propose Meaningful Thing at 2.24 pm: Fully agree with u. Just add bonus or equivalent govt subsidy to current guidelines for realistic upward revision, and that’ll be enuff. It’s cock and bull, otherwise.

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