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VIDEO: PRC woman scolds Singaporean elderly aunties on bus over priority seat

Posted by temasektimes on July 25, 2012

A middle-aged PRC woman was filmed scolding two Singaporean elderly aunties on a SBS Transit bus over a priority seat:

The PRC woman was overheard shouting at her top of her voice about the ‘nasty people’ of Singapore and the bus captain eventually had to stop the bus and mediate.

Two years ago, a PRC family of five ‘hijacked’ SBS bus number 138 for five hours over the bus captain’s refusal to allow them to bring up a wheelchair, forcing other passengers to leave the bus.

The Singapore police dared not arrest them for causing a public nuisance and even ‘escorted’ them down the bus after SBS agreed to pay for a cab to fetch them home.

Watch the shocking video below:


142 Responses to “VIDEO: PRC woman scolds Singaporean elderly aunties on bus over priority seat”

  1. FadedGlory said

    this country is going to the dogs..

  2. GodBlessSG said

    I wonder what will Mr Lee’s comment be when he sees this video.

    • Ken Lee said

      ha! is! what do you think?

    • Sorry I think Lee will not saying anything but I think he will say THERE IS A CRACK BETWEEN NEW PR or NEW CITIZEN etc etc etc………

      • citutt said

        He will ask the 2 senior lady to intergrate with prc…make them welcome in spore…n let that PigRC take the priority seat n make them feel like a queen n the old ladies are her maid…

    • deschua said

      I think this Chinese lady is too much. She is making a fool of herself. Definitely we don’t welcome this kind foreign culture into our country. But then again, not all foreigners are like this. Don’t just because of some ugly scenes caused by foreigners we begin to condemn all foreigners. Most of the foreigners are actually quite civilised. Some need more time to adjust to our norm and culture. Remember this, Habit dies Hard, but they have to try harder if they want to be accepted here.

      • Stand up FOR SINGAPOREEANS!!!! said

        NO, we dont want this kind of UGLY, RUDE foreigner to try harder to adjust to our norm and culture. WE JUST DONT WANT HER HERE!!! GET OUT!!!!

      • SS said

        no matter how they try, it will be the same. not from the heart what for? they think is country belongs to their ah gong.

      • SINYoobi said

        Uncivilized behaviour of a foreign import from China. Such scumbags without social etiquette can be seen all around Singapore.

    • outrageous said

      You’re lucky if he does not feed you these Ah Tiong dogs!

  3. newhik said

    To be fair for the PRC lady, at the start of the video she claimed that she had already given up her seat to the elderly lady. But it seemed that the elderly lady continue to scold her, much like the MRT Ah Lian VS Aunty. Her comments were that the Singaporeans are too biased against the PRC and that we only target them while ignoring the locals who are commiting the same offense.

    I know that many of us, me included, feels that the country is not capable of tolerating the sudden population boom. But please aim your anger at the culprits, the PAPigs who threw our doors wide open without thought or planning. I’m sure the foreigners are only seeking a better life working or living here is Singapore, but doesn’t any one wants a better life for himself or herself.

    • mahbok tan said

      If its true that the PRC lady have given up her seat then the aunty should be penalised and deserved to be scolded by the PRC lady. Period .

      • Naivety said

        If the PRC FT has willingly given up her seat, why is it so that her shopping bags & barang barang are still infront of the priority seat & obstructing the way to the priority seats still thereby preventing the 2 old ladies from accessing the seats???

        Apparently, it seems that the PRC FT is not too happy to give up her seat as evidenced by her shopping bags placed infront of the seat as she did not clear them yet!!!

    • Vic said

      You are absolutely right, newhik. But, it is natural that the clamour and the hate would flare up to the surface every now and then. It has to do with living in crowded environment like the mice (in crowded habitat) in the the famous experiments by John B. Calhoun. The crowded mice lost the ability to co-exist harmoniously,

    • MT said

      I agree with you. It is not about PRC vs SG. Let’s look at the facts objectively. We judge people by their character & actions, not by their nationality, race, religion, social status, wealth. I’ve not seen the video yet but my first question was who was at fault in this incident? Your post clarify my question. Thanks.

      I’ve noticed many articles on TT aim to incite xenophobia when the general Singaporeans (me included) are already feeling pressure and uneasy with the influx of FT. Let’s try to be objective and direct our energy to fix the root cause of the problem instead of simply lay blame and target on easy prey.

      TT should aim to be an objective and respectable media.

      • SS said

        FT? are they sure FT? behave and sounded like ah lian? even though she is right, but her action tell us what?

      • SINYoobi said

        She is definitely not a foreign talent – a fake talent instead. To be more precise, an uncivilised scumbag from a village in China.

    • Dan said

      The government has always maintained the stance that more foreigners will come, before or after election. It was the voters whom had given them mandate to do whatever they want.

      And the PRC lady was scolding the old lady that there are other empty seats, why insist to ask for the priority seat that she is seating on.

      • SS said

        so what there are other empty seats? but priority seat is meant for ppl who needs it. ok. then is she old? why can’t she stand up and go to those empty seats.

    • Lew S. H. said

      I second you. The problem is caused by the PAP government. Allowing another 2 million people to come and live in our tiny island without corresponding increase in infrastructure is like lighting a time bomb. It’ll explode soon!!!!

      • CSI said

        I would not surprise if this kind of incidents continue happen , it will soon be escalate out of control very soon !!

      • aminsky said

        The beauty of this cheap immigrant is the cause of their misbehavior and all the mess that have occur and also they been pampered coz of their beauty cheap immigrant women…..

    • Pure Spirit said

      Well Said.

    • G said

      Well, the PRC certainly had a lot less grace than the “Ah Lian”.

    • Mikey said

      Can’t hoot the you-know-whos… bo pian.. hoot the next target lor..

    • kampong said


  4. hachoo said

    There are two ways to handle situations like this one especially with the PRC. Its either you talk louder and more fierce than her or you just politely ask her to get lost, brand her crazy and let her shame herself with her own behaviour.
    Normally, they know locals are afriad to be embarassed and they take advangtage of this weakness in any arguments. SO folks, if dont feel embarassed or scare to lose face if you want deal with this kind of PRC. Only you dsiplay a thicker skin than them , you can win the argument.

    • hello kitty said

      Agree… talk louder than them and drown them with your voice, and talk faster than them. Doesn’t matter if it’s illogical, you win. I have also seen people arguing with each other across a floor with so many bystanders in between, 2 thumbs up.

  5. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    “PRC” I always thought is an abbreviated term for People’s Republic of China. I guess it is now also the abbreviated term for “Pompous Rude Chinese”. Of course I only refer to the Chinese people born and bred in China who think Singapore is their slave island. Time has come for such immigrants to learn from the local Chinese citizens how to be human with fellow humans. The local Chinese are indeed the most well mannered people I have known. PRC please wake up!

  6. sibei tulan said

    dun blame our poor aunties maybe she also stressed by the living here lah ,yes she was in the wrong too but the china bitch was also kuailan mah. she want to inmitate our sexy Ah lian no way….listen to her F$#king pitch voice ….kns.

  7. We Singaporeans said

    MR PM Lee ! any comment on this video ??

  8. yessah said

    would anyone please care to translate? thank you sooo much, very appreciated, malay reader here hehe! only understand xinxiapuo and pyentai lol….

    • seah said

      the shouting word not clear it seem to be after the China offer the seat to the old lady she want money,the old lady ask her to earn in Gelyang ,the China lady said she is to ugly,something like that

    • Wicked Brain said

      I can’t really understand her, but I try to translate for you k.
      Appearently, the old aunty couldn’t climb up the steps and asked the China woman to give up her sit.

      The China Woman say:
      I have given you the seat, what more do you want?
      Still scold and scold.
      You are Chinese, you look down on people from China, that means you disrespect your ancestors.
      Blar Blar Blar… (guess she added some China vulgarities here, which I don’t understand.)
      You are old and poor, so you got to take the bus.
      There are so many seats around, why must I give up my seat to you?
      I have seen all sorts of people in Singapore, you old freak.
      You are so ill mannered, I m ashamed of you…
      You think that all women are here to open their legs?
      You ugly fellow…
      See that I am pretty, you not happy.
      I am going to sue you…

      Yuck yuck yuck …

      • sg said

        quote (guess she added some China vulgarities here, which I don’t understand.) end-quote

        Hahaha, now if we want to integrate with them…. we have to learn their vulgarities words too.

        BTW, the video taker said it has been 5 minutes before he took the video. Thus, we do not know the beginning.

        Anyway, to me, quarelling with elderly is not right.

  9. Law said

    This place is Gone… I wonder how many % are the REAL Netizens going for the NDP Day Parade…
    For some reason dunno why, just dun have the Feel anymore to watch.. not even TV…

  10. Lost S'porean said

    The problem with PRC men and women in S’pore is………they are just too many here. So many that they are not afraid

  11. Naivety said

    Terrible as it seems that the PRC FT refuses to give way & let the 2 elderly ladies have a seat over the priority seat & instead
    scolded both the old aunties vehemently for long periods of time just to show her aggression & practice her vocal chord talents!!!

    • Stand up FOR SINGAPOREEANS!!!! said

      PRC probably had been behaving like this in her own country…..and she thinks she can CONTINUE to behave like this here lah…..!! I dont understand why NO ONE SHUT HER UP instead of hearing her screaming away in her high pitched voice!! So annoying!!

  12. mikey said

    Irritating prc voice shouting & yelling. These are FTrhash that are bing imported here by FAP.

  13. Ken Lee said

    we need more FT the more the merrier! the are the best of the best!

  14. Teo hen hen said

    auntie take MRT got problem with singaporean, take bus also got problem, auntie go take taxi lah

  15. Nobodyz said

    wow.. sbs paid the cab fare.. i also wan :p

  16. Andrew said

    Understand that this is YOUR country.

    Each one of you reading has a part to play in improving our society, and making it a better place for us and our children to work and play in.

    Understand that when the government brings all these foreigner trash in, they are getting votes for themselves. Waiting till 2016 will be pointless!

    It is up to us fix the situation ourselves, so that we will still have a place to call home, in 30 – 50 years time.

    I beg of you dearest Singaporeans. Do not come online to rant, to moan about these things.

    Be Violent and Hostile whenever these things irk you. Be Verbally and if possible, Physically abusive to the PRCs and Pinoys who have and are on the verge of turning our once beautiful garden city into the stinking cesspool of corruption and filth they crawled out from.

    Do what you can, No matter how small, To get your country back.

    They are laughing behind your back, at how easy it was to screw over our country, to get a PR or Citizenship and fuck off to some western country, carrying our brand and tarnishing the name of Singaporeans everywhere.

    What are you going to do about it?

    We know the effect that their presence has on our society.

    The Question now is, What are we going to do about it?

    • Fight Back said

      I agree totally. Be tough when someone is trying to bully us Singaporeans.

      • James Tan said

        Totally agreed. I am myself can’t fight them with the gov backing the PRC and not their own Singaporean. I am planning to run to other country with my family.
        I am sad to leave my own country but for the sake of my children future. Anyway, I have always tell ppl I am Singapore born Singaporean whenever there are anyone asked where am I from!!!!

    • Mikey said

      Awesome.. u said exactly what I have been thinking all along..

      Arbo do NS for fuck?

      Freaking defend yourselves man!!

    • scary said

      If an elderly woman can’t bottle up her frustration in public,Folks,let’s be very scared.Let me share something.Just the other i was taking the MRT,seated near the door.When a chinese woman was struggling to wheel her elderly kin in,a malay young man get up and walk towards her.Sensing something amiss,I looked,get up and both of us assisted her.We nod and smiled,a kind of local bond you may say.

      • Stand up FOR SINGAPOREEANS!!!! said

        mmm….that was really nice gesture…and truly a “singaporean moment”…..feels good, right? I tell you, every time when I call into some customer service line, ALWAYS feel so good to hear a Singaporean voice at the other end……trust me, I missed them, man!!!

    • Nonsense said

      You wrote: “Be Violent and Hostile whenever these things irk you. Be Verbally and if possible, Physically abusive to the PRCs and Pinoys who have and are on the verge of turning our once beautiful garden city into the stinking cesspool of corruption and filth they crawled out from.” – Are you kidding? You are encouraging Singaporeans to use violence to settle issues against foreigners? In the end Singaporeans will be locked up due to your “wise” advice and lesser Singaporeans on the street to defend our country. You sure you are a Singaporean?

      • Stand up FOR SINGAPOREEANS!!!! said

        AGree with “nonsense”….let’s DO the RIGHT thing and be voted in…..refrain from violence.

      • Dr.Arsch said

        Don’t go an beat them up la. But if just 3-4 of us able bodied men and women surround scums like these when they are harrassing the old people and scream into their faces, the bastards will back off. I’ve already started doing it to the ‘ah neh’ aliens, and those guys are chickenshits that back down immediately, With PRCs just need more of us to stand up at that moment when needed. Once they start getting the idea they’d get arse-whipped, they’d stop trying to push around our locals. Just yell, scream and fuck them to their face. Don’t throw punches or beat them up. Stay within limits and it’ll be ok.

    • Submitter69 said

      Good or Bad,one thing we can learn from the PRCs is the courage to speak our minds. There are way too many meek Sporeans who dont have the balls to confront a situation head on despite serving NS.How then can we expect these people to defend our country ? Over the years,the PAP has instilled a culture of fear among us such that we lost the instinct to say what we feel.

  17. Cher said

    In a kindergarten, the teacher was asking – What is the shape of Singapore? The smartest kid replied – “potatoe shape”. Then the rest of the children shouted – “BAD SHAPE”

  18. seiya78 said

    ai ya…. most of the quarrel start with the old lady la…. u see the other clip, the pretty local singaporean gal give up seat to the old auntie in mrt also kana scolded for no reason…

    • grah said

      Some old auntie have unreasonable behavior. They cut queue when buying 4d by asking people in front of the queue to buy for her. When people refused to buy for her she’s unhappy and keep rambling nonsense. I was the next person she came to and she just shove her 4d slips into my hands while I’m texting on my phone. Then she spoke harshly to me to just take the slip and buy for her.
      Luckily I was in good mood. I told her to speak nicely when asking for help but she just ignore me… attitude problem.

      • wayang said

        Agreed, some old people can be quite unreasonable like in your case. But on hind sight, don’t u agree that our grandmothers, grandfathers and mothers are sometimes like that too? Lets just forgive them for being naggy even demanding as they become senile and temperamental. Nevertheless, they are still our fellow Singaporeans, our respected elders. The newcomers like the PRC woman with her uncouth behavior should be ticked off.

      • Grah, do understand the old lady is an illiterate, just like many others in her age group. We can’t expect her to behave like us educated people. It all depends on her family upbringing and the kind of people she mixes around. This is unlike the much younger PRC lady. I am sure she is sufficiently educated to be expected a better behaviour in public.

    • CY said

      I agree with seiya78’s observation. It is the old woman that started the spat. By mentioning the nationalities, TT clearly has an agenda in mind and stirring anti-foreigner sentiments. If the headline had read: “Woman scolds elderly auntie on bus over priority seat”, then it will only be about the dispute between a woman and an elderly auntie. In fact, both parties are at fault here.

      There are also other priority seats in the same row. The videographer filming this should have helped the old auntie to the empty seats. By filming the incident and not rendering assistance clearly shows this videographer has an agenda in mind.

    • SS said

      Hey, one day you will get old too.

  19. The Gardener said

    Mr. Lee, your friend is it? kakkakkaakaa

  20. PRC dogshit! said

    This PRC whore should be gang raped, I want to hear her slutty voice moan when I fucked her hairy cheebye with my broomstick finale. I will make sure the broomstick go in her cheebye and come out from her mouth like the banner in bestgore

  21. Terence Lim said

    dun care its PAP or what. I only know whenever i take bus or mrt i get irrtated if people doesnt move in. N the next thing they will get is my yelling. Move back. Leave so big space for who? Elephant ah. N that is when i take bus from chinatown geylang or little india nearby

  22. Har said

    Dont waste your time for old aunty/uncle. They are old generation. They have done alot of things on their era. They are tired, and its time for them to rest.
    Do other things useful for sake of new generation/future. God bless Singapore.

  23. wayang said

    Damn fierce bitch! How to integrate? Need a tight slap and kicked out of Singapore!

  24. James said

    let me answer her queries…’s dangerous for elderly to sit a vertical sit as if the bus brake the elderly might not have enough strength to hold their body.

  25. Singaporean said

    We are issuing PR to these kind of talents?

    • Naivety said

      What’s so surprising as nowadays it is extremely easy to obtain PR status in Singapore, as the Pappies govt will literally beg anybody to become Singapore PR!!!

      Even FLs, International Street Walkers & International Prostitutes also can get easily lah…go Geylang and see what I mean if you do not believe!

  26. Walls have Ears!! said

    This is a new Singaporean
    We must learn from

  27. 龙的传人 said


  28. Hello: To the one reading this on behalf of the ruling party. Go tell your bosses that issues regard FT never exist without them existing. For what your bosses had done, they will lose more than 1 GRC soon. I am a layman that faces these FT throughout each bloody day – in the lift, transports, work and everywhere. I do not bother about economics except my daily life. I will support whatever oppositions whether useful or useless reasoned being I am totally pissed off with my daily life. I am 1000000% sure there are more like me (who just keep to ourselves) Lastly I had never ask and never wanted to be in a 1st world country, I don’t need a MILLION DOLLAR pay cheque a year…

  29. What actually happened was,the prc pig did gv the reserved to aunty,but she is unhappy why there are others empty seats andthe aunty insisted to the seat she alrealy taken.she was not”fit in”yet,don understand reserved means

  30. Pulstay said

    Should post a link on LHL’s facebook and let him see what he has done to Singapore by importing these Foreign Trashes…

  31. What actually happened was the prc did gv the seat to the aunty,but she was not happy why there are other seats vacant, why the aunty insist to take the seat she had taken. She was not “fit in” yey, dun know what reserved means

  32. outrageous said

    Seiya78, what is your agenda? Are you Ah Tiong? Why distract attention from this incident with another one?

  33. V for Vendetta said

    Her voice was so anal I could only make out 3 words. Chou Ba Guai. Seriously. If you want to pick a fight in singapore, make sure the other party and the people around you can understand you. Jeez.

  34. JY said

    Next time these kind of stupid thing happen just call the police let them settle. Make them busy as anyway the problem is cause by the garmen let them solve it. When they got more case they will know it a PROBLEM

  35. seah said

    the china women ask for money after offer her seat,the old lady ask her to earn in Gelyang.,sorry after than that i dont understand what they shouting,the china women said she too ugly something like that.

  36. You can't demand courtesy!!! said

    Come one… Priority seat is… Just a priority…. It is not their(elderly or pregnant or what so ever) RIGHT to the seat. We all paid for a ticket! If you start scolding the person seated there not giving you the seat because you are an elderly, then you are just as discourteous if not worse! Well if someone come barging in and start scolding me for not giving up the seat to him or her, I will gladly show them my centre finger as that’s what they deserve! If they would courteously ask me, I’ll gladly offer the seat with grace. I don’t believe in treating assholes with courtesy, weather you are old, pregnant, disabled or even the president! Earn your respect! You just can’t demand it!

  37. True Blue Singaporean said

    This makes me so sad. I cannot go a day without seeing Ah Tiongs. I just want to have a peaceful lunch, in this case, a peaceful bus ride. Its no longer Singapore. It’s China-pore

  38. No passenger should be discriminated!!! said

    This is not the first time I heard SBS bus driver stops passengers with wheelchair or baby strollers. SBS should at all times allow passengers with wheelchair or strollers and they should not ever be discriminated against to board a public transport! You will never know the pains of not being allowed up a wheelchair or baby stroller until one day you are in that plight! I don’t think this will happen in the west like USA or UK. Wheelchairs and strollers should always be allowed up at all times. LTA should make a stand on this through a public clarifications.

  39. Dave Teo said

    Go back to your country, you are not welcome here.

  40. relaxguy said

    Take a step back and listen to that irritating squeaky voice. She said she had given up the seat but the old lady kept scolding her. First row has an empty seat. Two seats before the cameraman is obviously vacant too. It is apparent that the old lady have taken courtesy for granted and seems to be picking a fight. Drawing a parallel to the mrt squabble between the old and young ladies case, I wonder why is there a shift in the public opinion over this case.

    • Naivety said

      I beg to differ as It might appear that the PRC FT had given the priority seat but from the video, she had purposely left her shopping bags & belongings infront of the seat still refusing to clear them thereby preventing the 2 old aunties from gaining access to the priority seat…clearly shown on video!!!

  41. neutral said

    Let’s be neutral towards this issue. Both were at fault.

    We need to understand why the old lady need the front seat? From the video, we would know that she is weak and going to the back seat would be a challenge to her. She was wrong as she should not scold anyone, regardless PRC or not, whom had already given up their seat to her.

    We must move towards a more understanding world. Be graceful and thankful to people whom had offered their kind thought/ action. When someone had offered their seat, for the receiver, please remember to say “Thank You”! Stop just sitting down and act nothing. This just show how ugly the receiver was…

    • Naivety said

      I beg to differ as it might appear that the PRC FT had given up her priority seat but she still left her shopping bags & belongings infront of the priority seat uncleared & refusing to clear them thereby preventing the 2 aunties from gaining access to the priority seat!!!

      • CY said

        Naivety, I agree with Neutral. Clearly from the video, the old woman started it first. In addition, there are several empty seats as you can see in the video, and those are priority seats as well.

  42. Stand up FOR SINGAPOREEANS!!!! said

    As a foreigner here, even if there’s a misunderstanding, just give up the seat and move to another seat la…..As Singaporeans, we do that what…..some times it’s easier for stronger, younger citizens to move back and let elderly quickly sit in front mah, so that they dont fall down when bus move mah…….PRC woman no need to KEEP SCREAMING and agitate into a fight right?? Without watching the video, just listening to all her tones….I cannot help but feel this PRC woman is not happy until a fight commence. My mum would normally give a tight slap to snap such screaming person out of it, cos’ it only makes sense…..

  43. NSL said

    It is unfair to judge when the video starts from the height of a heated quarrel. It sounds like a misunderstanding that could be easily avoided if anyone of them were slightly calmer….

  44. RubbishRulers said

    This is the final straw. If ever I were to see an incident like this, I’m not going to stand by the sidelines.

    Singaporeans, it’s time not to show your discontent via web where everything is NATO. If you really wanna stand up for your family, your people and your country, it’s time to take back what’s our!

    We must defend our rights and liberty; we must protect our people and home! Remember reciting: “Our happiness was not to be until our country could be free”?

    Whatcha gonna do, my fellow Singaporeans? Sit and complain till the cows come home and live regret that we never did anything to address the issue?! WAKE UP!

  45. thomas said

    i must say the old lady is quite lucky. got 2 bystanders shield her. both parties at fault.. only thing is the younger lady her pitch is really high.. cant stand the pitch…

  46. Sigh said

    Trouble coming down the generation with our garmen poor insight and management. What a shame!!!

  47. Anyone thinking of marrying a PRC wife better think twice!! They look better on the outside though.

  48. DanDevil said

    Maybe the PRC did give up the seat.
    But it’s supposed to be a priority seat and the old woman have the right to asked for it…
    Why priority seat?
    It’s near the exit and it’s safer.
    If the PRC woman give up the seat and shout and scold the old lady reason being why there are so many seats elsewhere then why in the feat place she wants to sit in the priority seat?
    Think people… She should gracefully give it up and sit at other seats but she didn’t… That shows her unwillingness, discontent and SHE’S a Bloody F**king BIATCHI!

    So please think before you comment that the old lady is at fault.
    These PRC keeps thinking they big shot and we retaliate they say you are bullying them…

    I work in retail sales and had serve a lot of them.
    They are unreasonable, uncivilized, always thought we are trying to cheat them, asking too much as if the product does not have a cost to it and we get it for free to sell them, when reason with them over fault of their own and such they say the same thing “You think we from China then you can cheat/bully us” they are crap shit worse of the kind… Nobody in the world like people from China…

  49. N3 said

    This is very common in China and soon to be in Singapore. As Singaporean, many would not want to interven. However, there’ll come a time when we have to Stand-up for Singapore!!!!

  50. WTF said

    seriously, i wanted to do a la Alex Ong and push her off the bus. Dammit!

  51. Wicked Brain said

    Can someone help this China Woman ‘fit in’ please?
    But first, you must be able to tame a shrew.

  52. Ren said

    If they cant win physically, they do it verbally…That’s PRC peeps…

  53. aminsky said

    Is it fair when foreigner come over to your country and for them to communicate with us, all your family and friend and also other foreigners have to learn their language and it is compulsory..??? or your can’t been selected the job that you are applied, That means you and your family and friends can’t take the bus, Taxi MRTetc when they are the driver, you can’t bring ur family to eat at any food outlet, restaurant etc and we and all our family is not eligible to buy anythings from any shop when this foreigner are employed….? The reason why they said is because of communication problem…???? My question is do all the our citizen need to learn that incoming foreigner language……?



  54. aminsky said

    people said money make the world go round, and some people said money also make the second accident happen at bugis junction after the first accident that involve FERRARI 599GTO Limited Edition , its because to cover-up the wealthy PR China man Ma Chin, so let’s people say that the cause of accident is blah blah blah……. I tod Singapore is the most safer country to live and stay, you can even walk alone at the middle of the night without worry about anythings, and future more as I no our Nation have a vision to make Singapore accident rate down to 1.8 for every 100.000 workers that means by year 2018 Singapore will be the safest country in the entire world. In my life history I never seen A sport car as expensive as FERRARI 559GTO beat a traffic light n kill peoples. As I know a owner of such expensive high speed car must be a educated , rich and smart people. Educated n smart people won’t do this kind of things..? so let’s people decided which is which. further more the incident that make me down is, why don’t the late Ferrari china man driver family don’t even border to help the late poorTaxi driver, despite race or religious Singaporeans the one who are donate to the late poor Taxi driver family, they are rich but they also are stingy + arrogant + selfish don’t care about others safety when they rich, maybe they use to practice this kind of behavior in their country, but this my country, my land n all my family + friend all are staying here. God please….. I don’t want to see n won’t let such a mess things happen again in my land coz this is my country……!

  55. Realist said

    Got to admit PRC accent is pretty nice to hear as compared to local Chinese accent.

  56. chew said

    The saddest thing is the poor old lady got bullied by the mad prc lady, and many others “fellow” “singaporean” just sit and watch the show, not lending a hand to the poor old lady or speak for her so that the mad prc lady will just shut up… she continue her madness for so long because nobody else say a word to shut her up and so she kept thinking she was right and kept scolding the poor old lady for being uncivilised… This is sad… We dun even protect our fellow singaporean elderly when they got bullied by these young and new arrogant immigrants, how are we going to be united as a nation and let the new citizen and pr learn to respect us?

  57. CY said

    Just to point out, those empty seats in the video are also priority seats. So therefore the old woman could have taken those seats instead and someone should have helped her to those seats but didn’t.

  58. shiroiluke said

    “Respect yourself and others will respect you.” ― Confucius, Sayings of Confucius

  59. rose said said

    tis prc lady is really damn mad women Shouting at the top of her voice to get attention, so that ppl hear will be scared to come near her.No respect for elderly

  60. kaypoh said

    THIS is more entertaining than the NDP speeches, so what do u think? 🙂

  61. STET said

    Surprise non of the SG intervene to shut her up!!! I hope that she is not a PR as she acts as though she is a low class PRC

  62. English Bengz said


  63. June from Madagascar said


    Our grandparents are examples of the good native Chinese who had already left that evil land decades ago. Today, the new breed who has emerged from that land full of greed and fallacy, is not what the average Singaporean can handle. As what somebody mentioned earlier, we’ve got to be stronger in order to fight them. If we lose, everything will just go back to square one, to the backward society we once were. By then, the culprits would have earned enough to be enjoying their retirement, and no one will be there to clear up the mess they have left behind. Singapore was nothing but a fishing village after all.

  64. Sibo said

    The granny is no pushover please. She was the one who antagonized the PRC woman first.

    • Wicked Brain said

      It doesn’t matter whose right or wrong.

      The fact is, when peace loving Singaporean who have high level of tolerance can’t even stand the sight of foreigners.
      This is a serious social problem.

    • chew said

      Hi Sibo, seems like you know what exactly happen… care to share? or you simply wanna defend that prc woman? Would like to hear from you…

  65. Love them.Our elected Gov.Welcome them so what the fuss.

  66. Karen Lim said

    Cant we get all these trash out of our country once and for all?!! If they don’t go, then we should go. Why should we allow our social and moral values to be brought to a low because of them?!

  67. Dr XYZ said

    She looks like a hooker. The type of foreign talent whom our dear gahmen encouraged to come and snatch education, job, housing and now bus seats and mrt seats.
    Feels like giving her 2 tight slaps when she screams at the top of her voice.

  68. A Sad Singaporean said

    May that particular PRC B*tch never grow old. In the event that she does grow old, I hope that karma will catch up on her and absolutely no one gives up the reserved seat to her on the bus.

    That PRC B*tch probably had bast**d and b*tch as her parents who never taught her any manners. How can such people be allowed in Sg as FTs??? Amazing.

  69. chew said

    Watch the video again. it really doesn’t matter how the incident started, but from the way the prc lady shouted at the old lady and her agressive behavior, she clearly has got no respect for the elderly. It is not against the PRC. But dear fellow Singaporean, think again, do you see this kind of drama happening in the past 10 or 20 years ago. I don’t remember any. Obviously we know who causes all this. We respect our elderly but some people don’t.

  70. TK said

    i wont blame it all to the prc lady coz sometime those nasty old folks can say very mean things when they ” feel their rights is taken”. I’ve seen and faced many old folks in singapore saying bad things about other races OPENLY. Its the fact

  71. TK said

    had replayed the vid few times, seems like the old lady started the scene first. Old lady can first politely ask to get the seat eventhough its her rights but instead she kept nagging and scolding the prc lady from far away. Please listen to the content first, not judging by appearance only. did u hear what the old lady did while the prc lady letting out her frustration? That old lady can be loud!! Not because she is old she will have the manners. @ 1:47 can obviously hear the old lady strong enough to scold the prc lady and making funny noises. I’m those type that looks at facts, not race.

  72. LXY said

    The elderly might have said some very annoying things but it is up to the other party involved to decide how to react to it. Both sides could have been wrong, but the woman should have controlled herself better in a public place and kept her cool since she seemed more at fault in the video. I think it is a matter of self-control and manners.

  73. little chillies said

    such a disgusting woman who shouted with her high pitch voice.. irritating and yet with low class attitude.. anyway, that’s how they are raise up in their country..

  74. ladybird said

    Good lord, her voice is shriller than a banshee… what coconut shell did she crawl out from… my ears are still ringing. She’s absolutely rude and disgusting.

  75. lsvop said

    That pitch is annoying. Wish Singapore has a gag order on this people

  76. Allgooner said

    Old lady wanted to sit in priority seat (where PRC was sitting in), and PRC got upset as there were other seats, and insisted the old lady to sit else where. Well, as usual many PRC’s ignor Singapore system, as they would ignor, their own local system.

    To be fair, the PRC is just being herself, regardless of where she lives in – “I do things MY WAY!” But this “my way” mentality is farking annoying!!!

    Pls leave Singapore if you cannot respect our system, we do not want such PRC’s around!!!

  77. We are taught to be tolerant..whats happening to our well balanced system? Too much influx of foreign talents? Stroll along the underpass at orchard station and you will hear chinese foreign talents speaking infront, behind, left, right, all around you. You wonder are you in China and not in your country. This is what we get in our effort to increase our population as perscribed by our government few years back. Now we are feeling the impact. When things get tough, and stress are high…the harmony is broken, not between the different races but between the different nationalities and singaporeans. Maybe such social issues should be considered carefully before introducing any policies that is irrevocable. Now, we can only face the problems and hope for singaporeans to be united.

  78. i was just reminded the to amend my message to ” hope for the original singaporeans to be united”

  79. aboriginal singaporeans to be exact…a new term for a progressing Singapore

  80. Qi said


  81. Nannie said

    I am truly glad to glance at this weblog posts which includes tons of useful facts, thanks
    for providing such data.

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