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Singapore woman under police investigation for hanging PRC flag outside Hougang flat

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

A 54 year old Singaporean woman has been called up for questioning by the police for hanging a PRC flag over the parapet of a flat in Hougang last Saturday.

A netizen took a snapshot of the PRC flag hanging alongside a Singapore flag and uploaded it on a government-owned portal, sparking a massive outcry among Singaporeans who are becoming increasingly frustrated at the relentless influx of PRC immigrants.

It is not known why the Singapore woman chose to hang the PRC flag instead of the Singapore flag to celebrate the coming National Day. This is the first instance of such a case being investigated as many foreigners have hung their nation’s flags publicly outside their homes in the past with no action taken against them.

The public display of state flags of nations other than Singapore requires an exception to be granted under the same Act. Those who fail to do so can be subjected to a six-month jail term, be fined up to $500 or both.


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PHOTO: Fire at Singapore Polytechnic

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

A netizen spotted a fire at Singapore Polytechnic this afternoon which broke out in a food court:

Singapore polytechnic said the cause of the fire is being investigated and the food court will be closed until Monday for the operator to undertake repair work and thorough cleaning up of the premises.

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Former female teacher in her 20s probed for having sex with underage male student

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

Not only are horny male teachers and principals stalking and having sex with their female students, it appears that the ‘practice’ is common among female teachers as well.

A former teacher in her 20s from a top secondary school in Singapore is currently under police investigation for allegedly having sex with an underage student who was a member of one of the school’s sports teams.

The woman was the teacher-in-charge of the team and was described by those who know her as ‘demure’ and ‘outgoing’.

She reportedly had sex with the male student more than once at the school and incident came to light after the boy’s parents lodged a complaint to the school.

The principal of the school declined comment, saying they have not been informed by police of the matter.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Education said it will “work with the school as well as the police to investigate the case as necessary”.

In 2009, a 32 year old female teacher was jailed 10 months for having sex with an underage male student.

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NUS Law Prof Tey Hsun Hang involved in sex scandal with law student was married to a Japanese woman

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

The NUS Law professor who allegedly had sex on multiple occasions with a 22 year old law student in exchange for better grades for her final year elective was Associate Professor Tey Hsun Hang.

According to media reports, Prof Tey is married to a Japanese woman and they have a teenage daughter.

Faculty members said Prof Tey has not been suspended and he will be on sabbatical when the academic year starts next month, stressing that it is not a result of the ongoing investigation by CPIB.

Prof Tey was arrested in April this year and is currently out on bail. It is understood that it was the law student who offered her body to him so that she could obtain an ‘A’ for her final year elective. She is currently a pupil at a local law firm.

Though it was the girl who initiated the ‘deal’, her identity is kept under wraps by the media while the Professor was publicly shamed as if the fault lies with him alone.

An NUS spokesman said the university has a code of conduct that its staff must adhere to; the consequences of violating it range from a warning to dismissal.

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PM Lee: I will talk about Singapore’s ‘future’ during the National Day Rally

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

Two weeks before National Day, Singapore’s hardworking Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is already drafting his National Day Message for Singaporeans.

In a post on his Facebook last night, PM Lee revealed that he has been working on his speeches for the Rally and will be recording the Message next week in one of Singapore’s beautiful parks.

The National Day Rally will be held on 26 August this year which is slightly later than usual because the Sunday before that is Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

PM Lee added he will be tailoring his pitch to adapt the same basic message to different audiences:

“It is a chance for me to address issues on your minds, and talk about what the future holds for Singapore.”

During last year’s Rally, PM Lee promised Singaporeans that he will be ‘moderating’ the inflow of foreigners and less than a year later, he is now asking us to ‘reach out’ to the newcomers and help them ‘fit in’ to Singapore.


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Defiant Kong Hee declares: I am confident I will be VINDICATED

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

Despite the gravity of the criminal charges slapped on him, disgraced founder of City Harvest Church (CHC) Kong Hee remains confident that he will be ‘vindicated’.

Kong Hee was charged with four other CHC members in June this month for allegedly misusing up to S$50 million dollars of the church’s building fund to further the music career of his singer wife Ho Yeow Sun.

In a press statement issued on Wednesday, Kong Hee declared in a defiant tone:

“I do maintain my integrity, and will rigorously defend that integrity against these charges.”

Though he had earlier called on Lord Jesus to be his ‘shepherd’ on his Facebook, Kong Hee now said he will place his faith and trust in Singapore’s judicial system:

 “I will explain the facts and circumstances to the Court, and am confident that I will be vindicated,” he added.

35-year-old Serina Wee, formerly the church’s chief finance director, was charged on the same day with six counts of criminal breach of trust and four for falsification of accounts.

Pre-trial conferences for all six cases will be held on 30 August.

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Singaporean to PM Lee: Do what is ‘right’ for Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

Singapore is an open society and we will welcome anyone who can contribute to our society. Face it, China is now a world.power that everyone wants to work with. If we were to reject China nationals, then we are not going to have a good relationship with this huge giant.

Like it or not, we need to put down these coloured lenses if we are going to continue adding value to the world, the region so that we will have good jobs, pay and a livelihood. Look at how many people in the US, Europe are not having jobs,will tell you we better be competitive and not rely on hand outs or protectionistic thinking to maintain our progress.

So Mr Lee, do what is right, you will be remembered for that. Popularism will kill Singapore .


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.

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Two thirds of NTU graduates manage to find a job before graduation

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

Are the good times coming back to Singapore? This is the impression that state media appears to give the public with an article claiming that two in three graduates of this year’s cohort at NTU found (good-paying) jobs before graduation.

Though there are 5,934 NTU students who will graduate this week, the media chooses to focus only on 115 students who pursued a double degree in Accountancy and Business, claiming that all of them have found jobs before graduation.

“In terms of salary, the top 10 per cent are drawing an average of S$7,145, which is almost double what their peers get on average S$3,546,” it blares.

NTU said its graduates received two job offers on average before accepting their first position.

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