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Defiant Kong Hee declares: I am confident I will be VINDICATED

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

Despite the gravity of the criminal charges slapped on him, disgraced founder of City Harvest Church (CHC) Kong Hee remains confident that he will be ‘vindicated’.

Kong Hee was charged with four other CHC members in June this month for allegedly misusing up to S$50 million dollars of the church’s building fund to further the music career of his singer wife Ho Yeow Sun.

In a press statement issued on Wednesday, Kong Hee declared in a defiant tone:

“I do maintain my integrity, and will rigorously defend that integrity against these charges.”

Though he had earlier called on Lord Jesus to be his ‘shepherd’ on his Facebook, Kong Hee now said he will place his faith and trust in Singapore’s judicial system:

 “I will explain the facts and circumstances to the Court, and am confident that I will be vindicated,” he added.

35-year-old Serina Wee, formerly the church’s chief finance director, was charged on the same day with six counts of criminal breach of trust and four for falsification of accounts.

Pre-trial conferences for all six cases will be held on 30 August.

76 Responses to “Defiant Kong Hee declares: I am confident I will be VINDICATED”

  1. sunhub said

    Bunch of thieves

  2. Marie said

    I feel very sad on this Man of God! My dear brother in Christ, be brave for our Lord Jesus Christ sake. .Go on ans spread the good news of God from the Bible, be not revengeful. .Let God face ur wrath. .HE will revenge for u in the right time. .Remember God will send calamities to those people who malign u and think bad against u. .Giving in the Church is a Commandment from God, because all Pastor and their respective family live by faith. .May God Richly Bless You and ur family. .(i am afraid to the people who did this to u, God is not mocked. .So be strong. .GOD BLESS. .

    • Andrew said

      I think you are mistaken. Our God is not a vengeful God, but one that shows love and compassion. Asking God to take revenge means that you have not had Christ in your heart.

    • ER said

      I dont even know where to start with this one

      • spotlessleopard said

        Every minute a SHEEPLE IS BORN……AND there re real shepards and there are those shepards who are actually preaching against the real teachings of the Lord…

        As for the charges against the CHC Leaders I have confidence in our Legal System regardless the final outcome

    • Tissa said

      God is of mercy and of justice too, he promised that he shall avenge for those wrongfully persecuted if one entrusts him to be your avenger. He promised he will spread a feast with the persecuted faithfuls in front of the eyes of their enemies.

      But now, the question is whether the pastor is indeed persecuted & prosecuted wrongfully by others? Time shall tell. For God’s wisdom is higher than any one else & knows every intention behind every thought of Pastor Kong, God will definitely set things straight. That’s why it’s a matter of time.

  3. Realization said

    Disgraced Kong Hee is currently enter the 9th dimension. Still in dream world. Enjoying high life too swift and too much till refuse to let go.

  4. Annoymous said

    I want to enjoy all the riches donated by the stupid members, of course I will do whatever it takes to be “innocent”.

  5. Mike Zeng said

    Obviously Pastor Kong is in deep denial of the fate awaiting him….
    Only recently we had convictions of foul play for Priest Joachim Kang,Renci Chief Monk, even NKF TTDurai for dipping their fingers into the cookie jar.What makes this young man think his case is different after 2 years’ investigations by our
    very competent CAD?

    • Realization said

      You are absolutely correct. Competent CAD officials. Disgraced Kong hee feels extremely confident engaging MP Edwind Tong to represent his case. At the end of trial day, on his way InsIde PrIson van to Changi cove, secure in shackles with handcuffs, only then he shall realise he beIng played by asshole’s bandit.

      • kaypoh said

        Noooo….maybe it’s God’s secret plan to allow him to penetrate the Changi cell group & sell them CDs !!!

      • Edmund said

        He will be able to recruit more members in Changi.Everyday he will be leading a congregation during break time and maybe even the prison wardens will also become CHC members.

    • kaypoh said

      TT Durai was also confident initially, loool
      Maybe his flock will comfort him by installing golden tap & toilet bowl in the Changi studio apartment?

    • Disgruntled said

      He has deep pockets.. CHC is rich.. Can pay unlimited legal fees at all cost. Bottomless pit of money…

  6. The News described Kong Hee as disgraced,which is a very unpleasant and untruthful word because the entire Church believe he is very honorable still,despite the hostile Only press.As a whole he is still very well honored among high majority of Church members,both Christians and leaders,so that “disgraced” name will not stick,and it is very incorrectly phrase.All of us can see those Charges,and we know what it meant.We should applaud Kong Hee for having great respect and trust of our Judiciary system,and once again he has contributed good-will,and shine like a true blooded Singaporean honoring our legal systems.Hee mentioned “”two side of the stories””,it let minds roll,and people were really challenged to think before leaping into conclusion.

    For a man who lead a great Church,intruding the international market places suceesfully,a Raffles Institution student,,a shepherd to so many lives,did so much humanitarian and charities,and true to the Church doctrines,Faith in God,work very well with our local Churches ,and made Singapore proud of his spouse entry into Hollywood,and also into China’s Charity,the secular folks respect him,so do the true Christians here.

    Obviously,his families cheer for him over his Sentosa Cove,his Church members,the government people who sold the property to him,the Developers,the Lawyers who did the work,the love that most people had for him over his sucess,the managers of Business who study his Model,and all his friends who wish him well…then it left his foes,and those may be jealous over him,they must have truly hated him…Christians were commanded to love our brethren,because those who hate brethren abide in death,and is a murderer.This is our Faith.I am not from CHC.

    • Hunter77 said

      Another bootlicker trying to score brownie point. U too hf the share with tat disgrace thief issit?..

      • stevenado said

        Maybe he is hoping that Kong will sell his sentosa cove cheap cheap to him.If it is WRONG,it is WRONG, it is WRONG! A religious leader is as man as any people.A religious must not be mistaken as someone very close to GOD.He can commits crime like anyone else.He is a sinner like all of us.If too much $$$$ falling from the sky, very few can resist.Human being by nature is greedy!greedy greedy. Simple as that.

    • QT said

      1) Its a fallacy to argue that just because many people think he is well honoured, that he really indeed is honourable.
      I’m not sayin he is dishonourable, that can only be proved in court.
      Having 2 million supporters doesnt mean you are right.
      Having 60% votes doesnt mean you are right.
      It is the same thing.

      you are right only….when it is proved that you are right.
      Only that and nothing else.

      2) This is not a virtues VS vice comparsion.
      No one is discounting the so called amount of “GOOD” he has done.
      In fact it doesn’t even MATTER.

      The fact is this is a court of justice that is only interested to know if he has indeed committed a crime …. OR NOT.
      Nothing else matters.

      Hypothetically, even if his virtues COULD discount his vices, so are you implying that

      “For a man who lead a great Church,intruding the international market places suceesfully,a Raffles Institution student,,a shepherd to so many lives,did so much humanitarian and charities,and true to the Church doctrines,Faith in God,work very well with our local Churches ,and made Singapore proud of his spouse entry into Hollywood,and also into China’s Charity”

      that he can get away with committing a crime?

      3) This is our Faith?
      Really? really?

      Well… THIS IS SPARTA… (wrong)
      THIS IS LAW!

      • CCL4 said

        so u r saying PAP did not win 100% of the votes means that they are not right to be in the ruling party?

      • Andrew said

        Well said. It’s similar to finding out that Hitler actually helped millions of Germans, gave them hope and are well honored by them but he massacred millions of Jews. Should we still applaud him?

      • Come August,CHC members are giving blood to save lives..Under the leadership whose members are Charged.They are giving blood to bless strangers,and those who may be his enemies,and to those of different Faiths!Virtues and Criminal minds are two set of matters,true,,and I notice how people tortured the word,””Ïntegrity””.Tan Ye Peng is such a very decent and humble “”boy””,so innocent and kind,yet ten Charges were slapped.

        Some people can pretend to be good,but people like Sun Ho and Kong Hee and City Harvest,they just cannot pretend to be good,they are good people.Period!

    • Kaching said

      hahah another of his lover

    • Jaded said

      stupidity has no cure…

      • WTF said

        You can that again… Maybe 100 times to make sure the others hears it too…

        ‘Stupidity has no cure’

      • kaypoh said

        Stupidity has no cure…. but tithing 10% of your income increases your stupidity 100-fold, I was told, I think currently many sheeple are in process of proving it 🙂

      • CHC members shall being going by droves to donate blood come August…well,some say they are stupid…

    • OMGKthxbye said

      “entire Church believe he is very honorable still” doesn’t mean he won’t do this kind of thing. No matter how holy? or saint? one person are, they are still human and human tend to be greedy.
      Remember the Ren ci hospital cases? its a shocking incident similiar cases occured.
      No matter what it is, if KH is really guilty, there will be evidence against him and he wont be spared from it but if he really never do it, there wont be any evidence in the 1st place that can place him arrested. There are no point defending him or further denying at this point of time. Just because you supporters refuses to be disappointed in him doesnt make him any pure and “Honorable still”.

      • Edmund said

        The authorities will not charged anyone without sufficient evidence.They gather all evidences,weigh them,seek legal advice and then finally haul them to court.In this instance the govt must have enough proof to nail him down.This is a serious matter and u think the authorities just pluck the evidence or hearsay and charge them? No way.Before a person is charged he would always say that he can defend himself, but after a while throw in the towel, just TT Durai does in the NKF saga.TT Durai throw in the tower just after two days and he give up

    • dodo said

      A nut job indeed.

      You don’t need to wait for sentencing to start withdrawing money from Madoff’s hedge fund, or stop supporting Benny Hinn’s extravagant lifestyle. CHC integrity is already down the drain when he preached the prosperity gospel camp, used the word of God out of context and turned the church into a self-help, self-prospering organization. It is like breaking the cardinal rule of never promising returns in the investment realm, regardless of how the fund actually performs, this infraction has doomed the whole operation from the start, and undermined the entire industry along with it.

    • Poor Frankie said

      Even those not from CHC can be brainwashed and hoodwinked. Such is the power of that crook. Wake up Frankie!

      • CHC members are brainwashed to donate blood,to her enemies,friends,criminals,strangers,obnoxious nuts,and people from other faiths!…Let all parents show protest against their kids for giving blood away!..Should we stop them come August?

    • Andrew said

      LOL Frankie…seriously?

      -“and made Singapore proud of his spouse entry into Hollywood,and also into China’s Charity”

      WHO IS PROUD?? Have you seen the videos?

      I am a Singaporean living in Los Angeles and I’m TOTALLY embarrassed by her.

      I’m probably prouder of Annabel Chong because she is not a hypocrite like the whole CHC top management.

      -“the managers of Business who study his Model,and all his friends who wish him well”

      The MLM model you mean? Of course his friends wish him well. They are benefitting from him too. Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen and all the other Prosperity preachers are so, so proud of him.

      But they didn’t tell him ONE thing, perhaps Sunshine empire’s James Phang Wah can tell him when they meet in Changi Cove, that slowly but surely, he will be EXPOSED.

      -“then it left his foes,and those may be jealous over him,they must have truly hated him”

      OF COURSE we’re all jealous of him. Sentosa Cove is simply awesome. Equivalent to the multi million dollar Malibu mansions by the beach. And he bought it without using his own money. Wow. Who wouldn’t want that?

      Frankie, LISTEN. That is not your faith. Real Christians will be offended by that statement. You have another faith. I don’t know what it is, but it is severely misguided from what you think it is. You are religious hypocrite. That is in fact the worst of them all as repentance for a religious hypocrite is by itself a hypocrisy.

      There is a big difference between JUDGING and giving your own reasoned out OPINIONS.

      I hope all who reads this are enlightened by it and that these hypocrites will one day realize that they have been following the wrong light at the end of the tunnel.

      • dodo said

        WHO IS PROUD?? Have you seen the videos?

        Which video? The one which they force a horse to wear makeup and sing and dance in front of camera? I’d call SPCA!

      • concern parents said

        Wake up Farnky.
        1. Do not speak on behalof all church or all christian. Far from truth. I am christian. I see things objectively. From the facts out right now,what Komg Hee and the gang did is financial fraud. If convicted they be criminals.
        2. Why you need to brag about CHC social works blood donation and stuff. why? Any kind hearted men wd do the same for nothing. No promotion no self gratification. OUR lord said dont let your left hand knows what your right hand gives away. those points is irreldvant to the 50 million allegedly missing.

    • concern parents said

      Common Frankie wake up.
      1. Please do not speak on behalf of all church or christian. Its far from truth. I am christian but still see things objectively. what Kong Hee and gang did was fraud, as per the facts out. If convicted than he is criminal. Even if he is proven innocent by the court. I still do not agree with the way he handling the money, the sun ho saga and the attempt to cover up. Honnorable? Never in my book.
      2.why you need to promote and bragg about CHC charity blood donation etc. All kind hearted men does these everyday. Nuothing to bragg about. Our Lord say dont let your left hand knows what your hand did when you do charity. Infact imagine what CHC can do with the 23 million.

  7. hachoo said

    The look in his eyes has already gave you the answer !

  8. What else do we expect you to say. You will be spending your life in not use God’s name in vain.

  9. Andrew Chen said

    What a conceited asshole! “Integrity” is not something that a person can declare of himself.

  10. Realist said

    What happen if he is really vindicated ?
    But the rest of the members went to jail ?
    Will it be a travesty of justice ?

    ha ha ha ha………

  11. Jack said

    ok, just 1 question, on what ground is kong hee defending himself?

  12. Ren said

    He looks more diabolical than ever,,,


    F–k faith, if got faith still need to hire superstar lawyers to fight your case? God will help you mah.

  14. ngpy said

    Will it be a Conflict Of Interest because this is between the pastor and One The State’s Department. But A Member of Parliarment representing the pastor who the State believe has committed wrong. The Member of Parliament is also representing the State and the People and at he same time intend to represent the pastor against the State, how is it not a conflict of interest in the PUBLIC’S EYES

  15. XYZ said

    I am confident he will be put to jail…. and for life….. I seriously don’t understand why people can think he is honourable……

  16. voice of the people said

    freaking cult… death sentence for him..cheat so much money…AKA ponzi scheme

  17. jf said

    A group of kid, when they walked in dark places, they would talk loudly because they are afraid. So if KH appeared to talk defiantly, it is because he is afraid. He also knows that his gang members are also afraid. By talking ‘defiantly’ hopes to dispel the fear. KH and his gang members are very afraid of the verdict. Once verdict passed, that fear will be gone. They will be comforted that Jesus promises to be with them and emerge to a new life in Jesus, their Shepherd.

  18. Dan said


    Granted that the court case is pending and indeed Kong Hee is entitled to
    due process. But that is for the courts to decide if he had committed the
    alleged crimes. The fact remains that the COC Inquiry had “revealed
    misconduct and mismanagement in the administration of the Charity,
    particularly in relation to the funds that were in the Building
    Fund …” (COC Press Statement 26 June 2012). Do you really think a man of
    God would really administer the church in such a manner? So based on the
    findings of the COC inquiry, do you think that this man is really a man of
    God? Even if he is found not guilty of CBT by an agent, the findings from
    the COC Inquiry alone would raise valid concerns. Are you sure this is a
    man of God?

  19. Observer said

    I have a feeling he may really be vindicated, by pushing all the responsibility to the other 5 charged.

  20. Lollapalooza In SG said

    Is he going to push the blame to the finance director and the rest and say he has no idea such practices have been going on in his church? Don’t think the judge, prosecutors and public will be stupid enough to buy this lor.. Anyway, directors of companies are held responsible for fraud even if they are not the one carrying out the act.

    • Lee Son said

      that would be the truest of test for his other 4 co-accused to “die for him”. i suspect the prosecution had given an thought of the fact the the rest of the co-accused might kh’s guilt upon themselves.

  21. dred said

    I have been following this for a while, and what puzzles me is this..what did the other 5 get out of it? Sure the pastor’s wife lived it up in LA or wherever,and the pastor got his rewards from her …ahem.
    But, what of say..Serena Wee and the others….something is missing from the picture.
    What did they gain to be in cohorts with this scheme? Were they paid off, from part of the 26 million? or were they just naive or was this really an undercover operation to infiltrate the lady pastor as a deep mole into the music scene of LA and Communist China, to preach the gospel covertly…mmm.
    Was it a mission impossible ordered from above?
    If the pastor is innocent, then let not the due process of men’s law vindicate him, but may he be vindicated by the miraculous power of the Lord.May he be used to raise the dead between now and the completion of his trial…for if God can trust him with miraculous power,then what’s a few millions.

    • Concern Parents said

      Dred, You missed a lot of points here.
      People (except may be certain churches) do not think that sun ho music got anything to do with spreading christian. To me at least it is more personal ambition to get individual success.

      People would think that if you need to ‘inflistrate’ and become a ‘mole’ to sell your ‘thing’. Than your ‘thing’ may not be good from the very first place. Thus could not be from God.

      People would not think that a man of God would do to the length of fraudelence practices even if for a good cause. To make it worse there is no good cause here. It just sun ho music career. So pushing the idea of Kong Hee is annointed by God is just unacceptable to people.

      By I am a concern christian parent, but I am also part of ‘people’. Thus I take this case as ‘people’ Being a christian does not stop you to be people. Hope you can be ‘people’ again sometime

  22. Flora said

    Carrot Head Church (CHC) members naturally, are praying hard for Con Hee to be “vindicated”, since guess whose money is funding his legal defence? In the event he is NOT “vindicated”, they realise it’s even more obvious who the carrot heads are.

  23. LkySi said

    Kong Hee – you have already been vindicated – a solitary confinement cell has been earmarked for you to serve your term of imprisonment. You can pray for tithes from your fellow prisoners. Sorry no Harley Davidson allowed.

  24. pngkueh_forever said

    Well, if KH is vindicated, then this would be a great slur on the CAD !!!!.

  25. Tan Yan ren said

    AMEN!!!Kong hee!In god i trust the truth will prevail….the verdict will say it all….(i have my own opinion ). But i will not play God…God , through the Court , decides….AMEN!

  26. Goonie said

    If Kong Hee believed in the existing of God, he would be a very god fearing man, exudes himself from any acts that is against the truth teachings. His hypocrisies and wrong-doings in deceiving the sheeples he led manifestly show the fact he does not really believe that God really exists. He is merely making use of God and citing God for his purposes. If he is a man of God, he will be remorseful for the sins he committed and seek repentance in the bible now. No issue such a statement to stir mass support by pulling other christians from decent denominations. The bible has a saying… bewares of false prophet!

  27. Lee Son said

    If, at the end of the trial and all appeals to higher courts, Kong Hee was found to be guilty, beyond reasonable doubts, WHAT DO YOU, KONG HEE SUPPORTERS, HAVE TO SAY??

  28. 5vvaper said

    I sincerely hope the judge will say, “Where is your god now?” Right in KH’s face if he is found guilty of CBT.

    Sidenote: Anyone realise when the PP decides to prosecute a public figure, the person seldom gets off the hook?

  29. Got Faith said

    He is a Christian Hero, a true christian

  30. No Hope said

    Kong Hee is not a man of God. He is merely making use of God’s name for his purposes. If he is man of God, he will be God fearing and abstrain himself from any wrong doing against the will of God.
    Either he is not a man of God or deep down in his heart he believes God is non-existence. If he is a man of God, he will be remorseful and seek repentance, There is a saying in the bible – BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHET!


  31. Tang Soon Yee said

    we should Not condemn ,even the Bible says “There is No Condemenation in Christ” .because Anyone who falter would find God’s grace in repentance.This is what our Christian faith is about.God is faithful, just and forgiving and does not condemn us. Lets’ be more kind and put yourselves in others’ places always and try to imagine how you would be if in that situation.we might be indignant , angry but Not judgemental .everyone sins, if not in big things, then in small .

  32. Nick said

    i hope he is not going to play Paul.

  33. dred said

    there we go…some person was fined 8000 dollars for misappropriating 5000 dollars…read about it in Straits times….so, the fine will be 25 million plus sixty percent..there is no mention of jail time in that story for the woman involved.Praise the jail time possibly for the pastor and his team..just raise up 25 million plus 60 percent , CHC.A precedent has been set. Amen..and stop taking tax concessions from your ceasar. lesson learnt?

  34. Realization said

    I take it Tang is a firm supporter of Cock Head Church.
    First of all , it is relatively easy to say if someone is right or wrong in certain choices. Judgements are made possible by values. If you hold something as a value it compels you to judge others by those values. The only way someone could live without judging anyone in anyway would be either tobhsve no values or to withhold their moral judgement in all situations. In all aspect in life, it is convinced that only the most amoral person could withhold judgement in three face of what they consider to be evil. This goes for anyone regardless if their values or beliefs. The presence of values necessitates judgement.

    • kaypoh said

      Hahaha….Cock Head Church

      No wonder Kong talking cock, as in “Kong similan” 🙂

      Anyway let everybody have their opinion, this ain’t a GE, even if 100% sheeple support him oso no use if the Judge passes guilty verdict, hohoho

  35. dodo said

    Joe Paterno, the winningest veteran coach in college history, has his statue removed, and wins invalidated posthumously because of possible association to his co-worker who sexually abused underaged children.

    Barclays Robert Diamond stepped down amidst scandals that some of his employees were manipulating the libor rate.

    NKF chief Durai received S$600,000 salary, public pressured the board to resign, and resulted in an investigation to the books which leads to indictment.

    Rev KH scandal broke, and members came to his defense en masse, cried, and prayed for heaven to vindicate him.

    Moral of the story, to join CHC, the primary requirement is to be silly brainwashed.

  36. Neutral said

    Right now, the best things for him to say is – to zip up his mouth and not say anything at all. Cos the more he says, the more he shows his fear. Even if he’s vindicated, what about his other 5 accomplices. As long as any one of them is found guilty, he ultimately has to take responsibility for it.

  37. No Hope said

    Con Hee really dare to abuse God in such gracious manner and style! Err…this could mean either deep down in his heart he knows God is just fititious or if God exists then God has actually supported and endorsed his wrong-doings…

  38. Fact Finder said

    “I will explain the facts and circumstances to the Court, and am confident that I will be vindicated,” he added.

    Facts: Hee is not an accountant. Hee is a pastor. Who did the account? Serina lah! Don’t ask me, ask Serina.

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