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Former female teacher in her 20s probed for having sex with underage male student

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

Not only are horny male teachers and principals stalking and having sex with their female students, it appears that the ‘practice’ is common among female teachers as well.

A former teacher in her 20s from a top secondary school in Singapore is currently under police investigation for allegedly having sex with an underage student who was a member of one of the school’s sports teams.

The woman was the teacher-in-charge of the team and was described by those who know her as ‘demure’ and ‘outgoing’.

She reportedly had sex with the male student more than once at the school and incident came to light after the boy’s parents lodged a complaint to the school.

The principal of the school declined comment, saying they have not been informed by police of the matter.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Education said it will “work with the school as well as the police to investigate the case as necessary”.

In 2009, a 32 year old female teacher was jailed 10 months for having sex with an underage male student.


56 Responses to “Former female teacher in her 20s probed for having sex with underage male student”

  1. No Can Do said

    At 20 and interacting with someone close 2 her age albeit “underaged”, it can be expected hormones wld be rushing thru their veins for things to happen. More likely than not, we hv here a case of uncontrollable passions running wild than sexual abuse by the 20 yr old teacher of her teenage student, quite unlike the mature law prof and his undergrad charge. Weren’t we also as wild at about their ages?

  2. WatDoUThink said

    no photo of this female teacher?

  3. Fence Sitter said

    i never had such a teacher with me… so sad 😦

  4. Mike Zeng said

    Oh dear, here we go again….
    It started with sex-for-contracts, then sex-for-grades, then sex-for-promotions(?), then sex-for-healing, and now? Taadah…sex-for-tuition!
    I’m sure the female teacher must have enticed her toy-boy lover with promises to tutor him foc privately one-to-one as long as they do it in the buff! But as in the other sex liaisons, the coupling couples all benefit mutually. Nobody loses anything but got what they wanted materially and spiritually! Bonus is both enjoyed the thrill and pleasure of good climatic sex! So what’s the problem? The Sing law is the problem lah!
    I will explain later why a teenaged boy and a late 20s/early 30s female is a very explosive cocktail mix….it’s got to do with hormones! They can’t control themselves….poor things. Watch for it!

    • kaypoh said

      How about sex-for-fun? 🙂

      • Mike Zeng said

        Yes indeed, sex-for-fun (with no strings attached) as well as sex-for-babies (gladdens LKY’s heart) for married couples are the only types approved by society and the law here. Let’s have more of these 2 and less of the other 5 types listed.
        Why so many cases of illicit sex being reported nowsaday involving even the elite professionals. Sing was never like this before?
        I strongly believe our very hot and humid weather coupled with our newater (aka shit water) introduced only 2-3 years ago is the main cause!
        I only drink Perrier and Evian and stay out of the sun since 2010…that’s why I’m not easily sexually aroused nowsaday.
        FYI, I ever kena sex-for-lobsters and even sex-for-SL crabs. But was worth it, I mean the meaty crustaceans….

    • Mike Zeng said

      Sexologists and urologists did release research results some time back that females’ sex hormones esp oxytocin and testo peak in their late 20s to early 30s. Oxytocin prepares the female body for child birth whilst testosterone increases the sexual urge for both males and females.
      Testo peaks at the highest in teenagers from 15-20 years of age.
      So when you mix a 30yo female with a 17yo male, whadduyouget?
      An explosive cocktail implosion! Erect organs and aroused bodies know no law.
      Impossible to control and run away from it….just do it and regret later.
      Same as bitches on heat exuding their powerful pheromones to attract male dogs from far to mount them! Don’t forget we are still basically animals.

  5. No Can Do said

    It wld behove the MOE to rethink its policy of young teachers around adolescence of 20 yrs old to teach in co-ed sec schools to avert such sexual incidents. These teachers shd be teaching in primary schools or employed in the ministry itself. Just a suggestion for what it may be worth.

  6. benacity said

    Actually to me this is something I won’t bother because is not consider rape & the guy didn’t really loose anything. If is my kid most likely i will tell the teacher off not the school board because got nothing to do with school…

  7. nope said

    whats with the hentai artwork thumbnail for this article

  8. Singaporean said

    hentai harem ! hahaha

  9. GaanMaro said

    Teaching used to be a noble profession. We look up to our teachers for guidance and wisdom. We cherished our teachers even as we became adults and speak fondly of them but alas, all that goes down the drain with these horny teachers. How times have changed.

  10. mtfpinoy said

    Teacher teaching student biology? safe sex?

  11. Lau Swa Ter said

    If I had this kind kind of teacher , I sure score all As and be a doctor or a professor already ( sigh )

  12. late bloomer said

    This type of teacher sure make me stay in school and will never leave even if they dragged me out of it

  13. Wicked Brain said

    Female teacher in her 20s…
    Teaching in top school…
    Wicked. 😍

  14. enough said

    any teacher looking for sex, let me know , i am ready
    with me, there is no crime,
    with me you are safe

    • nan said


    • IronMan said

      Me too. I can be a voluntary sex worker. Helping others in achieving their fantasies n desires…..pls pm me. All will be strictly confidential and professional.

      PS Totally not related with any Dr Wong what so ever.

  15. NSmen said

    What the hell is this? How come Jonathon Wong’s name and photos were leaked out for having sex with a minor, and then for this teacher, her name cant be disclosed??

    • kaypoh said

      Scared later long queue, more oversubscribed than IHH IPO 🙂

    • GaanMaro said

      The Woman’s Charter in Singapore protects their identity. Jonathan Wong was unfortunate. So brothers, beware of the pitfalls of not being a woman in Singapore.

  16. Chin2lan said

    Shit ! Why my parent give birth to me so early ??

  17. kaypoh said

    In case of uncontrollable urges, will the female teacher pls call me? I volunteer to let her vent herself, just like Jonathan’s self-sacrificing gf 🙂

  18. kaypoh said

    Scholars need more sex, period ^^

  19. syl said

    damn why not me…

  20. … she should make a fabulous teacher for Sex Education …

    • Singapore Boleh! said

      MOE should consider to have practical module for Sex Education in Singapore schools and allow her to take the class….for sure long Q!!

  21. Mikey said

    The teacher now male ah?

  22. Felicia Wong said

    I hope that TT can be more sensitive, the choice of pic is degrading and insulting o female teachers.

  23. Young said

    Erh. TT. Can post d teacher race please?

  24. BueyTahHan said

    Hi TT, your picture make me fantasize. BueyTahHan liao, go KTV with teacher theme now.

  25. SG Talent said

    I wanna wanna fuck her!~

  26. morningstarkar said

    Nice pic, TT.

  27. Son of SG said

    It probably happens a lot, just that new media makes it more apparent.

    I was molested as a boy during Primary 1 by my male teacher. He said i had a ‘disease’ and stroked my privates. I was too clueless
    and young to know what happened. I’m 35 with a kid now and i saw the asshole again after so long.
    would love to beat the shit out of that MOE-appointed sex predator. but well, it was so long ago.

    seriously, i think we have tons of sex starved teachers. I’m gonna personally vet every fucking teacher of my children in the future.

  28. kaypoh said

    She balanced work-play very well, well done !

  29. Naivety said

    I thought only Singapore men are sex-starved & hungry but woman teacher also ka?

  30. patin said


  31. Rajan said

    Damn! I didnt have a teacher like this. I would have just enjoyed it and infact would have requested her for gifts and pocket money and lived life!!

  32. We are all desperate people…
    We all want to have sex…

  33. Foxy said

    The teacher can really enjoy having free spring chicken on bed!

  34. Price said

    It is time the minimum age for giving consent be lowered. People mature and have sex earlier nowadays. Then such incidents would only be referred to MOE rather than the police.

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