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NUS Law Prof Tey Hsun Hang involved in sex scandal with law student was married to a Japanese woman

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

The NUS Law professor who allegedly had sex on multiple occasions with a 22 year old law student in exchange for better grades for her final year elective was Associate Professor Tey Hsun Hang.

According to media reports, Prof Tey is married to a Japanese woman and they have a teenage daughter.

Faculty members said Prof Tey has not been suspended and he will be on sabbatical when the academic year starts next month, stressing that it is not a result of the ongoing investigation by CPIB.

Prof Tey was arrested in April this year and is currently out on bail. It is understood that it was the law student who offered her body to him so that she could obtain an ‘A’ for her final year elective. She is currently a pupil at a local law firm.

Though it was the girl who initiated the ‘deal’, her identity is kept under wraps by the media while the Professor was publicly shamed as if the fault lies with him alone.

An NUS spokesman said the university has a code of conduct that its staff must adhere to; the consequences of violating it range from a warning to dismissal.


70 Responses to “NUS Law Prof Tey Hsun Hang involved in sex scandal with law student was married to a Japanese woman”

  1. Today. said

    Tey! Malaysian or Vietnamese right?

  2. No Can Do said

    This law prof, if found guilty, shd be given a deterrent sentence as a warning to other academic teaching staff not to fool around with their charges, for our young people to study in peace and a safe environment.
    In the 60s, a Taiwan prof in the then Univ of S’pore, was hauled up for indecent exposure to a student. Like KH of mega-church, he went around getting his old students to support him in a joint petition to the authorities that he was a highly respected teacher, which many of us in our young naivete did. Except that his contract was not renewed, he was, I recall, allowed to go scot free. Sad, when he shd hv bn properly castigated as an example to other like-minded lecturers that misbehaviour with their students will exact serious penalties.
    It may be the young undergrad initiated the move. But wld she if he was not in a position of authority over her? Cld it be he was known to abuse his position as a prof for her to be so bold as to make the proposition? As a law prof, shdn’t he hv known better to counsel her against it as her lecturer than to take advantage of the situation to satiate his lust?
    This is a worse case than the underaged prostitute who brought down over 40 men of good social standing. It’s a case of a paedophile who is also corrupt and abusive of his official position as a law lecturer. He shd be sent away behind bars for a lengthy term.

    Mod’s note:

    How can he be a pedophile when the girl is already 22 years old? Furthermore it was the slut who offered her body to him.

    • noel said

      No big deal in comparison to one AG who articulated that the incumbents inside a polling station is not deemed as withing 200 metres of polling station, hence no offence committed. And guess what? the AG was subsequently promoted

      Which scenario do you think is by far more harmful to spore and its people ?

    • Not another brick in the wall said

      This guy need a dictionary. He doesn’t understand what is a paedophile.

    • Balls said

      In reply to mod,

      The girl may be a slut, but as a prof in a reputable institution, he should know better than to succumb to such temptation. Instead of reprimanding her, he chose to engage in her “services”. It really doesn’t matter who initiated the deal or how the exchange came about in the first place. He deserves everything coming towards him.

    • gutter journalism said

      oh wow moderator. labelling the girl a slut, when you should be showing your impartiality as a moderator/journalist. bravo. you’ve truly outdone yourself.

      • Pulstay said

        I wonder how you show impartiality? A car is a car, a horse is a horse, a slut is a slut. It is not wrong to label something as it is, as long as it is what it is. True journalism reports as it is, not using pretty words to beautify ugly behaviors. Stop being a hypocrite… and yes, that is what you are!

      • catlover said

        I agree with Gutter Journalism. That sentence where the ‘moderator’ used the word ‘slut’, also stunned me. After his/her response, I no longer regard anyone writing for TR a journalist. And when the ‘moderator’ uses such language too and shows such biased views, there really isn’t any need for a ‘moderator’.

        Oh, don’t get me wrong. I do think the girl is a slut too. And I too wished that she be identified and shamed. Gutter Journalism isn’t the hypocrite. It is fair of any reader to expect impartiality and objectivity from the journalist. The moderator here is the hypocrite, because he claims he is the moderator and moderates our comments when he doesn’t moderate himself.

      • Annoymous said

        Don’t bother about this mod. He is a PAP dog who only knows how to attack the WP.

      • gutter journalism said

        Pulstay: I would love for you to write an article in any news source, and use the word “slut” under the guise of, and I quote you here, “…a car is a car, a horse is a horse, a slut is a slut”, and see how far you can go without being castigated. there is an ethical responsibility by journalists to ensure that the articles they are reporting on is impartial, informative, and leaves it for the audience (you, me, the world) to make their own decision. if I wanted somebody to make my mind up for me, I’d read mainstream/state controlled media, thank you. it is hypocritical of TR to vociferously claim that they aren’t part of the croonies of state media, yet resort to ad hominem attacks to generate traffic. to report the news whilst ostensibly claiming to be neutral/non-biased… gutter journalism indeed.

      • Kelvin NG said

        where is he from????????

  3. Lim said

    This girl must be named. The law firm must be informed so that they would not be caught unawares when she also initiate similar `deals’ to snare mega contracts for her law firm in the future.

  4. bummer said

    “while the Professor was publicly shamed as if the fault lies with him alone.”
    lol.Isn’t TT compounding his humiliation by exposing his mug. A former district judge who unfortunately knew better but threw caution to the wind. Life must have been a breeze for him. Now his family is under public scrutiny. His former student is culpable as well. Lesson to all stupid men, women blab! The trysting student disclosed this to a “confidant” who for whatever reason (for justice or jealousy) leaked this elsewhere and voila! Payback’s a bitch!

  5. Mike Zeng said

    So many cases of illicit sex here nowsaday…..
    Maybe it’s time for the poor wives to fix male chastity belts on their husbands’ groins and only unlock their koo2chyes after they return home from work?
    You can easily purchase modern c belts made of leather via the Internet. Just google male chastity belts.
    It’s such a waste of talent and brainy elites if we let them languish in Changi Prison. But maybe we can set up a research centre for them to use their brains for more productive time whilst locked up?

    • alibaba said

      what happen if you need to go for real business? pee in your pants?

      • Mike Zeng said

        Alamak, Che Alibaba, like your underwear, there is a small slit for you to pee anytime you wish without unlocking the C belt as the key is kept safely by your wife…..but not large enough for your kkc to even be erect.
        Suggest you google chastity belts to see for yourself!

    • Pulstay said

      Poor wives? What about poor husbands? There are multiple cases of cheating wives as well.

  6. Is this professor born in Singapore? said

    Is this professor born in Singapore? Any can give the answer?

  7. Realist said

    Must have watched too many jap porns which depict illicit affairs and the like.

  8. Chinese said

    Scandals unfolding everywhere!

  9. Chin2lan said

    Anybody got the Pupil contact? Want to employ her. Any $ but I must test first.

  10. Ren said

    Easy to findout…

  11. mahbok tan said

    wow looks like hor …. SGpore learned veli fast hor flom its neighbour…!!!!
    This year arh suddenly SGpore news change strategy or diversion or watever …with lots of sex related stories / scandals….!!!
    The best part is the victims are protected as if they are as innocent as it looks…!!!
    wad du u tink….????
    any BIG issue ……????

  12. No Can Do said

    To Moderator: Thanks for ur correction the girl is above 21.
    Still, this does not detract from the fact that he has real authority to make or break her career depending on her responses to his approaches, legitimate or otherwise. Given the prevailing social and (likely) familial pressures to ‘perform’ well in our materialistic society, it’s easy to ‘crack’ when u’re in a difficult environment esp with an abusive and corrupt higher-up. One has to be in such a situation b4, to understand. Which is why most societies and public bodies draw a clear line for proper behaviour between seniors and subordinates to minimise/curtail abuses by those in authority.


    F–K his own daughter lah.

  14. driver1 said

    Is the girl related to some gov officials? Most likely. Why hide her name, she’s above 18.

  15. XYZ said

    The girl should be named and shamed as well. How can we allow a lawyer with such moral values to practice in Singapore? What if next time she also uses the same tricks for her clients, witnesses etc. ? And why should her identity be confidential?

  16. Isn't It Ironic said

    He used to be a district judge. In a previous case on underage sex where he was the presiding judge, he said “the onus on the male adult to exercise restraint, discipline and self-control”.

    Quite ironic.

  17. Not another brick in the wall said

    Isn’t this going on since the ancient times? Woman have been known to manipulate man with their bodies.

  18. Angry Bird said

    In all sex scandals, men will be shamed while the women protected even such deals need two hands to clap. WTF??!!!

  19. Ron said

    It makes a mockery of the University examination standards. A panel must re-examine the papers submitted by the said student and if found to have been sub-standard, then the degree has to be revoked and the student given a chance to re=take her final year.

    We cannot allow this scandal to affect the hard-worn integrity of the University.

  20. Tan Big Tan said

    Show the photo of the girl leh. She had to be pretty chio for the prof to ditch his standards. How did this scandal surface anyone? Was the girl trying to blackmail him for better grades?

  21. pay said

    ‘multiple occasions’. There is even more reasons to cross examine the girl, who knows if she is using the same offerings to climb the corporate ladder n corrupting the firm she works for.

  22. oneday said

    must had been fun

  23. Ah Loot said

    Remember Monica Lewinnsky – nothing happened to Bill Clinton. It was Oral sex only.

  24. SG Talent said

    How to apply for Prof ar? 🙂

  25. Whatever it takes! said

    she probably already did with the top guy at the current law firm. Else why would the the MD refused the interview? it is obvious she is doing a damm good job for them. Maybe even a partner real soon? They should just announce her name and picture as well. I agree it take two hand to clap. she should be punished too. but as always, the law always blame the guy only.

  26. Questioner said

    Isn’t there a District Judge going by the same name, back in 2002?

    Is this the same person?

  27. Naivety said

    Wow, former District Judge somemore, this guy is defintely a whale, got Japanese wife but still cannot satisfy his desires…geez!

  28. joe said

    Yaw Shin Loong case is peanut to tthose recent cases. I wonder what is our Ministers comment on these recent cases.

  29. Helena said

    Prof Tey is a Malaysian. FT!!!

  30. WAKD said

    double standards!!! double standards!!!! expose the girl. i don’t want innocent people going to jail or losing lawsuits because of her incompetence. I think she’s probably sleeping with the senior partners in the firm she interning in already to keep her internship.

  31. fuhengTC said

    the names of the whole batch of female to-be-lawyers are stained and ruined

  32. Dennis said

    Who doesn’t like SEX? If a guy doesn’t like sex, he must well be a eunuch!!!

  33. TTL said

    Rooted on tradition of merit is the root cause of problem. Young generation will have a mindset of by all means approach to reach their goal.
    When young generation with this by all means mindest, there will be alot of Gu Kailai in future Singapore.
    NUS should find how to demrit her graduate score.

  34. I cannot understand how Singaporean view morality anymore.It sent chills on those who still can joke and be trivial and jovial about it,as though if that girl is their sister,daughter or mother,it is also alright!She wants to be a slut and suddenly English meaning had to change because of her acts,into something more distorted?I wonder if the Courts will publish photos of those sluts,…who would want to be one,again?Does our society have that backbone and tenacity to protect our girls,putting out photos as Deterrence to would be offenders,and AWARE always seem uninterested over such issues,to protect our youth?…Where’s their voice over such outrageous sickenning- immoralities happening in Singapore,and in our University?….No wonder Kong Hee who bless our youths here with good morals,great cultural interactions,and wholesome activities for our people,great teachings,doing humanitarian works all across the world,doesn’t seem to be appreciated by our locals here….I don’t want to wake up one day to see that Singapore girls are well known for being a Slut,or competing with others…

  35. Alan Lau said

    Sluts should be shamed …. protect for what? This shows that the women in Singapore has a very egoistical problem

  36. The Raffles Scholar said

    The Raffles Scholar is strong because of the educational experiences they have had as well as their diet of critical thinking and wide reading.

    The Rafflesian is provided with an array of electives and enrichment programmes and CCAs that can be pursued.

    The Rafflesian is resilient because they persist in spite of the numerous demands on their time.

    What goes into the making of the scholar is the insatiable thirst for knowledge and a deep sense of curiosity.

    These are the distinctive traits of the Rafflesian Scholar.


    • Amanda Hug said

      This girl is a Rafflesian, so is kong hee. I wonder if the SCDF and CNB chiefs were also Rafflesians?

    • ramona said

      Kong Hee is a Rafflesian, so is Ming Yi, so is TT Durai, so is Wee Siew Kim( father of elite girl WeeShuMin), so is Chan Chun Sing alias Kee Chiu…

      ps: if Goh CT alias peanuts Goh can become PM of Spore, then there is no reason why Kee Chiu Chan cannot fancy himself as the next PM even if he is more clownish than Lui TY….LOL

  37. triad said

    BCL (Oxford), LL.B (KCL), AKC, Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore), Advocate & Solicitor (Malaya), Barrister (Gray’s Inn)

    Lee Kuan Yew’s ideal Foreign Talent (cannot be helped)

    • Alex Tong said

      i love how everything can now be linked to the government, the PAP and Lee Kuan Yew. The Temasek Times worse than the Straits Times by a mile. At least in the ST there is a modicum of objective, LOGICAL, coherent journalism. This on the other hand, is riddled with angsty, vitriolic, mastubatory release of pent-up frustration. Get a life, and grow some brains.

  38. whatdouthink said

    anyone know why he was using a walking aid?
    does he walk with a limp?lol!

  39. singaporean deserved said

    the prof must be dealt with,double the punishment! he is a trained lawyer,a JUDGE! how will anyone believe in his unbiased judgement ever again in future? He had also ‘cracked’ into the loopholes of this education system! a disgrace to our system!

  40. Ladies, before you decide to give sex for contracts, grades or car wash etc, pls make an informed decision and watch this first – That Dazzling Show: Making true love easier (Sex for Contracts)

  41. Buntoro Hardianto said

    Well seems like there is not much good news on the economic front better to distract with sensational news. We’ve been seeing a lot of late haven’t we?

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