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PHOTO: Fire at Singapore Polytechnic

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

A netizen spotted a fire at Singapore Polytechnic this afternoon which broke out in a food court:

Singapore polytechnic said the cause of the fire is being investigated and the food court will be closed until Monday for the operator to undertake repair work and thorough cleaning up of the premises.


19 Responses to “PHOTO: Fire at Singapore Polytechnic”

  1. SgGuy said

    Too much heat from teachers and students having bodily contact cause the fire??

  2. LkySi said

    Another fire. SCDF is lax in its vigilance. So many Malays what do you expect ? Goreng Pisang

    • LkySi said

      SCDF supposed to be vigiliance? What are you talking about?

    • LkySi better be fireproof said

      LkySi, when your home is burning. I hope you have made other arrangement to put out the fire since you are so abusive of our gys in the SCDF. If anyone in the civil service needs to be put on a pedestal, I’d say its the SCDF. Those guys deserve our respect!

    • RICK said

      What do u mean by “So many Malays what do you expect?” What has the Malays got to do with the cause of the fire?

    • ApuiPui said

      what the connection with Malays ?

    • XYZ said

      Oh here we go again. An idiot with brain the size of his/ her nipples using ethnic stereotyping. In that case you should blame your parents for your puny grey matter. Grow up and make your family proud of you. Shame on you, you Racist Swine.
      About the unfortunate fire at the poly, I hope no one is hurt.

    • Matt said

      Wait till ur hse is on FIRE.. see who come and put it out for u.. as the saying goes “Empty vessels make the most noise”…

    • Ron said

      This post is racist and may invite prosecution. The Malays are doing a great service at SCDF. It is one job that is much riskier than being in the Police force. The firemen have to get close to the fires, enter buildings with dense smokes, etc. Recently during the tunnel scaffolding colapse, several suffered chemical burns from wet cement.

      TT moderators are sleeping…do not just blast the WP, what are the moderators doing to allow such a racist comment?

      BTW, I am Chinese and has nothing against another race.

    • IronMan said

      @LkySi – Would u like it when our Malay brothers reply to your comment, “What do u expect, the head of SCDF, a horny Chinese old man too busy in sex scandal, to manage us Malay firefighters. He screwed us just like the Chinese BITCH, CEO of SMRT, that is highly paid yet let us all got stuck in the trains. What do u expect, the heads are Chinese!”

      Pull your head out of your ass and stop making trouble!!!

  3. Ken Lee said

    having National day BBQ la!

  4. Jerome said

    Fire from frying pan spread to greasy air vent, spreading fire to roof of that building

  5. enough said

    the first sign that this country is going to the dogs

    corruption rampant with illicit sex

    buildings on fire

    civil servants abuse of authority , from bike purchase to stupid lawyer running like a mad dog from one court to another to

    gain favour with the ruling regime

    teachers from male to female having sex with our kids

    teenage girls getting fast bucks through selling their pussy

    prc trash blatantly showing that singapore belongs to prc

    product of singapore law caught dozzing off, and another caught with his pants down screwing his students

    female corporate executives resort to selling their pussy for lucrative contracts by blow jobs and fcking left and right

    commuters trains kept breaking down

    citizens get crazier by the day, stripping in public, some lying on the road, some boarding buses

    it was a utopia but overnight this country is turning into a shit hole

  6. ngpy said

    Urgent revamp is required starting with Authorities topdown. Take down all the abusers with the Authorities. Take down all the corrupts if any. Then deal with other sections or departments this may take time but need cleaning up asap.

  7. Hum said

    Please bear in mind while our muslim despite fasting, they are battling fire with all their might!! Where were you at the time of fire then?

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