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PM Lee: I will talk about Singapore’s ‘future’ during the National Day Rally

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

Two weeks before National Day, Singapore’s hardworking Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is already drafting his National Day Message for Singaporeans.

In a post on his Facebook last night, PM Lee revealed that he has been working on his speeches for the Rally and will be recording the Message next week in one of Singapore’s beautiful parks.

The National Day Rally will be held on 26 August this year which is slightly later than usual because the Sunday before that is Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

PM Lee added he will be tailoring his pitch to adapt the same basic message to different audiences:

“It is a chance for me to address issues on your minds, and talk about what the future holds for Singapore.”

During last year’s Rally, PM Lee promised Singaporeans that he will be ‘moderating’ the inflow of foreigners and less than a year later, he is now asking us to ‘reach out’ to the newcomers and help them ‘fit in’ to Singapore.



73 Responses to “PM Lee: I will talk about Singapore’s ‘future’ during the National Day Rally”

  1. As long as these white scums are running the country, there won’t be any future for Singaporeans.

  2. Multiply n Integrate said

    No need to TALK n TALK,
    talk about future, to distract the problem at present?

    We had the previous PM TALKed about “swiss standard of living” in the future,
    and now we are already in the “future”, what standard of living are we having???

    Ptui Ptui Ptui !!! Tongue has no bones!!

    Want to know about future? Just look at what you are doing now !

    Don’t just TALK COCK !!

    • Me said


    • haiyoyo said

      i think u better bring to talk cock sing song karaoke club near thomson

    • AngryNativeSingaporean said

      “Swiss standard of living”?? WE ARE ALREADY THERE!!! Elderlies selling loose pack of tissues, digging among trash for empty cans, picking cardboard boxes… So, are we supposed to be grateful for this standard???!!!!
      I look forward to 2015/16!

    • Goh Tong Seng said

      The Swiss Standard is impossible.
      Why does anyone still want the impossible?

  3. A true leader with a vision.

  4. P Koh said

    It would be interesting to hear him tell the populace what are the plans that government has to alleviate and help soften the nasty reactions that the influx of foreigners are creating in our society. I hope he is setting up a task force to look at, not just this
    issue but also addressing the plight of the poor who are not able to make ends meet especially with the high cost of housing due to the horrific increase in HDB rentals where wage increases could not even match up to the astronomical hike that the housing shortage has created. Above all, there must be plans to protect and preserve our Cultural Heritage and the Singapore Indentity which we have jeaously guarded for so many years just to be disintegrated by the new citizens who has no respect or understanding that we are a unique nation of true Blue Singaporeans.

    • Steve said

      @P Koh

      Don’t spill the bean lol, let him play his trick, and at the end of the speech, we can say, we knew it already what he want to say, Standard operating procedures Lol…

    • Naivety said

      Probably, LHL will tell us that he would need to mass import in another 2 Millions of Foreign Trash & Fake Talents to enhance the total population in Singapore to 7 Millions instead of 5 Millions currently just to compensate for the low fertility rate of Singaporeans lol!

      • rongY said

        the idea is not about fertility, its is about the foreign trash beholden to MIW to give them a better life than their own country of origin,so they will give their vote to MIW this stretegy ensure PAPaya wins the next election and continue to make their millions $$$ salary

  5. Alamak said

    No need to ‘reach out’. We should “lash out” at the newcomers just like the PRC woman did to the elderly woman on SBS.

    • Dr.Arsch said

      Lashing out already started. One India ‘ah neh’ kena from me at NTU Hall 12 during lunch time for trying to kpkb with one Malay brother selling kebab there. Fucked the fellow to his face until he apologize. Malay brother also wanted to hantam the ‘ah neh’. Just need more of us to start fighting back leh. Use force where necessary, whack these bastards until they learn.

      • IronMan said

        Love it or leave it….They climb over our heads, we break their legs. This applies to the new citizens too.

  6. Fence Sitter said

    talking about his own future on how he can make millions per year again….

  7. mahbok tan said

    Better paying job for COS , our CPF must be released , lesser FT’s reduced by 50% by 2013 , tackle inflation ….”swiss standard of living for all Sgporeans…..can do …wat du U tink Lee and famiLEE…!!!

    If not don’t TCSS with us , we are tired of listening to your nagging …!!!!

    • Steve said

      Bro … we can dream on … this will not happen in our generation, I am educating my kids and those kids I knew, who is MIW, what they do …..

  8. mahbok tan said

    U need me to do presentation or not …. some advice hor …please where RED polo T-shirt la next time …do not wear pink or light red colour shirt….wah paiseh lei…look at your dressing colour code…like no feng shui element hor….wakakakaka….!!!!

  9. Seb said

    LHL, I am still waiting for my swiss standard of living…please leave, that would be the biggest gift to Singapore this National Day.

  10. Unhappy said

    We may not have a future as long as U are around.

  11. $$$ lee said

    declining birth rate, economy need FT, must integrate, what else

  12. Forever struggling said

    The future is already very clear. The middle class will soon be wiped out and Singapore will be distinctly divided into the elites and the rest of us. The elites will just use their wealth to earn more wealth without having to work, while the rest of us will be struggling forever to compete with the foreign immigrants. This competition between the working Singaporeans and the foreigners will of course continue to keep the elites in power, as there will be more than enough new citizens to keep supporting the MIW.

  13. Exasperated Citizen said

    Can the idiotic PM please talk about the present mess which his government has created? Who is he trying to kid, talking about the future when he is clueless as to how to solve present problems? LHL is a pathological liar.

  14. No Can Do said

    Sob, sob, sob, teary eyes, solly, solly, solly apology, big talk cock promise this and that but no action to ease ppl’s hardship and pain, squeeze more CPF contributions from the rest of us and less CPF payouts, more transport crowding and fare increases, more FTs crowding sinkies everywhere adversely impacting sinkies’ pay, hawkers’ wayang-wayang $1.99 chicken rice to depress hawkers’ income whilst obscene ministers’ pay cotinues unashamedly, middle-class and the rest marginalised to fatten elitists and cronies, etc., etc.. Unless these issues can be appropriately resolved to lighten the burdens of the rest of us vis-a-vis the PAPies’ ruling clique and cronies, he’ll only be blowing hot air to the best of his abilities.

  15. Singapore future is target on FT and not Singaporean! said

    Singapore future is target on FT and not Singaporean!
    Knowing citizen did not like the government, so government is getting FT to get more votes, that is their ultimate aim!

  16. Chin2lan said

    Dear sir,
    You mean you need 2 weeks to present ti singaporean our future? That means for the rest 52 weeks, what are you doing?
    Persuade us to integrate while we endure your law enforcer keep protecting the abusive PRCs?
    Chin 2 Lan already

  17. 过路人 said

    I have been listening to PAP for many years. I will not believe their promises and vision anymore. Too many let downs and lies in the past.

    • Calvin Song said

      I am convinced even the 60.1% don’t believe a word he says. And I’m sure he knows it. He knows that nobody here believes him. His words are aimed at the foreigners and foreign media. He is probably trying to attract more foreigners here.

  18. Maybe Sing better than Talk said

    “Talk” and “Do” are totally different thing. People can TALK until they say that they can bring the cow home but instead they DO away with the bull at home.

    So TALK and DO can be world of difference. Everyone (True Blue Singaporeans) has the ears to hear and the eyes to see.

    • ss said

      well said. unless this year is diff, do first talk and claim credit later. why should we be paying new PAP trainee that amt? tax payer pay to trin.

  19. tyu said

    Talk about Singapore’s future benefiting PAP/Government or local born Singaporeans?

  20. alibaba said

    no need waste time for his speech…should be u-turning his decision from the prior election and emphasing on how to integrate better with FT and bla bla bla……

  21. alibaba said

    only in 2016 will we see the real actions from local singaporeans if the 60% “wake up” from their ideas..

  22. driver1 said

    “hardworking” Prime Minister? If I remembered correctly, this Lao Ah Siah already went holidays at least twice this year. It’s understandable, you need to spend those million dollars you “earned” hard last year, it’d be frustrating to not able to spend those self-approved salary.

    Let it be known that no matter how rich you are, especially you are chinese and regardless of how many rolls royce you own, you are still being looked down by ang mohs and by us…….why?? because you treat your next generations and your own people as slaves.

    Wish this PM could wake up before Nationa Day!

  23. driver1 said

    Frankly speaking, whenever I see his name on news, I just pass, don’t even bother to see what he’s talking.

    Man without integrity talks nonsense.


  24. Lost S'porean said

    Talk and talk, but no concrete action. What a waste of time.

  25. Wicked Brain said

    Dear Sir,
    Please don’t tell us that the country needs more foreign talents, unless you really can attract world class ones.
    Please don’t tell us to integrate with the foreigners or help them fit in. Having so many around us, we are already submerged within them.

    Can we have some good news, like plans to reduce the dependence of foreigners, giving out more scholarships to true blue Singaporeans and measures to cope with inflation?

  26. ss said

    tell us, since last year election, how much and how many things have increased? from housing, gas etc. so, when mid year comes, civil service pay increament. when come to normal ppl like us, NTUC suggested how much????

  27. newhik said

    Think the main reason why our PM has to start 2 weeks in advance (dunno if this is the norm) is that he has finally run out of flowery words (or maybe his scriptwariter) which basically tells us the same thing year after year

  28. Embrace foreigners all the craps again and again. D’ont embrace no future for spore. 🙂

  29. The Gardener said

    No thanks. Save it up.
    Nabeh. Too late lah. KNN.
    I will be watching National Geographic’s TV programme on National Day Rally.
    Dont kah jiao. Ok?

  30. Cher said

    If the PM is saying integrate, fit in, forget it! Or $8.00 for a heart bypass or bicycles are good, because no COE is needed, forget it! Don’t tell us what you gonna do for us, but when you intend to away with foreign trash!!!

  31. Wolfglare said

    These white monkey is thinking up lies again try to cheat us common Singaporean….who is he trying to fool…are we going to believe in him again…what do u think

  32. jason said


    I want you to answer the question why there are so many S*X scandals happening these days and what your govt. is going to do about it. Singapore good name as a place with good moral values is no more. It is turning into a Sin city, Vice city. Is this a result of your govt. policies in any way?

    BTW, do you have interns in your PMO?

    • BueyTahHan said

      Actually Sex Scandal happened in the past. Just that now we have TT, and INTERNET, Chat, etc … such matter blow up very fast. However, better be careful because Singtel, M1, Starhub all control by gahment. They not happy, they close our connectivity to the world and we become like North Korea

  33. bb said

    Unless you want to announce that you are resigning as PM of SG then don’t speak at all . Nothing worth talking by you. You look at your past ND rally speeches and see what you promised to do and is still outstanding pl get it done.

  34. Invictus said

    Someone should do a popularity poll on LHL after his speech.. That would be the barometer on how Singaporeans judge his speech

  35. A Singaporean Abroad said

    Sorry, but I think it’s going to be HOGWASH. Don’t waste your time. Go watch a movie instead.

  36. Mikey said

    Talk… that’s all he can do.

  37. PAPui said

    u can bet yr bottom dollar the Ass-Loong will , as usual, use all the same tired threats to tell u how to accept the new citizens and fts bec without them, economy will fail, jobs will be lost blah blah blah!!!
    What is there to threaten singkis like me anymore??? An overseas educated grad , ex-PMET, jobless since past 4 yrs cannot even get a clerical job, only can drive taxi or become security guard!!!
    This is the life the bloody Ass-loong gamun had prepared for me in my old age. Some days I down with the flu, sick yet cannot take MC still drive taxi just to cover the rental and overheads despite having a whooping cough! Life is so damn miserable since Ass-loong became my PM!!!

    Yet the Pinoys, the Ah Nehs, the Ah tiongs and Angmors all come here and get Big FAT pay packets and all the cushy office jobs. Sinkis like me, better hope for an early and quick death to end our misery under this Ass-loong PM!

    I wonder what u can threaten or say to ppl like me to convince me otherwise that everhing is “fine” with my life under yr reign as PM? Can u give me back my old job at 50% of my previous pay??? At least with that, I can still survive in this unforgiveable country u had destroyed called “Singapore”!!!

    • Naivety said

      Well said & I totally agreed with you!

      Yet these Pinoys, Ah Nehs, Ah Tiongs & Angmors came here to snatch our native Singaporeans ricebowls & jobs with fake qualifications & degrees, some with bogus Masters Degree qualifications from some unknown universities in India, China, Philippines, etc (which are unheard of) & still getting good & fat salary here working in Singapore at the full expense of native Singaporeans!!

      Nobody especially from the f”king MOM bothers to check, verify, control, regulate & authenticate these Foreign Trashes & Fake Talents at all…not sure why are we so naive & daft to pay these rascals from the MOM millions of dollars in salary for what!!!

  38. Cher said

    Don’t waste our time. Casinos, Sentosa Cove, Millionaires Club, Gardens by the Bay, etc etc are for the rich, ministers included. Care more for the poor, and aged. What the Hongkong and Macau SAR governments are doing for the vulnerables, lower income and the aged. You are collecting millions and yet not prepared to dispense peanuts, to your fellow citizens. But have a kind heart for foreigners. Only the blind and the deaf will vote for you.

  39. GodBlessSG said

    Mr PM Lee, I thought your party’s name is “People Action Party” and not “People Talk-Only Party”?

    Please have some actions instead of talk and talk. Whenever you have done and will be doing, people will feel it. You can talk all you want, but end of the day, Singaporeans just need to ask themselves, do they feel that the living environment (housing, jobs, transports, cost of living, etc) has been better of worst and will cast their votes accordingly in 2016.

  40. ANDREW said


  41. Unhappy said

    We may not have a future as long as U are in-charge.

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