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Singapore woman under police investigation for hanging PRC flag outside Hougang flat

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

A 54 year old Singaporean woman has been called up for questioning by the police for hanging a PRC flag over the parapet of a flat in Hougang last Saturday.

A netizen took a snapshot of the PRC flag hanging alongside a Singapore flag and uploaded it on a government-owned portal, sparking a massive outcry among Singaporeans who are becoming increasingly frustrated at the relentless influx of PRC immigrants.

It is not known why the Singapore woman chose to hang the PRC flag instead of the Singapore flag to celebrate the coming National Day. This is the first instance of such a case being investigated as many foreigners have hung their nation’s flags publicly outside their homes in the past with no action taken against them.

The public display of state flags of nations other than Singapore requires an exception to be granted under the same Act. Those who fail to do so can be subjected to a six-month jail term, be fined up to $500 or both.


25 Responses to “Singapore woman under police investigation for hanging PRC flag outside Hougang flat”

  1. P Koh said

    This country is becoming so cosmopoluted that before long, we will find more flags of other countries being hung outside the homes of our new citizens.

  2. Vic said

    Could the Singaporean woman be PRC new citizen?

  3. NaBey said

    Quote : “The public display of state flags of nations other than Singapore requires an exception to be granted under the same Act.”

    NaBey! Like that then where I hang my underwear?

  4. Amazed Citizen said

    The crazy bitch should be charged with treason.

  5. Submitter69 said

    Send that fake Singy bitch home in a crate.

  6. If she is a ex- PRC then it is more worrisom.

    • Compatriot said

      I couldn’t agree more.Currently Asean is problematic and can be regarded as lame and wounded toothless growling tiger without claws in the eyes of China

      Citizens of Singapore must be acknowledge with by the ruling government why that women raised and hang that prc flag

      Is there a Cell underground within? …..

  7. Lee Son said

    Is it a crime to hang a PRC flag ???

  8. jimmy said

    fuck PRC, fuck them.. bravo

  9. Snoopy Says said

    Pleasd define “Singaporean”. New Singapore citizen who juz got the pink IC or local born True Singaporean???

  10. nocando said

    it can be:
    1) one party instructed her to do so, later caught her and let public know that this is actually a singaporean who try to sabotage sg immigrant policy.
    2) anti one instructed her to do it.
    3) she is frustrated about the PRC influx.

  11. Foxy said

    How about sports bar hanging other country’ flag? I don’t think there is anything wrong to hang china flag.

  12. Anon said

    If the culprit were a PRC, the police will “investigate” and that will be all. Must not risk jeopardizing diplomatic relations mah.

    Since the culprit is a Singaporean, then no need to be “kek kii” and just prosecute and jail. After all, Singaporean mah, so OK to give the full treatment !! Too bad, you’re not a foreign talent!!

  13. tccs said

    Still need to ask? Kill the chicken to warn the monkeys. Its always the same style. Remember Harry mentioned when S’pore separated from M’sia in 1965 Harry was desperate for economic growth so allow trade with Communist China. When the PRC sailors came ashore in S’pore and started distributing Mao little red book to the locals, Harry admitted he was worried of offending China if he arrested the PRC sailors, so instead he arrested those blur blur local who were given Mao red books!

  14. Bai Hu said

    Perhaps it is a sarcastic move to tell all Singaporeans that SG now belongs to or is part of China.

  15. lima said

    So in the end it was a SINGAPOREAN lady who hang the flag there – how sarcastic. It looks like a set up to spark anti-PRC sentiments.

  16. PAPui said

    Singapore Good for nuthing Police as usual only good for such things like fine Singaporean, arrest Singaporean and entrap Singaporean. This is what our SPF good for. Go and die!

  17. i say what i think only... said

    i thought i saw pinoy flags hang outside main door before on stomp?

  18. Anti PRC said

    Bloody PRC

  19. Is that an offence or a crime?

  20. SgGuy said

    The woman is out to prove that FTs hanging all kinds of rubbish would not get police interested while Sinkies hanging anything will be dealt with full force. Enough said. Pathetic country….

  21. Crap... said

    Simple answer – New citizen from China lah..

  22. precious said

    yes, arrest everyone related to IKEA too! they display sweden flag afterall.. Liverpool and Manchester jerseys should be banned too!!!

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