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Singaporean to PM Lee: Do what is ‘right’ for Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

Singapore is an open society and we will welcome anyone who can contribute to our society. Face it, China is now a world.power that everyone wants to work with. If we were to reject China nationals, then we are not going to have a good relationship with this huge giant.

Like it or not, we need to put down these coloured lenses if we are going to continue adding value to the world, the region so that we will have good jobs, pay and a livelihood. Look at how many people in the US, Europe are not having jobs,will tell you we better be competitive and not rely on hand outs or protectionistic thinking to maintain our progress.

So Mr Lee, do what is right, you will be remembered for that. Popularism will kill Singapore .


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


33 Responses to “Singaporean to PM Lee: Do what is ‘right’ for Singapore”

  1. alibaba said

    yah…pay and livelihood will go to the FTs….

  2. P Koh said

    I do not think Singaporeans will outright reject Chinese Nationals as not all are bad and many are here because they think there is a chance of a better future for their children. The thing that our government should do is not to open the door so widely that we attract all sorts of characterse but to ensure that the selection process is monitiored and that those they admit into our country know what is expected of them if they want to make this land their home.

  3. rohani said

    from the way the author wrote the article, i think he is a China nationale. Because this English is defiitely translated from a Chinese article.

    • wayang said

      Yea, who knows if it is PM Lee himself who got his assistant to write and people gullible enough will be taken in. Don’t forget what has become of Japan and the US now, when once they were being idolized and we were told to emulate them too.

  4. JeoJeo said

    fred crap, cheena’s economic failure is very real. what super power??? they behaved like degrading worldtizen globally, as apparent to the world

  5. Surprise said

    Dear PM Lee, what’s new in your bag? You seems like like not changing anything at all. Can’t you understand we need talent, TALENT! Your system is so badly manage, that is why there are so many foreign trash around. My advise as a citizen, do something about then system, look internally before putting the blame on the public.

    Anyway, I recently being retrench over another cheap labour. Thank you very much to your so call clever FT policy that is not clever at all.

  6. Aminurasyid said

    You may right in certain ways. But if you were to release the floodgate of all the China people to Singapore, than all the singapore citizen will drown. If really the China peoples want to help with the world economic booms why not ask them to go to African countries to bring up their infrastructures and so on. Singapore is too small for the China people to work with. Even the Hong Kong people don’t want them there.

    • P Koh said

      China has penetrated Africa already in case you would like to know. Recently China signed a pack worth US$20billion to help an African nation to build infrastructure etc.

  7. Lim said

    Did anyone ask to reject China nationals? No. We welcome real talents from anywhere and not only China who can contribute to Spore, willing to learn our ways and not the kind of second rate dubious talents who fights with us for jobs and space and bring their obnoxious habits here. Just because `China is now a world power’ is Fred Yap suggesting we must por lam par and kow tow to them in order ‘to have a good relationship with this huge giant’ or lose out?
    It is disingenous to imply that US and Europe are not having jobs because they are not competitive, rely on welfare handouts or are protectionistic – Are you suggesitng that Spore must open up to cheap foreign labour to remain competitive, not give welfare to the poorer citizens as this will make us uncompetitive and in order not to be protectionistic like decaying Europe or US we must open our doors to all and sundry to take over our jobs? And this will `maintain our progress’?
    Are you asking PM Lee to do all these things? .It has nothing to do with `popularism’ but humanity, compassion and less obsession with policies which cause immense suffering to the people especially the struggling poor in pursuit of material wealth and obscene profits at all costs. The income gap is very wide and this playground for the rich where the latter live under a different set of standards is causing the fault-lines we are facing now.

  8. LkySi said

    China is a rogue nation. PM lee you are doing a great disservice to Singapore – bringing in morons, bozos from China. No intellectual will make way to Singapore . They all prefer a democracy that thrives, where there is freedom of press, an independent judiciary and where the rule of law prevails. Get rid of this PRCs from Singapore for good – children born from these morons will end up as morons, cerebal palsy, low intelligence quotient. It seems that what PM Lee wants for Singapore in the long term

  9. Annoymous said

    DO what is right for Singapore. Start by sucking all the singaporeans dry and replacing with GDP talents.

  10. GodBlessSG said

    Mr PM Lee HL, if you are reading this (I really doubt),

    I would like to praise you. You have already done a lot of Singapore, whether enough or not, whether for the better or worst, it’s subjective.

    I know that you feel that the whole world is comparing you with your father. I know you feel that you want to outdo your father. I know that you feel that your father is watching you and you feel that you cannot disappoint him.

    But please, please, you are very unlikely to outdo him. His era and yours are completely different. We Singaporeans are okay with low growth. As a country, we have passed the stage where we need to have exponential growth year after year. We only want to have a less crowded, more pleasant living environment, more stable job, more affordable housing.

    Come to think of it, how many more years your old man have? (not cursing him, just stating a fact). So when he is gone, you are all by yourself. So no need to compete with him lah.

  11. JJ said

    I’m glad that there’s at least someone who can still look at Singapore from a macro-level point of view, rather than parrot-ing away and picking on petty issues. Awesome.

  12. Exaggerated said

    Dear Mr Yap,

    I agree that China is a giant (maybe not everyone) but people would like to work with. At the same time, such a giant is not a naive giant, in such business, there must always be an exchange of benefits before the giant offer us something in return. (what they need most now is raw materials which we do not have.) While we might think we are smart to allow their citizens to come over in exchange for something beneficial or strengthen diplomatic ties, such a giant is not stupid as well. In actual fact, the migration of the Chinese might have little or no effect on such benefits. (Most that have migrated or moved over might have been little or not much contribution to China or those wealthy ones which China are losing.) In either way, China do not benefit much from such migration. China, at the same time is also known for a country who is very good at destroying itself. (Corruption, Pollution, Imitation, Harmful and Fake Agriculture Products, Fake Credentials, etc.) Such phenomenon are results of human doings, why bring such culture and thinking over? For the sake of progression and advancement? Is it worth it? Is Singapore really going to benefit in the long run? Are we trying to solve short term problem by inviting long term problem at the same time? Are we deploying “instant noodles” method to solve our problems?

    When America was a super power giant where most people would like to work with, did we see an influx of Americans in Singapore? While diplomatic ties are important, Singapore should not be exploited at the same time.

  13. Vic said

    “Do what is right” is a stereotype expression devoid of meaning. What is right or wrong can be very relative. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
    Today, it is fashionable to parrot LKY’s “never mind what the people think”. Who will be the courageous ones to lead us back to the very basic, “Singapore belongs to Singaporeans”?

  14. Hunter77 said

    Bootlicker Fred!…. Trying to score brownie point. Seriously I wonder how much u get paid for???… Stupid MF!!!

  15. SINYoobi said

    Singapore needs real talent and not FAKE foreign talent. Please do not destroy our country nor make our lives miserable by your mass FAKE foreign talent immigrants. USA is still the world leader as of now.

  16. jeff said

    I agreed with fred with a pinch of salt. I do think Singaporeans are a intellect bunch and we do understand sometimes, difficult decisions have to be made in view of progress. Do Singaporeans not understand this? I think we all do.

    The question is “what is right?” Let’s go back to fundamentals. All these policies, rules and regulations, and most importantly, PM Lee. Who are they serving? The government? The companies? GDP? Policies? etc. The purpose is to serve Singaporeans, who have put their faith (or not) in them. We are no longer blind followers and our voice is no longer a “noise” as we become more aware of current affairs or political matters around the world. We may not be experts in policies making etc but doing what is “right” in the expense of its people will be deemed as a political backlash in the next election.

    As an average joe like many others. Any policy changes, WILL inadvertently affect me either positively or negatively. Trusting the government to do the “right” thing is no longer good enough. It is about communication of the people and the government, the need of having our views heard and EFFECTIVE communication from gov to us.

    e.g. Influx of foreigners. Do we not know that foreigners are good for the progress of the country? We all do! The question is how can the gov manage it effectively and introduce them into our Singapore culture bit by bit. Having close to 2million of foreigners to 3million Singaporeans, the culture of Singapore is not looking bright. Importing foreigners at astonishing speed doesn’t help in creating a harmonious and tolerant society. Blinding chasing after progress, with minimum regard of the feelings of Singaporeans. I’m afraid, one day, I will become a minority and losing my proud identity as a Singaporean.

    I do not know what is “right” but i do know, i love Singapore and proud being a Singaporean. Doing what is “right” may be subjective but I wish I have a more “feeling” gov to its people. I only pray that the gov will take more notice of us, the average joe(s) who love Singapore.

    The question back to the gov. Who are you serving?

    PS: I am not an expert but an average joe who shares my humble thoughts.

  17. Please provide identity of the occupation and the nationality of this writer? said

    Please provide identity of the occupation and the nationality of this writer?

  18. Singapuraboi said

    Fred u r such a moron. Working with a superpower does not mean we let them run all over us. U obviously have no self pride and is people like u that Singapore is the way it is. Working with a superpower does not mean we poach their people like we r doing. That aside, poaching real talents is understandable but we r importing PRC toilet cleaners and cardboard collectors from china is not acceptable. Huh! Duh or what?! There so many poor elderly that could have benefitted from the jobs. If these elderly need money, I would like to ask if moron Fred would generously help her financially. If not then shut the F up! If u r prepared to help the govt take care of the needy then u have a right to talk about opening the doors to foreigners cos then the needy would not need anything since all their basic needs r met and supported. And moron Fred would you adopt a child from China and feed well and starve ur own children if u r not. Then again shut the F up! And even if u r prepared to do so, it only shows what a cruel and warped parent you r. And the govt doing so is the same. Either way u come out a bloody freaking loser and a traitor.

  19. Lim said

    UNfortunately it is precisely because they have lost the macro-level point of view that is why there are so many problems now. The issues are looming large and defintely not petty – it involves livelihood, survival, space, jobs, houses and the kind of future for our children.

  20. The Gardener said

    Nabeh. Kong jiao hwei. Deal with China of course.
    Do you think the China government enjoy seeing their rich families migrate & live in Singapore pulling out their wealth.
    Ah Fred, you have got a Cow sense for ya brain for goodness sake.

  21. bb said

    One thing I am sure PM Lee is not a talent because he is a singaporean

  22. Hokkien Peng said

    This Fred Yap has been posting a lot on LHL’s FB page. There are so many flaws in his argument, I don’t even know where to begin. It’s hard to address somebody who has totally ignored simple common sense.

  23. Naivety said

    @Fred Yap, you must be either a Pro-Alien Party Ass Licker or an FT from the PRC, right?
    Do not come & play punk with native Singaporeans & fuck with our lives here!!!

    This matter is b/w us native Singaporeans & the govt of the day which is the Pro-Alien Party, you outsider, foreigner or FT or whatever is not supposed to interfere!

    To use an analogy, just like the car population in Singapore, why do you think the PAP uses COE to control the car population which is to moderate, regulate & control the growth of the car population to prevent over-congestion, traffic control, etc.

    Similarly, the Uncontrolled & Unregulated massive relentless over influx of FTs & Foreigners of more than 2 Million currently since Year 2005 & within a short period of time had resulted in many problems & sufferings for us, native Singaporeans in various areas such as social, economic, infrastructure constraints, etcs.

    As the saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail” & that is often why “Half a battle is lost even before the actual war is engaged upon”…which clearly depicts the present situation & scenario in Singapore today!!!

    You jolly well know how small is Singapore island & by having more than 2 Millions of Foreigners in Singapore currently which already represented more than 40% of its total population, Singaporeans culture & identity are fast being eroded! Do u think Singapore can sustain a total population of more than 5 Millions people given its scarcity in land resources, limited space & size?

    And what the fuck are you talking about free handouts & protectionistic thinking & does Singapore currently has any unemployment benefits & citizen dues being paid for by govt as well as protectionism law as compared to other countries???

  24. There are 3 reasons why the Chinese emigrate:
    1. Their cities are more crowded than our island
    2. There is no freedom over there
    3. The rich feel uncomfortable with the ruling CCP.

  25. teo cheap buy said

    I love puppy love

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