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Two thirds of NTU graduates manage to find a job before graduation

Posted by temasektimes on July 26, 2012

Are the good times coming back to Singapore? This is the impression that state media appears to give the public with an article claiming that two in three graduates of this year’s cohort at NTU found (good-paying) jobs before graduation.

Though there are 5,934 NTU students who will graduate this week, the media chooses to focus only on 115 students who pursued a double degree in Accountancy and Business, claiming that all of them have found jobs before graduation.

“In terms of salary, the top 10 per cent are drawing an average of S$7,145, which is almost double what their peers get on average S$3,546,” it blares.

NTU said its graduates received two job offers on average before accepting their first position.


24 Responses to “Two thirds of NTU graduates manage to find a job before graduation”

  1. enough said

    dont be hoodwinked by the shit times

    sample size of 115 out of 5934 is 0.019 of the cohorts

    is not representative of the true picture

    out of the 115, probably 50% are PRC, Indian, and what not

    • Singapuraboi said

      U r right. It is so PAP to focus on the elites and make it look like it is representative of the entire nation

    • dave said

      Its probable that most are working overseas e.g in the US where the minimum wage of a typical engineer or bus/marketing person is much higher than an average starting salary here. It may be useful to have NTU publish where these $7k people are employed.

    • Calvin Song said

      I never believe a word they say. It is all BS.

    • driver1 said

      “probably 50% are PRC, Indian….”

      If they are born in spore, as a recruiter I sure will consider. But if they are brought in from some thirdworld countries where their parents do not consider disciplining their kids as a priority, then no matter how cheap they are and regardless how smart they are, I pass……this will save me a lot of headaches in future.

      Don’t give them a chance for any employment and they will stop coming.

  2. WP = idiots said

    U guys seem to have no idea what a survey means.

  3. Any concrete proof ? How many jobs go to true-blue citizens ? Dare to reveal the numbers ?

  4. rohani said

    really lying to the readers.

  5. newhik said

    This is when I think the MSM is doing a giant disservice to the people. By interviewing only these top performers, it is giving a false impression that Business/Accoutancy or even the entire graduating cohort is still in demand. However, they just painting a false rosy pictures as Accountancy graduates are almost always being taken up by the big 4 accoutancy firms (maybe due to the high attrition rates as accountants have one of the longest working hours during the peak periods).

    On the ground however, we always read about graduates who cannot find relevant work and end up taking up temp jobs or administrative roles. Also, the “high income” that the MSM states will also boost the graduates expectations of higher pay, which makes them even less competitive against foreign degree holders, who have the “same” qualifications and have several years of working experience and asking for less than 2 thirds the fresh graduates is asking for.

  6. P Koh said

    Selective and bias reporting is the rule of the day. This is one way to keep in favour with the government and not those who can see clearly even with blinkers being offered by the media.

  7. Jaded said

    “Do you believe everything you read in the Straits Times?”

    – PM Lee responding to a student who pointed out that according to the Straits Times, although Singapore is a First World country, it has a Third World wage, at the NUS ministerial Forum on April 7 2011.

  8. NSmen said

    What retard is this, focusing on accountancy. All students with accountancy degrees are 100% certified to get jobs.

  9. i say what i think only... said

    i stopped believing their crap stats ever since i saw my school. nus biz school grads starting pay 3.8k. ya right middle finger

  10. Annoymous said

    Still as bullshit as ever, just like the mod on this website.

  11. yeah right said

    I’m sure 1.94% of the graduate population are completely representative of the whole picture. And only business and accountancy, what about the other majors?

  12. Chip said

    From my own company recruitment, it is really very tight labour market. We took in 7 grads, 5 from SMU, 1 each from NTU and NUS, and their starting pay is 4.5K and it’s a five day work week. And yet, we have 2 that dropped out to join other firms because they are offering even higher salaries. One of the two drop out got a offer for 6K starting pay. Older staff like myself who has been with the company over 15 years had our salary frozen for two years, and the company is trying to hire younger and arguably more energetic staff, maybe to even replace us. Can’t really blame the company, older staff like me just have to pull up our socks and work harder and smarter.

    Also the starting pay has been creeping up because a lot of universities does internship program, so some of these interns get hired and start off on higher scales. My nephew who just graduated from Melbourne, has got three job offers already. My neighbour’s daughter graduated with a law degree last year, has just got a pay rise to above 5K per month. So even the stupid ST maybe reporting fairly accurate numbers.

  13. joe said

    how many of this top student actually do their own start-up

  14. ACBS Grad said

    I’m not sure how they compiled these data. If they remembered to ask me (I’m one of the 115) I’d tell them I’m still looking for a job. Are they going to hire me now?

    Also, 2 out of 3 found a job before graduation also implies that 1 out of 3 of us is jobless upon graduation. That’s a 33% unemployment rate.

  15. Chin2lan said

    I have got my NTU EEE degree in 1996, MBA from Chicago in 2003. Now my salary is only same as top 10% of NTU fresh grad? Anyway I don’t care now bcos I will be migrating to canada soon. I see no hope and future for my children, in vancouver, u work, pay tax, and ur children get free school until University! 3 bedroom FH apartment there cost less than a 4 bedroom hdb in punggol.

  16. Naivety said

    Wow, incredible…2/3 of NTU graduates with double major in Accountancy & Business managed to find jobs before graduation with the top 10% of the fresh graduates getting an average salary of S$7,145/month when I’m reading about many NUS/NTU Singapore engineering graduates whom are in their mid 30s to late 40s unemployed & jobless currently (some with Master Degrees even)!!!

    Btw, majority of these NTU fresh graduates from the Accountancy & Business faculty are foreigners or PR from PRC, India, Taiwan & so on & can TT/MSM shed more light on which industries are these fresh graduates being employed in which can pay an average salary of S$7,145/mth given the current global financial crisis & euro debt crisis situation that we are in presently? I doubt so that even these foreign graduates were to venture into the fresh trade & position themselves @Geylang
    are able to get such high salary due to the intense global & international competition there nowadays!!!

  17. BC said

    Erm… SINGAPOREAN NTU graduates?

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