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NUS Law Prof charged with obtaining sexual favors from student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

Posted by temasektimes on July 27, 2012

National University of Singapore (NUS) associate professor from the Law Faculty Tey Tsun Hang has been charged in court over the sex-for-grades case this morning.

The 41 year old faces six corruption charges for allegedly showing favour to his student, Darinne Ko Wen Hui (pic below), between May 2010 and July 2010.

According to court documents obtained by the media, Tey reportedly gave Darinne better grades in return for sex on two occasions.

Tey also received a Mont Blanc pen worth S$740 and tailor-made shirts from Darinne who paid one of Tey’s bills amounting to almost S$1,300.

Despite Darinne being the one who approached Tey to offer sex in exchange for better grades, she has not been charged for any offences yet.

The 23 year old is currently working as a pupil in an established local law firm, thanks to the ‘A’ grade she obtained in her final year elective in exchange for the sexual services she provided to her law professor who now faces the unsavory prospect of being thrown into jail.

In an email sent out to the media on Friday morning, Tey said he stands by his academic principles and that he has always pursued his academic writing in good faith, with no ill intent.


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11 Responses to “NUS Law Prof charged with obtaining sexual favors from student Darinne Ko Wen Hui”

  1. P Koh said

    Sex is offered for almost anything and it is fool-hardly not to realize that “crime” does not pay. It is sad that people of that level can reduce themselves to this immorality when they can easily afford to pay for sex as long as the one offering sex is not below 18 years of age.

  2. gutter journalism said

    because as a pedagogue, the burden of ethical behaviour and responsibility lies with him, not the instigator. this is especially poignant since he is in a position of authority, and thus has a greater burden on him to behave responsibly and ethically.

  3. Ravi said

    it takes two to clap. Darinne Ko needs to be charged too because she is also part of this deal. Who will resist if one offers sex? it has been a issue, ladies like to betray men after offering her body.
    She is hiding behind the curtains to get refuge. Whichever company she is being employed needs to be careful as she also capable of offering body pleasure
    to get famous. This type of act should be condone. Anyway, we have to wait for the verdict. A fair verdict will prevail justice.

  4. Free Trolley said

    sex+free gifts. Can I be a Prof too?

  5. SuperDuper said

    She got an ‘A’ for Anal?

  6. SuperDuper said

    This doesn’t make sense.
    Doesn’t matter who initiated it.
    She bribed to get higher grades.
    At the minimum her degree and lawyers license should be taken away.

  7. SuperDuper said

    If this happened so long ago in 2010, how did anybody find out about it?
    This stupid bitch probably couldn’t keep her mouth shut and told everybody.

  8. NaBey said

    See her photo, not that chio but OK lah. Free one cannot demand so much. Some more do already still got gift to take, the prof got eat viagra is it?

  9. kaypoh said

    AIYOH, Free Fark + Free Gift, GSS Special Offer which SIN-gaporean can resist I ask u? Can dun wan meh? Never take wasted only lor…..

    If advertised arh, mebbe break Annabel Chong’s record lor, new Olympic Gold for S’pore!

  10. Naivety said

    Got Japanese wife & still not sextisfy some more!!!

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