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NUS Law Prof Tey Tsun Hang: I stand by my ‘academic principles’

Posted by temasektimes on July 27, 2012

NUS Law professor Tey Hsun Hang has sent an email to his friends and the media this morning declaring that he stands by his ‘academic principles’.

Attached below is his email:

Dear friends and members of the media profession,

I will appear at Court 26 of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore at 9am today (27 July 2012), facing six charges of corruption – two of which involve sexual gratification; all of which are about showing favour in my assessment of a recently-graduated female student’s academic performance.

I stand by my academic principles. I have always pursued my academic writing in good faith, with no ill intent.

The bail is set at a phenomenal sum of S$100,000.

I remain, yours faithfully, as ever

TEY Tsun Hang


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26 Responses to “NUS Law Prof Tey Tsun Hang: I stand by my ‘academic principles’”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    hahahaha…..let the court decide; same with the case of the 6 CHC leaders let the court decide on the CHC bunch of leaders too.

    I am sure Justice will prevail

  2. kaypoh said

    Will be an interesting case, as the accused is also an expert in law, and the case may hinge on proving favour?

  3. sunhub said

    Dick head. Welcome to the dirty old man club

  4. denzuko1 said

    I sense there is a copy right issue and I believe Kong Hee should pursue this with the Prof. I am sure if lawsuit occurs, Kong Hee will win with huge compensation from the prof.

  5. academic said

    The issue is not your academic writing! If you read your staff code of conduct, I’m sure you will find a section explicitly staying that teaching staff are not to have sexual relations with their students.

    Since you have tried to prove your man-hood by screwing a female student for a good grade in return, be a man and own up to the fact that you have failed as a member of the academic community as well as your role as a husband and not hide behind a smokescreen (which by the way, ain’t thick enough to hide in).

  6. SINYoobi said

    Just admit your mistake and await punishment. Do not hurt your wife and daughter further.

  7. Jack said

    why should anyone accuse you?

  8. LkySi said

    Having sex with your students is that part of your academic principles? You must be made Dean of the Law Faculty

  9. Free Trolley said

    He “stands” by his academic principles. If you know what I mean.

  10. Jayce said

    this is far more “insidious” serious corruption. Education suppose to be the most critical element in one country, the idea about “nurturing” the next generation. if there is a corruption on it, that’s a big issue.

  11. NaBey said

    Hello prof, I think u Xiao chong nao? Everything oso stand? Eat too much viagra is it?

  12. gonggong said

    Proving that he receive gifts from the student is easy.
    Proving sex is semi-easy depending on whether there are paper or electronic trails.
    Proving that all these culminated in A is difficult.

    Btw, Darrine Koh will definitely be unemployable in the legal sector henceforth.

  13. enough said

    your acaedemic principle should be dont eat and shit in the same place

    and now that you do

    u are in a shithole

  14. dun said

    innocent until proven guilty.

  15. Ron said

    Does he still have a career in Spore? Perhaps overseas unless they ask for previous employer’s reference or good conduct report.

  16. 1111111 said

    Hmmm…..looks like he is taking the defence that all this is rumour and falsehood, or he will take the line that he never gave her better grades for sexual favour – it was pure love.

    As long as he does not admit and she does not admit, there is no case.

  17. Charles said

    what the hell is this guy talking about ! he does not understand the law at all….see extract below:

    Acceptor of gratification to be guilty notwithstanding that purpose not carried out, etc. 9. —(1) Where in any proceedings against any agent for any offence under section 6 (a), it is proved that he corruptly accepted, obtained or agreed to accept or attempted to obtain any gratification, having reason to believe or suspect that the gratification was offered as an inducement or reward for his doing of forbearing to do any act or for showing or forbearing to show any favour or disfavour to any person in relation to his principal’s affairs or business, he shall be guilty of an offence under that section notwithstanding that he did not have the power, right or opportunity to do so, show or forbear or that he accepted the gratification without intending to do so, show or forbear or that he did not in fact do so, show or forbear or that the act, favour or disfavour was not in relation to his principal’s affairs or business.

  18. Naivety said

    Serve this former district judge & Malaysian FT right!

  19. mel said

    Come on, no need to talk about principles lah. Young and free pussy like that is always hard to resist, ask any honest man….

  20. Natureschild said

    Prof Tey, The big question on everybody’s lips is: Did you or did you not screw your student Darinne Ko Wen Hui?
    Everything else is secondary.

  21. pi said

    scuse me….? who cares what you stand by? Let the court decide 🙂

  22. singaporean said

    What I heard from the ground is this professor has written much abt the legal system here and on govt watchlist…thus entrapped…same for chc…size so big govt scared and put on watchlist..if govt wants u u can’t run away..but how long can this go on? Will people not know it?…This is what I heard from old people who have seen just sharing what I heard…

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