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PHOTO: 38 percent of Singapore’s population are foreigners

Posted by temasektimes on July 27, 2012

The relentless influx of foreigners into Singapore in the last few years has changed the island state’s demographics to beyond recognition.

According to the latest statistics from the Manpower Ministry, 38 percent of Singapore’s population are foreigners, including PRs:

The figure does not include new citizens which means that the number of foreign-born residents living in Singapore could be potentially be more than 40 percent.


17 Responses to “PHOTO: 38 percent of Singapore’s population are foreigners”

  1. Lestweforget said

    Saw what you did there. Providing numbers for citizens but not specifying the exact numbers whom have just become so-called ‘new citizens’. Do you take us Singaporeans for fools??
    You don’t need to be a gah-men scholar to know that this sudden influx of foreigners will completely change the social demographics in Singapore.

    Singapore needs FTs for jobs at the lower end of the spectrum (ie. construction, waste removal etc) and probably at the top-end where their leadership and direction is needed (ie. proven directors, CEOs etc). But, NOT in the middle-income class jobs where we have capable Singaporeans! Infact almost 4million of them!

    By the actions of the current gah-men, they are INTENTIONALLY driving away real citizens and welcoming foreigners. The reason to open the floodgates to foreigners must have been intentional cos the govt knows Singaporeans won’t stand up.

    Let me assure you, We will. #votewiselynextelection

    • Naivety said

      Well said…Lestweforget

      We got to stand up for Singapore & native Singaporeans quickly lest we will be over-run in no time!!!

  2. Spritez said

    PR is not citizen leh…transiting only..why do the statistic keep lumping them together? Unfair to the local born citizens! By linking us and PR is so fundamentally Wrong! PAP, you are tilting the scale too far… Unjust and unfair to the medium and lower income citizens! Your vision and values are so fucking wrong and cruel to the medium and lower income citizens. Kindly go back to school for moral ethics lessons. I am ashame to have you as my govt!

    • Singapuraboi said

      U r so right. PRs r not citizens. We have to look at it separately as they would tip
      The scale unfairly. This is just to make the foreign quota look low. If we take their numbers and add to the foreigner numbers, I strongly believe their numbers exceed that of citizens.

  3. bb said

    Yes PR are in transit. Once their application to Australia, Canada and other welfare countries is approved they will abandon Singapore. Hence 0.54 million PR are clasiified as aliens because they don’t hold Sg passport

  4. Jack said

    That is the problem the government has fabricated

  5. Wicked Brain said

    There should also be a figure showing how many out of the 3.27m are new citizens not born in Singapore and how many have stayed in Singapore for more than 10 years, 5 years and 3 years etc.

  6. x said

    Out of the 3.27 million “citizens,” at least 1 million are “new citizens” who got their citizenship within the last 10 years. Some probably don’t even live in Singapore. It’s just a convenient thing rich crooks get for tax evasion.

    If you want to know the *real* composition of Singaporeans, look back to 1998, the year PAP started to import foreigners by the boat load. The number of citizens back then was about 2.9 million. But thanks to the stop-at-two policy and the rising cost of HDB flats, the birthrate over the last 15 years has been about 1.2 births per couple and the 2.9 million declined to about 2.2 million in 2008. Now I think it’s more like 2 million.

    So don’t get hoodwinked by the PAP. If they want they can give citizenships to all PRs and non-residents and you will get 100% citizens but that doesn’t change anything. It’s more likely that the composition of true blue Singaporeans is only 38%.

  7. Lim said

    The real ratio is one indigenous citizen to one alien. full stop. don’t play with statistics numbers.

  8. Takblehangz said

    What I don’t understand is 15% make up of dependants of Sporean, PR and WP holders. Why would they include Sporean here. Unless so called New Citizen (PRC,Indian) dependants lah.. 15%?? thats quite a lot.. Ohh I forgot.. that’s including their parents, grandparents, in laws etc.. not just their children..

  9. Daft Peasant said

    in the next 10 years, the title will be:

    ” 38 percent of Singapore’s population are Singaporeans “

    • desmond said

      I totally agree. I am sure more Singaporeans will look to migrating to other countries for a better standard of living soon already. If the garment is still conscious of what they are doing, it’s time they reduce or better yet, stop the influx of foreigners already.

      • Daft Peasant said

        Desmond, do you think those migrate are Rich or Poor?

        Let me share my views first:

        Rich one won’t migrate, bcos they got no problems with the high living standards, moreover got gahment protection…..Chinapore is a Heaven to the Rich……

        Poor one would very like to migrate…..but they got no money to migrate……they can only go to poorer neighbour countries and continue to be poor there…… those very teruk type will eventually died in Chinapore……and 搞不好,don’t even have a place to put the ashes urn as no money to buy…..

  10. President of Nasi Brani said

    Out of the 3.27 million, how many are true singaporeans?
    How many true singaporean are working adults?
    How many true singaporean childrens?
    How many true singaporeans that are old and retired or unable to work?

  11. The Great Singapore Passport Sale said

    Our govt routinely sells our passport to foreigners for money, of course. These so called citizens have no intention of living here but merely uses the Sgp passport only for facilitating their travels since many countries exempt Sgp passport holders from visa requirements and immigration clearance at airports is usually smoother and faster than holders of passports from countries such as PRC, South Asian countries and other South-East Asian countries, etc. Famous personalities who have bought our passport from our money-face govt are Gong Li and Jet Li.who are almost never in Singapore. Immigration authorities of other countries should take note of this loop-hole.

  12. Singapuraboi said

    The govt and PAP have such lousy corp comma. They should fire their PR. If they admit their stop at two policy is a mistake and use that to push for immigration, people would probably stomach it better. But talking about needing foreigners to spur our economic growth an yet on one hand so many locals r losing their jobs, is just nothingore than bullshit and insulting to us.

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