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PHOTOS: NUS Law graduate Darinne Ko Wen Hui who had SEX with her Law Prof Tey Tsun Hang

Posted by temasektimes on July 27, 2012

The photos of the female star in one of the biggest sex scandals this year are finally out, courtesy of Hardwarezone EDMW forum:







95 Responses to “PHOTOS: NUS Law graduate Darinne Ko Wen Hui who had SEX with her Law Prof Tey Tsun Hang”

  1. Ah Loot said

    \what a slut

  2. SuperDuper said

    Haha…she’s cross eyed…

  3. the cake is a lie said

    what can i offer her besides better grades?

  4. rohani said


  5. pinoys love to suck cock said

    Wtf temasek times, i would not trust u again….u call this a busty hot babe? Who u kidding? U are worse den shit times

  6. Disappointed said

    This is disappointing and I don’t mean her. I mean Temasek Times that prides itself as a socio-political blog.

    Firstly, what’s the point of this post? Where’s the social or political association that makes it relevant to this blog? Talking about a certain party or the political atmosphere in Singapore can be understood but this makes Temasek Times appear to be just another branch of the infamous Stomp.

    Secondly, do not do unto others what you do not wish to be done unto you.

    • studentinsg said

      In case you do not know, some of the photos are already published on The New Paper.

    • Bleep said

      I believe the phrase only applies to people who have done no wrong. teehee* ~

    • Yatlem said

      What’s wrong? Such an act should be shamed publicly what! Especially when her lecturer has already been exposed! Kudos to Temasek Review for doing that!

    • Disappointed with disappointed said

      Then I’d suggest you leave TT and go to the ‘head’ branch – Stomp.

    • iloveft said

      Dun like just Fuck off. Or u can Sue TT n closed it down. You must be a fucking loser in life just like that cheebye slut. Happy fucking SLUT WHORE. you bring shame to your name n family. Burn in hell. Before that may HIV bestow upon you. BITCH.

      • 18DragonPalm said

        Why not wait for her response on this case before branding her so cruelly. Humans makes mistakes and regrets it. I cannot bring myself to believe that you have not done a mistake which you regretted badly. Would you like it if it was found out and others brands you with ugly names and curse you to hell?

    • Simon Lim said

      Correction.. Do to Other BEFORE Others do unto You..

    • Annoymous said

      All the MULTI NICKS replied to Disappointed. Is all you mod?
      Too scare to use your mod account and reply? LOL!!

  7. Chinese said

    Ruined and scarred for the rest of her life.
    Stupid thing to do for grade.

    • Hypocrites are demonic said

      Response to: Chinese
      July 27, 2012 at 10:09 pm

      “Ruined and scarred for the rest of her life.
      Stupid thing to do for grade”


      If this poor soul were living in the western open society, there will be no such thing as “Ruined and scarred for the rest of her life”.

      It is extremely unfortunate that she was born in Singapore, therefore, exposed to such inhumane onslaught from a generation who has been brought up in such “closed” society created by the “great” LKY from 1959 to this date, whose plan was, in fact, to keep each and every Singaporean under his inhumane demonic control. Thus, give rise to such selfish mentality in this generation of citizen.

      All those who condamn this poor girl.should do some soul-searching themselves – Have they (each and everyone) not done any wrong in their life? Jesus said: “Let he who has not sinned throw the first stone”. – Very sad. Singaporeans always looking and waiting for the chance to “throw the first stones”!

      How would you all face your conscience (or God) if this girl ends up in suicide as a result of so many condamnation from you “perfect” souls???

      It is my sincere advice for Miss Darinne Ko to seriously consider to migrate to a democratic and open society to start a new life. I would request all her friends to point out to her on this way out for her to create a new and happy life. Darinne has a very great future ahead of her.

      • Chloe said

        Not wanting to allude to Western societies who are claimed to be more ‘open’,
        Do you think the copulation is honorable for Machiavellian motives in the first place?
        Just because one lives in a ‘western open society’, is one justified to commits acts of crime based on your democratic ideals?
        Rampant crimes and violence would spill in an unregulated society where moray decay plague the city.

        Unfortunately, given her supposed intellect, she definitely knows what the implicit consequences will be before engaging in such an act, therefore condemnation is something inevitable.

        Freedom comes with responsibility.

      • Silly Guy said

        ya.. a great future by sleeping her way to the top….. she has done it once… why should we all keep quiet?…

        I hope you have daughter and she sleeps her way to the top and got caught!! Go ahead and encourage gals and use what is between her legs to achieve her goals….

        Darrine should pay and be set as an example to all gals who use her body to get what she wants!!

        what dumb prick!!

      • Truth Seeker said

        The point is not about her pre-martial sex, but the underhand method to earn higher grades.

      • Hypocrites are demonic said

        @ Truth Seeker

        You are right. Unfortunately majority in S’pore are shallow thinkers. They almost always look at the wrong angle and therefore, aim at the wrong target! That’s why in politics, LKY & gang can so easily manipulate the thinking & belief of the 61% of the population. (Before, it was more than 61%)

  8. soccernettheme said

    I love sluts….

  9. eww pretty meh? please la… every girl i noe also more chio la…the prof must be really old or got short sightedness!!

  10. Martin said

    Well done, netizens! She should be exposed and shamed. If you dare to do it and told your friends about the tryst, be prepared to show yourself to everyone, because your are not a victim anymore.

  11. Nabey said

    Her friend more sexy, the one V sign and holding a banana. “V” for virgin isit?

    • SG Talent said

      v for Very Fuggable!

    • Does she have squinted eyes? said

      Lol. That’s a youtiao or fritter, not a BANANA. If you manage to recover your eyesight, you will also realise that the accused has Zhenzi (of Ring the movie) eyes… shudder… Maybe the associate Prof is a serious Jap-phile.

  12. lee kuan you said


  13. andrew myers said

    I am disappointed now with chinese women ,so blame the chinese men ok !!

  14. andrew myers said

    I am disappointed now with chinese women ,so dont blame the chinese men ok !!

  15. Me_lah said

    The professor have very low taste.

    • free still want to choose? said

      Free one cannot choose.
      May be he covered her head and off the lights during the action time?

    • Naivety said

      Does the former SCDF Chief, Ex Commissioner, Peter Benedict Lim Sin Pang got better taste then (for 40+ MILFs)???

  16. Ben said

    she looks like a xiao mei mei lol. maybe the professor’s taste is the xmm kind!

  17. sofdmc said

    We need to stop this fucking tabloid shit. We need to have a real debate about how the education system here has become a complete joke while the fees keep going through the roof, and what this means for students who worked their arses off and forever stuck with paying back the bond for a piece of paper that has no relevance to a job market that prefers pre-existing work experience over fresh graduates.

    • Naivety said

      What you said is not true as top 10% of fresh graduates could command an average starting salary of at least S$7,145/month according to this post/research which was widely reported & circulated:

    • Man of vision said

      You have brain, my friend, unlike the lot of pariahs here who are only good at gang-attack on this poor girl.

      • IronMan said

        @Man Of Vision – Instead of putting enough efforts in her studies, she takes the easy way out by bribing her professor to get good grades. Have u consider the outcome if someone crooked like her holding a top post? And u sympathise with her! Well what to do….a TRUE Pariah is really near-sighted.

        @Sofdmc – Agreed with your idea of a real debate. Good luck! Hope the ministers listen. In terms of foreign influx, they certainly dun bother.

  18. Nice Person said

    I nearly fall off from my seat. Temasek Time… really fool us all

  19. Neutral said

    The golden question is – who spilled the beans? Very unlikely to be the prof, unless he wanted to brag about it. More likely, the girl confided in her friends after the deed either out of guilt/shame or bragging rights. And one of them must have been jealous or felt injustice and decided to blow the whistle.

    Rule 1: A secret between two parties will eventually no longer be a secret the moment a third party knows it.
    Rule 2: Rule 1 is the only way to keep a mutual secret.

  20. politicempathizer said

    How distasteful the editors have become. Your job are no better than those of the paparazzi. Its better to spend more useful time on digging out our government’s policies flaw than to expose ppl’s images.

  21. Shame said

    To our dear sir,
    Have you ever think that it’s a total failure to have created a society that places great importance on credits but no regards for basic moral value ? Don’t you feel that we have failed in badly in our education system?

  22. Bai Hu said

    Some guy touched her right boob.

  23. tryme said


  24. kumantong said

    Beh Swee leh…disappointing…not worth…

  25. Ren said

    I liked the 4th pic…Yeah!

  26. abc said

    i’ve begun to doubt the purpose of temasek times. what’s the point of posting her photos online? why do you guys seem to be becoming more malicious? it just seem like you guys have lost your objective and decided to be shit-stirrers. i know you are suppose to be the voice of the people with good intentions to be an independent alternative source of news but now it just seems like you guys are becoming more like NewPaper, a tabloid, full of gossip and always using irrelevant photos and derogatory headlines. you guys seem to be creating a platform and inducing viewers to say hateful things.

    • Andrew Chen said

      The mainstream media seems quite happy to treat the Prof unfairly exposing all his details, it’s only fair that the alternate social media expose both parties equally.

      I fully agree with TT.

    • iknowthisislovebutifwereyouiwouldleaveher said

      This is the way they can get viewership, put up some shitty news that can catch the eye of may people duh…who wants to read about our Singaporean athletes taking part in the olympics? (sarcasm) , let me know if they win a medal, i will see what i can do

    • Chloe said

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with exposing her photos, and it is up to the discretion of readers to exercise control over the types of comments they post online.

      • Rosemary said

        Do you know that in western democratic countries, unlike S’pore, they have private policy act which is enacted to protect the privatr life of their citizens.

  27. iloveft said

    Just another cheebye. Fucking ugly. Any pinoy or prc can win her hands down. That Mr tey must be blind or super sex depraved

  28. Chip said

    2things…good luck to her, and her law tutor. And let’s be honest, she is definitely not hot and sexy!! Even struggles to look presentable, let alone pretty.

  29. Zulu One said

    Cannot possibly bed her even if she offers herself to me… NOT CHIO LAH!

  30. tyu said

    She did not get what she wanted and exposed the Prof?
    Otherwise who knows they had sex together

    • who knows said

      May be her friends exposed her?
      They studied hard but did not get A grade, she got A grade by just opening legs. Unfair lah so must complain to CPIB.

  31. James said

    Free and young.. why not…dim the lights and the “high” is just as shiok !

  32. lovetheislandwelivein said

    That explains WHY she needs to USE her BODY to get better grades……

  33. russ said

    Who care about what the rest has to say, it is you life , those who talk bad about other people are ass holes who need to condemn others just to make themselves feel that they are the better ones, that they are noble, religious. if the lies above is even true it is her body that i she is giving not yours, tell me which part of you got hurt?
    I am writting this simply because i hate those people who think they are better by looking down on others. for those who wrote negative comment above you and stop minding other people business. you only look better becos you stand beside someone you think inferior other wise you all are just a piece of shit.

  34. Brown said

    Should not let her practice her law here. Or there will be a corrupted law case in future singapore. Warning!

    • Shitty Laws said

      I think you have been sleeping – the laws in Singapore (on politics) are thousands of time worse than “corrupted”. They stink like shits ! Do you not sense it ?

  35. feel bad for her BF said

    I really pity the BOYFRIEND…

  36. Naivety said

    Actually, you cannot put 100% of the blame onto her leh because Singapore is such as “Rat Race” society all thanks to the “Vampires (MIWs) in White” who have inculcated the paper chase excellence culture into Singaporeans whilst pursuing relentlessly their goal of making big monies & GDP growth!

  37. Raymond said

    why should you disgrace her in social media? this is viral… very soon, the whole world will know. should this be done like that? her career is ruin, family will be disgraced too. I really pity her and her family. What has our values become?

    i do understand this kinda news are “juicy”, however, I personally pled to the social media and Press not to further pursue this kinda story.

    • Silly Guy said

      then what should we do? keep quiet? Acknowledge and accept that in the future our daughters need to sleep their way up?

      Darrine should be punish and set as example!!

      • Hypocrites are demonic said

        It will be nice to see how you react when YOUR daughter does that.

        “then what should we do? keep quiet?….”
        This act of Darinne, which is none of your business!!!
        Neither it is any other person’s business.

  38. feifei said

    “The photos (…) are finally out” Care for some sense of tact lah?

  39. Benny said

    she did what everyone did a long long time ago… Its like old story from generations and generations of the school she came from…

  40. enough said

    the saddest thing is all these men fall prey to ugly women, to be honest, she will not turn my dick on. it will be limb as ever

    may be i will need triple dosage of viagra, not that i am impotent but these ugly women turn me off

    just look at the few jerks of position in Anti narcotics and civil defence,

    all victims of midde aged old, ugly cow perhaps with the exception of cecilia and to make matter worse, all die because

    of a blow job

    how stupid these man can be, if they had fuck the most pretty , seductive, voluptous women i can understand

    but then one woman is a divorcee with a 18 year old kid

    come on

    how stupid can singapore man be

    i am in my 50s and I have better taste than these morons

    • Rosemary & Thyme said

      How good looking is your face, Sir? Put up your photo for us to see if you think you are ‘prettier’ than her. Maybe we will fantasise you.

  41. 误解 said

    她只是 犯了全天下女人都会犯的错而他也只是 犯了全天下男人都会犯的错. 她也不过为了理想使了一点小手段,难不成大家真得没为任何事使出别的手段吗!!??

    或许这是一场误会? 安啦。。。。。

  42. Cover the face and bomb the base? Yah, mouth is made for sucking cocks.

  43. Sporean said

    All these comdemnation on this young girl and the lecturer, lets just wait till the trial begins and we can all make a better judgement!

    None of us are perfect, we have all made mistakes in our lives.

    Spore is a small country. These things happen too often in other parts of the world. If the other countries were to report it in their papers similar recent events (civil servants for sex, underage prostitutes, MFA’s fund used inappropriately and this), their daily newspaper will be as thick as our telephone directory.

    Let’s be fair and not be too harsh at least till the whole truth is out. The lecturer seemed to implied its got to do with his crticism over our judicial system, and I personally cant say I will be very surprise if this is indeed so. Let’s wait.

  44. Hypocrites are demonic said

    @…Chloe said
    July 29, 2012 at 1:27 am

    Do you think the copulation is honorable for Machiavellian motives in the first place?
    Just because one lives in a ‘western open society’, is one justified to commits acts of crime based on your democratic ideals?

    Freedom comes with responsibility.
    My reply:
    1. Copulation is neither honourable nor condemnable. It is an act which is derived from natural human instinct. Do you NOT copulate? Unless you are immatured or born with a medical condition.

    2. Copulation between 2 consenting adults is not a crime whether you are living in western or communist country, unless you are living in the outdated culture. Anyway, this a diversion of the main issue.

  45. pi said

    is it my imagination or is one of her eyes pointing to a different direction from the other eye?…. is the vision okay?

  46. Hypocrites are demonic said

    @….Silly Guy said

    July 29, 2012 at 7:39 am
    ya.. a great future by sleeping her way to the top….. she has done it once… why should we all keep quiet?…

    I hope you have daughter and she sleeps her way to the top and got caught!! Go ahead and encourage gals and use what is between her legs to achieve her goals
    My reply:
    1. “sleeping all the way….” – There are millions of women doing this. What can you do about it? (I am not in support of this, but can any individual, govt, or society do anything about it?)
    2. My daughter is none of yr f***ing business!!! I am NOT encouraging anybody to do this. I am only sympathising Darinne who has suddenly being mauled by a pack of dingoes. What she did is none of every other people’s business!!!
    3. I admire yr honesty. You have chosen the most appropriate name for yourself – Silly Guy!!!

    • sillyguy said

      yeah..I’m silly guy and you an hypocrite… You must have daughter sleeping her way to the top to be so defensive… haha… I hope she gets exposed one day!!!

      • Hypocrites are demonic said

        I have no daughter doing that, silly idiot! You sound like a person with infantile mentality. You would do well for yourself to read more, see more of the world, and develope and use your brian more efficiently. If this doesn’t bring any improvement in the way you think, I would recomend you go to a competent psychaitrist to seek help.

  47. max said

    what a waste of time. so ah pek & ugly looking girl.. may have had a body to boot.. but there goes her career.. down the toilet bowl at the speed of flushing the toliey from the top floor of a HDB flat !

  48. Spill the beans said

    Golden Rule of being a lawyer – must know how to keep secrets. If Ko herself spilled the beans…….it only shows that she can never be a lawyer as she can’t keep secrets.

  49. lina said

    I don’t understand why is it people see the need to accuse others of illicit sex without sufficient proof. Where is the proof she did it? Her reputation is shot already whether or not she is really guilty of it! I can’t even.

    And who do you guys think you are, insulting her by calling her ugly and so on? You keyboard warriors. Clever to say when you’re anonymous only. You don’t even realise there is a real person behind these photos who feels horrible hurt when she reads these comments. Are you really my countrymen, people with no grace and discretion? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Hypocrites are demonic said

      It is very unfortunate that many S’poreans are grown up with such infantile mentality, with this kind of selfishness – what they can do but girls are not allowed to do! I am sure these guys who condemn her, they themselves quietly engage sex with prostitutes, or screw around with different girls – sometimes, with others wives or others girlfriends. It is similar to the behaviour of miw – they are corrupt but they use the laws to penalise others who do the same. Monkeys see, monkeys do !

  50. hahaha said

    ladies, better don’t do it, otherwise may become cock-eyed

  51. Jerri said

    Hey… maybe they had sex in the dark, or maybe the prof asked her to close her eyes (and her mouth?) b4 they do it, u never know right?

    All I really want to say to her bf (if she really has one) is that- it’s time to move on. Don’t waste your time on this type of girl

  52. Lawrence Lim said

    After reading some of the blogs, I am disappointed on how many have been saying unkind things about her. Why point fingers at someone when her sins are different from yours ?

    Why do you think she is trading her body for her marks ? It is the pressure in the Singapore Society. It is the side-effect of our competitive world. I do not support her choice, but I can understand why she did it.

    Temasek should not be showing her photo on internet. This will destroy her for life. I feel sorry for her. Perhaps Singaporean and Temasek should be more compassionate, always give someone a second chance.

    • pi said

      The ones who should be giving Miss Cross-eyes a second chance are her ex-classmates who studied sooooooo hard

      Also, if she is well-to-do like what is stated in some reports, can see a good eye doctor…..surely there are medical solutions for cross-eyes?

      • Hypocrites are demonic said

        A person’s appearance is born with and NOT his/her choice. Only scums of the earth with zero IQ would have such audacity to criticise another fellow-human being this way. What will you say if your daughter is born with a twisted nose or mouth ? Darinne just looks normal with a pleasant disposition.

    • Naivety said

      Yep, it is the presssure in the Singapore Society & thanks to the elitist policy of the MIWs & Pro-Alien Party that only the “fittest in Sinkapore will survive”!!!

      Many foreign students that came to universities in Sinkapore to study are doing these acts as well inorder to achieve/earn 1st Class Honours except they don’t get caught…very commonplace lah, no big deal!

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