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Singaporean chides PM Lee: Majority of us don’t agree with your policies at all

Posted by temasektimes on July 27, 2012

PM Lee, I think the majority of Singaporeans don’t agreed with your policies at all. All of us come from different backgrounds, be it young, middle aged, elderly so in fact your population growth had a huge impact on all segments of our lives.

There are few things a government should never get it wrong despite less perfect policies and one of them are JOBS. Expensive Housing we can rent a flat, downgrade.

Poor Transport system we can walk, wake up early and etc. If a person lost his job and there are so many competition, he does not have much options. When you increase the population, did you consider and understand the term ‘structural unemployment’ within our society. It’s not so simple as upgrade and learn new skills, the implications that come with structural unemployment goes way beyond what you can imagine.

To put it simple, what happens when there are less jobs and the mobility of your workers are no longer there. Example, last time we have 5 applicants for a job vacancy. Now we have 30 applicants for a job, you think Singaporeans will not be marginalized.

Do you see the impact now? When you increase population, you always keep a close track of the no. of applicants for a job especially when there is a downturn.


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook:


29 Responses to “Singaporean chides PM Lee: Majority of us don’t agree with your policies at all”

  1. kaypoh said

    David, u r already very forgiving on housing n transport… let’s see wat he says.

  2. Singaporean said

    let me remind you again, words and noises like this will be ignored. Please ACT.

  3. Victor said

    David, we are at their mercy now. Our cries for help were interpreted as Xenophobic. To the Government, it is only normal that we lose out to the foreigners are we are categorised as less striving or not as hard driving compared to the Foreign Talents. All these accusation were hurled at us for their failed policies.

    There’s nothing we can do for now. We are totally at their mercy from the day the 60% voted them into power yet again. BUT…. THEY WILL CRY AND BEG US AGAIN COME 2016.

    Just a early reminder to all fellow suffering Singaporeans. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE DID BEFORE. Let’s get it right this time in 2016. PLEASE…. FOR THE SAKE OF OUR NEXT GENERATION…

  4. Observer said

    Don’t talk nonsense, majority of Singaporean supports PM’s policy. 60% is majority lah, your english very lousy leh.

    • WaSiNiLaoBeh said

      You Stupiak & no brain, no eyes to see. All the Gerrymandering, Walkovers, throwing carrots around, MSM whitewashing the MIWs failures & MSM character assasination of the opposition candidates, etc by the MIWs. The percentage who support PAP is definitely way below 60%. Your intelligence really sucks.

      • Derrick Boh said

        Observer is right, 60.1, may not be an A+ but still past the exam,better than fail getting 39.9, will they improve their marks to A+ in 2016?

  5. Sgt33 said

    I agree with you David. You are dead right. I too dont agree with the policies set out by pm lee.

  6. Daft Peasant said

    PM Lee: Ah Han, many people not happy with me, and i know….but what can you all do? Mah Si LAN LAN SEOW SEOW……. Buay song?! Leave loh~~~~ $inkapore don need daft peasants here….we only want TALENTS, especially PRC FOREIGN TALENTS……and in our eyes there are only GDP ( God-Damn-Pappies )


  7. HL YEOH said

    There’s a war brewing in south china sea now, if war broke out, it might lead to WW3…life after that would be unimaginable. With the kind of population we have, Singaporean might have to turn to cannibalism to survive! Did this issue ever come to the mind of our leaders? Maybe I’m misinformed…there can never be a war!?

    • Daft Peasant said

      If there is a war, the pappies will leave first, Fts will leave to their mother land…. ONLY the daft peasants are left to died here…..

      And if WW3 really come, that will be the end of the world……

      About cannibalism, maybe those prc haters can eat them up?? Ha ha ha ha…..

      • War alone cannot end the world. Circumstances like famine, extreme weather changes, terrorism and disease must also simultaneously happen, creating a perfect storm. Only in such conditions can all life be wiped out.

    • mahbok tan said

      u think we old reservist got chance to participate or not…..coz hor long time no hold AR15/M16 …now all use SAR….!!!

      But hor all the generals n x-generals will run fast fast lei off to changi airport … wakakakaka….!!!!

    • Derrick Boh said

      It won’t be WW3, it will be the new citizen, PR,FT and FW will riot in Singapore’s street between those countries at war.

  8. spotlessleopard said

    The PAP do not care a hoot…the only solution vote them out as soon as possible.

  9. Bobby Liu said

    David, you’re correct to a certain extent. I take it you’re not a business owner? Or work in HR? I think from a corporate viewpoint, the more applicants for a certain opening would mean a larger pool of talent to source from. Now, my decision will obviously be based on who the best candidate I can get, when all things considered, such as levies, salary, perks, etc. All the training/retraining will mean we have to rise above the field and be the best/most ideal selection. I seriously doubt that foreigners get hired because of their nationalities, rather, satisfying the best/ideal all-round selection criterion put forth. And I really don’t think the majority elected PAP because of one singular policy. While we may crave for opposition,in view of other criticism about not having first-world politic, in reality, our opposition is not strong or able enough to rule and make policies over a nation, as small as Singapore is.

    You sound like an educated person, eloquent in speech. But for a moment, imagine you were born in other parts of Asia, would you still have the same opportunities that provided your well-being today?

    I think this is why we still voted in the PAP.

    • Canon said

      I feel that PAP has brought about Singapore’s progress to such a great extent that it cannot turn back, otherwise the whole country will be in turmoil. We have climbed up a mountain confidently and quickly and by the time we have exhausted ourselves, we find ourselves neither near the top or bottom and sooner or later we have to let go. The country’s success will be its own undoing.

      Everyone has their own valid reasons to blame or support PAP’s policies, but Singapore still being Singapore, a land without resources, and now a land running out of talent because the education system instilled a culture of fear of failure resulting in a very pragmatic population, what can anyone do about it?

      Apart from PAP, alot of problems can also be attributed to the population’s mentality.

    • Derrick Boh said

      Everyone learn and study hard to achieve distinction, Master, PHD, but did not learn how to prepare to live life to the fullest when they face with extinction when they hit 40’s.
      Plan ahead, all graduate have only 15 years to fully paid off their study and housing loan, 5 years to save up to start on your own.

  10. Ray said

    39.9% is not majority. duh.

  11. The Gardener said

    Nabeh. KNN. Kongjiao hwei.
    Kong kong kong.
    We have expressed our care & concern way before the last election.
    I feel aging just from repeating the same posting, dont you?
    Stop posting the same issue but take action and stop voting them in.
    Then we see what they plan to do.
    I have made my stand.

  12. Linda said

    Looking at how the opposition performed in the last few months, I doubt even we vote them in they will be able to change our fortune. That is to say Long Lai Long Kee Long Kar Kee (back to square one), sigh.

  13. kampong said


  14. Crap said

    I hope refrigerator drop from the sky and hammer down those ridiculous mp pay. Why can’t we deduct all of them 10% or more of their pay and make it compulsory to help needy, elderly etc

  15. 5vvaper said

    It took a war for SG to realise the brits got it all wrong back then. Maybe another war is what we need.

    The mainland chinese has been fighting and killing each other for the past 5000 years. We are not that far away and history is fond of repeating itself.

  16. Kbl said

    I am a Singaporean in the furniture industry, I tried to employ Singaporean but wheat they want are ridiculous pay and short working hours. Anything lesser they resign. If you were the govt what would you do? Those Singaporean who cannot get jobs why don’t lower your expectations, upgrade yourself, get a job , do it first , prove your worth. I think very bosses would like to have a thinking worker rather than moan and moan and moan. There are plenty of jobs but Singaporean don’t want to work.

    • Derrick Boh said

      In 1985, my salary was 800 per month+ 13th month payment + 20% CPF from the company= annual income is 12,480, I bought my 4A flat (103 sqm) in Yishun at 57,900, assume I don’t spend a cent, fully paid off in 4.64 years.
      The latest BTO price for a 4 room flat(90 sqm) in Yishun, cost about 234,000, if a person going to purchase and fully paid off, base on the same number of years as me, his annual salary must reach 50,431 includes of 13th month pay+16% CPF contributed by the company.

      Base on the salary for those holding NTC-1 to 3 in the market with 4 years experience is about 1,800 + 16%CPF+ 13th month , annual salary= 27,144, that means, he/she will need 8.62 years to fully paid off the housing loan.

      A BTO 3 room flat in Yishun cost about 150,000, Will take him 5.5 years to pay off.

      The real question! is it HDB prices increase too fast or increase in salary too slow?

      This part of the reason why Singaporean workers won’t and can’t lower their expectation.

      Even if workers do up grade their skills with higher qualification, in today’s market,19 out of 20 bosses will only promote the employee but with-out any salary increment, it was in the Straits Times, not too long ago.

      Singapore bosses ranked 3rd as the stingiest bosses in the world.

      Singaporean employees and all the bosses have to change their mine set, FT and FW are only short term solution, it will back fire in the longer term.

  17. oldy said

    Many of our spore employers, including gov, the biggest employer, are older guys, lazy to think, ill-disciplined, hack-care type mentality, cheapskate etc.

    This is the group that is creating all the stupid policies and subsequently the social problems we are facing now. I doubt they will care much about the prospect of the future generations when they continue to blame others, including their own kids and grandkids, and never admit wrongdoings. They will pay the ultimate price.

    Every dollar you make for this group, they will spend it on something and drive up the cost, in the end you will be driven out by inflation.

    Nothing against the old people, but too much authourity is held in the hands of the corrupt olds, hurting the younger ones along the way.

  18. Naivety said

    Well said & I fully agreed with you…David

    First & foremost tell MOM & MSM not to cover up the latest Singapore unemployment rate which is widely reported to be at a low of 2.1% (almost full employment status) when I am reading & hearing that there are currently a few hundred thousands of native Singaporeans unemployed & jobless!!!

    • Derrick Boh said

      if they were to include those under employed, the figures will be higher. met many Taxi drivers and some security supervisors, in their 40’s and 50’s, highly educated with experience, why and how come? those youth around them will know that the day will be numbered once they hit their 40’s, that is why 31% woman and 41% men decided to opt out to have children even marriage, live life to the fullest while young, save enough for old age, when time comes, money no enough just jump from Marina sand bay, end story of terminate a small part of true blue Singaporeans. make way for the new yellow and red Singaporeans who gladly to make 6 to 9 children per house hold.

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