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Tharman declares: More ‘support’ has been given to lower income group by govt

Posted by temasektimes on July 27, 2012

The Singapore government has been channeling more ‘support’ to the lower income group for the last few days to ensure opportunities for social mobility, declared Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Speaking on the topic of “Governing for an Inclusive Society” at a forum organised by the Institute of Policy Studies, Mr Tharman stressed that Singapore must “avoid the stagnation of median wages, improve opportunities for social mobility and place more intervention strategies upstream.”

He added that Singapore has developed a ‘progressive’ system where more support is now channelled to the lower end of society despite the lowering of income tax rates and higher tax on goods and services.

“If you look at what has happened in the past decade, despite the lower income tax rates and our higher GST rate, our fiscal system has become more progressive not less,” Mr Tharman said.

He also claimed that the lower income group now receive more ‘transfers’ from the government compared to the taxes they pay, compared to 10 years ago.

“More transfers to the lower income group now, compared to 10 years ago, and we have been able to achieve it without a significant increase. In fact with a minimal increase in net taxes paid by the middle class, and that I feel needs to remain a distinctive feature of our fiscal system, try to avoid to increase the burden of the middle class.”


21 Responses to “Tharman declares: More ‘support’ has been given to lower income group by govt”

  1. Piratetoon said

    Lower income group don’t pay income tax but they pay for GST , Waterborne Fee, Sanitary appliance Fee, Water Conservation Tax etc. Best they got tax twice for all this fees , why must these fee still subject to GST? What sort of support are you talking about?

  2. Singapuraboi said

    Mr Tharman, the govt must learn to govern w EQ. Handouts r temporary stop gap situation and extremely occasional which is not enough to help them on a daily basis. People have pride and what they want is dignity of being able to support themselves through a decent paying job which lately have been going to foreigners.
    It is funny how initially you insist that Singapore is not a welfare state but in order to give jobs to foreigners you r indeed turning Singapore into a pathetic welfare state and say Pathetic cos ur assistance is insincere and amount incredibly negligible. Ur newspaper reports increasing inflation rate and you think this pathetic amount will help these people in their daily lives. It may just ease thie burden for a day and that is just it. I would urge govt officials to keep their traps shut unless it is something truly sincere and not something that is news worthy or just a PR exercise to gain votes.

    • Latok heppi....... said

      Fuyooo itu maciam kasi hantam manyak bagus lei….!!!
      Itu welfare tak ada , itu cpf dia kasi lantak , GST kasi olang mau mati…!!!
      Itu maciam nang boh ti nang , kui boh ti kui…….!!!
      Fuyoo kita hantam sama itu garmehmen la…!!!
      thank u thank u…!!!

  3. Crap... said

    Stop playing with words and technicalities.. All Singaporeans have seen through the true colours of PAP govt. You simply don’t give a damn about the poor, needy and elderly because they are dispensible. Every Singaporeans are just an economic digit to you!!

  4. Jaded said

    this load of crap coming from someone who thinks you can buy a HDB flat on $1000 salary… all those rubbish vouchers and rebates simply confuse people. Why not just maintain prices instead of increasing them?

    • Compatriot said

      There is an Idiom which says if you happened to meet a warring indian and a snake what would you do to protect yourself?

  5. Anon said

    Look, Mr. Tharman, why so defensive?? If you are right, the low income should have no complaints!! High inflation, what is that? Never feel it?? No need to walk home after polyclinic visit, no problem!!

    But if you look around, the reality seems different, doesn’t it?

    If you truly believe in what you said, then you should have no problems sleeping at night, and all those observations by Singaporeans or the grumblings by the low income will be just noise and fantasy.

    So either you are right, or we are right. And no amount of defending or justifying will alter the reality on the ground.

  6. Cher said

    Channeling more support to the needy last few days. What support? Why don’t the government pass a law that pack the old folks to an island and wait out for the day. Do million dollars minister understand the hardship that we face day after day. What do you think?

  7. Unhappy said

    We want our jobs back. Not handouts.

  8. mahbok tan said

    ayo yo yo …..!!!

    You tharman make my heart ache bleed ….!!!

    Please la TCSS to the monkeys in the zoo better , after if I curse u all in the GOVT u all oso not happy rite…!!!

    Tell us what happened to all the JOBS that we Sgporean are not having it…??????

  9. The Gardener said

    Nabeh. KNN. Kong jiao hwei.
    Need to talk so much to assist the poor.
    Must they all fall ill from malnutrition before they pluck a few cents from their pocket.
    Forgot, that’s the way they show their sincere care & concern.
    F..k You Botak.

  10. Great Help coming, CCK Town Council just announced increase of conservency charge. Inflation stay high above 4%, may go up further because of Euro……..OK blame EURO….

  11. Victor said

    This group of our less fortunate Singaporeans had been suffering for the past 10 years and each advancing year getting tougher with rising cost and inflation and you’ve announced that the government just started channeling support to this group few days ago? What have the government been doing over the past 10 years or so? Sleeping on the job?

    Whatever you pen in the press do not change the ground situation. They are just nice self-flattering justification for the daft 60% who voted for you.


    I wonder why are we paying millions to you people when you cant even prevent Singaporeans from being exploited and marginalised in the work place.

  12. solaris8899 said

    another sweet talk from papa

  13. icefire said

    promise so much in GE but forever under delivery …
    come out the so call support for low income grp but i wonder how much help really rch them …
    try to lower the price of housing so FT have the most benefit !
    use our tax and cpf money n let GIC invest … good market u pple get fat bonus bad market juz keep quiet …
    hope the the helicopter crash in to the grand stand and wipe out all u selfish corrupted PAPaya during the NDP … it will definitely be more interesting than the firework !

  14. Naivety said

    Bloodied blood sucking vampire!!!

  15. It is not about building support for the lower income.

    Honestly, we would like to live our lives without hand-outs.
    What we need is a more Fairer wage structure for all and not only for the investor and the rich.
    Rather than only the rich who has buying power, why don’t make the majority have the buying power?
    Wouldn’t that be better? Wouldn’t that be good for the economy?

    Getting handouts from the top down is not the way to go. It may look good from a government stand point.
    It’s like the government is doing something but it deprive it’s citizens of it’s self-worth.
    A sense of hopelessness and at the mercy of the employers.
    It is they( the employer) who dictates life in S’pore.
    To allow such a small group to dictate life to me sounds really scary.

    Looks like you have a daunting task ahead if you truly and honestly want to solve this huge problem.

    Bottom line is…… what the majority wants is….

    1. “Living Live” should be on top of the list. At present, it’s all about work and very thing else’s centers around it.
    2. Too much “Overtime” work and no time for family.
    3. “No choice” on how one likes to live life. It’s just work-life.
    4. Wage disparity.

    If the government can look into this issues, we will be able to solve the population issue.
    Our people will be happier, contented and most of all, life will be meaningful.

    • Naivety said

      Good points raised…Victor
      I tend to agree with you but you can keep on dreaming that the govt will look into the 4 issues raised by you!

      • Hi Naivety,

        Thank you for your reply. I’m glad that you agree with me.

        Well, even though it’s a dream, it is through dreams that ideas come from.
        All we can do is “HOPE.” Hope this government can have the “WILL” to change.


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