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Complaint against PRC cashier at Jurong Point NTUC Fairprice

Posted by temasektimes on July 28, 2012

Xu Yuan Li

1. Should NOT have raised her voice needlessly at paying customers (I had purchased S$600+ of goods and services)

2. Insisted that I pay money to her directly for products I buy from NTUC Fairprice!!! Xu Yuan Li, PRC national said, ”快还钱!你还欠我 $六百!” (she does NOT own NTUC hypermart!) I am paying for the products, NOT paying to her!

3. Extremely Rude, not even basic courtesy extended to a fellow human being! Why is she even in the service industry?

4. Must not think she can get away with POOR service standards just because she is from another country, China.

5. Why should I accept the explanation that she is rude because she is from China? NOT logical! What has a person’s nationality got to do with being rude? NTUC FairPrice manager is not being fair here.

6. I had just booked out from a reservist training in a SAF camp and is already so tired yet she shouted at me!

7. Did NOT even give me a chance to check my purchases and kept pressuring me to pay up!

8. Later, after I realised she keyed in wrongly in her cashier computer, she also handed over 3 items that I did not buy and told me to pay for it!

9. Jurong Point is visited by Tourists too! What kind of impression is Xu Yuan Li trying to give to the world?

10. She did not even apologise for her poor attitude and even had the audacity to tell me to rejoin the queue at a peak hour! (8-9pm)



32 Responses to “Complaint against PRC cashier at Jurong Point NTUC Fairprice”

  1. Pete said

    PRC women aka TKB “Tiong Kuo Bo” is mend to be pros…. Not cashier!!!! All they want is easy money for easy job. What is more easier than “lay on the bed and just open her leg for a couple of minutes and get $80 to a couple of hundreds of dollars”

    • random said

      Hey dude. Watch what you imply. I know you’re pissed at some foreigner and you’re giving her crap. I’m pissed too. But I think you’re unintentionally offending women in general with that sort of insult. :\

    • Not PRC, not Pinoy, not Ang Moh and not SGporean either, just a humble PR. said

      Hey Pete,

      Are you a transvestite? (Singlish=Ah Kua?) Are you losing out your business to TKB hence such evil and derogatory remarks from you? What does a SGporean means to you? . . One who can go around humiliating and insulting other people at his own whims and fancy in his homeland . . ? People like you should be in Changi Prison so that you can spread your ideology there while your inmates spread your legs.

      @Pussy Rules . . . you too, are welcome to join @Pete in Changi. By the way, are you his intimate partner? Both of you sounds like the casts from brokeback mountain.

      You may shout here but please reserve those stupid remarks to yourself. Respect women.

  2. Chinese said

    Ai ya, what you expect. Not happy, shout back lor.

  3. 60+ Singaporean said

    Its normal. U pay peanuts, u get monkey. All these foreign trash.

  4. scary said

    Sinkies need to understand.A day in hospital hurt the cash in the FT pocket very much,They can’t afford.You have to understand that some would rather die than part with their money.Do you see all those shit in polyclinics and Clinics?Why?Too expensive so they self medicate.Leave those humble ones alone,Act against our aggressor.Sent a signal that we are not “real good eat”.Its time to use our medisave to save our nation!

  5. Bao Ching Tian said

    I’m sure that this is not the only incident. It’s just that the majority of Singaporeans who have been subjected to poor and rude service from PRC supermarket cashiers have been suffering in silence. I am appalled that the NTUC Manager condoned Xu’s poor attitude and service on account of her being from China. Does it mean that PRC service staff have the right to be rude to customers and get away with it? If the same cashier were to be a Singaporean, I am sure that she will be severely reprimanded and given a warning.

  6. Daft Peasant said

    Bernard……more of this to come… me……

  7. Annoymous said

    What’s the point when it will be covered up. Your feedback form first stop will be at the dustbin.

  8. rohani said

    Boycott NTUC which is lead by Lim Sia Way and visit other departmental Stores.

  9. Mikey said

    Give one tight slpa la.. these fucking PRCs deserve it..

    I’d slap them just for the hell of it..

    fuck off la.. smelly tiongs..

  10. Arborist said

    What’s new? That’s Mr Lee’s service standard.

  11. singaporean said

    I doubt people will treat you seriously with the way your write on the feedback form.

    Also, the complain should go to NTUC, Jurong Point is just the landlord. They don’t employ the woman.

    Calm down, write formally and professionally and you’ll get better attention with NTUC’s management. Stick to facts, give the whole picture (e.g. what did you do before she shouted at you? What did you do that she request you to rejoin the queue?) for people to make their judgement. Without the facts, people may give the benefit of doubt to her.

    Just saying, you may be tired from your reservist, but she may be tired from the peak hour crowd too. Not defending her here, just highlighting a fact.

  12. i say what i think only... said

    complain the manager too. forward to lim sia suay. most prob to no avail. why never take a video or voice recording

  13. whatnonsenseisthis said

    Please TT, do not publish these kind of jiakpalang articles. Not worthy of news.

  14. Singaporean said

    seriously and constructively, no use complaining. talk lesser act more.

  15. iknowthisislovebutifwereyouiwouldleaveher said

    You people have alot of time in your hands, even more time to put it up on TT, I feel that TT ‘s more of a whiner’s paradise

  16. lovetheislandwelivein said

    NTUC more and more PRC cashier some are good some are bad cant expect good always. support seng shiong more they got lucky draw x1000 x1000 x1000

  17. Singaporean said

    what is the point of mentioning that you spent $600+ ?? please don’t behave like those people who think that just because they spend alot of money, everyone owe them. And no one knows you just booked out and very tired.
    In many situation, it takes 2 to clap…. and sometimes, those customer who thinks a world of themselves will kena from rude cashier…..

    I buy $2 worth of items from NTUC and get very good service from cashiers most of the times…. if you respond rudeness with your own rudeness, it will definitely escalate. I have tried responding with a smile to rude cashier and they usually calm down and behave themselves.

    And are we implying that only PRC cashiers are rude ? 60+ Singaporean auntie cashier at NTUC can also have a bad day. Just act civil and don’t let others spoilt your day. Then calmly write to NTUC and complain about the level of training that their cashier receive and enjoy the rest of your evening.

  18. Lim said

    To those who think this is a whiner’s paradise think again – many things which the main stream media refuses to publish and burning issues affecting the masses they continually ignore was brought to light and action forced upon the authorities because of the social media e.g. Brompton -gate scandal. If you think this is `whiner’s paradise’ or `jiakpalang’ by all means go to PAP Youth forum or something more your taste. There are so many issues which affect us which SPH or Mediacorp won’t highlight and hence the growth and proliferation of alternative social media. Everyone needs a voice and if that is considered whining by some, so be it. You are free not to be part of it.

  19. Just because of his poor encounter with a PRC cashier, Bernard Tan assumed that all the PRC are like that. At the NTUC Fairprice 24 hrs shop at Bishan Street 24, the young PRC cashier is pleasant, obliging and helpful.

  20. Lim said

    U can’t blame the ntuc or the prc if u r among the 61% ppl who voted for a pro PRC party

    These PRCs r enjoying a better protection from our government while local born sporeans have to suffer.

  21. Ken Lee said

    ha even kofu coffee shop also full of them!

  22. SJK LEE said

    Foreigners need to waste their time doing reservice and NS, Otherwise, they ought to pay much higher tax to compensate Singaporean male National-slaves

  23. Daft Peasant said

    You see them EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Our nation are INFESTED BY THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Eabrahem Khalel Gebran said

    Why in the first place sll Singapore owned companies affiliated with Government must employ FT’s.Singapore subsidaries companies should go for its citizens provided the pay is good.

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