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EXPOSED: Malaysian Tey Tsun Hang was a ‘White Horse’ in the system

Posted by temasektimes on July 28, 2012

Contrary to some rumors circulating online that NUS Law Prof Tey Tsun Hang maybe ‘singled out’ because of his fierce criticisms of the Singapore legal system, he is actually a ‘white horse’ in the system itself!

According to a tip-off we received from a former lawyer, Prof Tey knew many important and high-ranking people in the system and was given ‘preferential’ treatment.

Though Prof Tey was first called up for investigation by CPIB in April this year, he was allowed to continue teaching at NUS Law. Only after he was charged in court on Friday was he suspended from ‘active duty’ by NUS on the same day.

Professor Tey is a Malaysian and Singapore PR and yet he was appointed as a District Judge in 2001 after which he joined NUS Law School as an adjunct professor.

Our informant also made other allegations about Prof Tey’s links with some senior figures in the establishment as well as some other information about his personal life which we are unable to verify at the present moment.

Prof Tey was charged with six counts of corruption for allegedly showing favour to his student, Darinne Ko Wen Hui in exchange for sex between May 2010 and July 2010.


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22 Responses to “EXPOSED: Malaysian Tey Tsun Hang was a ‘White Horse’ in the system”

  1. Unhappy said

    Nepotism and cronyism are very much alive in Sgp.

  2. spotlessleopard said

    hehehehe Looks like the walls protecting many people before are crumbling down on them..

  3. Annoymous said


  4. Gregory said

    A foreigner is allowed to be judge in a Singapore court and judge over Singaporeans? Are we that desperate for foreigners?????

    • Vic said

      Yes, indeed. I cannot imagine a foreigner appointed our district judge. It’s as outrageous as a foreigner appointed our minister.

    • DIY said

      Looks like this is a case of promotional career that Tay T H could not be elevated to the High Court. But in Malaysia there is V K Lingam who is a promotional broker willing to put his service bypassing the Bar Council and discreetly recommend to the Judiciary.

  5. Makanmakan said

    another FT

  6. Alamak said

    Utter rubbish. Anyone can also write this anonymous letter.
    If he is such a white horse, clearly somebody who would benefit’ from the system, then why does he need to be so critical and vocal about the Singapore system and its jurisprudence? Someone is clearly trying to slander and “paint” him into a “white horse” to turn the public opinion around? Nice try.

  7. IronMan said

    No wonder the PAPigs strongly support the influx of trash to SG. Could be obvious most of them are also trash themselves with no sense of belonging to SG. Rape our land dry, only then will return to their shit holes. The end product, we the people of Singapore that suffers.

  8. Francis said

    Once a white horse doesn’t mean always a white horse. Rem ex-Minister Yeo Cheow Tong. If the case is too big, MIW cannot cover for u. Maybe he will get away scot free, the $100K bail is just a distraction. How can a Msian be a judge? There must be some connections.

  9. CruEL said

    hmm distant relative to teh chiang wan?

  10. enough said

    the pigs all a long discriminated singaporeans as way back in the 70s
    i always remember when crossing the causeway, i noticed people with red passports , their details were scanned

    and key into the systems, every one of us

    malaysian with PR were let through the immigration without scannng

    i always envied the foreigners

    it is time we tell the pigs to kowtow us

  11. Tan Yan Ren said

    IT iiiS DISGUSTING!!!AG, I suggest you rethink your policies regarding having a Foreigner being a judge in our Legal system and even TOP Govt positions …they are a SECURITY secrecy RISK!!!!!i insist this is a risk…anyone who allows PR to be in decision making positions in the GOVT ,.MUST BE SACKED or removed because this is a breach of TRUST Singaporeans entrusted you .I DEMAND an explanation from the top leaders to explain this .i am sure Singaporeans or any citizens of any country will agree with me…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Nabeyz said

    Fcuking PAP needs to use Foreigners to control Singaporeans?! Well Done PAP!

  13. Don't throw stones if you live in glass houses said

    HOw true the saying: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
    By accepting sex gratification the professor is himself living in a glass house. So he should not write articles and books criticising the Singapore system.
    No one would take the trouble to blow whistle on him if only he had been less confrontational against the system.

  14. Francis said

    “Professor Tey is a Malaysian and Singapore PR and yet he was appointed as a District Judge in 2001”

    Very typical of the PAP government! They are treating foreigners better is because they are afraid of its own people opposing them one day! PAP really has sick and twisted mind!

  15. Naivety said

    Serves him right for turning against his masters, those MIWs despite favourable treatment rendered to a Malaysian FT like him!

  16. AngryNativeSingaporean said

    Hurray! Another foreign trash.

  17. enough is enough said

    i think ” enough” said something wrong here. Singaporeans need to get their passport scanned is to let the govt know that the person is in Malaysia, and if the person is missing or wadever, at least they know the person last went to m’sia. My friends who went to m’sia are all eager to get their passport scanned, just in case something happen to them or for other reasons. Its only a simple process and ” enough ” have to be get upset by this. There are others things to get upset with Malaysia, but not this. Pls dont misled the others!

  18. S'porean with Aust PR said

    Wonder if an Aust PR can be a district judge in Aust?
    If can, I would like to apply.

  19. PQ said

    actually while there were 6 charges of corruption, only 2 involved the offering of sexual gratification whereas the rest were payments for meals, presents etc.

    you really need to get your facts right and avoid sensationalising the news please guys.

  20. lawyer said

    I have been puzzled for some time how a Malaysian (or any non-Singaporean) could have been a District Judge. He is required to swear the following Oath, which as a non-Singaporean, he could not have truthfully sworn:
    I, ……………………………………………………………………………………, having been appointed to the office of District Judge do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully discharge my judicial duties and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of the Republic of Singapore without fear or favour, affection or ill-will to the best of my ability, and I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Republic of Singapore.

    Taken and subscribed before me at ……………………………………………… this ………….. day of ……………………… .

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