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EXPOSED: Was Darinne Ko Wen Hui sabotaged by her ‘good’ friend?

Posted by temasektimes on July 28, 2012

The sex scandal involving a NUS Law Professor Tey Tsun Hang and his former law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui set many thinking on how the case got exposed after two long years.

Tey allegedly had sex twice with Darinne Ko in July 2010 and he was only arrested this Thursday.

According to a tip-off we received from an informant claiming to be ‘close’ to Darinne, she took her final year elective under Prof Tey and was part of the student team who helped prepare his book for publication.

Prof Tey was known to be a friendly, nice and approachable tutor and was often seen having meals together with his students, including Darinne at NUS, but nobody suspected there is any ‘hanky-panky’ going on between the duo.

Darinne apparently confided in a ‘good’ friend about the underground relationship she was having with Prof Tey as she felt uneasy about it.

Somehow the news got ‘leaked’ and CPIB came knocking on her doors before she graduated this year which led to her postponing her plans to take the Part ‘B’ of her Bar examinations.

It is believed that the same ‘friend’ has been sending anonymous emails to the media to further tarnish her reputation such as telling Yahoo News about her ‘flirtatious nature’ and the Chinese tabloids her ‘B’ grade after sleeping with Prof Tey.

Meanwhile, Darinne Ko has strenuously denied any corrupt intention or wrong-doing via her lawyer Subhas Anandan, saying that she would reveal the truth in due course.


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32 Responses to “EXPOSED: Was Darinne Ko Wen Hui sabotaged by her ‘good’ friend?”

  1. P Koh said

    In life you will never know who are your friends and who are your enemies. So it is better not to say anything at all for they can and are also often twisted by the one who spreads the rumours to make it news-worthy. Nothing is ever a secret if someone else is aware of it.

  2. Ren said

    Everybody seems to wana noe wat happen behind closed doors…Da truth…Da truth is always out dair…

  3. Annoymous said

    ONLY A “B” AFTER SOME MUCH HARD WORK? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Tan Yan Ren said

    This is what you get in a system of intense pressure to get the Best degree which to me is a toilet paper you get to open the door for a lousy interview…and this is also what the GOVT call Talent….Scholars and end up in HIGH positions in the Civil service…where no considerations of other Qualities are sought…..SELL your body , wife and all to stay ahead….is this what this society wants…..

  5. Amanda Hug said

    seems so typical of these scholars. Stab each other in the back to get ahead. I think ST wrote an article about how they would sabo their friends for scholarships. I wonder how much they are saboing Singapore for $?

  6. LXY said

    She might have done something wrong but I think the morals of her ‘friend’ is none the better. To do such a thing to someone who trusted you enough to confide something as serious as this…it is really a very horrible thing to do. The identity of this ‘friend’ ought to be revealed too.

  7. tan big tan said

    Anyone consider whether her so-called friend is making this all up?

  8. 陳一峯 said

    frankly, in this world , one cannot even trust ones father. let alone friends.

  9. Naivety said

    Poor girl & despite her utmost efforts to sleep with her NUS Law Professor, Tey TH, she only manage to obtain just a 2nd Class Upper Honours Degree in the end.

    Unlike those foreign students especially those from the PRCs that I have come across, they actually manage to obtain 1st Class Honours after having done that with their respective professors and I do not know why so big deal about this news as such practices are rather rampant in the universities here except they went on unreported…

    Normally, University Students are pressurized to do well & to score/achieve high distinctions in a rat race society in Singapore in their relentless pursuit of excellence & paper chase as encouraged & led by the PAP govt policies!!!

  10. Whistle Blowers do contribute social justice,but many who betrayed friends and Trusts,that are also very immoral,and in fact down right evil for some.Like the case of an ACS Principal who was accused of molest,which weren’t true after series of investigations,he was kind to let off false accusers- free.Being falsely accused by anyone,one must indentify the accusers,fight the false accuser to the every end,and expose him/her also.False accusers and betrayal of friends must also be identified and bore the scrutiny.

    Those who were being falsely accused of any wrong doings,have a right to sue them for defamation,or face the accusers and also exposed them.Those who make false reports should be slap harder,even jail term.

  11. AGreed with Frankie: “Whistle Blowers do contribute social justice, but many who betrayed friends and Trusts,that are also very immoral,and in fact down right evil for some.”

    Some things are better off carried to your own grave, and trust only the dead can keep secrets.

  12. finches said

    only get B after being screwed…, can tell she can’t made it at all …
    That guy used to be a judge? can guess how many sex favour he did received just to have the case won…

  13. Terry said

    If the facts were true, i see nothing wrong w the friend telling the truth. Evil triumphs whengood mrn do nothing.

    • MK said

      Gotta agree with Terry.

      Unless her friends are making all these up, she/he did nothing wrong to let the secrets out.

      Are you going to keep quiet and be ok with it if one of your friends told you he/she murdered someone? It’s the same thing.

      If someone committed a crime, it’s a crime no matter who the person is.

  14. Neutral said

    If she really got a ‘B’ after doing the deed, and the deal was to score an ‘A’, that means the prof did not keep his side of the deal. If he gave an ‘A’, maybe it would not have come to this.

    • kaypoh said

      Maybe B was for her performance in Bed? lolz after all the prof always give marks fairly ^^

      Or maybe it’s gifts for sex, no grades involved?

  15. Tan Big Tan said

    Two people may have had consensual sex two years ago. Suddenly its big news. Maybe that explains why the population is on the decline.

    • kaypoh said

      Like some Msian commented, maybe getting a free fark here is like Olympics Gold, worthy of mention on front page, lol

      Altho it appears she only won the equivalent of Silver…

  16. B Grade said

    Hence the most important piece of evidence is missing ?
    Sex – for – Grade… if nobody can prove he give “extra” grade then where is the bribe.. ?
    ie assuming gal is not turning into key witness…benefit of doublt given to defendant.
    Its just a sex with student case.

  17. Ever thought said

    Hypocrites don’t tell me you don’t engage in sex with other partners that is not your wife at one time or another ? Freedom of concensual sex is none of your business. Don’t be holier than thou !

  18. KNS said

    The “friend” never exist. She was the one reported to CPIB after Prof Tey never gave her an ‘A’ for her hard work. That’s why only Prof Tey was charged while she will be testifying as a prosecution witness.

    So for those who want to accept bribes, be it money or abalone, please at least deliver what is promised.

  19. Nothing wrong said

    I don’t understand why people make a mountain out of a molehill regarding consenting sex partners. International high profile leaders and even religious leaders and many very prominent people (male & female) are no angels or saints. IF YOU ARE WILLING AND I AM WILLING , what’s wrong even with or without material gain ? I don’t believe you “holier than thou” are that innocent and sinless !

  20. W Yang said

    Unfortunately this a trait of some people… they seems like friends but they are actually your enemies..not just to hurt you to make you feel bad but to hurt you all the way to screw you life up.. I think Darrine should reveal who she told her little dirty secret to,, I’d like to see her tarred and feathered,

  21. Buntoro Hardianto said

    And the identity of the “informant” who has been going on and ‘expose” spree? What’s the motivation here?

  22. Dream said

    she may have done something wrong here. But the “friend” here is evil. Dun tell me she did this to uphold justice.(after 2 years?)
    If that “friend” is without motive, i find it hard to believe. If ppl trust u enough with a secret, u don’t spill the beans. So the “friend” feels happy now and can sleep with ease now? Hmm……..

    • Naivety said

      @Dream, Could it be Darinne herself spills the beans or maybe a delusion on her part as afterall she had sacrificed so much to her Law Professor by serenading him with expensive gifts as well as sex but in the end she only gets a 2nd Class Upper Honours instead of a 1st Class Hons Law Degree from Tey Hsun Hang, right??

      Infact, sex for grades are very commonplace nowadays, I have encountered some foreign students who are offering sex to their professors just to score & achieve a 1st Class Honours Degree (just that they are not caught officially)!!!

  23. whoknows said

    in fact if she only got a B then there is a stronger case that this wasn\’t corruption but simply an affair (which is perfectly legal). I strongly suspect this is a frameup of the professor (who has been critical of the govt) with the girl being collateral damage… who knows what the informant\’s reward was?

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