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Malaysian forum exposes more photos of Darinne Ko Wen Hui who had sex with her Law prof

Posted by temasektimes on July 28, 2012

The sensational sex-for-grade case involving a NUS Law prof and his former student Darinne Ko Wen Hui is not only the talking point in Singapore, but in neighboring Malaysia as well.

Malaysia’s largest online community ‘’ exposes more photos of Darinne Ko:

Some comments from Malaysian forumers:

“Why Singaporean so addicted to sex, even though their sexual stamina and equipments are so kecian. Over compensating is it?” – chigurltroll

“WOW… Alumni of Raffles Junior College. No use, bawah bocor, news also bocor because of mulut… mulut bisa badan binasa” – eguene90

“She know what tactic to use to get the desired results…..she will go far in her profession.” – itanium


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32 Responses to “Malaysian forum exposes more photos of Darinne Ko Wen Hui who had sex with her Law prof”

  1. tan big tan said

    For crying out loud- what happened to the legal concept of innocent until proven guilty?? Dudes not cool.

  2. Nabey said

    Hello malaysian, we sporean at least know what is 1 and O. Better than u all, pervert always got caught sodomise again and again. Worst still, the victim own semens was found in his own asshole. I dunno how he do that, it must damn painful lah farking urself.

    • eugene nirvan anthony ("nirvan44" on "The Economist") of Applecross WA 6153 and is NOT a Singaporean is however a munafik/munafiq/منافق said

      @Nabey: That mentioned, you may like to do a search for these terms:

      1) ” good bad baggage root cause milked kindness best both world earn leeches host sinking “.

      2) ” ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி காசிவிஸ்வநாதன் சண்முகம் கே “.

  3. Derrick Rose said

    Do you really have to post uncensored images of her innocent friends?

    Temasek Times… i think you guys indulging in too much of gutter journalism already…

  4. precious said

    typical singaporean chick… UGLY.

    definitely not worth losing your job over.

  5. Annoymous said


  6. SG Talent said

    Bloody malaysians use made-in-malaysia banana vibrators during sex?!!!

  7. SG said

    Tey & Ko – Both from Malaysia 😀

  8. ngpy said

    This is a private matter between both parties why should they meddle in private affairs. Do you want others to meddle in your affairs.

  9. Naivety said

    Such practice is actually quite rampant in universities especially among the foreign students here such as those from the PRC who have done that with their professors to obtain high grades/high distinction scores inorder to achieve/attain 1st Class Honours except that these cases went on unreported…

    It is just unfortunate that the Singapore girl case got highlighted and actually it is no big deal that you need to sensationalize over it as I am sure that such thing also happens in Malaysian universities too!

  10. Free Trolley said

    Look at the fourth picture. Pants dropping off soon.

  11. Lim said

    ST – “Young Singaporeans should aspire to be like travel adaptors that can be plugged into any electrical sockets abroad.
    This advice to be adaptable in a global setting came from Minister of State Josephine Teo at the China-Quotient Student Forum on Saturday when she spoke to about 700 students from Raffles Institution (RI) and other junior colleges and universities”. To get what you want must plug into any electrical socket?

    • Does she have Zhenzi eyes? said

      ^^ lol. Clever satire.

    • Nabey said

      Oh I see! That’s why RI teacher let the boy student try their plug? Shit man, should study harder last time so to get into RI.

    • kaypoh said

      My question is : after anyhow plugging, do u feel shiok or shock? 😉

    • I have used the plug and socket term to describe sex for quite a while.
      As a matter of fact, computers ‘have sex’ almost every day.
      The mouse and keyboard are plugged in 24/7.
      The keyboard’s ‘dick’ is still inside the USB ‘vagina’ even when both are asleep.

  12. Ken Lee said

    chaa i though nude picture!!

  13. Ladies, before you decide to give sex for contracts, grades or car wash etc, pls make an informed decision and watch this first – That Dazzling Show: Making true love easier (Sex for Contracts)

  14. tanji said

    “Why Singaporean so addicted to sex, even though their sexual stamina and equipments are so kecian. Over compensating is it?” – chigurltroll
    thats a funny comment! lol

  15. Concern said

    She is so fugly. No looks, no figure… and lousy complexion

  16. Realist said

    Her friend in yellow blouse (1st pic) is more cute.
    Wonder if she’s for sale too ?

  17. Leh Long said

    I dun know what to say, this kind of “leh long” stuff the Prof also want, who is more cheap?

  18. Martin said

    This chick a bit cock eyes, her friend looks better. But again not sure involved in 3P or not.

  19. Yayrhah said

    who’s the other chio gal beside?
    her sister?

  20. sNm1JbZVw said

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