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PRC new citizen leader attacks Singaporeans for being ‘intolerant’ and ‘lazy’

Posted by temasektimes on July 28, 2012

With social tensions between PRC immigrants and native Singaporeans rising to an all-time high, one PRC new citizen leader has lashed out at Singaporeans for being ‘intolerant’!

In an interview with the New York TimesWang Quancheng, the chairman of the Hua Yuan Association, the largest organization representing mainlanders blamed Singaporeans for their ‘intolerance’ and said many were simply ‘jealous’ that so many Chinese immigrate here with money in their pockets.

“Of course, the new arrivals are rich or else the government would have to feed them. Some locals are very lazy and live off the government. When new immigrants come, they think it is competition, taking away their rice bowls,” he said in a callous manner.

Recent events such as a fatal road traffic accident caused by a PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi and an insensitive remark made by a NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu have incurred the ire of Singaporeans, fueling tensions between them and the PRC immigrants.

Though the major ethnic group in Singapore is Chinese, Singaporean Chinese are radically different from their mainland counterparts in every aspect – culture, language and mindset, a fact which was finally ‘realized’ by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong lately.

In an interview with National Geographic magazine in 2009, Lee’s father – Singapore’s paramount leader Lee Kuan Yew proclaimed that it is a ‘good thing’ that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants from China as they are ‘harder-driving’ and ‘harder-striving’ than locals.

*Above pic: PRC ‘FT’ scolding Singaporean aunties for occupying priority seats on a SBS Transit bus


46 Responses to “PRC new citizen leader attacks Singaporeans for being ‘intolerant’ and ‘lazy’”

  1. Singapuraboi said

    So much for gratitude PAP, but then what do u expect from the PRCs? During their Cultural Revolution they can even betray their parents for recognition so do u think of they can bite the hand raise them, they’d be grateful to you for taking them out of their mediocre existence in China. There is a saying raise a dog and he’d be loyal to u but raise a wolf and he’d eat u alive. So PAP learn to tell wolves from dogs. Oh, by the way dingos r wild and r not really the household pet types.

  2. Mark Roche said

    I don’t know what’s the big deal .
    If you don’t like our country don’t come here.
    If you have so much bad things to say about the Real Loyal Singaporeans, ( wheather they were originally born in the Federation or elsewhere)
    Who truly respect our Flag and it’s people.
    Then why so desperate to come here?

    If you own lives and homeland is so much better then perhaps you shouldn’t be a traitor to your own country and adopt ours.

    • moby111 said

      Why don’t you just go back to your own country and try to gain some respect from your own countrymen. You sold your country, came to mine and badmouth us.. just F**K OFF!!

  3. Mikey said

    Live off the government?

    WTF? You think here is USA or Australia ah?

    • Mikey said

      The government is freaking living off us!!!

      They don’t eat more is we lucky liao.. wtf these fucking tiongs..

    • Speak said

      This is SO very funny – Singaporeans living off the government? Hahahaha! Somebody from the largest organisation representing mainlanders never does his homework and dares to sprout rubbish to New York Times! Think about it: if he really represents the mainlanders, what does it say about the ordinary mainlanders themselves? 😉

  4. Noelle said

    when do we get to “live off” and get “fed” by the government? he hasn’t got his “facts” right at the beginning

    • Invictus said

      Must have confused Singapore with some of our neighbors. PAP feeding the people – hell will freeze over before that ever happens !

  5. ho yue weng said

    all these chinese nationals bring dirty money into singapore and they are welcome like king by our government. the police should check how many of them are genuine rich and upright business people. because singaporean dont treat and respect them like king they get upset because they wak their wealth and power to their own people. our leaders should go to some of the smaller places in china and see how the people suffer under the hand of the rich, powerful and well connected then they will realise that what they import are just a load of dishonest crocks with plenty of dirty linens.

  6. Bao Ching Tian said

    If PRC nationals think that Singaporeans are intolerant, then don’t come to Singapore. No one is forcing you to come to Singapore at all. If you don’t like our so-called `intolerance’, then don’t come here – go back to China!!!

  7. mahbok tan said

    Ha ha ha … fireworks just started…yo yo yo…!!!!!

    welcome those FTrash with open arm and open leg…there u go Lee hsien loong….how big your leg can open har….??? Allo Teo ch wat du u tink hor….your long arm not long enuf is it to hug all those PRC( parasites and locust ) ….Now if it is singaporean to make that statement overseas , guess he can kiss good bye Sgpore…!!!! Alas its your lovely and cunning PRCsssss…..go go tell him speak more not only to New york times maybe Guardian or any UK tabloid and some euro tabloid….!!!

    Hope the fireworks will reach our shore and see what do yo tink minister will do…..!!!!

    • TCH Fatass Gonna Get A Light up said

      What do you think ??

      I think the fireworks gonna shoot right up and burst in TCH’s fat ass. Lol !!

  8. mahbok tan said

    Oh so the main reason why the PRC parasites and locust come to SGpore because they have lots of money…tons of money…and our PAP govt quickly open legs wide wide and smile big big….!!! at the expense of its CITIZEN…!!! Oh my …am I happy to hear it from the horse mouth …???? Allo Lee KY and Lee HL …..what the heck is this ,,,??? Money still not enuf for you and famiLEE is it….must get from China whore….!!!

    Poor Sgporean , money not enuf to sustain the famiLEE lust for money….!!!

    And the 60.1% of STUPID for NOTHING FOLLOW BLINDLY CITIZEN of SGPORE themselves are feeling the pinch and you all deserve it….just to save 1 lost soul the famiLEE….!!!!

  9. john lng said

    Afther twenty more years of contacts with the mainland nationals, I find that those blacksheep are the opportunists who take advantaged of a condusive society

  10. JjJ said

    This Wang Quancheng seems to be anti-Singaporeans. Someone should keep an eye on him.

    I see no reason why he made the statement that some of the local are living off the government. He should back up his claim with evidences since we all know that the government don’t easily give help with no good reason. Or, is he saying that the needy should not be help at all? Either way, he is not speaking with rationality.

    Mr Wang said Singaporeans are jealous of some PRC because they are rich. Oh please! Don’t be naive by giving such childish & simplistic statement. Singapore has no lack of rich & successful people all these years.

    • mahbok tan said

      Give me M16 with a single bullet and i am sure to make it my day…!!!

      bloody shit parasites causing SGporean heart pain only….!!!

  11. enough said

    if that bastard dont like it here, fuck off, the sooner the better

    go back and live in mudhut in the caves,

    this country is too modern for him

  12. going said

    Tortoise head Wang,I want a PRC Peidu mama wearing her daughter’s secondary uniform for massage with special,tell me what’s the going rate?Do you know in a bus quarrel,when a local elderly uses “you all this type” to a young PRC,it hits her nerve and she reacted like a crazy woman.Her reaction sadly is like most PRC “sold” to singapore, with no cash but a hole waiting for singaporeans to feed.

  13. k said

    locals live off the government?really?since when? rather it is the government that lives off us….

  14. moby111 said

    Why don’t you go back to your country of origin and try very hard to gain a little respect from you x countrymen..they’ll probably tell you to F**K OFF. Same goes from us here.. Traitor! ‘Quitter’!

  15. Uniquely Singapore said

    Mainlanders are a bunch savages and brutes.

    • CCB said

      ( In an interview with the New York Times, Wang Quancheng, the chairman of the Hua Yuan Association, the largest organization representing mainlanders blamed Singaporeans for their <<>> ) I only can see they want to decare war with us liao , like alots said here , Singapores intolerance ? ? don”t like it here , F!@k off la !!!

  16. Uniquely Singapore said

    Mainlanders are a bunch of savages and brutes.

  17. bob said

    Serve NS and blardy die there!

  18. SicknPoorian said

    These viruses infested so many countries, I think he got mixed up, since when we live off our government ?!?!? I don’t think he can tell the different.

  19. IronMan said

    If Singaporeans are ‘lazy’, then pls tell me which country developed first. Singapore or China?

    Hello Stupid PAPigs govt, wake up! U expect to trust a communist? This is what u get.

    • mahbok tan said

      U did mention PAPigs rite…their lust for money are at all time HIGH….!!! But the 60.1% SGporean are blind followers just like their counterpart from CHC….!!!!
      What more im[portant is the famiLEE is happy not the Citizen of SGpore….!!! KNNBCCB to them….Blind citizen of the famiLEE….!!!

  20. Invictus said

    Hahah.. Singaporeans jealous of PRC who comes here with money in their pocket. This guy must be hearing all the coins jingling in the PRC’s pockets – coins to take an SBS bus since this seems to be a favorite spot for PRC to fight with Singaporeans.

  21. SINYoobi said

    Singapore Chinese is certainly DIFFERENT from Mainland Chinese. Did our government just realize differences after mass importing those aliens from China? We have been surrounded by these uncivilised pests for too long.

    • Sgman said

      Gutless singaporeans- let us protesr outside Wang Quancheng, the Hua Yuan Association building to demand a public apology.

  22. Daniel said

    China man are more lazy actually,.. in certain place in China they still impose 1 – 2 hours of lunch time sleeping… and their country are welfare nation when they went jobless, the country actually provide for them, that make them super lazy and irresponsible and then because of this they start to talk rocks everywhere they go…

  23. PRCs are OK ... for now said

    Actually, when I look around me, yes, I do see many PRCs living here. But most are doing work that we Singaporeans will not take up. I do not have issues with the Chinese.
    BUT, the trouble makers are the Indians and the Pinoys. Now these are taking over work that we are capable of doing, probably even better! They talk a lot but deliver little. And yes, they do gang up and if your corganisation has Indians and/or Pinoys near the top, well.. good luck to you. Be prepared to be replaced!

  24. LOL said

    Intolerence? A young PigRC lady scolding an old SG lady who’s sitting in a reserved seat. Who is intolerence?
    Singaporean are e most hardworking workers who worked longest hrs with e least salary n u wanna say sgrean lazy?
    E only country with coe n erp gantry everywhere plus a lot of other charges that goes to e govt coffer n u say sgrean living off e govt?
    PRCs with money came here bcoz they are VERY afraid that they will either be robbed coz of super high crime rate in their country OR they will be legally robbed by their civil servants of any level.
    N do u even think that if e new arrival without money can even come here? N e govt WILL hv to feed them? Get a mirror lah…
    And e govt must wait this long to realize that sgreans no matter what their races are, ARE definitely different coz that why we r uniquely Singaporean n new citizen juz wont understand it.

    • ho yue weng said

      make all these suppose to be rich to declare how they make their clean money or are they fugitives with a fake indentity. In China u can buy an huko, identity card, driver licence and passport with a couple of thousand rmb

  25. PRC retarded or what said

    Singaporeans living off government????
    Haha… this is the most IGNORANT statement I ever heard from fool’s mouth all year.

    The only entity living off The People’s sweat and toil is the famiLEE and their grossly overpaid multi million dollar ministers.

    Never trust a PRC fool.

  26. observer said

    The ONLY REASON why new citizens in Singapore behaves this way is this: they know by instinct and gut feeling that the Singapore government is anti local citizens. That is only why they have such impunity!

    In any other country…. the new citizen will be grateful, hardworking and contributing. Happy to have a new chance in a new land.
    Otherwise…. leave!

    Singapore is the ONLY country that the guests talk louder than the host of the house.

    Because the elected head of the household is busy s#cking dicks and collecting money. And everyone knows this and has disrespect for his children.

    Mentality: if I can screw your father…. who the fk are you????

    Very unhealthy. Becoming no man’s land.

    We must get rid of them both dirty colluders.

  27. Lun said

    We should get rid of those scavengers who come here to work, scrimp and save and expect us Singaporeans to feed the,.

  28. Lun said

    Outrageous Chinese ppl have no place in this country. They are here to accept and lower wages simply their pathetic country cannot even feed them. The money they earn they bring back overseas. What a bunch.

  29. VH2006 said

    So far there is no sign of response from Hua Yuan Association…Seems like he’s representing the silent majority huh? In this case, Hua Yuan Association should show us the evidence that “some locals are very lazy”. This is a very insulting allegation that no association should make without proof.

  30. VH2006 said

    Is it me or does this Wang sounds like a 暴发户 (upstart)? His statement (locals being jealous because the new citizens are rich) sounded, for lack of better word, childish. Please, there are rich and successful Singaporeans. Anyway, I have not come across any cultured individual saying something like this (except in kindergarten). It’s embarrassing really.

  31. Ho yue weng said

    Mr wang if u are so honorable why do u want to come to Singapore u hv power n wealth u will be treated like god in china, maybe u have are not mr wang in china but a mr something running away from the Chinese authority

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