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Tey Tsun Hang as district judge in 2002: Onus on the male adult to exercise restraint, discipline and self-control

Posted by temasektimes on July 28, 2012

Disgraced NUS Law Professor Tey Tsun Hang who was charged with 6 counts of corruption for obtaining sexual gratification from his student Darinne Ko Wen Hui in 2010 once presided over a sex offence case involving a minor in 2002.

Then full-time NSman Yeo Boon Shiong was sentenced to six years and nine months in jail and ordered to be given six strokes of the cane by Tey for having sex with a 14 year old girl.

In his sentencing, Tey said sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 14 is considered rape, even if she consents.

“The law is clear on this and ‘places the onus on the male adult to exercise restraint, discipline and self-control,” he added. (read more here)

It is an irony that Tey failed to practice what he preaches and got into a sexual relationship with his student. As a tutor and mentor, it is a shame that he did not exercise restraint, discipline and self-control and fell into a honey-trap which brings disrepute not only to his profession, but shame to his family as well.


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14 Responses to “Tey Tsun Hang as district judge in 2002: Onus on the male adult to exercise restraint, discipline and self-control”

  1. Jack said

    What is happening to our law society?

  2. sunhub said

    I believe more cases against him will surface up. He might have screwed many undergraduates to gain better marks during his term in nus.

    His luck just run out with 1…

  3. fpc said

    is tr aware that this guy could be set up because he criticised the judicial system?

    won’t tr be helping pap this way?

    also, he has not been found guilty.

    Mod’s note:

    He is a ‘white horse’ – we will spill more beans on him in an exclusive tonight.

  4. Free Trolley said

    The NUS student is not a minor.

  5. enough said

    the sad part is we singaporean life is under the control of this damm foreigner, screwed our woman, canned our ciitzen

    this seems ridiculous, no where in any country in the world where judges are pick from any trash,

  6. Cassandra Wong said

    Ko is just as guilty if not more. There are all types in this world. Such hypocrisy is commonplace! I believe tehre are many such things going on. It’s just that some are not found out that’s all. In a society which places so much emphasis on academic success and materialism, I will be surprised if people still have integrity. It is getting worse.I wonder how she is gg to face the world.

  7. mr green said

    this type of people also can be judge, legal system really screw up

  8. JjJ said

    The news said the charges are not related to his book about our law system here. There may be more than meet the eyes. As laypersons, we may not know what’s happening inside there.

  9. bb said

    TT or someone give a background of this Prof. Is he a FT

  10. Naivety said

    Pot calling the kettle black…serves him right then!

  11. spotlessleopard said

    lol now the judge will be judged..let justice take its course.

  12. Maybe Sing better than Talk said

    Is he trying to challenge the Singapore legal system as he is now sitting at the other side of the table in which he has never experienced it before? Many a time he is the one exercising the legal system for others, as DJ, at the AGC chamber and now he is trying it to defend himself.

    We can wait and see what is inside his gourd – 不晓得葫芦里卖啥药
    毒药?? 救人的药?? 春药???

  13. Mike Zeng said

    Bloody hypocrite……immature, low EQ, snug and smug. He must have abused his good looks and academic prowess to seduce his chiobu students. Hope more of the latter will come out from the woodworks to expose this Svengali or is it Lothario?
    DJudges and Assoc Profs are superscalers paid abt $30k pm -+ bonuses. How dare he accept expensive gifts and cash as alleged from a student? That makes him a gigolo….or are her parents super rich?

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