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Complaint about rude NEA officers

Posted by temasektimes on July 29, 2012

Dear Sir,

Today at about 10:45am. I spotted your officer was checking a store at Blk 154A. I walked closer to see what happened, to my shocked, your officers were behaving badly in public. They were pointing fingers at the store owner and having some commotion.

I took out my handphone and took some pictures of it. While I was walking away, suddenly someone shouted “stop, don’t run!” Then someone from my left pulled and dragged my left hand and ask me to stop. The force was so strong that my left hand hurts!

Am I a criminal, being threatened? He was arrogant guy pulling out his I’D telling me he is from NEA. Something that you will see on TV. What’s the matter, I asked. He said with some threatening words. Thus making me more furious and I felt like calling the police. He then retreat but the other guys including a female, came and he feel stronger and make even more noise. I think I should stop instead of starting another quarrel. He then insisted to take a picture of me and I gladly agree, as I do no wrong.

What made me unhappy about the whole issues are, they were rude and arrogant thinking that working in NEA can behave in this manner, can bullies a simple shop keeper earning a decent living.

I felt that recently problems in government sectors are generating more unhappiness among citizens, netizens who will show no reasons to be spared. Take above incident as an example.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Lee Weng Wah


29 Responses to “Complaint about rude NEA officers”

  1. shiroiluke said

    Seems like the Gov sector is getting more and more problems with the conducts of their staffs, no matter is upper management level or front line workers.

  2. Aminurasyid said

    So bad was your english. I couldn’t understand better on your explanations on the incident happened.

    • kenny said

      Haha, if you dont understand what that guy was saying, double confirm you are foreigner. I rest my case.

    • Kristoffer said

      You are no better if not worst that is why you could not understand his or her explaination.

    • Pulstay said

      Your English is equally bad, if not worst. It sounds like a direct translation from some online translator. Judge yourself before you judge others. Otherwise, you’ll just be making a big fool of yourself.

    • Anthony Tang said

      Your English looks like being translated from a electronic translator, and I can bet my last $ that you are a FT. Learn to read/write better yourself before condemning on others. You are an AH

    • John said

      This is hysterical, all of the people who attempted to correct you had grammar mistakes in their reply.

      “no better if not worst”
      “equally bad, if not worst”

      !Worst! LOL.

  3. ngpy said

    You think you the one man handle by them. You can always bring it up to the higher Authorities. It should be be justify why they manhandle you. Don’t mind if I call you or you may call me at 93473946.

  4. crappy said

    must be a prc complain. Btw ppl commotion why u so kpo take picture? If u and another ppl quarrel u wan ppl to take ur picture meh? Stupid

    • Crappy ..Yes unlike some PRC and doesn’t mean they were always around your mind to write words against them…as citizen should think the rightness way and positive behavior.

    • AL said

      All, i agree NEA is behaving rudely outside and i witness with my own eyes..indeed they are doing their jobs,,but do they need to shout at the elderly owners or stores keeper? or even Hawkers auntie is being confronted by them despite her old age.
      Please NEA fellow Singaporean is being hard as a Singaporean and lets works in harmony….( btw i was issue summons by PRC appointed by a company for illegal parking yst ….i am really thinking hard,,,,,where is all those singapore auntie (with big hat) used to be issuing summons? All those aunties are replaced by those young PRC and we in the end as SINGAPOREAN were being “sucked” blood….

      • Anthony Tang said

        The PRC bastards come on bicycles and issued me a $70 summons for parking a motor cycle behind a double yellow line. Singapore is going to the dogs. I am old and will not see the future of Singapore but the younger generation will suffer from the grave mistake of the PAPayas

  5. kampong said


  6. Zulwanbee said

    That is because probably you are not a singaporean…The NEA probably got angry when the public got unhappy with their purchase of the bikes that they didn’t have the chance to use. Wahaha.

  7. joker said

    NEA ID#? more details la

  8. Pictures please said

    Why dont you post the picture you took here?

  9. Chloe said

    You sound like a PRC. No Singaporean would type like that, it does resemble our lingua franca. Seriously you should just get a life.

  10. Nabey said

    Today is sunday. Ask u to work on sunday u also sian lah!

  11. siangneng said

    Weng Wah, I am not convinced of your side of your story. You need to be impartial when relating a case like this to avoid being biased. You did not say anything about how the shop keeper behaved. He might be the provoker himself.

  12. Annoymous said


  13. What do you expect? They were raised by communist ideology, which preaches hard work and labor.

  14. Webbie said

    NEA checks on environment/public health issues. So do you prefer that they close an eye on whatever these shops are doing illegally? If so, please write in to them, i’m sure the NEA guys would prefer shaking legs in their office than walking the streets.

  15. Ho yue weng said

    Look like another foreign trash employ by nea

  16. i say what i think only... said

    where’s the name, ID, photo etc? u make this complaint to whoever also no use, mystery people mah cannot trace them. no matter what, they should not grab the hands or any body contact. i wll blow it up with them, take their details etc and give them a good complaint they will never forget.

  17. can you put up the photo? said

    Can you put up the photo?

  18. Ex NEA Officer said


  19. HolyMackrel said

    And you guys believe his end of the story? No wonder people say Sinkies are sheeps!

    If he is really hurt, why didnt he call the police then? And are you guys sure that was the entire sequence of events that had transpired? Sounds fishy to me. Like totally one-sided.

    Among all the frontliners, I think NEA staffs are the toughest. They had to deal with people like Lee Weng Wah and at the same time do their jobs. Had it ever occur to you guys that sometimes its the member of the public that is trying to create troubles?

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