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Law Society President: Temptation to go wrong is ‘very big’ these days

Posted by temasektimes on July 29, 2012

Lawyers must stay vigilant nowadays and guard against any temptation to do the wrong things which bring disrepute to their profession, said Law Society President Wong Meng Meng (pic left)

Speaking at an event held at NUS to admit 362 students to the Bar, Mr Wong reminds the young lawyers of the importance of morality in their practice in reference to the recent sex scandal involving NUS Law professor Tey Tsun Hang and his student Darinne Ko Wen Hui:

“Cleverness will only get you into trouble if your moral compass is not there. And always remember when you get into trouble, it is not only you who suffer, but also your loved ones, especially your parents,” the Senior Counsel said.

Mr Wong pointed out that the world has changed and greed has become the byword for many things.

In an interview with the state media later, he said:

“It is important that the students seize the opportunity but seize them in a way that will not get them into trouble. The temptation to go wrong is very big thee days so they should watch out of that.”

Mr Wong did not comment on the ongoing controversy the Law Society is currently embroiled in after lawyer M Ravi served letters of complaint on him and another member Wong Siew Hong claiming that they had behaved in a manner which does “not befit the conduct” of professionals.


16 Responses to “Law Society President: Temptation to go wrong is ‘very big’ these days”

  1. Andrew Chen said

    Yet Mr. Wong foolishly allows himself to be used like a puppet.

    Mr. Wong FAIL.

  2. spotlessleopard said

    hmm…..What an ironic advice

  3. Mike Zeng said

    Tell that to yourself first!

  4. javin said

    senior counsel???

  5. enough said

    most stupid advice i ever heard

    no wonder this is the direction of law society

    down down and in hell

  6. Tan Yan Ren said

    you are a Lawyer…a president in your association…tell us whether the lawyer who barge into court to make a fool of himself did it with your knowledge.?…..luckily we have a honourable judge and a first class at that, to rule the way he did…even an untrained lawyer like me , a layman , knows it is idiotic to do that!!!!,

  7. mahbok tan said

    It seems all the layman can see better than the elites in the GOVT. All the elites need to do is playing actor and actresses in the chinese opera……!!!! The rest of the peasant will look dumbfounded by their pathetic act.
    KNNBCCB …. talk does not equal to action.PERIOD

  8. Ren said

    Greed is you too!

  9. Kelly said

    Didn’t LHL’s younger brother (although not a lawyer) also fell into temptation. As a result, he had to “retire” as Singtel CEO.

  10. kaypoh said

    Eh, “Ah Meng” was a famous denizen of the zoo right? Almost cannot recognize him here 🙂

  11. Victor said


  12. stevenadosan said

    Dis guy sucks! He is not fit to talk about morality. He think he can but actually he cunt!

  13. Naivety said

    He is the worst President of the Law Society that I’ve seen, you Pappies boot & ass licker!

  14. AV said

    He just admited XUE YING LI JOAN who was previously known as Zanetta Joan Sit from the 2009 leaked sex photos scandal, how apt.

    Co-incidently Pritam Singh was also admited in the same batch of lawyers, congrates to Pritam!.

  15. AV said

    Oh you can see all the newly admitted lawyers at

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