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New blog showcasing Prof Tey Tsun Hang’s articles criticizing the establishment

Posted by temasektimes on July 29, 2012

A new blog was started in April this year showcasing NUS Law professor Tey Tsun Hang’s papers criticizing the establishment which coincides with the time he was called up for questioning by Corrupt Practice Investigation Bureau (CPIB)

Prof Tey was slapped with six counts of corruption on Friday for allegedly soliciting sexual favors from his former student Darinne Ko Wen Hui in return for better grades, a charge which he had strenuously denied.

Speaking to the media outside the Subordinate Courts after he was charged, Prof Tey tried to portray himself as a ‘critic’ of the Singapore legal system:

“I am known to speak up, amongst other things on the Singapore legal system. My academic writings are in good faith with no ill intent,” he said.

The blog ‘Singapore Consensus’ eight articles by Prof Tey which are fiercely critical of the Singapore government and the judiciary, among other things.

One article described the process during which the Singapore media has been transformed into a propaganda tool of the Singapore government over the years:

“Singapore’s political leadership has molded a sophisticated press control regime that befits its “pragmatic” political ideology on the primacy of executive leadership and limited freedom of expression. This article – setting Singapore’s constitutional and legal framework and political system as a backdrop – delves into the legal structure that has been constructed, fine-tuned, and consolidated over decades of legislative amendments to explore its essential features and strictures.”

Another article attacks the electoral system engineered by the PAP to maintain the status quo:

“In its post-independence constitutional development, the dominant People’s Action Party political leadership had made a series of constitutional amendments to its original electoral system, introducing innovative schemes such as Group Representation Constituencies, Non-Constituency Members of Parliament, Nominated Members of Parliament and the Elected Presidency. These changes have resulted in an electoral system that is so different and divergent from the Westminster model that it should be regarded a unique regime of its own. This paper advances the view that the constitutional evolution of its electoral system is reflective of a political vision structured along elitist lines – underscored by a desire to restructure the voting behaviour of its citizens, and ensure predictability and the preservation of the status quo. It has been driven by paternalistic assumptions about what is beneficial for its citizens. “

The AGC has denied any link between Prof Tey’s charges and his academic writings.

In response to queries by Bloomberg, the AGC said:

“There is no link between these charges and Mr. Tey’s academic publications and writing.”

Read Prof Tey’s articles here


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15 Responses to “New blog showcasing Prof Tey Tsun Hang’s articles criticizing the establishment”

  1. kaypoh said

    Haha…starting to remind me of Anwar & his sodomy charges lol

  2. Public Eyes said

    This is a man who has done wrong. He was a District Judge. He’s a legal academic. His own defence would be on that he misjudged and behaved out of folly. It is the prosecutor who have to strip in bare and challenge him on how he received the gifts etc. I think he is smart enough to ask for these gifts, in the event that if he ever got caught, he can turn around and do exactly what he is doing now – use the evidence and push the blame on the girl, when he is just as guilty partaking in a mutual sexual deal. It’s all about evidence, and he has the evidence to make the girl look so bad. There is a predator and there is a prey. And a desperate prey. How to trust this guy? He does know the law well, you know! May Singapore’s best criminal lawyer bring about the truth.

  3. This silly professor Tey already made himself intellectually handicapped by stating,quote,”I will stand by my academic principles”.Moral issues and predator-prey are the serious problems to be address here,not about academic papers,or is there any principle about Academic per se? This is about corruption,and abused position which the NUS offered him where he had access to many “preys”.His very existence threatens the purity of our students,and NUS Institution cannot tolerate such immoralities.

    Which families in Singapore would desire such immoral cultures in our universities?

    A reputed Institution is harmed by him,and he doesn’t even bothered to honor the Employer and bothered to be grateful of all the Academics accorded to him by NUS.

    We are interested whether is he really Corrupted,breach the Rules and Laws,and not about his academics,for we know he is a Professor.

  4. Ah Loot said

    You are a shame to Malaysia. You are a sexual PREDATOR taking advantage of a naive young girl. You should be caned china kooi. Singapore should deport him. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. You think you are so smart. and now you are caught with your pants down chink.

  5. powerpact said

    CPIB investigations n this blog all started Apr this year. Coincident? Or this is the best defence of Prof Tey?

  6. fox said

    If articles only without action like M Ravi, can it be classified as talk only no action?

    Got any material abt how to get a “service” from xmm? This one got more chun lei, got theory and about to be proven result. (since it’s still court case mah.)

  7. Anon said

    Yeap, this Prof is dumb.

    First, you do not shit where you eat. He may successfully argue its not “corruption” because he didn’t give the girl an “A”, only a “B”. But the damage is done. You don’t sleep with students.

    Second, now that you’re caught, you dare to raise the possibility that it may be politically motivated? If your hands were clean, you may have the sympathy of the public. But you DID sleep with her, so how can you bring the public on your side. Also, you’re not a Singapore citizen, just a PR. You don’t take on the Sgp govt as a PR. You can now be sure that your PR will be revoked, and all that you’ve built up here will be gone. Particularly since you raise the issue of politically motivated charges.

    So this guy is just plan stupid!!

  8. enough said

    Hisotry is repeating itself as in the case of Chee Soon Juan
    This regime does not tolerate criticism expecially if you are a civil servant

    all the skelelton in the closet willbe dug up to destroy u

    this happen two years ago but why suddenly it cropped up

  9. Tan Big Tan said

    “There is no link between these charges and Mr. Tey’s academic publications and writing.” hmmm… now that sounds familiar, didn’t someone else say “there is no groupthink in Singapore government?” and “there is no nepotism in the PAP” ?

    Right, ok.

  10. Kelly said

    This is just a case of the PAP “fixing”one of its critics. The mistake Prof Tey made is that he had “skeletons” in his closet. Most likely the PAP (through ISD) is aware of academics with similar “skeletons”. Should any of them say something against the PAP these are used to “fix” them. This is LKY’s “take no prisoner approach” to any and all opposition.

  11. Naivety said

    Hey TT,

    There is no smoke without fire & no wave without wind!
    Obviously, CPIB must have some solid evidence & proof of wrong doing by the professor if not why was he being charged for 6 counts of corruption in the 1st place?

    Btw, can TT or anybody enlighten me on why a Malaysian FT can be appointed as a District Judge in Singapore in the 1st place as a converted Singapore PR is still a foreigner, right??

  12. Politicization said

    Someone should critically evaluate Tey\’s articles and the assertion that these articles are robust and stridently critical of the establishment. Do the articles contribute to academia, or are they catchy summaries of the works of other academics? Have other academics or political journalists who have written in such robust or strident fashion been \’prosecuted\’ or \’persecuted\’ by the establishment?

  13. talk said

    Nice response in return of this issue with firm arguments
    and telling all about that.

  14. Tey Tsun Hang is one Big Hypocrite n Coward !!

    He abused the trust placed on him as a lecturer instead he misused it for his own selfish gratifications !!

    He is just a big LECHEROUS in disguise of a Lecturer !!

    Now he tries to push the blame..
    Saying that it was due to those articles he wrote on Singapore Legal system and the 6 charges were politically motivated !!
    Dared to do , Dared Not to Admit !!!

    Just think !!
    Is he saying that someone threw him a woman on him and forced him to have sex with her ??
    He was a District Judge and in one of his sentencing to a teacher who molested the student , Mr Tey said in his judgement ” As a teacher you must exercise self -restraint …..”
    HUH ??
    Self-Restraint ??
    Where is HIS ???

    Now the BIG QUESTION !!!

    WHHHYYYYY ????

    At the age of 30 , considered very young to hold the position of a District Judge , WHHYYYY did he leave the job after being there for a year or two ???

    WHHHYYY ??
    Was there something we didnt know ??

    A DJ at 30 is a Remarkable Achievement !!
    Why would anyone leave at the peak of his career ??
    Was there more than the eyes meet ??

    Would someone please enlighten me ..

  15. They are some bloggers who believe that Tey’s charges are politically motivated !

    THINK !!!!!

    Tey started his writings criticising on the legal system of Singapore back in 2000.
    In 2002 , he was made a District Judge !
    IF these charges were politcally- linked , how on earth could he be made a District Judge ??

    Tey is a Crafty Man !!
    Now he is in such a Desperate State that he tries eveything from pretending to be ill at CPIB , to coming up a cheque that Ms Ko didn’t even receive , to accusing the CPIB of coercing him etc etc …

    WHY some Bloggers still want to believe this INCREDIBLE man !!

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