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Outcry over China-born Feng Tianwei being Singapore’s flag-bearer at the London Olympics

Posted by temasektimes on July 29, 2012

An outcry has erupted in cyberspace over the choice of China-born Feng Tianwei as Singapore’s flag-bearer at the opening ceremony of the London Olympic games.

The 24 year old national paddler only ‘became’ a Singapore ‘citizen’ in 2007 after which she was roped in immediately to contest in the 2008 Olympic Games where she helped Singapore won a Silver medal.

Despite her achievements, many Singaporeans are still skeptical about her loyalty and singled out her poor grasp of the English language.

A Singaporean Sathia Palani was obviously peeved:

“I really got piss off watching the Olympic opening ceremony this morning why must a PRC carry our Singapore flag and is there no Singapore born athletic to represent Singapore by carrying our flag . why must everything must be foreigners. I really felt embarrassed, ashamed and insulted by this act and move.”

Another Singaporean Danny Tan concurred:

“Sg really no talent ? Flag bearer a china girl again , rest of Sg athletes die liao is it ?”

Due to the government’s ultra-liberal and pro-China immigration policies, an increasing number of mainland Chinese have flocked to Singapore to live, work and study.

In an interview with the National Geographic magazine in 2009, Singapore’s supreme leader Lee Kuan Yew proclaimed that it is a ‘good thing’ that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants from China as they are ‘harder-striving’ and ‘harder-driving’ than locals.


137 Responses to “Outcry over China-born Feng Tianwei being Singapore’s flag-bearer at the London Olympics”


    • ANGRY Bird said

      Sack the PM. How?
      Answer is: Vote him out. If its a walkover then good luck to you.
      Don’t be chickens and keep complaining. Action speaks louder than words.

      • Bengy said

        Yup, totally agree, most Singaporean are No Action Talk Only (NATO)..cast your vote carefully next time, my fellow Singaporean..

    • family fun said

      I am not sure what you are complaining about, these athletes have done so much for Singapore. While the flag is not heavy but the responsibility of holding it is very heavy. I am proud that Tianwei is willing to take it up and I think it is more proof that she is more Singaporean at heart.

      By the way Sports and politics is different, let’s not mixed them up. For the Olympics lets stand behind our athletes.

      • bo liao said

        @family fun. I do not know if u r a true blue singaporean. But it seems to me u have no national pride at all. Pay money to get someone to represent ur country and win the medal . Thats all u care. Maybe u wud also pay for some to sit for ur school exam if u can i guess. As long as pass ok liao.

  2. kaypoh said

    No problem wat, let’s get Bo Xilai as PM too, look wat he did for Chongqing, obviously PRCs are more talented wat! Plus he’s currently jobless 🙂 just in time for NDP, haha. Later after Olympics let’s swap Feng for that Kate Spade loving MP…

    • fatman said

      Yah loh… ok mah… She also never drive a ferrari, bus or taxi to kill SIngaporeans… she didn’t blow the umpire for the silver medal… neither did trade her body for the opportunity to represent sg… She also never publicly say Singaporean lazy or what… she and her team won a medal for sg and is a sg citizen… never cause any trouble like the other FTs did… Lets be fair and embrace her and her achievements for Singapore lah… like that also want to make noise… you will let your daughter play pingping for 10hrs a day 6 days a week meh? Sg paretns all same: study hard, work for big company or become boss. No such thing as sports superstar in sg.

  3. kaypoh said

    BTW, just so happens Feng Tianwei’s initials are FT, hehe….anybody noticed the irony? 🙂

    But she deserves it coz she’s talented lor… how many Spore gals wanna spend 10 hours a day playing pingpong? All we hear these days is Spore gals blowing govt top brass, screwing their Profs, students, etc etc

    • Scary said

      The 2008 olympics silver medal was bought with the peasant’s money.Nothing to crow about what talent..The rules was bended so that the chinapore have a better chance for a medal in 2008.The China and chinapore head coaches are sibling.Its sickening to watch Li and feng giggling before the gold medal match.
      Now that the chinapore former coach is with Indonesia, they will returned empty handed after which some of the women will have babies,milk a bit more from the system and laugh all the way to china.The Man will cry again as usual and that jamban bitch will ask for more funding.

      • new said

        If I didn’t rmb wrongly Li was laughing during the match but the others were quite serious…

    • SG Talent said

      Agree…she has given her best for Singapore…qw should differentiate between new citizens who really made a difference and trash!

    • chia said

      talented what ? win or lost what singaporean get .but for them they still get alot of money from us.might well use this money to help our local poor family.singapore got medal or not make no difference.alot of sinaporean still suffering.if our local born singaporean that carry the flag i will feel proud but not prc.she should carry china flag instead of sin.

  4. iloveft said

    We are an open society. So we can also open Parliament to any FT. Fuck pap. Period.

  5. Lim said

    It is in thoughtless acts like this from SNOC that hurts Singapore-born citizens as it reflects official thinking. Spend millions to import foreigners then fast track into new citizens – inshort, use money to buy medals!! So of course if we can sell our country to foreigners e.g. power plants to foreigners, Spore Petroleum to China, Parkway to Malaysians, Raffles Hotel to some Middle Eastern group, Asia Pacific Breweries to Thai or Heineken depending how it turns out or let some foreigner be a district judge – then based on precedent we can get a foreign-born citizen to be flag-bearer as we have already sold our souls to the Devil.

    • Which local man/woman would want to lose 10 hours a day to practice table-tennis?

    • Hater said

      This is just so stupid. In singapore, there are talented people. But nobody sees them. Y?? Because they only thinks that foreigners are strong and everything. They think that they can built a better singapore. lol. That is so lame. And u should also see their coaches. 90% not singaporean. How to get a singaporean atheletes if their coaches themselves are foreigners. everywhere foreigners. Work also foreigners. its irritating if the sales assistance is someone who cant speak english. Anyway, i just dont like the whole idea of letting more foreigners work, stay or school in singapore. While some singaporeans have no chance !

      Thank You !!

  6. enough said

    This regime is going nuts, jumping from the frying pan into the fire
    mistakes after mistakes after mistakes
    the whole country is just short of anarchy

    this type of mistakes never happen in the past
    but it is cropping up one after another
    from million dollar salary, sex for contracts, sex for school kids, sex for underage girls
    and sex for grades, brompton bicycles, sleeping judges from Sg
    this regime stinks to high heaven and deep into hell
    the end is near

    • Malaysian Singaporean said

      Why are you so unhappy? Which country can you go to find a better life?Grumbletonions are plenty around so why not see the good side of things and be more broad minded and objective and not be so biased. Go deeper into the way the system works and why – not just sit around coffee shops complaining about everything you read in the newspapers. You can always give constructive feedbacks instead of throwing bricks. Isn’t it good that action is taken for misdeeds instead of waiving it away like in some countries? Be a loyal citizen! After all aren’t most of us Singaporean citizens foreign immigrants at one time or another? Some have made good and some who have not are very unhappy. Our fathers and grandfathers came, suffered hardship, worked hard , did not complain so much and stayed behind to be citizens. Look at the bigger picture and I hope one day you can understand and find peace of heart.

      • Tan Yan Ren said

        I am Sucessful..yet i feel for my fellow born and bred Singaporeans for being neglected and ignored for a long time…and you know what children will suffer the FLAWED POLICIES of the PAP and the arrogant ministers who talks and treats US with such disrespect…like calling our unhappiness …”NOISE” …even the former indian ex president said so…what disgusting attitude..and now YOU …a ex Malaysian who insinuates that we are useless and sitting at coffeeshop moaning and groaning…you are no better when you try to be smart by adding salt into wound…!!!!!

      • Be long sighted said

        Precisely what you have said: we & our forefathers have worked so hard to build up this nation we should allow foreign trash (are you one too?) to snatch it out of our hands. We will not sit and complain. We can see the good and the bad of it all, and because we are loyal citizens, we will stay & fight vehemently against this pap incumbents that betray us, and against you foreign trash to the end!

      • Jo said

        Yes i agree we should do something about it as complain and feedback is not working anymore and at the same time i dun agree after so many year after our grandfather and father have build this nation from begining with blood and sweat, we the children and grandchildren have live here since then are we not Singaporean or are we still Foreigner from another country? Does we not have come a long way To become Singapore and not a colonies of other country if not why did we fight for our demoncary and freedom in the first place?

  7. Feng is celebrated by our leaders,our Sports Authorities,and many others who love Table Tennis.She is being paid very well.She is already a Singaporean,or one of us now.Was the cyber space outcry justified,or is it not trying to sabotage something fun and interesting over Olympic’s Entertainment for all of us,by being a spoil-sport?

    Singaporean speak Singlish,and many old Singaporean Aunties and Ah Pek don’t even speak English.LeeHL also speak 3 languages on National Day Speech.So what’s the fuss over non-issues?

  8. voice of the people said

    real singaporeans r not proud of this!!! only some shit heads are happy with that

    • chia said

      well said ,i want our local born singaporean to take part in or lost i still feel proud but not prc.take a close look at other country you will know.

  9. 扯淡 said



    以公民身份为国争光 她有什么错


    的人是正真的loser ,如果你裆下真的有balls



    • SG Talent said

      Blood post from a bloody new citizen. I do support Feng though

      • Does she have Zhenzi eyes? said

        的人是正真的loser ,如果你裆下真的有balls
        Ahem, need I state the obvious. I do agree that we should not take our grievances with Papayas out on Tianwei.She’s a gifted player who made alot of sacrifices and put in alot of hardwork to get where she is. She has delivered her side of the bargain and deserves to reap the rewards. Blame the Pimp and Prostitue party insteadves

      • AL said

        i agree with u SG Talent.

        To: 扯淡, if you are not s SINGAPOREAN please dun act as one….strongly believe u are one of the fu8ckin PRC here in SINGAPORE. Honestly NO one espically the blue SINGAPOREAN is happy to see a PRC carrying SINGAPORE FLAG…earn Singapore money and will retired back in CHina a few years later….i will impress and from today onward support her if she announce and sign a “contract” that she will forever stay in SINGAPORE till her death….

        IF NOT, please dun wayang wayang here…moments to see those faces in newspaper made my blood boils..

      • new said

        Same I am against the FT policy but I think Feng worked hard. Anyway it’s not the first time that foreign-born athletes are flag bearers at the Olympics…2004-Susilo, 2008-Li JW, so we just get used to it lor…

    • Dan said


      • 扯淡 said

        I am a true Singaporean as your ancestors who moved here from other countries.

        I hope my next generations will be more successful in building up their life as well as this piece of land as their home .

        U will be disappointed , I will stay here my whole life .

    • chia said

      born in china,trained in china,为singapore 争光.this type of people what u call them,i am very sure everyone know,i do not need to write.

    • chia said

      born in china, trained in china.为singapore争光 ,do u know what this type of people call.i am sure everyone know.

    • Singaporean1 said

      Pot calling the kettle black. Use your real name lah if you want to insult people. What a loser you are 扯淡. Pui.

      • 扯淡 said

        It is a shame that u need other to tell you that it is you
        that has been insulting yourself ! What a pity .

    • Rotten said


  10. mahbok tan said

    Aramak ….!!!

    allo fellow Sgporeans , everyday I read this kind of complains about FTs this and FTs that , make my heart bleed and ached…!!!
    But hor , if u all never complain arh later u all oso stress-up and feel frustated…..just like me….!!!!
    But please hor blame to the 60.1% stupid and blind followers of the famiLEE…as if without them SGpore will die….!!!KNNBCCB

  11. Naivety said

    Because she manage to help Singapore win an Olympic Silver Medal in Table Tennis @Beijing 2008 Olympic games lah!

  12. tankcc said

    editor, i find it very distressing that many of your articles are ridden with grammer mistakes. it makes me wonder if these are all written by a few writers, why? because the same grammer mistakes keeps repeating. can you do better than that?

  13. Neralo said

    When she helped win the silver medal, did anyone complain? it was only after the win, when she was given a load of cash for winning the medal that people complained. and those people who singled out her poor grasp of english. please look at your own english first k.

    Singaporeans, you want the government to stop importing foreigners to play sports on our behalf? then dont force your kids to study all day and all night to get good grades. i know plenty of amazing sportsmen who refused the chance to become national athletes because their parents felt there was ‘no future’ in playing sports for singapore. with that kind of mindset, does the government really have a choice?

    • SG Talent said


    • kaypoh said

      yalor, better fark the prof & get an A, haha

    • Tan Yan Ren said

      I have reasons to believe that many foreigners who have the talent to win Olympic medals and thus $$$$$$$$ that the Govt promised…will pretend to be a interested PR or Citizen and after grabbing some money from the rewards, just pack up or laugh at the stupidity of the System….To be honest , this is a brilliant scam to earn money from sports…i would now provoke the Govt to withdraw the scheme to nEW citizens for at least 10 years…before being eligible for the scheme…I bET YOU…they will DISAPPEAR from the screen of sports here….I would then prove my point…stupid Singa[pore policy.

    • Steve said

      @ Neralo

      True Singaporean complaint, is not because we are unfair in treating Feng, it is because we lost our pride, simple thing like this can be shameful, when there are true Singaporean representing Singapore, and they should be given a chance to held their own Flag, the Flag that represent their Homeland and where they belongs, if we all think a new citizen got no difference with Singapore born Singaporean, I am really sad. National Pride bro …

  14. is that old fool implying local people are lazy? in the same token, our ruling party politicians are NOT as ‘harder-striving’ than PRC, they are using quick fix method to solve their problems…

  15. To be or nt to be said

    Might as well ask china to be our leader.

  16. SINYoobi said

    Why was this imported pest allowed to be flag bearer? Is our government implying that only foreign immigrants qualify???

  17. subash pillai said

    i was not born here but i spent almost all my life here (and did NS). if i carried the flag, would all you complainers still complain.

    seems like netizens just wanna make a mess of everything.

    The comments of Frankie Lee are salient.

    Frankie Lee said
    July 29, 2012 at 9:53 am

    Feng is celebrated by our leaders,our Sports Authorities,and many others who love Table Tennis.She is being paid very well.She is already a Singaporean,or one of us now.Was the cyber space outcry justified,or is it not trying to sabotage something fun and interesting over Olympic’s Entertainment for all of us,by being a spoil-sport?

    Singaporean speak Singlish,and many old Singaporean Aunties and Ah Pek don’t even speak English.LeeHL also speak 3 languages on National Day Speech.So what’s the fuss over non-issues?

  18. Anon said

    The end justifies the means.

    So what if we select a ex-PRC to carry the Singapore flag? As long as she wins medals, we’ll take it.

    In fact, SSC should dangle instant citizenship to all gold winners from any country in the summer and winter Olympic games, allowing them to convert instantly to Singapore citizenship. He/She can continue living in their country, just compete for Singapore and under the Singapore flag and win a medal for us. As long as we win medal, that’s all that counts.

    Along the same line, if it takes sleeping with the professor to get ahead, the student should do it. Nothing wrong, the end justifies the means.

    If you cant’ afford the cost of living in Singapore, go somewhere else. Thanks for all your contributions to Singapore but now that you’re old, you’ve become a burden. Children, send your parents to JB. The end justifies the means.

    We’re the Singapore company. We’re the best GDP machine in the world. We want the glory and the honour and winning medals in the Olypics is what counts. The end justifies the means.

  19. Zepherus said

    I do felt awkard that a foreigner is holding our flag. HOWEVER, she trained hard & fought medals for OUR country.

    Just look at the number of “keyboard warriors” & complaints here. No wonder many of people here excel in complaining rather performing for our country. No action, talk only.

    If you guys get so upset about the foreigner holding our flags, why not you guys go participate a sports, train hard, excel in it, becoming a national team player and supress her so that YOU can be the NEXT ONE holding the flag? Instead of just complaining and want everything goes in your way.

    • 扯淡 said


      只敢躲在后面品头论足 怨天忧人

      举旗是一种荣誉, 是一种鼓励 。 我相信如果有另一位运动员
      为国家做的贡献大过冯天微, 这个荣誉一定
      会给他/她, 不论男女,不论她/他出生在何处

      至于本人, 入籍二十年,我当然把这里当作自己的家
      爱护它支持它关心它。 我认为我比很多只会投诉骂政府的网上
      小丑更符合一个blue Singaporean 的要求和资格。

      那些投诉狂听好了,如果你跟不上节奏 对不起 你只能被droped off

      国家要发展,历史的车轮不会因为你的outcry 而停顿.

      • Confucius could be Korean. said

        Irony is something that has escaped you. Aren’t you complaining abt us behind a screen name as well . How would you like it if a Japanese or Korean actor was hired by Hollywood/China co-production to play Confucius or Chairman Mao? Or if Taiwanese born and bred basketballers were actively recruited to represent China in the games and picked to bear the China flag during the Olympics marchpast despite a rich choice of true-blue Chinese atheletes available? Get some perspective please.

    • Tan Yan Ren said

      If everyone is like you, just sheepishly complying and apathetic ,saying nothing when you see a WRONG, or even a Perceived wrong, then how can we improve…Just say “how high SIR when the Govt ask you to jump”…must be your motto , i believe.Stop being a Yes !!man..and improve our nation by being constructively critical…with NO AGENDA…except LOVE for the Nation so that OUR children will be proud and happy…FOR THEM…….

      • Sean said

        But what you guys are doing here, bitching about your miserable lives, is just sad. Like some sensible people have said, be the change you want to see. Unless you are, then your worthless comments to put other people down are just boring to read. I don’t see how you can call people sheepish and apathetic when all you are doing is bitching about your miserable life in this forum. Now, get out there and actually make Singapore a better place for your children to live in.

      • Steve said

        @Tan Yan Ren

        We are doomed, just look what it been, after so many FT take over, let pack and leave the Aliens had invader Earth.

  20. Ron said

    We should not be narrow-minded. Where did your fore fathers came from? If Spore asked a non-citizen to carry the flag, it may be an issue.

    • chia said

      do they look like singaporean?

    • Steve said

      @ Ron

      My foreFather come from PRC, can I go back to PRC, shit head…. don’t you understand, we are singaporean stop the crab that PAP government implant into us, stop bring our ancentor back from grave to disrespect them, they built Singapore and we are independence now. WE ARE TRUE SINGAPOREAN, BORN in THIS little ISLAND, Governed BY OUR OWNED LAW and IT IS OUR HEARTLAND AND MOTHER LAND.

  21. Virgorian said

    The lady who wrote this came from a idoitic race which never win a medal for singapore !whats your fxxking problem That a Chinese from china help a get a silver medal n hold the flag of our country ?!dont tell me u want someone from our looser soccer team to hold our lovely flag ?!

  22. What do you expect? They were raised by communist ideology, which preaches hard work and labor.

  23. Nice Person said

    I enjoy watching the opening ceremony until when I saw the PRC carry our Singapore flag !!!!!! I off my TV

  24. Zam said

    Whilst I agree that we should not complain About this… I also understand y singaporeans are upset. These are sensitive times and if the govt n their agencies are caring about feelings of indigenous Singaporeans, they could have Tao Li or a Singapore born athlete do the honors. It only goes to show that the leaders are just too busy trying to do all things that don’t really matter now…

    • Confucius could be Korean. said

      Exactly. We are not against foreign born Singaporean atheletes like Tao Li, just the anti-sportsman means PAPAYAS have gone about trying to procure medals, through mercernary players. There is no pride in such demeaning “glory”.

  25. kong kong said

    Have you all notice of all foreign born sports person from PRC only Taoli speaks english well ha! ha!

    • Mai zee xiao said

      Tao Li is a good example of a foreign born Singaporean whose achievements I can get behind. She came to Singapore as a kid to study and was discovered for her swimming prowess. It does not go against the spirit of true sports representation. We didn’t import her from another country solely to win medals for us. It is one thing if a talented athelete (let’s say Indonesia no. 1 badminton player) decides to migrate here because he likes Singapore and subsequently represents us in the global arena, it’s another for PAPAYAS to spend obscene resources scouting for talents overseas to win medals for Singapore SHAMELESS!.

  26. Anthony Tang said

    It is a common issue these days. PRC taking over our jobs and livelihood. Very soon they will take over oour country. GOD bless the PAPayas

  27. Tan Yan Ren said

    You know, these policy makers DONT HAVE A CLUE ABOUT SPORTS, PATRIOTISM, and PRIDE”I would have done it Differently to make uS SINGAPOREANS proud…that you CARE!!!YOU,the GOVT LEADERS CARE!!!…to select a true blue SINGAPOREAN born and bred HERE to carry the torch…instead of the newbies Singaporeans…we welcome them but WE are sending a RIGHT signal to born and bred Singaporeans that we are proud of their achievements in VIEW of OUR shortfalls in numbers and opportunities and a TINY Nation…so that others true b and Bred Singaporeans will be more inspired to be a fighter and win a medal….NOT the easy way out …what these sports leaders are doing….STAND UP SINGAPOREANS and speak up so that we SHALL improve with time…contrary to what that Yaacob is saying…he is ……sh t

  28. Javert said

    So you’re saying people born in China should all get out, even if they later become Singaporeans!

    If SG Chinese really want to walk the talk, I suggest starting with your grandparents ashes! DIG THEM OUT AND THROW THEM INTO THE SEA, WE DON’T WANT CHINA PEOPLE HERE! After all, I bet they brought their rude habits and Chinese accents to our dear Singapore 70 years ago, so why tolerate them now?

    Who’s with me?

    • As Javert said, before you attack the outsiders, remember your origins.

    • mahbok tan said

      Are saying that you do tolerate your great great great father or grand father or watever it is in their death…????
      Go be happy and be happy with your LKY mindset….go out there and HUG and KISS lick every single PRC that you can welcome at CHANGI AIRPORT…….!!!!

      • Javert said

        Are you saying that you don’t tolerate your grandfather in death?


  29. Invictus said

    Can these new Singaporean athletes even sing our national anthem ?
    And you wonder why there little sense Of pride amongst true blue Singaporeans. These new athletes do not represent our aspirations – just a reflection of the greed and megalomaniacal attitudes of the powers that be.
    For the rest of the spprting world, such large scale importation of talent, albeit, to represent Singapore is called CHEATING. What sort of values we teaching our kids – win at any costs ?

  30. Sage said

    That’s why we are daft. We bitch about the product but not the manufacturer. Tell the gahment to stop buying talent loh.

  31. Singaporean1 said

    Asking a foreigner to win medal is buy asking someone to take exam for you, just take your identity and you produce great result. It is just not right.

  32. Singapuraboi said

    Singapore is not alone on this. In the last Olympics the Americans also complained tht they have too many China athletes representing them and the people were not happy. An article sacarstically said it was china vs china in many it the sports and it not only just US but other countries that r sending Chinese athletes to compete for them. The American govt immediately realised but it seems that no other govt in the world realised that there is some conspiracy going on. Why would any country invest so much in their athletes only to give them away to other countries. Apparently, foreign country heads were invited to hand pick these athletes for their own countries. If us ask me not all these athletes r willing emigrants so I wonder if they are actually spies for china. All these athletes migrating to foreign countries r too easy to be real.

    • That is why we have to be careful. We cannot have any unrestrained anti-foreigner sentiment because it can now be used against us. Such sentiment can be used as a valid reason for other nations to cut trade and bilateral ties, or even wage a war, especially those that are nuclear-armed.
      But then not all are ’operatives’. Many took up citizenship because there was no freedom back there. As a matter of fact, some even defected when overseas.

  33. 扯淡 said

    Can anyone tell us From what singaporean’s hand
    Feng Tian Wei has taken away a job??


  34. desmond said

    Even if feng tian wei is a star athlete playing for Singapore. Common sense tells us that she should not be the flag bearer. The flag bearer sld be a pure singaporean. Why is the olympic committee so senseless.

  35. seah said

    u sporean very ungrateful,dont forget we from China help your country win a silver medal the last olympics.Without us foreigner how your country can win medals and high ecomny grows allowing sporean to live in ivory tower .with the train packet to the beam and yr property price so high making u all soo super rich ,and most of the boss buiness sooo goood.they keep opening one outlet then another out and keep saying they have insuffient manpower,but whet they actually want is is very low cost worker etc etc etc.

    • Jo said

      U hit the point the train pack with Singaporean and foreigner and how many train u need to wait before you can get on?… the property all time high and even the HDB flat is skyrocketing too making it hard for a common Singaporean to buy a roof over their head and the bosses like what u say want cheaper worker so Singaporean will or have been left out thanks for pointing that out

    • Mai zee xiao said

      Fake PRC, Troll much?

    • chia said

      if u foreigner are not ungrateful,you should stay at your own country and support your own country.singapore is our country pls stop telling us what you and all your foreigner friends think.myob.

    • SINYoobi said

      Singaporeans are grateful people by nature. We are just not proud of any foreigners especially those mainland Chinese winning medals for our country. Your people are here for the money for every medal you win for Singapore. We are smart and know your every move.

  36. Nice Person said

    The correct method should be Singapore hired China coach to train Singaporean to be the players. Is really quite sick to see PRC represent Singapore.

  37. bb said

    Sg should learn from Australia. It is a nation with 22 million but wins the most gold medals per million.

    Even Western Australia with 2 million (a state) wins more gold medal than Singapore.

  38. Ever thought said

    Singaporean Chinese, where did your forefathers come from ?

  39. Singapuraboi said

    Just don’t go to marina bay to celebrate national day. Go opposition wards to celebrate instead to drive the message home.

  40. i say what i think only... said

    i did not see it on tv but also appalled at a non-local flag bearer. new citizen or what, we just want local born ones to carry a flag, too much to ask? anyway. singaproe gov already shameless to celebrate loudly at the silver medal (won by 3 prc new citizen) that only bring us more shame from other countries (biggest joke to china. give their outcaste to us and we treat them like treasures).

    don’t talk about them training here to get to where they are. they are already provincial champions or in national team (just not good enough to represent china but surpass many countries standard by miles) so we bring them over, give $ and citizenship etc. they have the talent and skills when they come.

    if u believe that u nurture them when they knew nothing to current standard, why can’t u do it to locals or even, bring them over when they are babies and nurture from there? u took ready goods. just admit it. i rather a secondary school girl go table tennis olympics on singapore’s behalf then get thrashed 15-0 for 3 sets. i cheer for her every point, every serve, every sweat. this is the spirit we once knew.

    any coincidence nobody give a crap about the lions XII compared to fandi ahmad days? i remember david lee, steven tan, lim tong hai. is LIM (dialect surname), not the PRC chinese names at national level.

    if u can’t win, at least keep your national pride. why is medals the only KPI? training and development isn’t. if u can’t train it, u buy it. try giving 5m to china top female peddler, she will fly over and F all the national pride.

    what about 10m to badminton Lin Dan? he can come screw malaysia badminton on our behalf.

    however… where’s the pride? people challenge u 1 on 1 fight, u get a gang in and win. big deal! same analogy

    • mahbok tan said

      Your are rite on all points….and thank you for speaking out where some of us have missed to voice it out.

      Cheers to all local sportsman….!!!

      Next time we vote only FT’s ministers and reject all those born and bred in SGpore….!!!

      Bloody GREEDY and KIASI LANG ministers …!!!!

  41. family fun said

    I am Singaporean but I do not agree with what Sathia Palani had said, I do think that she belongs to the minority of Singaporeans. Feng Tianwei and other athletes have given their heart, soul and sweat to our country. True they were not born here, however what they have given is more than most born and breed in Singapore. Have anyone step into their shoes, to leave their homeland and family to bear the possibility of being labelled as traitors in the our country, and to bear the flag of their adopted country is more than just alliance to Singapore. I hope I they do not see them as foreigners but team Singapore.

    It is true, that Singapore have given them the chance to shine, but they have given a lot back to Singapore. I believe personal glory is one great motivation for them, but national pride would drive them to push that little more harder to go a little faster, do a little better.

    To Sathia Palani outcry, how much more does Tianwei need to proof to that she is Singaporean at heart? How much have you done or sacrificed for Singapore?

    • mahbok tan said

      Please la , read item 36 from ” i say what i think only… ”

      So no need set up sports schools or watever ma …. no need to have schools or ITE or Univ …. it cost so much money rite….!!! Just go to China supermarket in suzhou or Guandong or any other smaller provinces and u can buy them in bulks…how many container u need…??? Or go to phillipines or india or africa……!!!! get them in bulk of different sizes and colours and lots more variation…..!!!

      Walau eh…..are we running a company or wat…??? No welfare to the Citizen , but take the citizen money as if their great grand father owns this land…..allo ….60.1% blind sheeples why not have a congregation like in North korea or other dictatorship country…and ….just follow blindly wat their country leader say…..!!!

    • SINYoobi said

      Family Fun – These foreign athletes are only motivated by MONEY from the tax payers. Do you know how much Singapore has spent on training them and how much they have pocketed for winning medals? You are too simple and naive.

    • chia said

      no need to prove anything wait ,when u lost your job to them prc ,u will know. very soon will know.

    • sibei tulan said

      @Family Fun. you are bery funny. dun talk NON-Sense if u never been to China or been a national team member before. Shut the F#%k up!
      you got no place to commend this.
      1) do you know the feeling or been represented by a import FT of a sport that u toil in for years?
      2) Have u been to China’s sport school or Uni? If Not shut up. I ve been there and trained there. the ppl there train for a bowl of rice that simple! at the expense of breaking their legs or hands. they dream of making into their national champion and Olympy dream. Most of them are from the country side.
      3) within China they also have FT ( from different provincial peasants from the rural area) to represent them becos city ppl dun want to go thru these hardship of becoming full time athletes. So once these peasant make it to provincial champion they are somewhere………they wil focus of being in Beijing Team that is where the national champion housed. if not they will try to go to country like europe , asia ……for your info Japan is the first country to do this and that ‘s in Table tennis. Jap gave her the citizenship and she even change her name to Japanese .this is one special one where she really change her identity.

      But 10 and 1 all going for money and their own dream ….what honor ….F@#K the honor for the country she participate!
      You are too navie.

  42. Sibo said

    It’s just holding on to a flag for god’s sake. Get over it. Go do some good in your free time instead of getting pissed for nothing.

  43. Ever thought said

    Sathia Palani, your name sounds foreign , are you really a Blue Blooded Singaporean ? Or where does your forefathers come from ?

  44. kaypoh said

    Yalor, if she carry CHINA flag like the auntie hangs in AMK then ppl KPKB oso, lol

    Want Gold import FT lor, all da football clubs buy & sell players lah, u dunno meh??

    Want better grades fark ur prof lor

    typical Spore solutions hahaha

    If u dun like den wait for 2016 lor 🙂

    • Javert said

      Yes, retake Aljunied in 2016! WP out!

      • Naivety said

        My take is given the current widespread discontentment, unhappiness & anger expressed by native Singaporeans & growing intense by the day, it will be easier for AMK GRC to fall into the opposition’s hands rather than for the Pro Alien Party to reclaim & retake Aljunied GRC from the WP!

        This is my Prediction for GE 2016!!!

  45. S'porean with Aust PR said

    I have no feeling for the flag, whoever carry the flag is fine. Even a new citizen can be your MP, what so great about carrying the flag? It is just only a flag, no big deal.
    Oh by the way, I am a born and bred S’porean whom had faithfully completed my 2.5yrs NS and 10yrs ICT.

  46. KaKiNang said

    I think that the flag bearer must have some “Olympic” level to hold the flag. Not many around….How about Tan Howe Liang?

    You might think it “proper” to put a Singaporean but is the Olympics about nationality or sportsmanship?

    No matter what Feng did win a medal for Singapore. Yes she might choose to retire elsewhere when she is old…but seriously…many Singaporeans also want to retire elsewhere, want to migrate elsewhere..hates NS, complains about school system, hates the train and transport system, the lack of housing, lousy house design and hates everything around us under the Sun…

    Seriously. Define a True Blue Singaporean.
    Someone who complains about everything maybe.

  47. lima said

    IF you look at the same story from a different side, shouldn’t Singaporeans feel proud of Singapore in attracting foreign talents to fight for them in Olympics (after all these foreign talents are competitive and skillful professionals that Singapore lacks)? A China born excellent sports lady is willing to sacrifice her nationality and join the Singapore force – I just can’t understand why people would feel “bad” about it – in fact it only tells the positive side of being a Singaporean. Remember that there are only certain countries that such talents would be willing to join (forget about AFrica, EAst European countries, etc). I can only conclude that such “outcry” just reflects the “narrowness” and “closed-ness” of certain commentators, a “loser” mentality and attitude.

    • eek said

      I’m sure if given a choice, thousands of Bangladesh workers, or people from Syria and North Korea would give up their citizenship if we offer them to come to our country. Does that make you feel proud? Or double standards maybe because these people won’t give you olympic medals?

      Pls don’t make such a big deal of them ‘sacrificing’ their nationality. The fact is they can’t make it to their national teams and to these sportsmen, participating in the Olympics is a much bigger deal than their nationality. Not to mention being offered a nice package for them to play their sports whether they succeed or not.

      You should look at your twisted sense of national pride instead of criticizing others of narrow mindedness.

      I don’t feel anything at all for these shortcuts to success. Much rather a true singaporean failing to qualify than whatever bought medals. And pls don’t tell me how hard they trained or how well they integrated with our society – it’s totally irrelevant.

      I would also like to point out a clear distinction between sportsmen who came to the country due to other circumstances as nobodies and subsequently developed into fine players, and those semi-accomplished players being scouted to come. I have absolutely no problems with the former.

      • Confucius could be Korean. said

        Best Summation of this “symposium”!

      • lima said

        Well first of all Singapore has quite a stringent immigration law. So your point of thousands of Bangladesh workers or Syrian/North Korean is completely irrelevant – it never happened and will never happen.

        Secondly I don’t understand your prejudice against Bangladesh or Syrian or North Koreans. I am not suggesting Singapore to import thousands of immigrants from anywhere (it is not the case anyway), but if a Bangladesh or Syrian qualifies the application with the skill that Singapore lacks, I don’t see any reason why they should be disadvantaged compared to, say, an American or a British.

        When you say that “being offered a nice package to play whether they succeed or not” is just simply not true. Remember these players are also under huge pressure to compete on behalf of Singapore, and they reached the level to qualify for Olympic finals (a level that no other Singaporeans can reach) – it is already a big success.

        Also why there is any difference between a semi-accomplished player and a “raw” player. The issue here is that Singapore needs high quality Olympic level players and there is a lack of such talents within the island. Remember that it is a selection process – Feng Tian Wei or Wang Yue Gu are not Bangladesh workers. Now you can question the govt’s policy why we need to import them in the first place, or whether Singapore need representatives in Olympic, which is a totally separate issue. In fact I am certain that a lot of people will support the govt to make Singapore presence in the Olympic with a reasonable cost.

        In addition, I don’t see any logic behind to treat a “new” citizen differently from an “old” citizen. Once they are Singapore citizens they are no different from any other citizens. These are basic human values such as equality and meritocracy. Now I do admit that there is one potential area for debate here, which is the national service (ie, the govt probably should consider the new citizens to join re-service at a minimum, for example), but that is irrelevant for females immigrants and those with special skills anyway (“old” Singapore citizens can also be exempted or deferred from NS if he qualifies for the Olympic)

        Also I don’t understand why you call it “short cut success”. These people are top table tennis players. IF you call thousands of hours of training and practicing “shortcut”, then I have to question my rational to argue with such a level of intelligence. When they came to Singapore they probably were not top top in their home country, but it does not mean that they would not improve.

        In general I think one need to get correct the basic value first, such as treating everybody equally and reasonably, and respect people who gain what they want in life through hardwork and professional skills. If you get the basic value right, you won’t be that bothered by the so called “FT inflow” into Singapore.

      • eek said

        I don’t have any prejudice against Bangladeshis or North Koreans, I am asking you if you will feel proud if they want to come to our country. Because that was what you said – that we should feel proud that foreigners would want to come to our country.

        To me, the whole issue is of going overseas to scout for people to play for us. Whether they are Chinese, British, Americans, i would not support it. This is Olympics, not club football. If you don’t understand this point, then you won’t understand the difference with naturalized sportsmen whom we didn’t entice to come to our country.

        You are mixing human rights with representing a country in sports. Of course i agree that we should treat them as we should with any other human being – but the issue is we shouldn’t grant them citizenship just so that they can play for us.

        Of course it is a shortcut. If it’s not, why do we have to go China to bring in these players? Why can’t we just groom our local people to play in the Olympics?

        Let me give you a scenario: If, say, Saudi Arabia decided to pay all the best athletes in the world (Phelps, Bolt, Lin Dan, etc) a lot of money so that they all migrate to Saudi, train very hard, integrate with the Saudi society yada yada, and Saudi end up topping the medal table – would you still think it’s perfectly right and all Saudis should be proud of it?

        You are right that we should question the govt’s policy. To me, as a Singaporean, it is simple. If we are not there yet, we are not there yet. No medals – I can live with that. I don’t need these imported talents to make me feel good about my country.

      • sibei tulan said

        the way u commented I can see you are drawing Taxpayer given salary. dun blame you for speaking on behalve for them.
        think you should ask why our local sports are not doing well instead! and not bragging and convince us something majority of us are not proud of!
        I am not against the athletes I just dun understd why garment rather spent money on outsider and not us! We are proud of Josephine Yeo , Jame Wong and many few local who make it there. But why so few? It is just a matter of how much are they willing to put in on us. Time and Money is the question! But it seem they really want fast result! what can we say?

      • lima said

        Further Reply to EEK:

        First of all, Singapore grants about 10K citizenships to foreigners every year. There is good reason to do that (demography, lack of certain skill, contribution to Singapore, etc), but it could also be questioned. However one should not forget that Singapore is not the only country welcoming immigrants – it happens in the US, Canada, Australia, etc.

        If the government has an immigration policy to introduce new citizens based on their qualification, skill, years of committment in Singapore, etc, what is wrong to include sport talents in that 10K pool? Eduardo Saverin (Facebook co-founder) got a Singapore passport (whether he deserves it is debatable, but there is also no doubt that he brings in capital, entrepreneurship and investment), so why not Feng Tianwei, who has a willingness to become a Singaporean (nobody has enforced her to do so), who brings in sports skill that is not available here, and whose competence could promote the sport spirits which might encourage more kids to learn table tennis in Singapore? If Singapore need to “import” immigrants, Feng Tianwei is certainly not a bad choice.

        Another good example is Tao Li, who is also from China but came to Singapore at a young age. Tao Li now speaks like a Singaporean, walks like a Singaporean and behaves like a Singaporean. I don’t have any problem with that, and I don’t think EEK or anyone else should have any problem with that either. And is Tao Li a Singapore pride? OF course she is, as the fastest swimmer in the country – why does she have to be born in Singapore to earn the respect and pride of fellow Singaporeans? The irony is that Singapore is an immigration city state to start with (a bit like US, that everybody’s father or grandfather comes from somewhere), yet the “old” immigrants start to develop this funny xenophobia against the “new” immigrants for the wrong reason.

        OF course you can also take the Japanese route, who remains a close society and does not welcome any new comers. Yet the example of Japan is exactly the reason why Singapore government is keen to push for a more open immigration policy.

  48. LkySi said

    Chinese President Hui should be Singapore’s flag bearer

  49. Set example to love your citizens first said

    Set example to love your citizens first

    PAP do not know how to “love” his own citizens, and how can she
    expect her citizens to love others?

  50. Lee Shu-Anne said

    I think Feng Tian Wei deserves to lift our country’s flag. In terms of her contributions, dedication, talent, and not forgetting that she gave us a medal, she should carry it. The olympics is not about politics, but about sports. I think our country is beginning to produce some amazing talent, such as our very own Joseph Schooling, Helena Wong, and our Sailing Team, and I’m sure one day one of them will have the honour to carry our flag.

  51. As Eek said, Syrians and North Koreans have no freedom back home. And migrating to the US is not a solution for them either, for their homelands see Uncle Sam as their mortal enemy. So coming to a neutral location (if they could), like Singapore, would be very appealing to them.

    • Naivety said

      Okie, the papaya party should get all the North Korean Olympic Medal winners to come over to Singapore & become Singapore Citizen for a start so as not to over rely solely on the PRCs from China!

  52. Esther said

    Personally felt that gov need people from china to support them on the next election… Therefore pleasing them bah… Just my point of view.

  53. Yayrhah said

    “A Singaporean Sathia Palani was obviously peeved:”


  54. sibei tulan said

    @Lima = only 50cts ah let me ans your naives comments

    “iF you look at the same story from a different side, shouldn’t Singaporeans feel proud of Singapore in attracting foreign talents to fight for them in Olympics”
    ** fight for money lah, you know something?you are the worst Singaporean becos’ you dun think we have talent!

    (after all these foreign talents are competitive and skillful professionals that Singapore lacks)?
    ** definitely they must if not employ them for F#$k

    ” A China born excellent sports lady is willing to sacrifice her nationality and join the Singapore force “–
    **sacrifice! Have you ask her personnaly ? you her buddy so good ah. she tell you how’s she feel! for goodness sake Pleasssse ..they are second tier athletes ok maybe even third tier. $$$$$$$$ works!

    I just can’t understand why people would feel “bad” about it –
    *** we feel bad not becos they are good but is becos we dun understand why the garment dun want to put all these money into our own ppl but instead gave it to outsider. And please if you never been in the national team of any discipline please do not comment on this. becos u dunno what happen within the NSA and how is like to be in the national team and juggle with your work or studies! I do!

    in fact it only tells the positive side of being a Singaporean. Remember that there are only certain countries that such talents would be willing to join (forget about AFrica, EAst European countries, etc). I can only conclude that such “outcry” just reflects the “narrowness” and “closed-ness” of certain commentators, a “loser” mentality and attitude.
    **** again if you are not being a national team member of any discipline before please shut up. becos u dunno what is vigorous training all about. Do you know how is it like to be treated once you are no more in your peak? and how they shunned you! do you know?
    and when you sacrifice for our beloved country in the sport do you know what is the returns? You dunno Right …then shut the F#$K OK!
    and if you were a ex-national team member before I cannot figure out why you made such comments. You must be the LAZY kind!

    • bo liao said

      @Sibei tulan. Seeing u write i also sibei tulan. U must be a FT or the 60%. No wonder singapore is going to the dogs with ppl like u .

  55. stsg said

    Well sad to said it’s we Singaporean 自己不争气 if there’s no foreigner then u all can carry on dreaming of even close to winning another medal in the olympic.take a look at the ping pong contestants,how many foreigner are there representing other counties.u need foreigners to progress as a nation.wake up Singaporeans!it’s not the time to complains but to prove it.prove to others u are better than them not complaining.

  56. lolkey said

    The degree of obsession over the flag is inversely proportional to the economy and wealth of Singaporeans. The so called “rainy day patriots”

  57. John said

    “single out her poor grasp of the english language”

    Oh, the irony. Yea, Singaporeans are very proficient in the English Language. Some of the responses are hilariously bad. The blatant display of bigotry is offensive and repulsive.

  58. Neutral said

    Enough is enough , why keep on bitching on sportsperson from PRC not fit to carry S’pore flag ? Not only this but also digress to government , N Korean, Syrian and others. I think you are the descendent of cross breed between a dog and a pig if your forefathers are not from other country. Stop showing how stupid you can be ! If you are no use to the country, your family and yourself you should hang yourself or jump from MBS !

  59. Well said said

    I wholeheartedly agree with Neutral ! Now eat your heart out all those shit stirrer and ” don’t know where you came from “she has won an individual medal for Singapore after 52 years. Congratulation Feng Tian Wei , you deserve the $250,000 and endorsement fee from advertisement . We are proud of you my FELLOW SINGAPOREAN !

  60. hi!,I love your writing so so much! proportion we keep up a correspondence extra about your article on AOL?
    I need an expert on this area to unravel my problem. Maybe that is you!

    Looking ahead to look you.

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