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PRC new citizen: I don’t feel like Singaporean and will return to China when I retire

Posted by temasektimes on July 29, 2012

Despite repeated calls by PAP leaders to Singaporeans to ‘open their hearts’ and ’embrace’ the new citizens, few of them feel a sense of belonging to Singapore even after living here for several years.

In an interview with New York Times, Yang Mu, a Beijing-born economist who moved to Singapore in 1992 and became a citizen three years later admitted that he still feel out of place in Singapore, describing locals as somewhat aloof, more likely to work late and less likely to spend the night commiserating over stiff drinks.

Like many new citizens, Yang was full of high praises of the PAP government:

“I’ve voted in four elections now, and it is great to live in a country where you can trust people and trust the government,” he said.

Yang, who formed a local charity that teaches English to Chinese migrants said he still doesn’t feel like a Singaporean after so many years:

“I still don’t feel Singaporean. The truth is, when I retire, I’ll probably move back to China.”

It is not revealed if Yang lives in a HDB flat. If he does, he will probably make an obscene profit from its sale based on today’s prices while another poor native Singaporean family has to be burdened with debts for the rest of their lives.

*Pic: PRC ‘FT’ relieving himself outside Bedok MRT station in Singapore


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27 Responses to “PRC new citizen: I don’t feel like Singaporean and will return to China when I retire”

  1. Singaporeans don’t like you and want you to return to China NOW!!!!

  2. iis21 said

    I had witnessed two encounters of PRC granny or mother relieving their grandson or son at both MRT platform at Serangoon just before the train pulls into the station and at Woodlands void deck! The former encounter, PRC woman asked the small boy to urinate into a transparent plastic bag in front of many commuters queuing behind the line and for the latter encounter, the PRC woman pulled down the small boy’s shorts and instructed him to pee on the void deck’s floor, behind a pillar.

    I hope the government will address this to all PRC who are welcomed by the government to stay or live in Singapore. Our public places are not public toilets. It is very uncivilised to practise such in public, whichever country you may be in.

  3. Lim said

    “I still don’t feel Singaporean. The truth is, when I retire, I’ll probably move back to China.” They easily get back their PRC citizenships after bringing back his windfall and I believe China looks after its old better with more welfare. Where can we go if we retire? Sick no money for treatment still demand cash, can’t use all medisave money. We have no China to go back to. Some end up in Bedok reservoir, splatter themselves all over Marina casino lobby, meet MRT train head-on or die in some Johore old folks home.

  4. SINYoobi said

    Make your money in Singapore and retire in China. Yang Mu is not the only one. There are plenty new citizens who do likewise. Government please wake up.

    • Maybe Sing better than Talk said

      Yes, fully agree.

      Also he would be the last one either. Pinoy and Ah neh will also be doing the same. Singapore is just simply a gold mine to them and once they have digged enough and time to go back to their home country to enjoy the fruits of labour (easy money) in their twilight years, they will leave with any hesitation.

  5. Helpless Singaporean said

    Why wait till retirement. BUZZ OFF NOW!!!!
    Oops so sorry. Forgot that you’re here to steal money from singaporeans. Once u’ve got enough then u’ll return to ur shithole.

  6. PRC and our MIWs are no different in their objective – enriched themselves as much as they can while leeching on SG and don’t care about fellow SG folks about their hardships and problems…SHAMEFUL & DESPICABLE PEOPLE

  7. Nabey said

    To all PRCs,
    Good to hear u are leaving. If u want to leave now, contact me. I give u free air ticket. Offer while stock last!

  8. Naivety said

    Yang Mu, please FO now ASAP please…no need to wait for retirement lah!

  9. SG said

    Yang Mu, I despise you. Have some integrity and leave now.

  10. Nice Person said

    Please go back to China now. Singaporean no need you. Only those who need your vote need you.

  11. Pai Sei said

    OMG, the pix i saw PRC shitting at MRT stn? Garment pls send this unwelcome guy back becoz u invited uncivilised ppl to SGP.

  12. Ren said

    Solution:Dont make them earn their money easy here…

  13. Bai Hu said

    Hello Mr Yang. Why do u have to wait until retirement? U can immediately f**k back to China anytime u wishes & no sain Singaporean will stop u. When u say & plan things like that, it goes to shop that u just wanna siphon off all the good things in SG & when there is nothing else for u to benefit from, u go back to china. In the past, people will consider u a traitor, who is willing to trade your country’s interest to the enemy. If I am the Chinese government & knowing your selfish intentions, will think twice to taking u back. Don’t forget, u abandoned your China citizenship first!!!

  14. CCB said

    WT….Hell !! The picture show >>>> Pic: PRC ‘FT’ relieving himself outside Bedok MRT station in Singapore ! What A dog !!!

  15. Virgorian said

    I just love to screw PRC girl, cheap and real good

  16. kumantong said

    Not happy then go back now la.. why wait till retire.. dun force urself ..

  17. Singapuraboi said

    Not surprising Yang Mu that u don’t feel Singaporean cos u were not naturalised properly in the first place. U were not educated on our history, literature, culture and languages to understand the local trend of thought. Look at why we never were upset with the scores of Malaysians coming to Singapore to work I the past cos they think, talk and live like us.
    Having lived in the US, they ensured even students going there for studies are naturalised so we don’t displace their way of life and helped us adapt to the US lifestyle. You think our govt is good? I think what the US govt did is good for us foreigners. We were able to fit I’m well enough and help reduce much of potential any discrimination. As I sounded, dressed thought and behaved rather American, I was easily accepted.
    In Singapore we don’t do that and the cha between us and them gets wider everyday.

    • Jo said

      Totally agree which country in the world will will ask it citizen to follow the culture and way of life of the outsider shouldn’t it be the other way round i guess it only here in Sin we find this.

  18. bob said

    seriously why give them citizenship?

  19. nocando said

    they are noisy people.

  20. enough said

    please go back , the faster the better,

    go back to your great country,

    dominated by manchurian for over 300 years, a tribal race

    bullied by the British, The russian, the portuguese, the american, the japanese,the germans, and the french

    this is how great is your country

    • John said

      Very nice of you to cherry pick all the less glorious portions of China’s long history. Continue with your logical fallacies.

  21. I am sad you think this way.In the first did your country(China)give you such a great life.Infact you should be complaining about your country of origin for not making happy,and you have come to Singapore for greater opportunities,which you could not find in your country of origin.Well,Singaporeans may have their their own culture.So you have to adopt yourself to that way.And learn to make your self happy,and to be grateful to Singapore Govt.and the people to have give you this opportunity.You know actually you have deprived one of their own citizens of the opportunity given to you.I know your(China)culture is different.Just be happy.And if you want to go back,just say thank you.Don’t hurt the feeling of the people who gave you a great opportunity.
    With Reguards To You.GOD BLESS YOU.

  22. John said

    Yeah, I would want to leave a country where everybody acts like jerks too. Just look at all your responses. Uncultured savages.

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