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Yaacob Ibrahim urges all netizens to develop internet ‘code of conduct’ to control cyberspace

Posted by temasektimes on July 29, 2012

In a desperate attempt to rein in on Singapore’s boisterous blogosphere, Information, Communications and the Arts Minister, Yaacob Ibrahim has called on all netizens to come together to develop an ‘internet code of conduct.’

Speaking to some 800 students from 50 secondary and post-secondary institutions at a dialogue, Dr Yaacob said a code of conduct is meant to encourage civilised behaviour online.

He added that a code of conduct would set the parameters for an honest, constructive and rational discussion.

“If you think let’s say a certain minister is lousy, that’s an opinion, we won’t go after you. But if you say the minister is corrupt, you must back that with facts because that’s an accusation, that’s an allegation,” he thundered.

Dr Yaacob also threatened to take legal action against those who ‘defamed’ him online:

“If you tell me I’m corrupt, I will tell you to justify it, if not I’ll see you in court. How then can you say the same thing in the internet and get away with it? Cannot be.”

Though the idea of an internet code of conduct was mooted a year ago, it is still not put into practice yet as it received little support from major blogs and forums such as The Temasek Times which now has almost half the internet traffic of the all new media sites in Singapore.

The PAP has been using pro-PAP bloggers such as one former WP member and notorious Sammyboy forumer who started a public whore house site lately masquerading as an ‘independent’ site to serve its vested interests.


48 Responses to “Yaacob Ibrahim urges all netizens to develop internet ‘code of conduct’ to control cyberspace”

  1. sweetee said

    Too bad, Find out who really has the internet DOMAIN of CONTROL.

  2. Nabey said

    Yes sir! Because u say, we will heed your advise to develop a good conduct over internet. As I was taught in school and army, to lead by example, we should also follow the conduct of our leaders, exchange contract for sex, sell ur body to get good promotion and grades, manipulate bidding so that nobody other than ur favourite will win, pysho people for donations and claim that god will help u, let PRCs bully our old folks and keep quiet.
    May I know are we a nation that move each step to a better state? Or backwards? Salary not enough that’s why corruption?

  3. The Doctor said

    So much for freedom of speech. They gonna do what the Chinese government does about the Internet? Or North Korea? People should be allowed to express their opinions, no matter how inflammatory others may perceive them to be. That’s what freedom is, and that’s why governments hate it so much.

    • bs said

      if they are really goody 2 shoes & clean, nobody has anything to say. leaves don’t ruffle without wind, no?

      • Edmund said

        Or there is no smoke without fire.They scared people anyhow hantam govt, will have an effect on 2016.So now better tell people not to say things anyhow – frighten people a little lah.

  4. horse face ho said

    trying to scare the students, well done well done

  5. Cher said

    My opinion is most ministers as LOUSY.

    • chia said

      well said not only that,they dont really want to help sinaporean .touch our heart will know which type of people will help or not and no need to be rich or pay million.

  6. Dreamer said

    Seriously.. This guy needs to learn about communication… That said abt our freedom of speech…!

  7. kaypoh said

    Haha u give proof then u kena defamation suit then u give public apology in NST or personal apology to the MP, lol….so what do u think?

  8. Annoymous said

    That pic(top) is so gay.

  9. SG Talent said

    My opinion is PAP is lousy

  10. Unhappy said

    You need not to be corrupt to annoy. You just need to sit there, do nothing and collect millions to piss people off.

  11. Naivety said


  12. Effendy said

    Freedom of speech does not incl freedom to make false accusations / freedom to lie, if thats the society we sought for then thats sad. Freedom of speech is to bring about truth hence it has to be backed w evidence to make credible statements

  13. angry singaporean said

    freedom of speech gone…now wat..

    i think i go emigrate better instead of staying in this stupid place, where everything has been occupied by FT, FT and more FTs..

    oh well, i did vote for opposition during GE2011,but 60.1% of fellow singaporeans are too daft to vote for famiLEE..

    so its ur choice,u decide…

    VOTE FOR CHANGE IN 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    VOTE FOR CHANGE IN 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    VOTE FOR CHANGE IN 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    VOTE FOR CHANGE IN 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mod’s note:

    This is unlikely to happen so long the PAP’s ‘B’ team – the ‘Wayang Party’ is not eradicated.

  14. Like in real life, when someone accuses someone else of something, he must prove it. If he can’t, he can be sued for defamation. This applies to everybody.

  15. iloveft said

    Code of conduct? What about code of minister? WHAT DO YOU THINK!!!!

  16. Javert said

    Very reasonable suggestion. I support it.

  17. Julie Ong said

    Mr Yaacob Ibrahim, you’re a joke! An ignoramus and charlatan as well. We are now in the age of freedom/openness and here you are espousing the despicable, ‘hitting below the belt’ tactics used by our previous prime ministers. What do you actually hope to achieve? Frighten us? You should be the one afraid because we can kick you out in GE2016! Please do your job and come up with something wholesome and beneficial thereby justifying your high ministerial salary. Kindly explain ‘the parameters of honest, constructive and rational discussion’.
    The citizens of Singapore have every right to criticise government policies. Remember, you work for us and we do not have to be answerable to you, let alone take these veiled threats which should be totally rejected and laughed off.
    An honest, constructive and rational piece for you to take to your colleagues:
    Lift your performance. Lecture less. Work harder, particularly in raising the standard of living of Singaporeans towards the genuine ‘Swiss Standard’.

    We are still WAITING!

  18. Angry Citizen said

    See you in court, sue, anything new? where don’t he just SHUT UP.

  19. tuck u understand! said

    ya do what China do.. block all the key words. Like Hsien or Tin or whatever you like. Maybe life would be better for Singaporeans if we see less of your news online.

  20. enough said

    he look like a monkey in a tropical forest calling his mate

  21. enough said

    let us singaporean unite and make sure he will not be in the next parliament

  22. Tan Yan Ren said

    Yaacob Ibrahim,
    You talk to the students…how about talking to us , me invite me , you can access to my email with my blessing…i will debate with you in the open public in front of the WORLD press not local “DE PRESS!!!!”. Let the whole Singapore DECIDE !!!.Dont you DARE !!!talk down to us Singaporeans…ME.ME!!!take up my challenge!!

    • Bleep said

      You want to debate with him send him an email. You post here no use. If not you’re just another person filled with hot air la, just like our ministers.

  23. Benny said

    The problem is not with the ‘code of conduct’ that they want us to focus on. The main focus is, why are people writing in such tone? I mean, if you guys are doing great, why would people still complain? Out of boredom? Too much time? Tell me, where’s the logic?

  24. Wanderer said

    Aiyo my opinion is that he is truly an idiot.

  25. ak said

    hey you suck and i wouldn’t be surprised if CPIB comes digging out some corrupted ministers some day. provided CPIB themselves are not run by the government!

    whoops i used the word corrupted. Sue me?

  26. fox said

    Sir, have you develop code of conduct among ministries? how come so many dissatisfied citizen?

  27. P Koh said

    What ever is on one’s mind and if he wishes to to vent his anger, it is best to make sure the facts are established before making any accusation. I am sure that the person accused would want proof as his reputation is at stake especially if he iis a minister.

  28. fox said

    … and to continue from the previous, how can you develop code of conducts for millions while you can’t develop code of conduct for a few?
    Look at your staffs who work at government sectors. How many scandals are there now?

  29. mahbok tan said

    This abang hah should just go back to where he belong……in USA with his family… can a husband left his wife back in USA….???? Irresponsible hubby isn;t he…????
    What kind of family man he is….??? Now abang no need to preach to peasant like us about COC in the internet….u only talk but action = ZERO…!!!!

  30. Iceman said

    Do you think by making a code of conduct will stop netizens from talking, thinking & saying more than the old man’s head … ???

  31. True BLUE Sinkie said

    This stupid minster has nothing between is two ears. He should go back to his kampong and sell nasi lemak instead. He doesn’t speak sense even when he was in the ministry of environment. He look retarded anyway.

  32. Denzuko1 said

    If there has been a proper code of conduct you would have been asked to resign for failure to tackle the flood instead of quietly transferred to handle another department, you should not Be here talking cock now,

  33. Fed Up Singaporean said

    I urge PAP to come together and develop a code of STFU and respect basic human rights…

  34. Kelly said

    What Yaacob Ibrahim is really calling for is not a “Code of Conduct” but for a “Code of Conformity”. He can forget it. The PAP has betrayed Singaporeans with its pro-alien policies. It cannot be trusted. The only way forward for Singaporeans is REGIME CHANGE. The PAP must be thrown out of Parliment in GE2016.

  35. Rotten said

    Ha. how about most of our ministars are corrupted in their minds?

  36. Steve said

    Quote from the Movie V for Vendetta “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
    , I hope the people remember this. The people voted and chosen the leader (Government) to lead them, and in return we are punished by our own creation. You are given Freedom in your next vote.

  37. risa said

    First Yaccob pushes his hidden party agenda to police the internet, gets his bro in law Cherian george to pitch as accomplished academic – (Zuraidah Ibrahim’s hubby -Ex ST, SPH while she remains ST and even LKY’s team of authors for his boos like Hard truth). Then now he openly tells of suing all those who challenge him. let us sue him if he insunates Singaproeans as idiots, and fools. Ask him to ensure whether his son will first serve NS or not or run away to America as his family is American citizens and he just hurriedly applied for his children’s US citizenship when exposed online during last GE2011. First think whether what you even did for the poor Malay Muslim people you supposed to represent but talk down in arrogrance when your own loyalty and ass in with one leg in USA. Shame on you Yaccob Ibrahim.

  38. ngpy said

    Is Yaccob Ibrahim also an American Citizen as well as a Singapore Citizen. How did he apply for American Citizenship on behalf of his family with ease. Can anyone enlighten please.

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