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CHC’s propaganda video: Kong Hee is the ‘greatest man’ I have ever known

Posted by temasektimes on July 30, 2012

In response to the negative publicity it received in the media recently, City Harvest Church has filmed a ‘propaganda’ video ‘dedicated’ to the church and its leadership.

Though no names were mentioned explicitly, it is pretty obvious that the tributes in the video were directed to its founder Kong Hee who was described as a “world changer’, a “history maker” and the ‘greatest man’ on earth.


110 Responses to “CHC’s propaganda video: Kong Hee is the ‘greatest man’ I have ever known”

  1. sunhub said

    thieves robbing the church coffers can also be made famous.

    The day will surface that he will be danmed famous with the inmates in Changi

    • Derrick Boh said

      How much were they paid to do it?

      • dereth said

        Do you think these youths would be so stupid as to accept payment to participate in this video?!?!

        These youths will pay more out of their pocket to be included into this video.

      • IronMan said

        How much? Let’s see…..Eternal Damnation of the Soul (EDS).

        The Bible reads. : Beware of False Prophets.
        The Quran reads : I am Muhammad(s.a.w), there is no other prophet after me.
        CHC : Gimme all of your worldly possession to KH to redeem your soul. And I shall dub thee, “SUCKERS…!!”
        The Devil said : I shall grant u worldly riches, in return for your soul.

        CHC or The Devil..? I rather choose the Devil. What do u think?


    • hmm.. said

      Whatever happened to “Thou shall not have idols”? Idolizing Con Hee, thinking he’s the greatest man on earth???? What is this????

      • Greg said

        well, maybe all the die hard followers all received significant benefit. once Con Hee go to CELL grp mtg for the rest of his life, all such followers will have to find a proper job or other church w/o such huge monetary benefits.

        or maybe they scared Con Hee will drag them down with it so die die must make sure they don’t get implicated via Con Hee.


  3. Cool said


  4. Thieves will of course praise the thieves. Haven’t you heard them saying : if you are just going to depend on your salary, just until when are you going to work?

  5. No Can Do said

    He’ll never be ‘famous’ with his theft of his followers’ monies. The correct adjective is ‘infamous’, which he’ll be in local history.
    The court shd send him away for a long term of incarceration for his unrepentent and defiant response to his misdeeds as an example to all wouldbe cheating pastors.

  6. Naivety said

    Wow, how much were all these volunteers given to make this “propaganda” video?

  7. The Gardener said


  8. Wanderer said

    Hypocrite deserves a place in Chang prison, and then in Hell.

  9. The Gardener said

    Till you see the Heavens that God has created … …. ….

  10. Roger said

    There’s no need to twist their words and intentions, or be too literal here.
    The believers are dedicating this to their church (place) and their maker (god).
    Let the trial unfold. If the facts stand that he is innocent, then like Ram Tiwary, he will go a free man.
    Stranger things have happened.

  11. Anonymous said

    Just flagged that video on youtube for spam – scams/fraud. Idolising their pastor? that’s absolutely blasphemous and repulsive… Needless to say, I also disliked the video.

  12. Mike Lum said

    How can he be the greatest man on earth when the Man he preaches is already the One?

  13. Terry said

    Greatest man on Earth … Wow!

  14. WTF said


  15. I am only eagerly waiting for the day the court gives its verdict on all those charged! I believe in karma!

  16. Impressed said

    Wow, they even have worship and praise for MAN!!!

  17. SG Talent said

    His words really did “changed” their lives :p

  18. jacque lee said

    I saw this video and it is really sick for CHC sympathisers to produce it in praise of the disgraced pastor. These gullible kids I believe are influenced to part their allowances and contributed to CHC and him. He has long term plan to secure his future income as he most probably want to milk them when they grow up into adults and hence can contribute 10% of their future earnings. How can these kids sing he is the greatest man on earth. Don’t their fathers who brought them to this world and raised them with their sweats and bloods deserve this title. Please note that fathers and mothers are the one who worry day and night and make ultimate sacrifice for their kids. The disgraced pastor will not be around in time of needs and I can recall one guy approached the pastor for help after giving him everything and with all his wealth he refused him and just offered him prayers when his mother is in hospital. The pastor really deserve what he digged himself into. Somebody need to do something to these midsguided kids because their current thinking is not good for their family, society and christianity.

  19. Martin said

    Our PAP needs people like Con Hee. One person can brainwash the whole country, don’t need to import FTs liao.

  20. aphid said

    re kong hee being a “history maker” and the “greatest man” on earth – blasphemy?

    what about jesus?!?

  21. dan2429E said

    ….nice song but shouldn’t this song be dedicated to Jesus instead ?……

  22. Meow meow said

    These teens have been brainwashed! Theyy are worshipping a man and not God.
    Omg! It is God who changes their lives and NOT any human being! Definitely not this disgraceful man!
    Without God, KH can do nothing. This man who cheated deserves to be punished. If he is guilty, he will not be able to get away from jail freely.

    Wake up kids! Focus on God and His words! Go study your Bible and have a better understanding of God’s purpose!

  23. sibei tulan said

    Oh Gosh! they treat him like God. even greater than Jesus Himself.

    what greatest man …what history maker ..wah lau…all these ppl Seow liao.
    where is your parent ?????? never heard from them that their parent are the greaters
    ungra’ …lots….with out your parent u will be stil in the drain on rubbish ….wake up!

  24. Kny said

    “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects..

  25. SuSu said

    The lyrics are wrong, it should be “The GREATEST THIEF the world has even known”

  26. The Lord said

    Deluded fools. Blind faith personified.
    Everyone should check out their new song, prob be released when this scam artist gets jailed for life next month.
    I heard its titled ‘Release Our Saviour Now! Hes Innocent’

  27. kaypoh said

    Pui! Even as a thief he is not fit to lick Madoff’s asshole lah,

    This propaganda only fit to con his sheeple lah

  28. stevenadosan said

    Pastor like him needs to go through 2 types of judges….2nd one….watching….will decide last..

  29. Ron said

    Let him part the waters to Sentosa as Moses did. Then I will call him the Greatest man on Earth. Meanwhile I will still use the causeway.

  30. Deon Pen said

    i never thought our youthd can be so easily brainwashed and thanks goodness they were never told to be a suicide bombers, wake up kids and do not let your parents worry about your future, this guy is going to jail no matter what happen and the best he is put in jail for a long period so our youth will be free from his gains and his preaching.

  31. Sovereign said

    Clearly these people only want positive comments. Its sickening to know how much these people idolize him as if hes some god-send when actually all he is doing is siphoning their money and smiling to the bank.

    How is this any good at all…

  32. the fact that they have such a strong identification with CHC, and worship of KH, already mark this as a cult.
    note that God is secondary, Jesus is irrelevant for them.

  33. Annoymous said

    Everything starts young, including brainwash-ing, like this video.

  34. kaypoh said

    He “earned” more than LHL any day, and LHL already earned more than any other PM, therefore he is the “world changer’, a “history maker” and the ‘greatest man’ on earth…

  35. Mike Zeng said

    I agree….any man who can persuade 38,000 educated people to hand over their big bucks ( no coins pl) even on a regular monthly basis by giro, must be a very great man with hypnotic powers!
    I should have gone into this lucrative business of religion instead of foodstuff.

  36. Tang Soon Yee said

    I really love this video seeing all the youths .To CHC youths : only be very clearminded – Love Jesus ! Remember read the Bible always always always for it is the Bible, the word of truth that gives you Life .If you will continue as a Christian for many more years , it will be Jesus and His word that will keep you on and on.

  37. kaypoh said

    Oh,probably another $5 mil will be found missing….. gone into making this Academy Award masterpiece 🙂

  38. Ah Heng said

    A reflection inspired by the song “The Greatest Place” released by some youths from City Harvest Church:

  39. mahbok tan said

    Whats the do CHC and PAP have in common…..Blind followers…..!!!

  40. Kster said

    Happy NDP~ wait…… this is not a NDP sound for LKY ar? Sorry ar, my bad…..
    So this song is for greatest man? Bat Man? Super Man? Spider Man?
    o~ for Con Man ar, okok, he is really history maker, World Changer. He seriously should think of joining PAP, he will be a gd tool for PAP as a Brain Washer, Money Maker. He change my life, bloody cheater~

  41. dred said

    What a pity..great song..really great song..but not a word about Jesus.Pastor..there is no doubt you have watched this…man, I would rewrite the words and make sure your kids sing.’Jesus, the greatest man I have ever known.”…what’s matter, have you taught your youths to love a building! a place! but are ashamed to declare the name of Jesus!?? Then what’s point?
    If even those who have prophesied in His name , drove out demons in His name and done miracles in His name are in danger of being told by Him,’ I never knew you, away from me , you evil doers!’..then what of those who have raised up youths/a church who can’t include His name in their song.
    If these youths are the fruit of CHC, then the judgement is clear…for whatever the heart is full of , it overflows unto the mouth. hearts full of praises for a place, a building, a man…but not Jesus.
    Rewrite the song..instead of ‘he is the greatest man i have ever known”, change it to ‘jesus, the greatest man i will ever know.’

  42. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    History maker and greatest man on earth? Who? Kong Hee? Wow, that makes me Saint Ken MANSUKHANI! Reason being, I don’t screw the public for money and yet make my monthly contributions to an orphanage in Singapore in my own quiet way. Please, come popularise me as a tribute in your CHC video and you will realise how wrong all you followers are about depicting Kong Hee so highly. I on the othet hand will make your day CHC movie guys!

  43. Cynthia Lim said

    who r we to judge? R u god? Let GOD be GOD, we as HIS servant should uphold our leaders in prayer. Our leaders r all made of flesh like u & me. They aren’t god.

  44. If there is no law in this world then “He is the Greatest person” but with law “He is called scammed “.

  45. Not another brick in the wall said

    I’m having a nipple erection while listening to this. hmmmmmm am i touched by the chosen one?

  46. 5vvaper said

    He didn’t tithe to SG god of wealth la

  47. CYF21 said

    I dont understand, when they say such things like homes, world changing, etc, have they ever thought about their parents? Who worked hard to give them a home to live, food to eat, clothes to wear, money to spend and support they needed? I don’t know about others, but for me, I thank my parents for giving me every single thing I owned now. Whatever my accomplishments are, I will never take away credit from my parents. For the home they given me is my kingdom, the care they shown me is my luxury.

  48. WEE said

    I think Changi prison has a career opening “Pastors wanted. To lead the prison congregation. Preferably a “world changer’, a “history maker” and the ‘greatest man’ on earth”

  49. gw said

    Why isnt the greatest man Jesus?

  50. Sam said

    When someone became too intelligent, too much power, they became greed and fallen into devil. Same goes to angel fallen to devil.

  51. patrick ng said

    chc go Bonkus!! that Pastard Kong really sud… turning Christians to Konstian…

  52. lsvop said

    Think he can only con kids, or what they call themselves, youth. Try conning the COC or judge. Then he’ll be the greatest!

  53. Confused said

    the song is good and voices great and it is worthy that these youths are producing such a lovely song. They may sing of jesus or maybe Konghee – at least they are out of the streets and learning some of God’s word. For Kong Hee – i suppose God will judge him. for much power comes great burden.

  54. Vincent Ng said

    They are the greatest salesman in the world, no one can beat them, thing turn out so dirty and ugly already still can make one this kind of video to show and want to continue to bluff people somemore. I truly respect your for being so daring and bold no doubt of what your leader had been exposed of all he and his group of kaki’s cheating.

  55. Vincent Ng said

    I admire the leader’s life, no matter what he do, he will still have money rolling into his bank, even he and his wife sun ho goes to jail, they come out, still will be rich forever, what they had did in order for all these money rolling in the bank no matter what happen is definitely worth it for their whole life. But a few millions still have to suffer and work everyday and still must give them money. God knows what happen and i believe he will do some justice about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Ken said

    WRONG ! WRONG ! COMPLETELY WRONG ! CHC members …When God handled the 10 commandments to Moses and the very 1st biblical principles is “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”. Kong Hee was just a servant of God but he betrays God’s principles to make use of Christianity to fulfill his own dreams and personal interest. Go and study the bible !!

  57. Chow Yi Ling said

    Temasek Times, you’ve done it again – misrepresenting the truth!
    In the song, the singers profess he is “the greatest man I (they) have ever know… the greatest man I (they) will ever know.”
    NOT “the greatest man on earth.”

    There is a big difference in the 2 versions. I’d like to see more honest reporting from this blog that enjoys such a wide following.

    • Steward said

      There is a difference but if the version that you claimed is right then will you be taking Jesus identity as a man as well? Did CHC taught them about Jesus as both a Man and God? Unless the Man part of Jesus is taken away or not known by those who wrote the song, then it is still wrong for them to pronounce that KH is the greatest man they have ever known.

      • Chow Yi Ling said

        I scarcely think anyone would refer to Jesus as a normal man. Theological differences exist amongst the different churches some of which would classify Jesus as God in human form but God nonetheless. In any case, I am objecting to what I see as yet another instance in a series of dishonest/inaccurate reporting by Temasek Times. Misquoting the song as referring to Kong Hee as “greatest man on earth” immediately suggests they imply Kong Hee is better than any other living man. There are many contenders for such a title and even so, proclaiming any one person as better than any other is likely to be a case of childish oversimplification/exaggeration. And THAT, is what many people now mock. The phrase “greatest man on earth” is being thrown around on the internet when the singers never put it in such terms. That is what does not sit well with me. I care not for what it may imply about warped Christian ideology. Who ever wrote this article ought to have been more responsible/careful.

  58. Mind said

    There’s a man
    With a soul full of faith
    With a soul full of love
    And one big heart
    As he stands
    With his arms stretched open wide
    To every broken heart, they’ll never be the same
    Of all things his love’s undeniable
    His words impact the hearts of the World
    He’s a world changer and a history maker
    The greatest man that I have ever known x 2
    But he is no God
    Why do you guys make him sounds as if he is God
    No one can change history unless he goes back to the past
    So do you mean he is a traveller?
    If he is a World changer, then the whole world will only worship Jesus
    Why are there still so many religions out there?

    This song is just made for him, but is he really the greatest man on Earth?
    Who knows? Maybe it is just a self-fulfilling prophecy after all.

  59. Natureschild said

    One must take off his hat to Kong Hee for his uncanny ability to transform young humans into deluded sheep. He committed fraud of $50.6 million and is a charged criminal, yet all these brainwashed youths worship him like a god calling him ‘the greatest man on earth’!
    Except for Samuel Caleb Wee who wrote:

  60. Merlion said

    Who is the greatest man? Kong Hee? If yes, than CHC got it all wrong.

  61. Friend said

    What’s going on with all the remaining pastors of CHC ??? Is there really NON righteous enough to speak out, counsel Kong Hee & bring him back to the RIGHT PATH…..

    Do u really feel & think all those videos that his wife acted in is really of good influence & not causing youngsters to stumble.

    GOD is not blind. HE does to need our help.

  62. phongy said

    this song is even better then our national theme song !

  63. phongy said

    man goes to church and believing in man but turn away from GOD !!!

  64. kp said


  65. Ron said

    WTH? In arrogance…Kong Hee refuses to humbly apologize for dragging the church down…he is merely a servant of God…servant of the church although he is the leader…yet in this time he still shamefacedly tries to glorify himself as some god-like figure who can do no wrong, above God? we all know Satan was disguised as an angel of light, acc to the Bible. deceiving many…that is why Satan is called the Deceiver.

    What a stark difference to Jesus…who was completely innocent yet willingly let himself be unjustly punished by suffering cruxifiction.
    What a stark difference to Jesus….who washed his disciples’s feet…whereas you…are robbing the people’s money to buy branded soap to wash your feet LOL

    Humility 101…fail.

  66. bebopkaloobop said

    while listening to this, I felt shivers running up and down my spine…and it wasn’t in a good way! completely cringeworthy!

  67. Rotten said


  68. Ron said

    HAHA… this is super hilarious.

    I know the people that were involved in this and IT IS NOT PROPAGANDA.

    The church did not pay anyone to get this done. It was done on a VOLUNTEER basis.

    Stop speculation NONSENSE and get to doing stuff that needs to be done.

  69. The Word said

    When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.

  70. P Koh said

    Music and song have definitely played a part in shaping the emotions of these youths. Such wasted talent on the wrong thing and focusing instead on the teachings of the Lord but the man delivering it, is just UNBELIEVABLE.

  71. John Goh said

    Where is Jesus in all these video?

  72. jackster said

    With all the money that I get from the people I believe I could definitely do a better job than kong hee with my eyes closed. Wake up please all you blind people, the only reason he is always smiling at all of you is because you all are his money tree

  73. For HE loves me said

    Oh dear! Parents of these youth need to worry. It looks like going to church for some time didn’t make them see Jesus beyond Kong Hee. Unbelievable!!! Pastor Kong Hee what have you done????

  74. For HE loves me said

    Not only you have to answer to the authorities of the earth and also now the Lord!. Where have you lead your sheep to??

  75. samtheprophet said

    Obviously its easy to delude the youths….and Obviously they do not know the greatest man ever, Jesus…..

  76. Such incredible wasted talent! How can they even dare to make a video to thank a person who changed and shaped their lives forever? Its almost like giving a father a father’s day gift! Ridiculous! CHC members should be ashamed of this gratitude they are displaying!

  77. said

    Notice how there’s no mention of Jesus in the video ….

  78. cow beh said

    Opposition should field Kong Hee as candidate…maybe in AMK? Sure win…haha

    • kaypoh said

      Muthafuka will collect 10% from every AMK resident, before he will stand.
      Parliament sessions will be accompanied by speaking in tongues & singsong.
      Every Sunday he will talkcock, all $$$ collected will be spent making “music videos” like this.
      I’m sure u will die happy.

  79. kaypoh said

    Nabey! He dare usurp LKY’s throne?

  80. shame said

    This US pastor is convicted for doing the same thing as Kong Hee.

  81. simplecitizen said

    still asleep!!

  82. Sangrawi said

    This video is precisely the reason why Kong Hee should be put away for a long time in Changi prison, if he is found guilty by the court.

    More than material corruption, he is actively engaging in moral and spiritual corruption of the hearts and minds of these youth.

    Look at the damage that a similar powerful charismatic leader did to his followers, the nation and the generations that follow – Hitler.

  83. Natureschild said

    Looks like CONHEE and his coterie of fraudsters are desperately seeking mitigating factors to cover their dirty arses.
    The snake-oil salesman is obviously using gullible youngsters as pawns to boost his damaged integrity & image…

  84. Delacroix said

    my opinion this is one of the way to be millionaire easily……….
    do wrong thing..still can have lots of people defend you…… best….
    got fans, got $$$, got sentosa cove, easy job..just talk talk talk..and ppl believe in you…….even insurance agent on road show have a hard time to get client…….

  85. Kong Hee is Shit! said

    chao chee bye really CHC is a cult brainwashing its believer!

  86. Iron eagle said

    I have never failed to question the hypnotic properties of music and light and their use in religion. Did not any man read the pipe piper of hamlet? If god does exists, he is there even when there is stillness in silence and boredom. No flashy lights. No music. There is nothing but space and atoms. The rest are no more than one’s own physiological and psychological opinion.

  87. Cool said

    PAP ..U better lock K.H for life…if he join WP …u all sure die …. Hahahaha…

    Mod’s note:

    What’s the difference when WP is the PAP’s ‘B’ team?

    • Naivety said

      @Moderator, still better than ur stupid SDP who cannot even win a single seat at all in Parliament & ur Dr. Chee Soon Juan who is not even allowed & qualified to stand for election!!!

      Perhaps you should get Kong Hee Fatt Choy to join SDP instead…what do you think???

  88. James Tanny said


    If you want to freely comment on the video – you can do it here…

  89. Hok Kian Lung said

    Thio kong tau leow!

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