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Howard Shaw sentenced to 12 weeks’ jail for having sex with underage prostitute

Posted by temasektimes on July 30, 2012

Former executive director of the Singapore Environment Council and grandson of tycoon Run Run Shaw, Howard Shaw, has been sentenced to 12 weeks jail for having paid sex with an underage prostitute.

The 41 year old pleaded guilty in June to paying a 17-year-old girl S$500 for sex in October 2010. The prosecution has earlier asked for a three month sentence, saying that the offence warrants a custodial sentence as the minor involved is ‘worthy’ of protection as stated under the law

Adding that the extent of the culpability depends on whether Shaw tried to verify the minor’s age, the prosecution pointed out the accused took absolutely no steps to ascertain the girl’s age.

Shaw’s lawyer Harpeet Singh asked for a conditional discharge or a fine or the basis that “there was fraudulent misrepresentation in this case”, as the minor “colluded” with the pimp to hide her real age. He added that the minor was neither coerced into having sex, nor was she a victim of human trafficking.

Shaw is the second of the 51 men to be dealt with in the online vice ring crackdown after the former principal of Pei Chun Public School, Lee Lip Hong, who was sentenced to nine weeks’ jail for a similar offence with the same underage girl.

Shaw has decided to appeal, and his police bail of $10,000 was extended to court bail of the same amount.


20 Responses to “Howard Shaw sentenced to 12 weeks’ jail for having sex with underage prostitute”

  1. icefire said

    the law protecting the minor is not strict in SG …
    wat is the jail term of only 9 or 12 wk … they have ruins the life of a young ger … they give the ger the wrong impression of money can be earn easily when they open their leg …

    • steve said

      please la.. the law is protecting woman too much. the victims here are obviously all the men who are unaware that the girl is underage. the one who should be punished is the girl. she did all this for fast cash knowing that she’s underage, and look, she got away scot free. more like ruin the life of the men!

    • CCB said

      Ya lor !

    • Observer said

      But was the girl forced to do it? The girl is not a victim ok. She is the one who ruin these men.

    • Foxy said

      It’s that cb slut girl willing to open legs for money! That is why so many men kanna from her!

  2. ruined her ? Please lah – she can continue as prostitute – not yet 18 , trick guys into sleeping with her – NAME AND PICTURE PROTECTED BY COURT, where as a Law student – 23 , have affair with law professor is NAMED AND SHAMED
    Difference ? None of the guys who paid for fun are critics of the government

  3. hOt said

    Damn the Singapore Law. I’m not a supporter to those people patronizing prostitutes but our Parliament need to amend such Law. What protection of minor… damn it… she is in prostitution for the money. Protecting the young & innocent.. I ABSOLUTELY agree..

    • Ron said

      A teenage prostitute has more protection under current laws. What a shame.

      Am surprised that Shaw’s service in the Environmental Council was not recognised. This may discourage others to offer their services.

    • Rotten said

      govt is encouraging unerage girl for prostituting?

  4. Sad Old Man said

    I think there should be one penal code, apply to all.

    The WW case has proven without doubt that preferential treatment was given to WW. Now, with HS getting 12 weeks jail, its is possible the AG want to show Singaporean that the RICH is also charge under the same penal code. With appeal, SH should get less than 9 weeks. same as the principle Lee.

    However, KH for CHC is the true testing case for AG to proof that one penal code, apply to all. KH has deep deep connection to influential people.

    Let wait and see

  5. spotlessleopard said

    The Law is an ASS (quote and unquote JB Jeyeratnam) when it is ok tohave sex with a 16 year old but criinal to have sex with and under 18 year old who demanded oney for it…..

  6. Aminurasyid said

    What a fuck the law is talking about in Singapore. Willing seller and willing buyer without force for sex. Since the underage girl prostitute herself why blame the man that involve. Put the girl behind bar as she deserve to be punish also/

  7. leedavid said

    How come only the buyer is CHARGE, so r the COURT saying, u can SELL n not GET CHARGE?

  8. We can see some good light in Singapore Law..yes not everyone is aware of their happening till it realize is wrong likewise a gamble will not admit he is addicted till he lost all his fortune.
    Life is hard to the poor but not the rich and some just couldn’t care less of their doing …like they used to say “Do it first then think of the consequence “.

  9. lsvop said

    Moral of the story, screw a girl above 16 but don’t pay money. You are save. but pay her money and you go to jail. Uniquely Singapore

  10. P Koh said

    The law is there to protect the young and the innocent. If the girl knows that what she is doing can cause harm to the unsuspecting cutomer when she misrepresents her age, and yet she still does it for the money can we say that she is innocent?
    She gets paid and probably enjoyed the session while the man paid for it and get charged. Can we have a Men’s Charter?

  11. Helen ng said

    Singapore is having a very serious problem now this is like encouraging the young girls they can go ahead and sell themselves even when underage. Any way it’s the man that will get caught not the girl. Girls! Need money sell yourself now

  12. Naivety said

    Yep, totally inequitable & unfair law!
    Girls under the age of 18 Years Old are indirectly being encouraged to prostitute & sell themselves for cash as they will never ever get prosecuted & well protected by the Woman’s Charter Act,,,p

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