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Illegal parking along double-yellow line by Certis motorcycle

Posted by temasektimes on July 30, 2012

I attached three photos showing a Certis motor cycle parked on 20th July 2012 at around 1030 hrs along a double white line outside the Pasir Ris CC. (near POSB ATM and opposite the Chinese temple).

I stood there for 15 mins and the officer did not return. I had enough time to take more than 5 pictures.

Cisco-Certis, please do not give me the excuse that he is performing his duty as there were no summon on a bike parked at the pavement and no officer was seen in the vicinity.

I have written to Cisco-Certis for any explanation and the penalty meted out to the culprit. The pictures alone can convict him and no other explanation is required. A Picture tells a thousand words. It is high time they get a taste of their own medicine.



50 Responses to “Illegal parking along double-yellow line by Certis motorcycle”

  1. Sad Old Man said

    Outstanding Pic, well done

  2. Genghis khan said

    Certis Cisco sucks!

  3. The Gardener said

    Waohhhh!!! Corruption in the highest level!!!

  4. Persis said

    Good work, Anthony. Now we shall wait and see what excuse Cisco-Certis comes up with.
    Or perhaps for us mere citizens there is one law, and for them there is an elite law – like in Animal Farm.

    • spotlessleopard said

      IN Animal Farm: “Surely You do not WANT Jones back?”

      • Edmund said

        Cisco Certis will surely say that the officer suddenly has a stomache and he has no time to look for a proper parking space.Sure can one cos my friend also say the same to MP and his summon was withdrawn when he parked his motobike in the void deck.

      • Ah Kong said

        Cannot give that excuse lah. Sudden stomach ache can park swee swee meh?
        Should really throw’ the bike down. then can use the excuse.

    • Ken Lee said

      want reason? motor breakdown law!

  5. Chinese said

    What is the point?
    You think punishment will be meted out to him? Dream on la.
    Remember to put coupon can already, then this people will not bother you.

  6. leung said

    Good to leave a voice but I guess they will protect themselves with tons of excuse .

  7. simplecitizen said

    Since now that parking offences are meted by these “people”, would the proper authorities please act accordingly and we would appreciate if we are being updated on the final course of action on the culprit. Thank you.

  8. Jack said

    they are the Chen Hu nang, what can you say?

  9. Accumulator said

    You would think they really bother ? My neighbour reported one of their warden illegal U turn and nearly caused an accident at sims drive near to the durian stores couple of months back with full detail including the cisco bike number plate. In the end also no reply from them.

  10. Ismail said

    best excuse… thank for finding our stolen bike…!!! hahahahahaha!!!

  11. SkinFT said

    The police went to shit lah. Emergency lah. Where to find parking lot? If you think they are even reading your stupid email then you are so wrong. Next thing you will know your own car will get thousands of summons. Look at your self first, if you wanna fuck their dogs up. SELF REFLECT. WHAT DO YOU THINK.

  12. pussywagon said

    CERTIS, ura, hdb, lta SUXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Speechless said

    this Anthony very free sia. stood there for 15mins? for a moment, i thought i am reading Stomp…

  14. yousawthiscoming said

    well this guy seems to be embrassed to be a singaporean

  15. kaypoh said

    Ok, so he saman himself, take $$ from left pocket put into right pocket? lol

  16. evilc said

    What about those cars that parked outside Mosque on Friday afternoon? Most of them just parked along double yellow line. Cisco Certis didn’t do anything about it as well. So if i go temple or church and park along the double yellow line just outside the premise, does that entitles me to free parking as well?

    • don talk cock said

      Dude don start on this sensitive issue man. The issue is about this bike park illegaly. Don side track

  17. kaydee said

    Was he summoning your vehicle that you’re taking revenge….

  18. Agree that we need to be “Correct” and officer of that bike definitely has make a mistake. Do you realise that you might just get another Singaporean jobless of this complain and making this viral? And this bad record will stay with this officer for life and screwed up their whole life and if he/she is the only bread winner.

    Yes, we can feedback and complain to respective agencies, but making this viral is too much. Now this is what I call Singaporean destroying another Singaporean rice bowl for good.

  19. zaini said

    This is nothing new and have captured few picture of certis parked illegal and bring up their attention but they will not comments.

  20. hey ho! said

    great job anthony… don’t forget to post their replies to your email… 🙂

  21. hachoo said

    Many years ago I saw a private car parked at an illegal parking zone at a local hawker center. I went closer and saw the windscreen displayed SPF special logo sticker…from the traffic police division. I asked the auntie nearby and she said in hokkien ” Tau Kow laibin jia peng ” meaning Inspector having lunch inside. My mind was like… What !!! From that day onwards my respect for traffic police dropped a few notches….

  22. icefire said

    the picture will be ignore !!!
    the government will not listen or entertain the feedback of singaporean …

  23. Singaporean said

    He should have park on the pavement…. *rolleyes*

  24. mahbok tan said

    Allo SGporean …. first we complain and complain and complain like so free like dat and then they say no evidence ! Now we complain with evidence ! They diam diam make stupid coz they know their boss can chiam siong with the GOVT OF THE DAY…!!!

    Next step is to bring a can of petrol and just burn it off ….but hor if u kena don’t blame me hor….we sure kena wan but for them its closed eyes close ears but open leg BIG BIG and smile oso BIG BIG coz the GOVT got BIG MONEY BIG MONEY ma…..!!! KNNBCCB….!!!

  25. solaris8899 said

    well said…good pic

  26. Petrus said

    they will get away with it…after all, Certis Cisco is part of the government organization, and they do enjoy certain privileges that commoners like you and I don’t!

  27. Tax Payer said

    They owe the law, we are law abiding.

  28. simon said

    Summon himself an get fine for $50. Then for carry out his duty impartially, get $100 for good performance. So in the end…left pocket to right pocket the tax payer still lose.

  29. Naivety said

    His motorbike was stolen & was discarded there…LOL!

  30. these lorries got away said

    he’s parked here, so these people got away :::::::::

  31. Ron said

    Hey, he was doing the motorists a service. By being parked in a prominent spot, motorists know they are around and will park properly.

    I will suggest he puts the flashing light on too… make it prominent.

  32. hmm.. said

    Well done Anthony!!

  33. Ugly singapore enforcement unit! said

    Ugly singapore enforcement unit!
    They are excuting the law and yet committing act “against teh law”

  34. Asaqaq said

    u call LTA to report illegal parking, they send certis cisco to summon certis cisco bike…very unlikely, can try next time

  35. ngpy said

    Hello, you people don’t know that the road belongs to my grandfather meh. Why compliant so much, you better watch out OK next time I see your vehicle than you know OK, not me only, I gurantee all my people will do the same, summon, summon, summon. I only can abuse but you cannot OK. 知法犯法该当何罪

  36. ooopah said

    you really need more things to fill out your day. 1030 hrs at Pasir Ris. hardly rush hour nor CBD. yes to breaking the law but was it really so severe that it required 15 mins of your time to snap pictures and upload? if you continue with this, i fear that one day you’re gonna be lying on your deathbed wondering what you did with your life.

  37. A G Young said

    Not surprising! I wonder why the Traffic Police Department has so much faith with the LTA Enforcement Officer. Do you know they can hardly been seen at peak hours along Changi Road and Paya Lebar Road?

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