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M Ravi serves letters of complaint on Law Society

Posted by temasektimes on July 30, 2012

Singapore’s foremost human rights lawyer M Ravi has filed two letters of complaints against two lawyers from the Law Society over moves that raised questions on his fitness to practise law.

One letter of complaint was directed at the Society’s President, Wong Meng Meng, and the other was served on member Wong Siew Hong.

Speaking to the media at his office on Friday, Ravi attacked the two lawyers for behaving in a manner which does “not befit the conduct” of professionals.

Two weeks ago, Wong Siew Hong made a surprise appearance in High Court with a letter from Ravi’s psychiatrist Calvin Fones claiming that he was medically unfit to practice and represent Vellama Marie Muthu. Vellama is Ravi’s client in a high-profile case seeking to clarify the discretion of the prime minister in calling for a by-election.

Justice Pillai dismissed Wong’s concerns immediately and continue the hearing which made the Law Society a laughing stock in the eyes of the public.

Speaking at a press conference called at his corporate law office on Battery Road on Friday, Ravi claimed that the two lawyers had behaved in a manner.

Ravi added that his lawyer Louis Joseph has also been instructed to serve letter of complaints to every member sitting on the Society’s council and would be requesting that they be expelled.

There is no immediate response from the Law Society.


15 Responses to “M Ravi serves letters of complaint on Law Society”

  1. Singaporean said

    The battle has began.

  2. Persis said

    He has ruined his entire reputation and career, which was definitely not helped at all by his applying makeup and prancing around Hong Lim Green and hugging the trees!

    • Persis's father said

      Persis: When is it illegal to dance? Grow a pair !! Engage your brains before you make such sweeping statements.

      Your father

    • Persis Generations From The Dead said

      Hello there Persis,you did better come and join us before you make any further foolery statements that will cause more disrepute to your very own future generations

    • Balls said

      i seriously am so upset by how ignorant and ungracious some singaporeans can be. Ravi is one of the few remaining heroes who fights for justice and equality. He may be eccentric with his means, but this man deserves our respect for his contributions and sacrifices.

      @goh tong seng, don’t bastardize what you don’t understand.

      • This is not about bastardizing, this is about function, in this case, the functional use of facilities.
        If you have seen his speech, you would have noticed that much of his actions are not those of a healthy and normal person.
        If he didn’t seem bipolar in the first place, he definitely looked very bipolar on that day.

      • Balls said

        yes there is no question about the state of his mental health from the toll of his contributions. I never denied that, Im just pleading for you to not make such unwarranted statements, (“Freakshow”). His heart is in the right place, and sometimes we must look past his eccentric methodologies in getting the right message across.

      • The word freak-show is not used to describe the person, it is used to describe his actions that day, where he was supposed to be speaking.
        His actions not only destroyed his personal image, it destroyed his professional image and the image of his profession.

      • compatriot said

        To Persis and the likes of him.Speakers Corner is a clownery place,a devious smokescreen plugged and thrown to blind Singaporeans to accept the antics of the PAP government ill practises and bad judgements and injustices

        Literally speaking Ravi did what he did was,to manifest precisely Speakers Corner is alll about,to clown around which most Singaporeans has failed within one’s grasp

    • DIY said

      There are two sides to a coin. For Ravi (a coin) should have on one side a mirror and the other a Cape buffalo. When Ravi switch his image from the mirror to the animal he will definitely run a 100 m dash. Do you know why?

      The buffalo is much more beautiful than he is. The next reason is buffalo has a bad reputation.

  3. Naivety said

    The current President of the Law Society should be replaced & changed immediately!
    Btw, any relations b/w the 2 as one is known as Wong Meng Meng & the other is called Wong Siew Hong?

  4. Perry Mason said

    Lots of my lawyers hugged objects , some hugs cars , hug their toilet bowls and some hugging live pythons although with sad consequences , I recalled one even tried to hugged a charging lion , only trouble with that is that the lion hugged back
    some hugged their teddy bears in court after winning the case , so in a way Ravi hugging a tree is non event

  5. Ugly Singapore law society. said

    Ugly Singapore law society.

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