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Straits Times downplayed anti-PRC sentiments among Singaporeans in New York Times article

Posted by temasektimes on July 30, 2012

The New York Times carried an article last Friday on the rise of anti-PRC sentiments among Singaporeans with the headlines “In Singapore, Vitriol against Chinese newcomers”

The same article was published in the Straits Times today with a different title “Singapore’s unique immigration woes’ to make it sound more politically correct:


18 Responses to “Straits Times downplayed anti-PRC sentiments among Singaporeans in New York Times article”

  1. Martin said

    The ‘unique’ thing is this immigration issues has now reached boiling point. The only ‘non-unique’ thing is our multi-million dollars ministers and Shitty Times trying to whitewash woes and continue to project their efficient image to the world.

  2. New York Times seems to have crossed the line this time…

    • New York Times is a press company in America, the worlds largest immigration nation. That country fought the Nazis. They seen the worst in anti-immigration. They vowed it should never happen again, anywhere in the world. That is why Americans and American press do not take well to such anti-foreign sentiment, wherever it may be.

      Mod’s note:

      There’s a difference between xenophobia and cultural genocide.

  3. The US was, and still is, the largest immigration country in the world.
    The reason why they are pro-immigration is because they battled the Nazis. They learnt from history. So they won’t repeat it.

  4. enough said

    chinawoman are homewreckers, leechers,

    they breakup familises by seducing old man

    they leech old man by conning him of his accumulated wealth

    and then they run off back to china

    just look at the number of cases

    the woman whose daughter was murdered by a malaysian, she siphoned all the money from the donations by singaporean

    to build a mansion back in China

    singaporeans, tell me whose homes had been wrecked by chinawoman

    how many man had been cheated by chinawoman

    throughout the whole world, chinawoman are notorious for being a gold digger

    In taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, thailand, Austraila , NZ , USA Canada

    they exhibit the same traits, greed

    i adivsed all man to keep away from these hookers, they are nothing but hooker

    if you choose to do othewise, you are in peril

    • kaypoh said

      Eh, I thot the underaged pros was Sporean? the corksuckers for contract oso Sporean? the sex-in-RI Sporean?
      My God, so Murdoch married one? Our Olympic flag carrier oso one?
      OMG and I thot the leeches were MIW all along!
      Thanks for opening my eyes!

    • SINYoobi said

      Well said. These women from China lacks INTEGRITY, MORALS, LOVE, SOCIAL VALUES, and the list goes on. They are shameless FREELOADERS who only worship MONEY.

  5. Dogmeat said

    “Unique immigration woes” is a better name. “Vitriol” is one sided and implied that the locals are not justified when they describe thrash as thrash.

    • Read my response on why America does not like anti-immigrant sentiment.

      • I am DAFT so WHAT ! said

        Which side is the one-sided? Objectivity is of same sides of both sides, friend. So point here is it balanced and fair – nothing to do with what others. especially they are another part of the globe, think, feel or do which has got no relation to what happens here.

      • The Americans fought the Nazis. They have seen the worst. They have vowed to not let it or something similar happen again, anywhere in the world. That is why their press do not take well to anti-immigrant sentiment.

      • Dogmeat said

        Singapore does not share the same value system and political correctness as America. We are pragmatic, what is right is whatever that will protect and preserve the country. You need not argue that US has lots more problems than Singapore caused by their breed of “lowest-common-denominator”, stupidity based democracy.

      • This is not ’bout America’s problems. This is ’bout the reason why The New York Times phrased it the way it was.

  6. enough said

    do you know the history of rupert murdoch wife

    first when she was a young girl in china, she could not even speak a word of English

    she then met an american couple holidaying in China, got the american couple to sponsored her to learn English

    in America

    she stayed in the couple home, seduced the dirty old man , got the old man to dump the old cow

    old hag divorced the old cow, married her, and when she got the green pass, dumped the old hag

    and married another bloke

    to cut the story short, met rupert the old hag, seduced him to divorced his wife of over 3 decades and quickly got

    rupert ot f k her to produce kids to inherit his empire

    now she got a substantial amount of empire under her thumb and is wrestling control of the empire from rupert

    children of the first marriage

    this is a typical example of how greedy is chinawoman, absolutely shameless,

    • i say what i think only... said

      chinese entrepreneur. alibaba took pains to get listed, this woman go by backdoor listing by taking over a listed one. even smarter

  7. 陳一峯 said

    PRC is not welcome anywhere outside china as long as there are air. although we are majority chinese, but they are not welcome in all chinese community besides the mainlands.

  8. I am DAFT so WHAT ! said

    The ST is dping itself a massive disfavour because what they are doing is by downplaying it, in a way catching only the UNEDUCATED, UNINFORMED – thereby pushing aside those WHO KNOWS the reality, and those who knows the reality ARE NOT simpletons.
    And when this process continues in this manner and has been, the intellectuals and knows better WOULD go elsewhere, NATURALLY.
    And thus ST has fcccked their OWN arses because the VERY fact that they are doing this has DRIVEN the intellectuals WHOM they MUST have NEEDED to stay and read the Shit Times, IF NOT for the adverisements of jobs, and products sales.
    So this is simple EQ and simple MANAGEMENT ideas/execution.

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