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Tay Ping Hui told to stop commenting on social issues

Posted by temasektimes on July 30, 2012

MediaCorp celebrity and Young PAP leader Tay Ping Hui has been told to stop commenting on social issues. The vocal government critic has been offering his take on current affairs and national issues on his twitter which has a huge following.

In a tweet posted last night, Ping Hui wrote:

[Source: Tay Ping Hui’s Twitter]

Ping Hui did not reveal the identity of the person who tried to ‘silence’ him.

He had earlier lashed out at his alma mater NUS for not expelling its PRC scholar Sun Xu for calling Singaporeans ‘dogs’.

Though Ping Hui is a PAP member, he is more vocal than all the MPs of the PAP-approved’s ‘opposition’ who have been keeping a strange silence recently while quietly pocketing their $15,000 monthly MP allowances, leading to some angry Singaporeans to dub them as the ‘Wayang Party’ or the PAP’s ‘B’ team.


39 Responses to “Tay Ping Hui told to stop commenting on social issues”

  1. SuSu said


  2. GhostMan said

    lolz….next thing you know that TPH kenna cold storage but Media Corpse

  3. mahbok tan said

    Yo fellow Sgporean….why you so like dat…..they already tell you to SHUT UP ….just do it la…..some more u r in their organisation …..later u ya ya pap aya …. susah lei ….cannot cali makan … how…??? later u become like us peasant … get cert or degree oso no use one lei…can throw into the sea wan….!!!

    Coz SGpore INC have already buy many FT’s in container load from PRC, INDIA,Phillipines….!!! So who are you to kay kiang here and there….!!!

    • Espada Ramon said

      he kay kiang… but still brave and vocal….
      unlike u just let people step on ur head… no dignity.. sad for you…
      pple ask u to shut up ujuz follow and shut up…

      • mahbok tan said

        We arh peasant mah…SGporean peasant hor only can compren n compren n compren mah…. Wah u catch no balls arh wat I am saying….solly hor my engrish hor veli bad… Wan lei….!!!

      • mahbok tan said

        ur understand sarcastic or not….!!!!

        he he he…..!!!

    • IronMan said

      @Mahbok Tan – Let TPH have his own way. It is for a noble cause. He knows the risk and willing to take the sacrifice. I understand your concern for his actions. But would u shut up when someone told u so? Like open legs wide, wide to accept the FTs?

  4. Lash said

    Good. Keep it up

  5. stevenadosan said

    You joined the RONG party…Anyway who cares!!

  6. Walls have Ears said

    Please advice what is Celebrities

  7. Realist said

    Why no one told MP Edwin Tong not to represent pastor KH ?
    A clear case of conflict of interest.

  8. The Gardener said

    Nabeh. Knn. Kong jiao hwei.
    Typical ball carrier. Hahahahaaaa

  9. Snoopy Says said

    As the saying goe

    Lies are lies even when everyone is telling them. Truth are truth even when you are the only one telling them.

    If speaking the truth means having to stand alone, so be it. Living a lie is living in misery. Well, unless you are being paid $15k per month 😉

  10. SG Talent said

    Be careful k! If not who BL for U, who kiss U, who fug U all will appear in news tomorrow

  11. Raymond said


  12. Naivety said

    Tay Ping Hui, to gun for future PM of Singapore!

  13. i say what i think only... said

    quit the young pap la (u not young liao anyway) and join opposition. turn thoughts into actions instead of simply tweeting.

    on the other hand, very long never see ur show already, despite crowned as best actor. cold storage happening liao ah

  14. Hey! This is great material for a new film!!!

  15. Anon! said

    I just don’t get how people are thinking that the workers party in parliament are useless when as a matter of fact, we are seeing some slight letting up from the government due to the increased opposition presence in parliament.

    I don’t get how this site editor and some other people are not happy with the way the WP oppose. Do they expect the WP to oppose everything and be labelled by the ruling party as a party that oppose without reason?

    I don’t understand how some people expect a vote of 6 to go against the vote of the rest. There’s no way the WP can win in a voting on bill or create a move of no confident because there’s simply not enough opposition to go around.

    The site editor is simply a keyboard warrior. Inciting a feeling of discomfort among Singaporean yet when SDP hold protest like what this site editor wants, I bet none of them turn up.

    NATO, no action talk only. That would be the acronym for the editors of this site as well as people who demands a more vocal opposition in parliament but yet remains as silent as tiny mouse when the chance to be vocal come about.

    I support social democracy. A democracy for the well being of the citizen. Not one that is so radical that we suddenly gain too much freedom that people protest all the time.

    Our economy and people are not ready for this.

    Come 2016 please vote for anything other than the lighting. Give oppositions more seats before lambering them for being less vocal than you want them to be. 7 voice against the rest. If you want them to be vocal about everything, you’re asking too much from 6 wp mps

    • Annoymous said

      “I don’t get how this site editor and some other people are not happy with the way the WP oppose. Do they expect the WP to oppose everything and be labelled by the ruling party as a party that oppose without reason?”

      This site mod is a ball carrier to the white party. period. And is not ‘some other people’ in this site, is the same person with multi nicks that’s all.

    • Ron said

      Not to worry. WP is smart. Talk less, get less heat from you know who. Never mind being called Wayang Party now. Come 2016 or a by-election they show that they can become the Hantam (whack) Party and give them a big wallop.

      They just did that in Hougang with a candidate that came out of the background and not even well-known. Yet they managed to win strongly.

    • Alan Lau said

      the site editor seemed to forget that WP has their own website … how can u consider the opposition as silent when the media is also under the PAP’s …

    • Ester said

      excuses excuses…

    • siao said

      i guess some people here believe in making all sorts of noises without reason, and the realities of being an opposition in the parliament. they also seem to forget the their dear dr chee also took data and made up nonsensical conclusions and was made a fool.

  16. Mai zee xiao said

    Vox populi, hor. PAPAYAs aren’t bothered by puppies nipping at their heels. Must be ordinary Singaporeans who think TPH should neither be seen nor heard if possible b’cos he’s alot of hot air only not to be mention has a horsey face.

  17. Singapuraboi said

    U tell them!

  18. Lollapalooza In SG said

    Where is the freedom of speech??

  19. von D. said

    Dude? Aint? So pretentious!

  20. Paul said

    ‘leading to some angry Singaporeans to dub them as the ‘Wayang Party’ or the PAP’s ‘B’ team.’

    The only angry blind mouse I see chanting ‘Wayang Party’ is you, TR. Most Singaporeans are proud of the WP as the first Opposition party since Independence to have won a GRC.

    Mod’s note:

    First subsidiary of the PAP you mean? Time to wake up – A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Don’t be deceived anymore!

  21. 苦肉计 said

    Why don’t TPH quit PAP and join the opposition party then?

  22. risa said

    Stay Tall Sir, as you have our respect as a Singaporean

  23. P Koh said

    Who ever told him actually has his interests at heart. That person knows that he cannot go against the vein of things that matters in Singapore and social issues are best left for the government to handle. That is if they really know how to handle them after all the ‘hue and cry’ from the populace over so many hiccups that have occurred.

  24. Sgsiol said

    i support u dude..but not support PAP

  25. ngpy said

    Tay P.H. you better tell this guy to FO who is he to tell you. As long as you are telling the truth and providing your honest opinion which the Authorities is encouraging all people to do so, you will have no one to fear and nothing to fear.

  26. Eat Cake! said

    Dun be so stupid to join the pappies and think you can criticise them freely.
    Can’t have your cake and eat it too!

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