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CHC member scolds critics: Stop blabbering f**king nonsense about our church

Posted by temasektimes on July 31, 2012

An angry member from the controversial City Harvest Church has lashed out at its critics on Facebook.

In an expletive-filled post, Will Chan chided non-Christian commentators for ‘not using their brains’ and say such ‘atrocious profanities’ on Pastor Kong Hee and the church.

“If you put both Pastor Kong and Pastor Tan Ye Peng to jail, then who’s gonna preach for CHC?” he wrote.

He added that God will not come ‘visibly’ to Singapore and only ‘great’ pastors like Kong Hee deserve to preach.

“So stop blabbering so much f**king nonsense about our church, and stop making Pastors suffering from depressions again! Period!” he added.

Kong Hee and five other members of CHC have been charged for misusing up to $50 million dollars of the church’s funds to further the music career of his singer wife Ho Yeow Sun. He is currently out on a S$1 million dollar bail to travel overseas to continue his ‘pastoral’ duties.


160 Responses to “CHC member scolds critics: Stop blabbering f**king nonsense about our church”

  1. Stop these fucking lies and stop insulting the non- christians. Your almighty god is always hiding in dark caves and mountain tops. How could he ever come to Singapore?

    • complete_nutrition said

      It is stated in the Bible ”VERY CLEARLY”.

      Quote: ”Seek Ye first the Kingdom of GOD & its Righteousness & Everything will be reveal unto you”
      Another Quote: ”The Kingdom of GOD is within YOU”.

      GOD cannot be ”caged” inside CHC only. I am a Christian myself.


      GOD Bless.

      • Derrick Boh said

        Matthew (19:23-24) – Verily I say unto you, that a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

        Published by shark
        March 29, 2009 at 10:33

      • You still believe in religion?

  2. Dogmeat said

    Your mom called. Asked you to stop posting nonsense on FB and go home before 10pm. Spend more time studying. Your father worked overtime to earn money not for you to indulge in church stuffs and not live in reality.

  3. Singaporean said

    Another imbecile chc member. Even non-Christians recognize Jesus is greater than your kong hee.

  4. hydeX said

    too much weed?

  5. jacque lee said

    well if there is no pastors, worshippers can do so in many other serious and sober churches where their leaders are not disgraceful. It is good to put an end to this scandal hopefully with an early trial and judgement. CHC can be dissolved if there is no leaders and its funds distributed to christian charities or churches. There is nothing sad about it.

    • Derrick Boh said

      Give the 10 % to your parents, go and join the support group to help in the old forks home, wait for lady GAGA to come again to sing and dance for you.

  6. exchc said

    another brainwashed follower. sad sad sad

  7. Critics can trampled all over you but you cannot trample all over them?…

  8. Liz said

    Epic stupid!

  9. Liz said

    Epic stupid! Brainwashed nincompoop!

  10. spotlessleopard said

    very “UNCHRISTIAN” ….of a Christian.

  11. Pete said

    无风不起浪, there will not be smoke without fire….. SG government is not stupid… If they can’t convict that person they will not bring charges to that person…

    • Edmund said

      Yes, govt have investigated the activities of the church and found many things not in conformity with the laws and so charged them in court.We shall wait for the court’s verdict and then see what the church member has to say.Till then keep praying.

  12. chngminghow said


  13. Mikey said

    Oh we got a bad ass here!

  14. Free Trolley said

    He cannot even keep his head straight

  15. kaypoh said

    1) f**king is not profanity?
    2) only the brainwashed can use their brains?
    3) what atrocious “English”!

  16. Errol Tan said

    This guy is extremely impertinent. It is obvious that he had his brain FRIED by the named pastors. May God have pity on him !

  17. jingdiwa said

    Right, there are only 3 pastors in the world that can preach and of those 2 will be going to jail so boohoohoo. Will Chan sounds like a dumb ass.

  18. Desmond said

    I hope this member realize his stupidity one day

    • JusTice said

      The paradox is this criminal pastor through his actions in accomplice with the others will bring the demise and downfall of this church. A video should be made on the downfall from God’s Grace of disgraced CON KONG!!

  19. So stop blabbering so much f**king nonsense about our church, and stop making Pastors suffering from depressions again!

    support !!

    • Andrew said

      eh go fly kite lah

    • Life is Like a Movie said

      Everyone has a right to air their perspectives and opinions – just like you quoting and supporting profanities.

      Assuming you are from CHC, your pastors (from CHC) suffer from depression? Since when? Was it whenever they highlight how the media put them in good light (e.g. when CHC members did a good deed, CHC being first titanium church, Kong Hee voted the best dressed male etc)? Or was it when Kong Hee referred to other small(er) churches as “neighborhood churches” in his sermons years back? Or did CHC pastors suffer severe depression when for years, they have crafted a siege mentality to their congregation with a “other churches vs CHC, the only right place to be, the only church God has called to change the world”?

      You are so used to applause, it is time you get used to some criticisms. Especially when this Kong Hee’s case has led so many to tarnish the name of your God, and misunderstand other Christians and also religion on the whole.

  20. roflcakes said

    this is kinda stupid. is there a problem getting other pastors? is there a lack of ‘great’ pastors in singapore? besides, what “nonsense” is he referring to? the ‘atrocious profanity things’ the public say and the lack of pastors in singapore are 2 different points altogether.

  21. GT said

    Suck it, bitch. Sun HO is not even a pastor. I bet you didn’t even know that.

  22. Yueheng said

    A reflection inspired by a song from the youths of City Harvest Church:

  23. Huh said

    Ask the f***king pope lah….oh wait..different department.

  24. Kelvin Yong said

    Such a shame! What has God’s word taught this young man? (or not taught)?

    Instead of defending your church and pastors, you have actually hurled more hurt and disgrace unto them. Most of all, you have been an utter disgrace to Christianity and to God!

    So if by God’s will your pastors are found guilty and locked away, that is His will. No man can change that. And in doing so, He will send you worthy disciples of His word to guide members of CHC into the Light.

    Lashing out will do no good for anyone.

    God bless.

  25. kitto said

    Willie, tell your mum to stop hitting you on the head. You should call yourself Dick instead of Willie.

  26. Snoopy Says said

    Another 中毒太深的羊….

  27. “God will not come visibly to Singapore and preach in Church” Goodness gracious me , do these guys even read the Bible ?!? God already preached – IN PERSON – ON A MOUNT ! ITS CALLED THE SERMON ON THE MONTH – GO CHECK IT OUT! ITS IN THIS LITTLE LEATHER BOUND BOOK CALLED THE BIBLE ! WHICH WE CHRISTIANS BELIEVE IS THE WORD OF GOD!!!! NOT CHINA WINE!!!!

    • sunhub said

      Why must that book be leather bounded. Another rich human wanting all things to be wrapped in leather. Paper bounded will do.

  28. Maybe Sing better than Talk said

    If the pastors are found guilty by the court, it is the laws of the land that put them to jail and not the non-christian. What a Brainless, Childish and Naive.OMG

  29. david said

    Well he just cannot handle the truth, the truth is the truth.

  30. Aaron Teo said

    ACCEPT the fact that the money you so willingly gave was used for the personal benefit and gain of your pastor, whose greed knows no bound.

    ADMIT the fact that somewhere deep in your minds and hearts, you questioned yourselves regarding the stupidity of your past charitable action for which you are unable to accept up till now because you would like to believe otherwise.

    It’s time to return to reality because you know that 50m could have been used in so many ways to further benefit the christian community instead of it, put it simple, going down the drain.
    While some or rather most of you (the lost cause) are alright with it, the laws of our country pretty much don’t which is why he is going to relocate from Sentosa to Changi for a very long time.

  31. joe said

    Your LORD should make a effort to eliminate and make facebook disappear from this world. Your pastors will free from depression!!!


    Give God/Lord/Jesus $50 million to preach?

  33. Cool said

    Why u want a thief to preach your church ?

  34. Cool said

    Stupid brainless follower..blind faith..

  35. shiroiluke said

    Seriously, that guy/gal is badly brainwashed… He only acknowledge <5 Pastor to be able to preach in CHC, and even able to interpret the words of God.
    How about other Pastors in SG??? All of them are representative of Satan ???

  36. SG Talent said

    Another CHC dumbass….

  37. kaypoh said

    My church better : give 20% I give u 200fold, give me 30% will return 300fold.
    Give until ur backside tear, and u will get paid more than KH ever “earned”

    P/S – I also have Nigerian pastors standing by if you have more funds to transfer 🙂

    • Realization said

      Well said, this guy from Cock Head Church really me laugh my ass out…
      I truly pity his parents for that matter.

  38. Is this what CHC pastors taught U ? said

    So he was taught to use profanities against non christian by these pastors, well done lad. So next posting you gonna terrorize the non christian ??

  39. kumantong said

    wah this guy really kana brainwashed already.. he will lay all his money, even his life for the church…

  40. Wallace said

    He can preach so well, let him preach. Moreover, they love fabricating feelings for the sake of preachings.

  41. RC said

    To begin with, are they true pastors ? Is it a true church ? He is depressed because his cheating has been found out, he cant cheat anymore and he’s going to jail for hopefully a long time. And you as a ‘Christian’ are using foul words which I believe Jesus wouldn’t use, is because you attended such a church being brainwashed by such a man.

  42. Brainwashed and blind support said

    What made you think only non-christians criticise?
    Ha ha … pls look around you. Look within your CHC too. There are those who have woken up. When will you snap out of your hallucination? Its better for CHC to go; people like you will be saved. And you can spend 10% more on your family and real charity work.

  43. singaporean said

    Stop trying to turn this into a Christian against non-Christian thing. Not all Christians (possibly most that’s not from CHC) support the pastors.

  44. jaded said

    what a dumbass. got news for you, there are many more qualified and passionate preachers out there who will not ask you to give money till it hurts or give until the tears stream down from your face.

  45. seiya78 said

    he tot he say this will get some “token” from kong…hahaha…. stupid

  46. Wake up fools! said

    Jesus is at work getting rid of your unholy pastors for you, dumb ass. Wake up. Do you protect your parents like you protect the pastors? If not, I hope your children will be just like you, dumbo. I am so happy my children are not with CHC nor are they so gullible like u, it will break my heart. Hopefully, Con Hee and his gang will be lock away for the good of society. ^0^

  47. Ren said

    Da fact dat you use explicit language, it shows a cult group has influenced you…

  48. Ben said

    CHC pastors arent the only great pastors around, great pastors are anointed by God and are not subjected only to Ps Kong Hee and company. This is my view as a christian and as Christians, we should make Jesus the centre of our lives, not our dear Pastors. Spend more time reading yr bible and with Our heavenly Father instead of scolding $#@!

  49. tarukun said

    God left us with Bible. Those pastors be it good or bad will die one day. So without them u can follow Christianity or u really don’t know eat is the Bible is for. Shane on CHC. that wat u preached during ur service.

  50. Foxy said

    I will pass your message to the judge, and see what the judge can do!

  51. Aa said

    Christian Hypocrisy : Bible commands Christians not to use brains, Expects Non-Christians to use brains.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
    don’t rely on your own intelligence.

    – Proverbs 3:5

  52. Flora said

    Can CHC worshippers confirm if true? CHC bathroom does not have gold-plated taps, but when Kong Hee urinates, he pisses money?

  53. samtheprophet said

    1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

  54. oldguard said

    Will Chan cannot afford to lost face, bcos he have been going around boasting about CHC and have alot to lose if all the money he contribute goes to the gahmen kitty. I suggest you go and jump from the tallest building and see if Kong Hee Fatt Choy can save you.

    • Life is Like a Movie said

      Agree with you Oldguard on your point of boasting. CHC people have been boasting for years about how great their church, pastors and KH is. I’ve heard umpteen times. Now there probably isn’t a platform to step them to ‘save face.’ The only way is to continue to “maintain integrity” like what KH professed to his congregation. Human beings can go so far to a point that they just cannot admit their mistakes because one admission leads to more errors surfacing.

      • solomon said

        Forget about this Will Chan guy. I don’t believe he is Christian but an anti-Christian trying to tarnish the good name of d Lord by pretending to be a Christian using the likes of ‘f***ing’… and so forth. Christian would not have reacted the way he does.

  55. maverick said

    Obviously you are also one of them who is kena by Kong Hee’s kong tau. I would recommend you to see my medium friend who will do a exorcism on you bring you out from the dark spell so that you can see light.
    Poor Willy………God have mercy.

  56. stevenadosan said

    I am a non-christian.I believe most christians love Jesus. I also believe most of CHC members heroworshipped your kong pastor.Is he God or Saint? You mean he is perfect and he don’t make mistake like Jesus?If he is wrong, he is wrong! No amount of rubbish talk from you brainless people who heroworshipped will change the fact that he made mistakes! Beside these 3 pastors, no others pastors in this world can preach the word of God in singapore? For your information, there were many pastors in much smaller churches in singapore who were humble.They were really God sent.They don’t ask their congregations to downgrade their flat so that they can stay in sentosa cove!.If kong he fatt choy landed in jail, hope you guys follow him so that he can create more CELL group .That will also increase your tithes collection.Look like you also suffer from depression.Once you straighten your head, you will think better!

  57. i5htar said

    soooooo childish!!!!

  58. Realist said

    Quoted from a source :

    “It is definitely a sin to swear (curse, cuss, etc.). The Bible makes this abundantly clear. Ephesians 4:29 tells us, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it
    may benefit those who listen.” First Peter 3:10 declares, “For, whoever would love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech.” James 3:9-12 summarizes the issue: “With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.”

    James makes it clear that the lives of Christians—the “brothers”—should not be characterized by evil speech. By making the analogy of both salt water and fresh water coming from the same spring (which is uncharacteristic of springs), he makes the point that it is uncharacteristic for a believer to have both praise and cursing come from his/her mouth. Nor is it characteristic for us to praise God on one hand and curse our brothers on the other. This, too, is uncharacteristic of a true believer.”

    So, is Will Chan a true christian ?

  59. Lim said

    Maybe 4 years later spore will have a new party named CHC fighting to enter government.

    Should preform better than WP as they can ask god to be our new PM.

  60. Ren said

    Period. Yup you having it now

  61. Kongheehuatahh said

    God has a new plan for him to preach in changi prison. With all the inmate that needs more help.!

  62. Govt Out of touch said

    Will Chan – I am a christian too. Bit I will tell you not to put any faith on any MAN. Except the God-Man Jesus Christ. I have seen too much hypocrisy in my 6 decades of life already.

  63. Another brain washed fools.If a highly corrupted person can be a pastor.Any one who can talk and lie very well can be a pastor too.The holy fire will burn all the lies and expose all the evil of all the guilt persons.There is no place they can hide.

    God is fair and righteous.Stop using the name of God to cheat the innocent and gullible.

  64. hachoo said

    If you have the faith,a silent prayer before bedtime (alone) is good enough. You dont need another man (like KH) to preach and pray for you. It shows you cant make yr own decision and need someone else to do it for you…such is a weak man. No wonder you get brainwashed so easily…

  65. Annoymous said

    Dear Will Chan, how much have you “donated” to their China wine?

    • Maybe Sing better than Talk said

      Probably he is already too drunk (with China Wine) to answer you any question or doubt you might have in regard to for KH, his wife, other pastors. As long as he is not sober he will be like that for the rest of his life.

  66. Sad Old Man said

    God has left KH.

  67. ngpy said

    You CHC church’s christen are supposed to be the MOST STUNCH christens in this universe and yet your church has taught you people to chide other religions even in the open, DARE YOU CALL YOURSELF CHRISTENS, DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHAT IS SHAME, PLEASED DON’T EMBARRASED YOURSELVES AND THE WHOLE CHRISTEN COMMUNITY. WRONG IS WRONG. ASSUMING YOU STOLE SOMETHING WHEN CAUGHT, YOU SAID NO I WILL PUT IT BACK, ISN’T IT WRONG OR IT IS RIGHT TO STEAL AND TRY NOT TO GET CAUGHT, ARE YOU PEOPLE TAUGHT TO DO THAT. The people of chc church who chide others please reply.

  68. i say what i think only... said

    so are u praying to god or to the pastor? if pastor, then hang him inside your CHC instead of jesus. i am non-christian but at least i know how to respect other religion and the last thing i can tolerate is exploitation of religion for personal benefits. seen it in buddhism and taoism before, i criticise all the same despite being in same religion.

    are u saying only through pastor kong and gang then u can reach out to god or god will reach out to u? god is in your heart, not mortalised into kong hee. if u lose god the moment u lose pastor kong, do reflect on yourself because you might have been worshipping kong hee in name of god (god is his middle name).

    are u able to reach out to god if we throw u into another church? it is not about a matter of preference, it is about your faith to christianity. if you are faithful, u will do just as well at home in your room with your cross and bible. if not, we can bury u inside CHC and u will not reach god. if u feel u do, it is just your hallucination. u never had god in your heart, just kong hee. your love is the nice auditorium and friendly surroundings and support people in CHC give u. i am not saying these are evil or bad things though. your faith is placed wrongly and it’s time to put things right for your own good sake in future.

  69. To Be Fair said

    Hi guys,
    Please refrain from negative remarks about Christianity or the Christian God. Apparently, its almost commonsense that a Church shouldn’t use the money of its followers to pursue private interests. No argument about that. The fault lies with humans and not their God or the Christian faith. I am a Christian and I also respect other religions.

    • oldguard said

      so, you pray to god or kong hee fatt choy

    • stevenadosan said

      Not to worry, most of them arrow either at konghee or CHC members who were brainless like chan.Nobody really critisize Chrisitianity! After all the hola hola, people like brainless chan still have not wake up.Bottom line is these people were very disappointed with their pastors.Due to their egoness,they need to show their loyalty.Thye know they were fighting a loosing battle.God is Great!Loyalty to God,not to man! wake up, wake wake up…

  70. confirm said

    My gosh. He cheated the congregation of millions, spent stupid money for “China Wine”, let the wife live in luxury in Beverly Hills, stay in Sentosa Penthouse …… and yet, these youths can still think the CHC Kong Hee is the greatest place (see video). Wake up brainwashed idiots.
    Come to Catholic Church and you will know what is great. The priests live a life of celibacy, there are no salary for them buy a monthly allowance. That is what full devotion to god is all about, which many cant do.

    • dred said

      perhaps you should read Sydney morning herald ..31/07/2012…before u speak so highly of the Church of Rome.

      • Live said

        We are all imperfect . Let us not be first to cast stones. Confirm I disagree with what u said . I am catholic . However let us not pass judgement . The catholic church has its own flaws . So better to pray for the catholic church first and for CHC rather than to pass judgement .

  71. Sibo said

    He’s still young.

  72. bennyljh said

    I can see Kong Hee is not even a good preacher, if he is, then CHC followers like this guy wouldn’t be spur profanities regardless how dire the situation was. Sigh….

  73. Bao Ching Tian said

    Kong Hee does not represent Christianity in Singapore. God is the ultimate judge. If Kong Hee indeed misappropriated $50M, God will mete out his punishment.

  74. patrick eng said

    a pastor, true to the Lord, measures his ‘succusss’ by the number of souls he ‘saved’. this episode
    shows how many souls he has misled and lost. may he repent and God have mercy on him.

  75. So, according to CHC member, Will Chan, IF,… let’s say, ALL his senior pastors conspire and together rape a girl or a child, the police cannot jail all of them together. The police must leave one of them free, so that one senior pastor is available to preach to CHC members.
    To him, God’s will is for the police to not jail all his senior pastors, at one go, even if they have committed a crime together.
    To him, God says it is more important for the CHC members to have one law-breaking/evil-doing senior pastor preaching to them, rather than putting him in jail.

    This kind of thinking is typical of law-breakers who thinks “the end justify the means”. That is, laws can be broken for the common good, eg communists.

    No senior pastor is indispensable. God can raise up another to replace him if he falls, eg God replaced the evildoing King Saul with the faithful King David.

    I think Will Chan has a wrong understanding about righteousness or law-abidingness.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    MATT.5:20 = “For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”

    MATT.6:33 = But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

    2TIMOTHY.3:16-17 = All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

    1JOHN.5:17 = All unrighteousness is sin, and there is sin not leading to death.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    The righteousness that comes from being justified by faith in Jesus Christ for salvation is imparted by JC and happens when the believers’ evil hearts/flesh are atoned by the blood of JC, enabling them to be saved from hell when they die.(ROM.5:12)
    The forgiveness or atonement of the evil deeds/sins of the believers by the shed blood of JC has a limit.(HEB.10:26) The blood of JC does not atone for unrepentant evildoers/sinners who do not admit their guilt or for very intentional and premeditated sins.(ACTS.5:3) The forgiveness of past sins/evil deeds thru the blood of JC should not be used as a license to remain in sins or to ignorantly commit more sins. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    The righteousness that comes from the sacrifice of JC for salvation is not about the believers’ good conduct in life, ie being righteous, law-abiding and morally upright.
    Normal righteousness, mentioned often in the Bible, is similar to obeying Moses Law, ie avoid doing evil deeds/sins and doing good deeds. Eg avoid murder, adultery, stealing, etc and love their neighbors/friends as themselves and hate their enemies.(MATT.5:17-48) Living righteously or being law-abiding results in being blessed by God with a long and contented life.(DEUT.28:1-2) This applies to all humans on earth; eg many good monks live to a ripe old age.

    Born-again believers are supposed to be empowered by God, thru His Son(the Word – JOHN.1:1 & 14) and His Spirit, to supernaturally keep the laws of God from within, ie to walk according to the Spirit and not according to their evil flesh/hearts.(HEB.8:10 & 10:16, GAL.2:20 & 5:16-22, JOHN.15:5 & 6:63, ROM.6:15 & 7:7)
    They, esp Gentile Christians, are supposed to grow spiritually into maturity by feeding on spiritual food, ie the Word of God.(1COR.3:1-3) Gentile Christians who had led lawless lives b4 their conversion, should not remain forever in lawlessness(as evildoers/law-breakers/sinners) after being born-again by the Spirit, esp by ignoring the moral laws of the Old Testament. Eg the 10 Commandments of God in EXODUS.20, are still relevant for believers today.(1JOHN.3:8-10 & 5:17-19)

    Eg believers have been commanded by God to “honour their parents”. This means that they are to provide for their parents’ old age bc if their parents live long, they will also live long. This law, just like the law against murder, stealing, adultery and lying, has priority over the law of tithing bc neglecting their aged parents will result in them having shortened lives. Not tithing will only result in poverty. This is similar to the difference between serious crime vs minor offenses.

    Uncircumcised Gentile Christians have very strong lust in their evil flesh/hearts, compared to the circumcised(less sensation in the penis). They should circumcise their hearts by allowing the Word/JC to empower them by the Holy Spirit.(JOHN.6:63, ROM.2:29) This is done by the believer meditating on relevant Scripture, eg “Thou shall not commit adultery”(MATT.4:4) or by ignoring such evil tempting lustful thoughts from Satan.(MATT.16:23)
    The Old Testament way of keeping the letter of the law on adultery was to fear the curse of God(being stoned to death); a fear from without.
    In other words, being empowered by JC and the HS, believers really love God and love their neighbors/friends from within their hearts. The fruit of the Spirit(love, peace, joy, faith, etc) comes from God and not from the believers’ willpower, wisdom, knowledge or strength. It does not come from the fear of God, His laws and its punishments.

    The fear of God, His laws and its earthly punishment has its own benefit, ie a long and contented earthly life(by avoiding evil and doing good). According to the Bible, it does not bring salvation after death. In short, the keeping of Moses Law or any set of laws, could not save anyone from hell.

    • Mikey said

      Wow.. good one..

      but I think, wasted on that moron.

    • stevenadosan said

      Chan head tilted one sided, if you were to quote too much bible saying, his head will start to spin.His head, like many other CHC members were half empty! Please stop all the bible quoting.By the way,williiiee, your mom called again.She asked you whether your head is better now!

  76. singaporean deserved said

    u obviously dont think! use your brain to do some thinking 1st before u commend or opened your mouth!

  77. jj said

    can you not go another church to be with close to god?? why only PK?? Stupid dumbass!
    stop your idolize and learn to be a true christian. shame on you! otherwise, please cont to tith with your parents money to these crooks! stop crying like a baby for milk!

  78. ahboy said

    OMG… Who needs a CBT of 50million pastor to have a great preach at any christian events… for more money preaching? o_O

  79. ahboy said

    If you put both Pastor Kong and Pastor Tan Ye Peng to jail, then who’s gonna preach for CHC?”

    So he means The judge cannot sentence both pastor guilty, otherwise CHC will close down?

    Hello, there are overseas pastor involve in preaching also de lei… If CHC dun have this 2 pastor, who’s gonna preach for CHC, that would also means, God wont let them die, they will live eternally, forever wont die liao… once die, CHC close shop.

    What the flute he posting sia

  80. EnglishBengz said

    Furking retard, can write so much, yet dunno how to read the bile by yourself?
    need that Con pastor to give u tuition izzit !?

    No pastor no church U still can talk to god DIRECTLY, just look up.

  81. Ron said

    Religions have the power to convert many to a certain line of thinking. Faith is about belief, often unquestioning belief. And it may go along with the fear of punishment or bad luck if one offends the Almighty or the religion. Humans in general are superstitious and fear the unknown.

    So, it can be exploited to convince followers to pay, to do certain actions. It is a brainwashing process over a long time and the followers often loses their rational thinking. History is replete with records about wars, violence, and hateful actions incited under the guise of religion.

    And yet there is so much love and goodwill when religion is practised correctly. So, it is both a blessing and a problem.

  82. No Hope said

    Kong Hee has been abusing God for his preoperity purposes. Unless the evidences from 2 years of investigation are false.
    He is very bloody abusive. Open your eyes, young man. The bible also teaches one to beware of false prophet.

    • stevenadosan said

      yes…101% right! False prophet is something alien to people like brainless willieee and CHC members.Till now they never understand what is false prophet!!!

  83. I am of the opinion that all religions are man-made. Only our connection with the divine is sacred.

    • dred said

      couldn’t agree more..the real Jesus Christ did not come to start a religion, but to save what belonged to His father(the world) and to reveal His father to those His father chose to reveal Himself.
      There is a God made religion though..the descendants of Jacob ,son of Isaac, son of Abraham have it.
      If you study the gospels carefully…you will find that the Jesus of the four gospels is not the Jesus of christianity.
      they have different dates/seasons of is born in winter, and the other in spring
      they have different,the gospel Jesus’ mother did not remain a virgin, but had four sons and at least two daughters after his birth, but the christian Jesus’ mother remained a virgin after his birth…
      One( Jesus of the gospel) was still poor when he was presented at the Temple for dedication/circumcision, as the gold, myrrh and incense had not yet arrived…the other( Jesus presented by christians) received the gold, silver , myrrh on the night of his he was dedicated at the Temple with a rich man’s offering.
      different DOB, different mother, different circumstances..different person.
      As the Jesus of the gospels warned..”False Christs and false prophets will appear.”
      Whom a person wants to follow is their choice, as long as they are not deceived.
      It’s can chose to buy a false iphone in the streets versus being sold an íphone’form a false apple store.
      try figure out, what most christians are getting..the false that they chose or being given the false, passed as the real.
      And indeed..any man’s connection with God is divine..for it is God who made the connection.

  84. CHC said

    No pastors? Then just tell anyone to get up there and speak any gibberish will do. People are probably gonna assume he’s speaking in tongues and collapse onto the floor in a messy heap of tears.

  85. What Do You Think? said

    That’s what fundamentalist Christianity is all about. These people see themselves as superior to all other religions and will not hesitate to insult others via innuendos and derision.

    • hmm.. said

      that’s a sweeping statement. I’m a Christian myself and I don’t see myself superior to any other religion. In fact, I believe that it’s more important to be a good person, rather than just do bad things all week long and then go to church on Sunday.

      Nevertheless, if Kong Hee did misuse the funds, he should be punished by the law. And there will be greater pastors to preach in CHC anyway.

      • dred said

        true… are not fact, christians are SINNERS saved by grace through faith, because their founder DIED for them…no other founders if any other religion ever died first , to found their ‘religion’, it is not christians who are is their Founder who is might find your founder said..’NO one is good except God alone.”, is being a good person the real emphasis of His teachings?Hmmm

  86. constance said

    You people really got so much time to pastor bash!!! Give it a break already

  87. Martin said

    Actually there is no God in this world. Religions are man-made creation. Even Osama was found hiding Playboy magazines & porns after he was shot dead; even a man who feverishly promoting Jihad in the name of God knew the truth there is no God all along. Wake up devotees of Con Hee!

  88. Life is Like a Movie said

    Who is going to preach at/for CHC? Well then that is Kong Hee’s problem – if he never had the time to groom younger leaders and preachers – so much for loving people and God. If he had, why do you worry? If only you truly believe in God half as much as you do in KH, then you’ll know that God can do anything good, and that includes coming to your shepherd-less church ‘to preach’. Plus, all netizens are entitled to their opinions. And oh, one more important thing: there are many other much less loud, more humble (smaller) churches in Singapore who quietly concentrate on discipleship, keryma and teaching the correct doctrines. Will do you lotsa good if you visit them. At least you’ll realize CHC is NOT the only (mega) church in Sg.

  89. Disgusted said

    This the leaders make the member:

  90. Young Fools said

    There are so many other good, humble and unostentatious pastors around. They are the ones deserving mega-crowd financial support. But instead, two intelligent and ambitious individuals have so much support to conquer and spoil the the market for the less well-off ones. Promoting and catering to what the human heart wants, namely material benefits which have nothing whatsoever to do with spirituality at all is not moral.

  91. chia said

    Stop blabbering f**king nonsense about our church.i do not know that he church belong to you, not Jesus.sorry

  92. Dancer t said

    I find his comments seditious. How did he know for a fact that there were no Muslims amongst te commenters? Were their targets for conversion designed to exclude
    Muslims specifically? I am NOT advocating targeting an group or seditious actions against any group but I am questioning the logic of these people’s operations. I salute my Muslim bros for standing up to such seditious actions causing many family enstrangements and unhappiness over the years. And if these guys are actively pushing their beliefs down our throats then they are bringing a bad name to the religion which many others share.

    What seemed to be suggested in his statement here is that there is a certain bias against certain groups in Singapore who are more forgiving or “timid”. This is wrong on so many levels. Sedition should not be allowed in our lovely country. All our effort put into making sure we have good racial and religious harmony hangs in the balance.

  93. Delacroix said

    To Will Chan,
    i respect your passion & believe to your own god.

    to quote your below statement…
    “If you put both Pastor Kong and Pastor Tan Ye Peng to jail, then who’s gonna preach for CHC?” he wrote.

    It seems to me..u are just an arrogant man, thinking that CHC own Singapore….who are you? you are just another human created by God same as Kong Hee & the rest.

    Kong Hee is charged & let the law works and of course he make himself famous and he needs to prepare for this kind of pressure…..evidence shown that is something wrong with the $$$, FACE IT..

    One more thing about you, what i can see from your post there…it seems that you have not seen the world yet…u are living in neverland……..

    or u just seeking some attention online???

    hope you can see some light after so many post to counter your argument……

  94. john said

    Wah lau young already kena brainwashed. If no pastors to preach, I can volunteer to preach. No need stay Sentosa Cove, just any 2 storey bungalow will do. 5% of salary donation instead of 10% for congregation. 5% for u to fight inflation.

  95. Michelle said

    Will Chan should not even call himself a Christian for typing out a message like this.

    • Paul Larry Ong. said

      Spot on. How do we know if he is from CHC? How do we know this is not a (one of the) dummy post to incite and raise fire to divert (the heat) attention from elsewhere, from current unpopular political issues for example? Even if he is (a member of CHC), the right to defend belongs to him and out of desperation, frustration or depression he returns one of the numerous stones at his church’s door. Unfortunately the marbles between his ears could be somewhat scrambled as he picked and returned an unclean stone.

  96. Natureschild said

    Brainwashing is an insidious process of hijacking the natural thinking-faculty of humans, usually the young & vulnerable in an exclusive environment (like CHC) controlled by certain powerful, charismatic leaders (like KH).

    Over the years, Kong Hee (KH) has insidiously bred a herd of young obedient sheep like Will Chan (WC) who has been brainwashed to the core to worship him like a god. This trend does not augur well for the future of youths in Singapore ….

    Thousands of gullible, innocent youths herded together, sermoned by a glib snake-oil salesman to worship him and to worship money (read ‘prosperity gospel’)…. is indeed a slippery slope for a tiny country which spends $millions yearly to inculcate critical & creative thinking in her educational institutions.

    Instead of focusing on science and reasoning, these innocent youths (lured to CHC by its loud rock music, China Wine, etc in disco-like atmosphere) end up thinking and speaking in terms of dogmas and absolutes.

    Prof Lee Wei Ling once wrote & I quote: “Herd mentality is bad. It deters independent thinking…”

  97. Public Eyes said

    It is Will Chan who should use his brains. Comments are not just from non-Christians. Naive of him to assume so. No one is attacking Christianity. It is how CHC is being run that raises the eyebrows, and it is the 6 individuals who have to prove their alleged crimes. Don’t defend CHC for all the wrong reasons.

  98. kaypoh said

    “If you put both Pastor Kong and Pastor Tan Ye Peng to jail, then who’s gonna preach for CHC?”

    You lah, since none of the brainwashed zombies can tell the diff, any blathering idiot will do, if necessary put on a KH mask & speak in tongues, that’ll teach them !!!

    The only important thing is remember to collect 20% afterwards…. 10% for your KH’s CHC fund (Changi Holiday Chalet) & another for the SH’s CHC fund (Crossover Horseface CDs).

    Class dismissed!!!

  99. RealityCheck said

    Dear Will, reading your comments in defense of mere man saddens me.

    Is God so skewed as you have implied that He, the Lord will only provide salvation through CHC pastors? So skewed that without them, salvation will not come to our shores? What utter rubbish!

    I am sorry, but i do not know which God you were thought to pray to in CHC, it is obvious it is not the same God the rest of us hold so dear in our hearts.

    I suggest you spend some time with God alone and get your bearings right!


  100. Roland P said

    I maintain my integrity.

  101. AL said

    I read from news reports that Kong Hee & others had transferred money from CHC building fund account to another bank account and another until it reached someone else account to support a singer who happened to be his wife. If it was the CHC’s idea to support his wife’s singing career, why it can not be done under the light by telling the whole church that the building fund is not for the church building but fund for the building of his wife career?

    I am sadden by the members’ comment that he did not believe God could raise up righteous man other than Kong Hee. God is not he believes and trusts and his faith is with Kong Hee only.

    • justathought said

      Yes, u r right. If CHC decided to support Ho’s singing, should done in d open, instead of using building fund. There should not b additional work done like transferring here and there.

      Read Bible and seek wisdom, so must have d fear of GOD, HE will make our path straight.

      In olden days, this will cause dead. A couple decided after selling their house and donate to church, half way they decided y not keep some for themselve, so they gave half and told a lie, they lie to GOD & church tt they only sell this much to donate church. If they would have told honestly tt they want to keep half, I strongly believed tt their lives would be spare, after all is their money. If CHC announce tt what they want and ppl still support, than this hiden transaction thing wouldn’t come to light.

      Anything tt don’t in d dark will come to light one day. There is a verse said tt nobody will cover d light with a bowl, it is stupid to do tt b’coz d light cannot b hiden.

      Maybe SunTec is a niceplace to worship, but is it necessary? So many places y must b only SunTec?

      If a child donate using CCard money which is from parents, asked parents’ permission before doing it, not just do it.
      If d money is from ur personal piggy bank, than u could do it b’coz u earn by doing day to day saving.

  102. justathought said

    Well said

  103. So sad for you Will and many more innocent CHC members. The non Christians are not against the Christians. This is all about the our government’s responsibilities to ensure accountability even so for Ps KH to prove his integrity. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you the spirit of discernment, peace, forgiveness…

  104. maipenrai said

    This is clearly a flame bait.

  105. What "Christian" ? said

    What a SATANIC CHC ” Christian ” using profanity ? You are the true example of CHC followers. Dont worry KH & pastors are just the devil’s assistant, Satan the devil will lead you when they are in jail . You definitely have TRIPOLAR MENTAL DISORDER like the rest of your fellow members .

  106. alibaba said

    All the church members are really fucking morons.

  107. Lawrence Ho said

    With suckers like Will Chan no wonder Con Hee Fatt Choy can make such a big heap of money !

  108. LawHo said

    All things considered, we cannot really blame Conman Hee and Gang – the truth is – with diehard suckers like Willie boy around – Who DOESN’T want to be a millionaire ?

  109. Calvin said

    A Fraud is a fraud , here we have the congregation agreeing that they are righteous in their holy ways of life .
    The first impression that occurs to me when I attended the first time is WHY are they helping Haiti instead of helping our impoverished ASEAN neighbors .I STOP after 3 visits .
    Now I realize they were funding personal lifestyle .

  110. ks said

    “miracle for sale”… google it

  111. Benny said

    without god, of course you will suffer depression.. =,= what he saying?

  112. Daxin said

    Can anyone confirm Will Chan is member of CHC or he is a real Christian?

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