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Dr Yang Mu clarifies: I don’t own a HDB flat

Posted by temasektimes on July 31, 2012

Dear Sir/Madame,

May I refer to your comment on the website on 29 July 2012:  PRC new citizen: I don’t feel like Singaporean and will return to China when I retire

Kindly refer to my letter to the New York Times which is attached. 

I would like to add that I do not own a HDB flat.  In fact I rent an old two bedroom HDB flat, with a monthly rental of $2,200/=

The reason is why I wish to retire in China is simple. My wife is in China . I happen to know of a number of locally born Singaporean friends who wish to retire outside Singapore .


Thank you.


Yours Sincerely



Dr. Yang Mu



To the New York Times:

Dear Mr Andrew Jacobs and Ms Sim Chin Yin:

May I refer to your article: In Singapore, Vitriol against Chinese Newcomers, which appears on New York Times on July 27, 2012? Please allow me to clarify two points.

  1. The main purpose of three of us in the interview is to introduce “Loving and Giving Society” in Singapore to your newspaper readers. I am a founding member and a current committee member of the Society. One of its main activities is to assist newcomers from Mainland China adjust to life in Singapore.
  1. In between describing the activities of the Society, I reflected on the differences between Singaporeans and the Chinese Mainlanders. The latter grow up in a society where they rely on friends and relatives in solving all kinds of problems. They therefore spend a lot of time socializing with their friends and relatives. On the other hand, Singaporeans grow up in a society with very strong rule of law. They tend to go to the relevant authorities to deal with their problems. Without being aware of this, the Mainland newcomers mistakenly think that Singaporeans are aloof and tend not to socialize.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely




33 Responses to “Dr Yang Mu clarifies: I don’t own a HDB flat”

  1. No Can Do said

    Bottomline is, both PRCs and Chinese sinkies come from the same stock. In essence, we’re from the same ancestors and people albeit we’re culturally different on the surface. Chinese sinkies hv much to learn from the Japanese, the Jews, the Whites and Indians who invariably support their ppl and their ppl’s products at home and abroad. Don’t know what 2 say.
    Btw I’m sure many netizens who ‘bombard’ PRCs in anonymity cld be from other races than Chinese.

  2. ZR said

    I fully agree Dr Yang’s observation and trust his good intention of making such comments for newcomers awareness to such difference.

    • 龍的传人 said


  3. chngminghow said


  4. Walls have Ears said

    Good intention and well said
    offer you my handshake

  5. sloo said


    • kaypoh said

      Cheh, even he knows MIW will suck u dry faster than Dracula lah, and since 60.1% daft peasants love being sucked, he boh pian lor

    • ZR said

      The REAL point is Dr Yang made no harm to this country.


      He pays tax , rents a HDB by paying high rental to local Singaporean who
      Making easy money by renting first hand cheaper HDB flat. ( 2,200/month for a HDB 3RM as he clarified above! )

      He applied and granted citizenship based on his merits, which is purely a personal decision
      and apparently so far has been no significant benefits as far as money is concerned . He made his contribution
      in his competence to Singapore’s scientific research. His long education was paid by China, but the golden
      time of his life has been devoted to this country ( since 1992 up to now ) ….

      What is wrong with that ?

      If you really love this country , you should support government to attract more such FT to our country, why upset?

      Whether China government should allow him to return in future, In what way he can be allowed to return, like everywhere in this world,
      there must be a system to assess it by the country. U don’t need to worry about this !

      • Insincere Talents Not Welcomed said

        What is the objective of the government giving citizenship to PRs who dont want to sink roots into the country? Doesnt it cheapens the value of the pink i/c? Of cause every talent contributes, whether fake or real talent.

    • SG Talent said

      His wife is a Chinese citizen so that they can buy property in China, used to be very profitable. Thats why he not using money to buy property in SG.

  6. gigantor said

    Dr. Yang Mu is talking thru his arse. Why than did you take Singapore citizenship if your China is so great. Why did you even come to Singapore if not because u felt you can make more money here and get a Singapore pp so its easier for you to travel and to eventually buy a subsidized flat which you can sell later and make money and go home and build a mansion in your village.? Why don’t u just take a work pass since you don’t want to stay here permanently. . Better still why don’t u just go back to China where you can than socialize with your family and friends.

    Now after making the statements to the NY Times showing your true colours, you are backtracking and trying to cover your smelly backside. GO HOME TO CHINA.

    • seorang said

      Read Dr Yang Mu’s reply to NYT properly before you spout nonsense thru your ‘GIGANTIC’ ARSE, Mr Gigantor

  7. joun lee said

    Sloo, Please don’t dwell into Dr. Yang’s personal life as to why his wife is in China and him in Singapore. Not our bloody business. He will be a foreigner returning to China. China welcomes returning chinese NOT like Singapore. Ony people that are stuck in Singapore just complain and complain. Be proactive and get a life.

  8. kaypoh said

    yeah, authorities deal with ur probs by asking u “so wat do u think?”
    and every prob solved by more taxes, fees, tariffs, & cost increases
    pls tell all ur FT frens, my dear Dr Yang

  9. Anon said

    Dr Yang Mu, I appreciate your clarification. I also really appreciate the fact that you’re trying to help PRC migrants to fit in, by your work in your society. Keep it up!!

    As many netizens have pointed out, we have nothing against you or your compatriots or new citizens in general. Our gripe is with the Singapore govt for its policy conception and implementation.

    If I were you, I’d do EXACTLY the same too. ie. Husband-wife, 1 person take up Singapore citizenship, 1 person remain PRC or India citizen. You get the best of both worlds that way. I wish Singaporeans have this kind of “backup”, the benefit of Singapore but somewhere as to retire to in the future or to go back to, if Singapore does not work out.

    Probably the main “mistake” you made was in not buying a HDB flat. Why spend $2,200 monthly on rental when you can buy a flat. Obviously, if Tharman says that even less than $1,000 monthly income can buy 1-room HDB flat, I’m sure $2,200 monthly can buy 2 bedroom HDB flat.

    Anyway, wish you well!!

    • seorang said

      Thumbs up for Dr Yang Mu!

      Part of the predicament of Singaporeans is they have no “back up”, or “spare tyre”, i.e no other place to retire to or go back to.

      Ironically, this conundrum could have been lessened if LKY had the good sense to refrain from calling people QUITTERS when some of its citizens chose to migrate overseas, be it short term or long term.

      Or perhaps, more Singaporeans should pick up Malay, so that they feel quite at home in Malaysia and could either help in the development of the rural areas or contemplate retiring in Malaysia, or simply to have a more enjoyable and fun weekend get-away.

      If you read LKY’s old speeches, in around 1963(sorry I might not have the dates correct), before we split from Malaysia, he was all for Singaporeans learning Malay. He expounded on the virtues of learning Malay and said in his speech he was making his boy(our current PM) go for Malay Language tuition.

      Of course, English is important and must always remain as the working language of Singapore to ensure a level playing field for all. But is seems like the wiping out of Malay from our curriculum entirely(for most non-Malays, that is), seems to have more to do with politics than what’s really good for Singaporeans.

      If development of rural areas sounds like too much to ask of ‘urbanites’ like us, through our policies over the years, Singaporeans on average have a better command of English than Malaysians, so why not have language(and cultural) exchange programs, where we learn Malay from Malaysians, while they learn English from us. Of course Singaporeans who go on such programs should do so with a certain humility, because not everybody’s English is as fantastic as LKY’s, and we don’t look like ‘ang mohs’. But if we do it with the right attitude, it just might work;-)

      The last bit on what Tharman says is funny, $1000…… one room HDB, $2000…. two rooms HDB lah! I’m no economist, but sure would be interesting to investigate and learn more! DPM Tharman comments on the economic situation of the man-in-the-street seems to have earned the ire of many, I certainly hope he is more right than wrong.

  10. Lim said

    1) He still didn’t answer why he has called us “lazy singaporeans”. Where did he get the impression,or based his opinions on when the country is constantly Nbr #1 or Nbr #2 in world rankings?

    2) He said his wife is in China, and he’s here. No mention whether his wife has already gotten her citizenships here, and have thus returned to China for work/social/retirement before he did. So much for ‘integration’ and ‘contributing”

    • lolkey said

      Where is the “lazy singaporeans” quote? I only see the run of the mill “Lazy China pigs” and “go home”

  11. i say what i think only... said

    if u intend to be a citizen then why is your family not here? weird that each stay at 1 end. at the end of the day, it will be throwing the IC back to gov and take out all CPF and retire in china. if given the choice, i dun mind doing that as well. at least i get to reire with dignity, simpler life but enjoy life

    • Arshad said

      The fact of the matter is that the majority of foreigners are here to make as much money as possible at the expense of citizens and then leave when they have made a tidy fortune.

      The have absolutely no intention of becoming citizens and settling down here.

      For the vast majority of foreigners, getting PR is more than enough.

      Still 60.1% don’t mind being treated as 3rd class citizens in their own country.

    • Insincere Talents Not Welcomed said

      Pink I/Cs for lelong.

  12. LeongLeong said

    All Singaporeans out there, thinking there is anything special being a Singapore Permanent Resident, please think again. In Singapore, a Permanent Resident is NOT permanent, a reminder to all of you out there that may have this misconception. Singapore PR is actually temporary, renewable after every few years. If you are not gainfully employed you cannot renew your PR! So say good bye and go back to your home country. So why should PR commit to Singapore, while the country cannot offer them anything PERMANENT? Wel as I can see it, a PR is just a premium grade work permit or employment pass, so that you can switch jobs without reapplying for a new permit with the MOM or Immigration.

    Not all PRs will stay here when they retire. It’s too expensive to live in Singapore without a job! And this is a FACT!!!

    I am also looking for alternative retirement place when I retire! Singapore is NOT the place of my choice!

  13. nice said

    . i think it is a fair comment. It is not easy to blend cultures in. We are different and it will take many years to blend together.

    The problem is not Dr Yang…. the problem is our govt policies.

  14. sunhub said

    Hello, asli Chinaman yang. Singapore feeds you cos u cannot get the same back in your country.

    Just keep your ass hole mouth shut and nothing is going to happen. U open your mother mouth and many fellowmen of yours living here are going to be penalized by your stupidity.

  15. He is insincere and talking cock.
    Many PRCs can make it in CHINA do not want to leave their country, many real talents leave their country for USA, EU, Japan, Auistralia and others, only the lower rate PRCs come to Spore.

  16. ZR said

    Stay, you dont like . leaving, also you dont like.

    what do you really want ??

    SBs, MLGBZ

  17. IronMan said

    If u wish to retire in China, why took up SG citizenship? Why wait for your retirement? F**k off now. Lazy China pigs are simply opporturnists. Always taking the easy way out.

    Explain in what ways are we, SG, LAZY? We dun live off our govt. We build and contribute to the development of SG from scratch. SG developed way before China did. 3rd class China pigs whom cannot make in their own motherland will defintely find opportunity elsewhere. Thanks to the PAPigs here, your wish came true. Well what to do….it takes a pig to attract another.

    So…be like an ungrateful communist scum….and F**K OFF…!!!

  18. George Lam said

    Food for thought…for the Singapore govt IMHO!

  19. lolkey said

    Dr. Yang Mu is not sticking his face on Singaporeans cold butt. He spent his whole career life in Singapore, paying Singapore taxes and consuming in the local economy. There’s no reason to stick around and eat the dirty vitriol spewed at PRCs for the last journey of his life.

    Good bye and good luck.

  20. Blue Nights said

    How does Mr. Yang know that Singaporeans go to the authorities to solve their problems because we grow up in a society that is rule bound? And how does he know that because a society is ruled bound, it’s citizens necessarily resort to the rule of law to solve problems?

    The nuances are important because he is making cause and effect statements on a social phenomenon.

    For all we know, the reason Chinese citizens depend on their families for help is because they have given up on their government to solve problems. It does not mean that China is not ruled bound, just like we are. Maybe the Chinese are less skeptical and trusting than Singaporeans. Our hopes spring eternal that the great ruler willl come through for us. It is Confucian socialization at its best? Or we are thoroughly brain washed? Who knows?

    And how does he know that we do not depend on family to solve problems? Maybe the reason we do not spend time with family and friends is because we are all so busy working, no one gets a breather? And not because we do not depend on them to help us?

    How does someone who apparently has a post graduate degree make such statements without thinking of their implications?

  21. Yayrhah said

    good for you.
    you have options to go when you retire.
    all those who got left behind in singapore have to work till they mati.

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