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ESM Goh Chok Tong pledges $450,000 to Parents in Education Fund

Posted by temasektimes on July 31, 2012

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has pledged up to $450,000 to a new Parents in Education (PIE) Fund over the next three years to enhance school-based parent partnership efforts in education.

Mr Goh launched the PIE fund worth $150,000 on Monday at MacPherson Primary School after raising the sum through his private golf game for charity.

Fifteen primary schools will each receive S$10,000 a year for up to three years and they are expected to use the fund to develop and implement innovative and purposeful school-based approaches to broaden and deepen engagement efforts to reach out to more parents.

A former Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Goh is still actively ‘serving’ Singaporeans at almost 70 years of age. During his tenure as Prime Minister, he promised Singaporeans the ‘Swiss standard’ of living, an elusive dream after more than 20 years.


25 Responses to “ESM Goh Chok Tong pledges $450,000 to Parents in Education Fund”

  1. ngpy said

    Still using other people’s backsideskin to be use as his face, anyway it is still a good gesture to help the school. Honestly he should have contribute more from his own pocket, as he is fully aware that, what poor is about since he was young where his mother is a washer woman. SO THE SWISS STANDARD OF LIVING WHICH HE HAD PROMISED SINGAPOREANS TO HAVE, MAY WE SINGAPOREANS BE ENLIGHTENED, IS THE PRESENT DAY LIVING IN SINGAPORE, SIMILAR TO THE SWISS STANDARD OF LIVING. I WOULD RATHER IT BE KNOWN AS SWISSPORE STANDARD OF LIVING.

  2. P Koh said

    Well Done. Thank you. Keep it up. “Swiss Standard’ is coming. More ministers should emulate his fine example.

  3. Jump Bail said

    I wonder why ESM Goh did not announce his contribution in terms of money? If I have tens of millions of dollars in my bank account, what is half a million. I will be the role model to donate first. Or there is an unspoken rules that when minister donate, it cannot be announce?

  4. tofu said

    Why does schools need $funding in order to have more parents engagement/reach out programs?
    What exactly do they need the money for?

  5. Big peanut deal.

  6. Azzeidine said

    one word PEANUTS

  7. Peanut man said

    That’s still less than peanuts leh….

  8. Jaded said

    why so stingy? donate peanuts only?

  9. Free Trolley said

    10,000 do what. Buy 10 computers.

  10. stevenadosan said

    For so many years he had drawn high salary,that’s is peanut to him.His monthly interest earned per month should be more than half millions.What’s the BIG deal?

  11. enough said

    he should donate his entire wealth to the needy and poor , if he does that , people will respect him

    this is a drop in the ocean,

    people who became rich through the people should return their wealth to the people

  12. The Gardener said

    Nabeh. Knn. Kong jiao Wei.

  13. Maybe Sing better than Talk said

    His wife said $600K is peanut (in the NKF saga) and what is $450K and some more over the period of three years.\

    • Edmund said

      u see they mix around with millionaires,so wife did not think carefully when she said it.Of course 600k is nothing to them,but to the poor,even a paltry sum of $60 is a big amount.GCT earns millions ,so what is 600k to Mrs Goh? Talks exactly like a millionair. Dont look down on the poor lah

  14. B Grade said

    u see… he raise , he raise… problem is. not concerned about the amount… but did he give any to support the cause he “believe in” ???
    Same goes for KH, he preach but did he give the 10% he ask of others…

  15. joun lee said

    how much did he donate? is the $450K from him other other friends from golf charity. sorry but I am a bit “kayu” in these matters. will the ESM please clarify?

  16. No Can Do said

    @NgPY at 9.44 am: fully agree he shd use money that he pays himself from the ppl’s taxes to donate to good causes, or else he’ll just b using their backside-skin as his public face. Shameless he’s doing this despite his poor childhood background. He shd know better, but wld he, this woody seat warmer as he’s popularly known. Moreover, the sum of $450k is peanuts to him and his wife now, and this publicity he’s seeking to boost his undoubtedly poor public image will only further dent it.
    But he was right to suggest that the PM’s term shd be for two terms only. As expected, he was silent when his boss whose seat he is wellknown to b warming, PM LHL rejected his proposal.
    Typical of his true woody character, he retreated into the shadows and has bn dumb dumb ever since on this. A person of integrity and grit wld hv pressed on with his conviction that the PM’s tenure shd b only two terms, but he simply retreated into his tortoise shell. Wah lau..

  17. patrick eng said

    i don’t want to sound sarcastic but cannot help lah. sad to say, this is less than a peanut.

  18. LkySi said

    He created multi million pay checks for Ministers. Now he is giving Swiss standard chee cheong fun to schools

  19. Swiss Cheese! said

    Wah! Give money to whatever fund. Appears so generous.
    Actually he did achieve Swiss standard of living.

    Only for the 1% that is. Smiling all the way to the bank.
    And we, like the Swiss, are becoming a hub for money laundering and tax evasion.

  20. @ No Can Do on 31 July at 2.08 pm: To think about it, the opp shd press on with woody woodpecker’s proposal of PM’s tenure to be for just 2 terms. This is an opportunity opp shd not overlook as the proposal was by a senior PAPie party man, GCT himself. And it’s a good proposal undoubtedly.

  21. P Koh said

    Can we just accept that whatever the amount of contribution, it is still an act of charity and acknowledge it in good faith and hopefully other ministers will follow?

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