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Fresh local graduates can now expect ‘higher’ pay

Posted by temasektimes on July 31, 2012

Despite the grim global economic outlook, fresh graduates are expected to get a higher base salary this year compared to their 2011 cohorts.

According to the Hay Group’s Fresh Graduate Pay Survey 2012 conducted in June which polled some 79 companies across generous industries in Singapore, the average starting monthly pay for pass degree holders is S$2,678 up some S$60 compared to last year’s cohort of S$2,617.

Graduates with Second Upper and Higher honors can expect a starting salary of S$2,882 while those with Second Lower and Below can earn S$2,766.

However, the starting pay has remained more or less stagnant in the last years while the cost of living has sky-rocketed, especially that of properties and cars.

While fresh graduates can expect to secure a good-paying stable job which will enable them to start a family of their own 10 years ago, they are now struggling to afford a BTO flat after paying for their student loans and other expenses.


7 Responses to “Fresh local graduates can now expect ‘higher’ pay”

  1. WP = idiots said

    TT Talking cock. 10 years ago we already have a problem with Birthrate. It’s not something new. In fact the government have been trying to tackle the problem for the last 20 years so this has nothing to do with salary or cost of living

  2. Naivety said

    Which generous 79 companies are these from your survey polled & do you mind sharing the names of these companies?

  3. X said

    This is the kind of salary fresh graduates get 15 years ago. It is astonishing that in the last 15 years there has been no nominal change in graduate pay. Given the inflation rate over these 15 years, graduates today are making at least 25% less in real terms compared to graduates back then.

    What kind of an achievement is it to report high GDP growth year after year if most people end up poorer?

  4. i say what i think only... said

    i will be surprised if most grads can get such pay. i did not see such figures few yrs back and even now…

  5. Raymond said

    If they can manage to find a job in the first place, that is

  6. Gregory said

    Good pay! Time to fire the Singaporeans and reserve the jobs for our ‘own kind’. There is a Chinese saying that you don’t let your fertile water enter a stranger’s field. Good jobs in Singapore should strictly be reserved for manager’s own countrymen, and not for Singaporeans. We could reserve jobs as janitors and security for Singaporeans, so as to beat that stupid citizen-foreigner ratio.

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