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MCYS and MICA to be ‘restructured’ to form three new ministries (with new ministers)

Posted by temasektimes on July 31, 2012

Two ministries will be ‘restructured’ to form three ministries which is likely to cost taxpayers more, declared Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

With effect from November 1, the current portfolios of MCYS and MICA will be redistributed to the three ministries – the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).

PM Lee said the changes are necessary as Singapore is in a new phase of development, and social and community issues are increasingly important.

However, some critics pointed out that the new ministries and portfolios are not necessary and only lead to unnecessary public spending.



37 Responses to “MCYS and MICA to be ‘restructured’ to form three new ministries (with new ministers)”

  1. Tolong. said

    More ministers created . More MP’s will get a bigger take home pay under the new three ministries.

  2. sibei tulan said

    seriously, I think this is good!
    if not it is too vague a ministry , rojak , now at least it has been single out what it is incharge of.

    though it is going to cost taxpayer money and since when is it not?

    • OMGKthxbye said

      I think the more they split into different ministry, the more “lost” or possible of being confused we will get. If anything happen, we go to ministry A which lead you to ministry B, than C end up go back to A. You suck thumb.

  3. NaBey said

    Hi sir, I suggest ministry of transport to restructure to ministry of bus, ministry of mrt, ministry of coe, ministry of road tax, ministry of car park. I think it will be more efficient in that way.

    • kaypoh said

      In view of the recent surge in sex cases,

      we need :

      a) Ministry of Oral Sex (MOS)
      b) Ministry of Sex for Favours (MOSF)
      c) Ministry of Underaged Sex (MOUS)
      d) Ministry of Nonconsensual Sex (MONS)

      and a Minister each 🙂

    • Good one., although it will not be cost-effective, and the additional costs will be passed down to us, the end-user.

  4. Rotten said


  5. Confused said

    What have social and community issues to do with MCYS and MICA? Shouldn’t this be under MHA?

  6. Raven Eve said

    will the setting up of 3 new ministries solve the following problems which occurred after GE2011?

    1) Transport fees increase
    2) “Ponding” episodes at orchard and Bt Timah
    3) MRT and LRT break downs; many workers and students were late
    4) Tertiary school fees increase
    5) Electricity tariffs increase (twice!)
    6) COE increase
    7) Civil servant’s sex and corruption scandal
    8) increase of CPF minimum sum from $131,000 -》 $139,000 without consulting citizens
    9) Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) for flats, shops/offices and market/cooked food stalls increase
    10)ERP price increase

  7. Jenny said

    Here we go again, just got 250 from them and they are taking back more.

    The only thing that needs a change is the ruling party.

  8. kaypoh said

    Yeah, more Millionisters, yippee!

    1) Ministry of What’s Good for You Daft Peasants,
    2) Ministry of Worker Bee Reproduction,
    3) Ministry of Truth (okay, not new, Orwell already called it)

    Hehe… Darwin, take note : even gahmen ministries can reproduce! 1+1 = 3!!!

  9. Jack said

    so created one more minister, where is the budget from?

  10. Noob said

    eh…. no death no problem ,,,,, got death also no problem

  11. Bengy said

    this fellow only know how to squander the country money & get the wrong person to do the right job…lol…

  12. Tan Yan Ren said

    Can anybody answer my queries…In the past, many Ministers are holding a FEW department s, eg minister x also minister of finance, also minister in charge of Min of Manpower…eg.Now, Does the minister get paid a Minister’s salary two times…since he hold 2 Portfolios…which in effect he is paid about 4 to 5 Million s a year although WE know he cannot possibly manage these 2 Ministries EFFECTIVELY…that s why SO MANY SCREW UPS lately and now suddenly the shit hits the fence because of the screw ups being discovered, now the DECENTRALISATION to prevent further discovery of screw ups!!!…THis latest move by the PM is Right and CORRECT BUT this should have been done LONG AGO!!!!ALAS….the INTERNET has its meaningful contributions to SINGAPORE and lets NOT allow Yaacob to BULSHIT us any more….if he does…we must get him out at the next election AT ALL COST!!!!

  13. Ben said

    no qualms about creating a new ministry but better make sure that these sectors are not white elephants and that they really improve our lives

  14. Virgorian said

    More job more pay for the

    • Jack said

      how much is the pay for snr minister of state as compared to minister of state? Cut pay + Promotion = net Higher pay?

  15. i say what i think only... said

    if they say 3 ministry can better cater to our needs, does it mean they are underperforming in the past? what is the point of reducing minister pay then to get more ministers (since there are more ministries and so many overlapping roles. this guy wear multiple hat, that one also. this is acting, that one is deputy blah blah). 1 look we no longer know which ministry that specific kuku is from

  16. No Can Do said

    No idea PM, just repackaging without fresh iniatives, and making sinkies pay more for same stuff. The old guards esp Dr Goh Keng Swee wld never do such a thing unless it’s a move in a new direction with immense potential, as when he launched JTC, PSA, Defence, DBS, etc., etc., etc..
    PM LHL’s reshuffling of his Cabinet is truly a clasic study in contrast between the old PAP stalwarts comprising his old man LKY/GKS/Rajaratnam/TohCC and the new LHsienTau/seatwarmerGCT/outdatedLKY regime.
    The old stalwarts demonstrated self-sacrifice, farsightedness, steely perseverance in pursuit of goals in empathy with the ppl’s common interest, and truthfulness and transparency in the workplace.
    The new regime is identified wih bloated ministries, opaqueness and cronyisms in the workplace, and elitism as its hallmarks. The common ppl are sidelined as a result.
    Come next GE, the ruling PAPies may be in for a big surprise to see the opp romp home as sinkieland’s new govt..

  17. AV said

    Culture, Community, Youth, Social, Family Development, Communications, Information. To many, this areas all similar and overlapping. Why not consolidate all under MHA – Ministry of Home Affairs, make more sense and save lots of money!

  18. kaypoh said

    We need a Ministry of Cockup, Coverup and Suckthumb (MCCS) so that SMRT Saw can get back her multimillion job, hahaha…

  19. Mrs Smith said

    What about Ministry of Foreign Talents Welfare? ***sarcastic mode on!***

  20. No 1 Called me Daft except One idiot said

    My thoughts – this is for political power perpertuation or FOR to achieve patriotic well being of Citizens. IF NOT all Singaporeans matters, is as usual a BIG FARCE. And the inlcusiveness propagation (not even reaching an execution status in ACTION so far) IS ONLY a BIG verbal diarrhoea, as usual.

  21. Bai Hu said

    Our PM LHL (aka Ah-Long), can really come out with a manual entitled ‘101 ways to con your citizens with reasons’. This restructing exercise is not useful at all – likened to the change of soup flavor without the change of mainingredients.

  22. Sgt33 said

    I am disappointed with this. First we pay for some committee to review all ministers salary. Now when all quieten down. He raised their salaries on the excuse of a resuffle. What you think Singaporeans stupid. Dont play play.

  23. Cinda said

    When some one searches for his necessary thing, thus he/she
    wants to be available that in detail, thus that thing
    is maintained over here.

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