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China’s Ding Ning beats China-born Feng Tianwei in Olympics semi-finals

Posted by temasektimes on August 1, 2012

Despite the pre-media hype of a ‘closely’ fought match, China’s Ding Ning easily beats China-born Feng Tianwei in the table tennis women’s singles semi-finals.

A product of China’s table-tennis academy, Feng only ‘became’ a Singaporean in 2007. She went down 7-11, 4-11, 11-9, 10-12, 11-6, 6-11 to China’s world No. 1 Ding Ning.

The Heilongjiang native will play for the bronze medal on Wednesday at the ExCel Arena, where she will meet Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa.

The news was largely ignored by Singaporeans as support for its table-tennis team, long dubbed China’s ‘B team’ has been lukewarm to begin with.

In a poll conducted by Yahoo News, 78 percent of respondents indicate that they will NOT feel proud if a foreign-born ‘Singaporean’ won an Olympic medal.


140 Responses to “China’s Ding Ning beats China-born Feng Tianwei in Olympics semi-finals”

  1. Pai Sei said

    China FTs seek easy life in SGP. How cld u expect them to train 5x harder than PRC players, in a hash environment?

    • KWC said

      A baseless claim. Did you see how hard Feng played against the Korean player, who had beaten Singaporean players in the 2 previous Games. Lee Jia Hui couldn’t beat her. Feng had lost to her previously in world championships too. Don’t you think she worked hard to adjust her game and finally beat this rival? I sometimes wonder where all the hostility for athletes comes from. How about giving some credit instead of being a curmudgeon.

      • chia said

        giving some credit to them, kwc are u ok or not?she should be playing and winning for their own country china not hard also no use.

      • SkinFT said

        Why should we give credit when the sole purpose of her being a singaporean is the fact that she had been deemed worthy to represent singapore based on monetary rewards? In fact, she is just an employee who can quit anytime. Tell me a boss who will give credit to his/her employee when they FAIL to meet the sole purpose that they are employed for?

        Give credit? Give more money lah. Stupid fucker.

        Even Ishikawa is much better than Tian and Feng. and SHE IS JAPANESE representing JAPAN. Fuck PRCs. Period. Leeches.

      • Ken Lee said

        all the way!

      • pussy policies from pussy PM said

        playing for the $$$$ lah! bronze = 250k, silver = 500k
        ask yourself, why not go further by importing the PRC badminton B team, PRC diving B team, PRC gymnast B team, PRC weightlifting B team, PRC volleyball B team, etc, etc

        does Jamaica with a population of 5M need to import sprinters ? does NZ with a population of 5M need to import rugby players ?

        what SinCity needs is genuine worldclass leaders to replace the bunch of clowns along with PM Lee.

      • Pai Sei said

        I half-heartedly given my ceidit to her lor….even if she won gold is also non of my business even thu I paid the taxes lor…

      • Pai Sei said

        Do u naively think she played hard for SGP? Of coz for money lah!

  2. Holy Uncle said

    well, any Singapore born Singaporean is better than Tianwei ? Named her if you can.

    • chia said

      all singaporean are better,why we will not do anything against our own country.even we dont stay in singapore.see for yourself,what are those prc doing when they stay in singapore and become singaporean,they will do anything against their own country for their own gain.shame

      • KWC said

        What a ridiculous blanket claim. We’re talking about a sporting profession, not treason or betrayal.

      • sweetbean said

        honestly Chia, you need to have some English lessons – your post is unintelligible. I don’t mean to offend you but just that if you want to post in English we must be able to understand what you are trying to say.

      • Ken Lee said

        tan ah kow!

      • chia said

        sweetbean when u become my english teacher.thanks alot.fake singaporean.

      • chia said

        sweetbean my english is not good but i think i still speak and write better english than the ping pong girl agree.

      • mahbok tan said

        Agree wif u hor chia…..singrish is better than no engrish..!!!

      • sweetbean said

        Haha your English may be better than hers but her table tennis is definitely better than yours. Never mind la I did see her playing her heart out for Singapore:)

      • Ng said

        Chia, u are so full of urself. My china student scored A1 for English at O levels in a neighbourhood school. Do not make sweeping statements about all foreigners. Can u play table tennis better than feng tian wei? I’m proud as a Singaporean that she has won. Don’t be a frog in the well. Look at other countries. They import foreign talents as well. This is the 21st century. Globalisation has made all these migrations very commonplace.

      • ‘all singaporean are better’

        As a fellow born and bred Singaporean, I would like you to prove it.

    • Proud less said

      Practically none but still better than an imported one, what do you think?

      • Holy Uncle said

        Singaporeans accept ft to be Singapore players in soccer team, why must reject Tianwei ? Groom local talents besides Singlish lahhhhh

      • proud less said

        Who say S’poreans accepted FTs to be in S’pore soccer team? I am a S’porean but I cannot recall I have accepted it.

  3. Bao Ching Tian said

    I will feel more proud of Team Singapore if they were made up of true blue native Singaporeans who have tried their best but returned home empty handed rather than a gold medal won by a foreign import from China.

    • Speechless said

      It is not about whether we returned with any medals.. It is about whether they are true born Singaporeans representing Singapore or not…!

      Even if Team Singapore score 1st counting from bottom i will also feel proud compare to a China-born Singaporeans holding our flag!

      • KWC said

        So, zero immigration is the answer? You don’t have to look very hard to find someone whose parents or grandparents weren’t born here. But yet all are Singaporeans – is that your view?

    • sweetbean said

      Oh give it a rest! They are here and they are citizens let’s stop discriminating – it’s so pointless. I felt really proud of our team and I didn’t think about where they came from originally. It really doesn’t matter anymore. They were Singapore colours – to me they are Singaporeans and they gave their all for our country – their country now. Well done table tennis ladies! Ignore the nonsense you did yourselves and Singapore proud. I could see the courage and the fight!

  4. Jack said

    It does not matter, China vs China.

    • KWC said

      Yes, words of wisdom. Once born in China, always a China national. Cut and dried, black and white. No immigration – wait, all those Singaporeans overseas, what are they?

      • chia said

        they are still singaporean, find proof kwc .proof me wrong.what have they done against singapore when they stay overseas.

      • XYZ said

        Read most of your posts and i clearly understand where you stand and your point is. Lets just cite a simple example. I hired a person to do my assignment and i got a C. Furthermore, everyone knows i hired someone to do my assignment. Should they still be proud of me regardless of my results?

      • What do you think? said

        Those singaporeans overseas are of course singaporeans except that some are PRs in other countries.
        Like it or not, first generation citizens can never be a real citizen no matter how hard this person tries to integrate.

  5. Jaded said

    China vs China!

  6. Free Trolley said

    China earns the Gold and Bronze medal.

  7. SkinFT said

    where got easily. 6 sets leh. went all the way to rubber set. but even feng wins, no pride oso. See Japan. They are still using their own pple. WHO SAYS SG DUN HAVE. Just fire the current bosses and employ those who really have the desire to cultivate local talents. Fuck Feng. Fuck Singapore ping pong team. It is you who kills the interest from local true blue singaporeans. Fuck singapore ping pong. go and burn in hell

    • KWC said

      So, feel better after your outburst? What did you add to the discussion except prove how poor you are at expressing an opinion. Should I conclude that this is a typical Singaporean trait, an outburst of swearing and damning to express an opinion.

    • sweetbean said

      SkinFT you’re just horrid…sorry but there is nothing redeeming about your post.

  8. Cute said

    hmmm….did not feel excited or proud of them.

  9. KWC said

    Did the writer of this posting actually watch the match from start to finish? This was in no way an easy win for Ding Ning, and a cursory look at the scoreline does not capture the high level of Feng Tianwei’s play nor how well her skill level matched up with Ding’s. In fact, Feng Tianwei exposed weakness in Ding’s game and was able to exploit them to no small success. Ding did not win in her usual way against a Singaporean player by dominating and intimidating and had to fight hard for the win; there was absolutely no giving up by Feng at any point. This match had a lot of tension in it and it was obvious Ding Ning was glad to be rid of Feng. If opponents of Ding were paying attention, Feng has shown Ding’s vulnerabilities and a strategy for beating her. Personally, I was impressed with the growth and flexibility of Feng’s game thruout the course of the day as she played 2 very different opponents. How about the mental discipline shown in winning the 5th game after being down 3 to 1, which came after losing the 4th game on extra points? Feng could have basically given up at that point. Did the poster of this article observe any of the points I’ve made?

    This kind of posting reeks of bias, lacks any actual analysis, and comes across as little more than a cheap opportunity to pound away on a pet theme. Why must a high quality performance – world class, to be precise – be disrespected just because of a policy disagreement with the government on who should represent Singapore in sports? Stop confusing these 2 issues; it simply discredits your reporting.

  10. Mikey said

    China vs China.. *yawn*

    I hope she loses the bronze also..

    Then all the stupid policy makers got nothing to brag about.

    • Cute said

      yes, that will be great.

    • KWC said

      So, just as in my original post I again see the confusion. You hate the player because you hate the gov policy – is that your line of thinking?

      • lima said

        I support KWC.

        The sentiment from some “negative” commentator seems to be: don’t do well in life –> blame the government –> blame all the govt policy including FT policy –> blame the FT brought in under FT policy –> hate the FT

        Fully understandable – as it is also common in a lot of other countries such as UK, Canada, Australia, etc. However, a general rule of thumb is that the more international a city becomes, the less such bigotry and superficial “nationalism” there is. For example, you might find that the xenophobia is much more strong in Liverpool than London.

        The deep root of the above irrationality is that the “upsetters” are not happy with the status quo and need to find someone/some target to blame, so that it can relieve some of their pressure. Full sympathy towards such people, but sad to say that in reality, it is a “loser” attitude that won’t help such people to improve the life qualities.

      • What do you think? said

        I love my country does not mean I will also love my govt or the ruling party.
        Not to forget that it is the same one party that has ruled S’pore since 1959.

    • She won. Are you disappointed?

  11. likesports said

    It’s ok. I support Feng Tianwei even though I am born singaporean. Singapore only has a population of 4-5 million, in terms of talent, there is no way we can compete with the large countries. Even the western countries import chinese TT players, so it’s no big deal. Having these world-class players around helps improve the local game. Of course, it is important to mention that this does not mean I support PAP’s open door policy – that we know is a disaster where we admit the talentless masses from all over.

    • oldguard said

      you wakeup please, no need to have population like China to win Gold, stupid. If the gahmen is willing to pay and train our local we should find one champion in our neighbourhood estate. they should be taken care even they do not succeed in getting Gold.

      • chia said

        oldguard well said if she win,not only we singaporean had no pride and also waste alot of tax payer money.i hope she win nothing.prc player have no pride at all,born in china,play against china.what a shame.

      • KWC said

        “prc player have no pride at all,born in china,play against china.what a shame.” – Another baseless claim seemingly from someone who needs to feel superior. If you had bothered to watch the match you could have seen the obvious sense of pride and dedication Feng had, first in beating the very difficult Korean rival, then in taking on the top ranked player in the world. You would feel much better if you could shed some of that knee-jerk name calling and judgement. Why not give it a try?

      • Likesports said

        Of course it is better to have a born and bred Singapore player win instead. But that is fantasy land. If you have been in any competitive arena before, whether in sports or academia etc, you will know it is incredibly hard to be WORLD CLASS. To make a academic analogy, the chinese players are in university, while the rest of the world is in high school or even elementary school. Do you seriously think you can create a standout athlete in a sport as deep as TT without having a world class environment? Just singaporeans playing amongst themselves? Even the USA realizes they need to import talent and they do get the best students in the world to come to their colleges. The world is a small place, we should welcome talent that wishes to join team singapore, but only if they have top skills.

    • SkinFT said

      Back in 1992 DENMARK a country of population just 3-4 million won the Euro Cup from Germany. Bite it sucker. Idiot.

    • mahbok tan said

      Next time hor we ask our maid to sit for our children PSLE …… can ????
      Wat for study hard hard n pay tuition money many many…at the end give scholarship to foreign talent…!!!!
      same wif sports , get our children study hard hard and no pray pray always….at the end cannot be good sportsman…oso jialat…!!!

  12. Mike Tan said

    All I can say is at she go all out to get that gold medal n of course our govt reward of sgd 1millon

    • KWC said

      Shouldn’t she go all out since she’s a professional? What’s to criticize about that? Why don’t you be brave and express clearly what looks like a vague way of calling Feng a gold digger? Are you afraid to express yourself clearly? Sounds like whining.

  13. SINYoobi said

    Very happy that Feng Tianwei lost the game. No medal means no monetary payout. We are saving tax payers money. Let’s celebrate.

  14. SadSinki said

    So what? It’s was still a match between two “China” athletes. One genuine and another imported by backdoor via PAPigs.
    Each time I see our “Chinapore” athletes come on during broadcast, I switch channels even thou I am an avid Sports fan! Sickens me that a Chinapore ahtlete , cannot utter a word of English, was chosen as flag-bearer. Of course, also skipped watching opening ceremony bec of that!!!!
    Proud my backside ah! See liao sibeh sien, kept being reminded that Spore gamun sold us out to fts and make us all 2nd class citizens in our own backyard. Pui! pui

    • KWC said

      That’s your view – two “China” athletes. So no matter what, someone born in China is always a China national. Is that your thinking? What about Singaporeans moving to other countries? What are they? Please enlighten. Oh, nice Hokkein en lieu of English on your part. I’ll bet you can’t carry on a conversation in Hokkein though, only throw around a few phrases to fake it.

      • Inglorious medal said

        “What about Singaporeans moving to other countries? What are they?”

        Born and bred Singaporeans that have moved overseas are still “Singaporeans” no matter how much affectations they deign to pick up. They will still hanker after char kway teow and laksa etc and will still be concerned about Singapore in times of war. Primordialism is not something you can shed off so easily, it has been programmed in the core part of your brain during your formative years.

      • chia said

        let uncle enlighten u green bird,they are still singaporean. not like u.

      • S'porean with Aust PR said

        I may become a first generation Australian one day.
        So what as a new Australia citizen, it is the name Australian on paper only, I am still a Singaporean at heart no matter how hard I try to integrate but at least I do not call Australians names like dogs or pigs.
        My next generation will be a true Australian.

      • Well said.

  15. oldguard said

    f__king gahmen policy, IAAF should stop all countries that uses foreign sportmen and sportwoman to represent their country,only those born and bred allow. You see China vs China, from country like Aust, Spain, French and Chinaporean in table tennis and badminton. WTF to this officials.

  16. kaypoh said

    Well, too bad corksucking & farking ain’t official events, otherwise our true blue sinkies will have a chance, Annabel Chong oredi showed the world… Peter Lim’s Angels cud carry the flag then, lol, he can be the “Head Coach”… they no need sell their “talents” for IT contracts, can make 1 mil with Olympic Gold.

    Dun be too hard on Feng, the best TT players are original made-in-PRC lah. Just like England keeps losing Euros lolz, unless they buy the whole Spanish team, then got chance to win with FTs haha.

  17. Yayrhah said

    We should import the talented DingNing to play for Singapore.

    • Naivety said

      Agreed with you fully as Feng TW is not good enough as she tends to self-destruct many a times after taking the initial lead!

      Had seen how she plays on many occasions, not very stable as compared to Ding Ning, Li Xiao Xiao & others and if Singapore is so hard up for the Olympic Gold Medal, must as well import a better one/FT such as Ding Ning to represent them!!

  18. kaypoh said

    Ok, buy Ding Ning, pay her $5 mil… if u so hard up for gold 🙂

  19. Many hope the Japanese take the brone.

  20. Lim said

    Take a view from Switzerland soccer team. Their country also 5 millions population but their soccer team is playing at all the big tournaments and true blood Swiss at London 2012

    For spore London 2012 team how many percentage r true blood locally born sporeans.

    If we send a fully local born spore sporeans team and finish bottom of the medal table, I will still be a pround sporeans and receive the team when they return from spore at airport

    Think again, all these so called china imported talents winning the medals and getting the prze cash money from PAP and where did the government get these money from. – our income tax.

    Why bother on spore team at London 2012. Is actually Chinapore at London2012

  21. Bruce WEE said

    Table tennis was invented by Bristish, but dominated by east Asian countries especially China for as long as we can remember. We can see from this and past Olympics that China-born players are representing many countries.
    In fact, China has been implicitly ‘exporting’ her players and coaches to many countries, for it is a 3-win situations.

    To China, if a certain sport is not actively participated by many countries, or if only few countries dominate a sport, then it is very likely to be removed from Olympics (and other major Games). That’s why Sepak Takraw will not make it to Olympics. Hence it’s of China’ interest to keep this sport ‘alive’. Some may even speculate that China’s occasional loses is somehow ‘deliberate’.

    To exported players/coaches, they have no way to represent China since they belong to the 2nd/3rd/4th tiers or were rejected for whatever reasons. By representing other countries, they become the anchor players in national squads. Their chance of exposure increased significantly. Not to mention the higher possiblilty of winning handsome monetary awards and glory.

    To importing countries (of players/coaches), needless to say its the quickest way to have a gap filled in this sport. And it may jump start the popularity in the country and hence expedite the naturing of locals in this sport.

    However, if a country’s only medal hope comes from imported mercenaries (that make up the bulk of its entire national team), then it’s really pathetic.
    Especially when, after so many years since the first imported player, we still can’t produce our own local player.

    • KWC said

      Interesting comments. It seems the reason for the hatred being expressed is stated in your last sentence.

    • Riz said

      Bruce – Hmm very interesting insight. Thanks for the alternative theory 🙂

    • Mich said

      Bruce! Why dun u do us a favour by training to become a medal hope ?

      • mike said

        once upon a time spore’s annabell chong was undisputed sex marathon champion……better than olympics gold medal, right ?

        and who in the world can beat our teenage girl’s feat of getting 50 men convicted for paid sex….

        and which woman in the world can beat HoJinx for creating negative returns by the billions…

        as you can see, spore already has world champions…LOL

  22. Tommy Koh said

    I hope she loses the bronze medal match too! Can’t stand the idea that taxpayer’s money will be given to her as reward!!

    • KWC said

      Why is that? She’s a full citizen and has worked hard to improve her game and represent Singapore. Is Singaporean a blood type? Do you know where I might get a transfusion?

    • You will be disappointed. She won.

    • mahbok tan said

      too bad hor she won the bronze medal and SGporean taxpayers lost….!!! good try SGporean…!!! **SAD**

    • Mich said

      Feng is already a citizen! Give her a break ok! She is wearing our national colors so why bicker over whether she is a true blue Singaporean ? Does it matter if she was once a china national.
      Be proud that Singapore has won a medal.
      Let’s make Singapore a gracious society & not one of social discord !
      Feng is a fighter & has done us proud ! Cheers to that!

  23. eek said

    It’s ok, we just need to train harder (our scouts i mean).

    Make sure we recruit the likes of Ding rather than Feng next time!

  24. SashaQueenie said

    In view of the recent scandal involving the badminton players, I wouldn’t put it past all involved that match fixing is involved.
    It’s the hallmark of PRC “sportsmanship”.

    • sally said

      timely to bring this point up.
      the feng tw apologists obviously failed to see or understand the badminton fiasco.

  25. Ben said

    i dun get y singaporeans arent proud if she won a medal, other nations including european nations are importing foreign talent as well! Go Go tianwei, all the best!

  26. jimmy said

    Ya,Ya, No proud for PRC

  27. Sozes said

    I admire her tenacity and courage to perserve; i think her mental strength deserves credit. Its not about whether they are from china, but they have only been here for 5 years and not only that, she was trained in china’s academy. We pay them money to come over and we sponsor them but is this really the product of our nurturing? I fear not. I fear that as they represent singapore in the olympics, the thought of making singapore proud is not there; but rather for their own gains. You earn fame,recognition through this, not to mention money. Do any of you think that five years is enough to incalcate true feelings of loyalty and pride to a country who just want to make use of ur talents to win a medal for sg? Look at the results of years of national education. Take a glance at all the anti sg netizens and do you think it is effective? I thought so. That is why sgporeans should be given a chance too, fts are okay, in my opinion, just that the majority should not be made out of them.

  28. Saw this comment on HDW said

    My friend does not want Singapore to win any Olympics medal. At first, I felt he was unpatriotic. Then, he explained that his reasons were out of patriotism. He explained that taxpayers’ money will be wasted on the players because they are mostly foreigners who will transfer the money back home. Our taxpayers’ money are better spent on our old native Singaporeans who have contributed to Singapore all their lives but still have to wipe tables when old people in other countries are enjoying their retirement.

    I was silenced by his argument. I cannot help but agree, although the conclusion was still somewhat discomforting. What do CNA members think?

  29. Lim said

    Sian. I contributed a very small percentage to our medal winner through mine income tax.

    What a joke. A locally born adult sporean pay income tax to help PAP government pay a China born sporean

  30. enough said

    it is not surprising

    these people just could not qualify the competition in china and the easy way out is to go to singapore papigs who

    would glady take them in

    papigs are such as asshole

  31. singaporean said

    yeah i saw the match earlier..not thrilled..not my kind…shes a foriegn import..not sure wat President ,his wife TCH happy bout..smiling from 1 end to the other..n this thought came to mind..President so free go there sit down watch game n earn salary..damn good life man…whereares hers singaporeans r working their ass of to make ends meet..hw is a world medal gg to change our lives? n yesterday i read PM lee posting on FB that he was watching the match wif his wife..i felt tat he shld be looking into much seriuos matters like immigration/housing/transport speechless..SG is getting way to “exciting” every day with all the drama surfacing…

  32. LS said

    You are just really biased towards the Singapore team. Many people dislike them NOT BECAUSE they are xenophobic or whatever “illogical” reasons you say to dispute them. The fact remains that they do not exhibit sportsmanship. Wang Yuegu scolded German officials. Feng Tianwei shouted loudly in triumph during matches to confuse her Japanese opponent. Li Jiawei is very unsubtle about how much she dislikes speaking English and likes her home in China.
    All in all, they do not behave like Singapore citizens (not the ah beng one but the open-minded civilized polite one). They just act like someone who just become Singaporean citizens for the money and opportunities.
    True talents are both due to nature and nurture. If Singapore wants gold medal just train the hard way. Singapore is only less than 50 years old it is OK to take time developing talents. If they could only change the mindset. Singapore can have their cake (medals) and eat it too.

  33. Helena said

    can anyone be sure that she did not deliberately lose to the prc player? who can vouch for her loyalty to singapore?

  34. letsbefair said

    First, congrats to Feng for getting Bronze.

    I generally understand and support the anti-foreigner (those without talent) sentiment among Singaporeans and TT readers. But it is ridiculous that you can’t celebrate Feng’s achievement in the Olympics because she is from China. Look, she came many years ago and has been living here among us since. She is clearly one of the top players in the world, and not some no-skill person coming to bring down our living standards.

    Her Bronze medal puts Singapore on the Olympics medal count. Yes it is a big deal and as a Singaporean I care. Let’s not go too far and start confusing the talentless immigrants with those with truly unique qualities. The latter creates a lot of value for Singapore – so $250K payout is a lot, yes but how many people can get a medal at Olympics. If you think she is overpaid, you are welcome to go try for an olympic medal yourself. I’m sure you will get the MDA payout too, they don’t discriminate against locals.

  35. China rejects FTL said

    Good Job Ding Ning! expect gold from her

    it is an insult to compete with a China reject who migrated overseas for $$. Shameful indeed…

  36. Ah Kong said

    Singaporean since 2007?
    Make an effort to attend English course, pls.
    Or at least learn some Singlish..
    Then local breeds will be proud of you..

  37. hothot said

    Either way China wins who cares. Nothing to do with Singapore as far as i am concern.

  38. Tan said

    Those who don’t agree in getting FT, go get your children or grandchildren to play for Singapore. No need send them to study. If no talent go out and sleep the floor so we don’t have to get foreigner to do work that no Singaporean is willing to do. Then SG will not have foreigners.

    Whether they are here for $ or not also not your concern. Go trace your roots, your great great great great grand parents come from where?

    We are proud to have local Singaporean and FT to represent SG, as long they have the talent, have medal or no medal we should also be proud of them.

    The shame here is the shallow mindset of you all who gave negative remarks about FT.

    • Naivety said

      I hope you get replaced & displaced by an FT soon if you are a local PMET as well as your children & grandchildren and future descendants if any.

      If you’re a business owner, you will be in insolvency soon, out witted & out of business soon by foreign firms & competitors!

      • Tan said

        It will not happen.

        The topic here is getting FT for sports.

        What goes into your mouth, don’t tell me all the food you eat are made in Singapore? So you grow your own veg? So naive…..? You must be someone who lacked confidence or too self-centered?

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