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Do first-timers buying HDB flats really have priority?

Posted by temasektimes on August 1, 2012

I’m helping my friend, Mr Siew to write this letter, to voice out his feeling.

Mr Siew and his parent have been staying in Ang Mo Kio for more than 30yrs.

And now he has married and would like to set up his own family, he goes for AMK BTO so that he can take care his 80yrs old father.

Since he got married, he has been trying for AMK BTO for many years and now his son is already 7 yrs old , he still never get a chance to go to HDB to select a unit. For the recent BTO, he is so happy cos he got a date from HDB to select a unit , but 3 days

before the selection date, HDB send him an email n sms , saying dat he don’t need to go down cos there are no more unit left.

To add salt to his wound is that, a friend of his , that is not staying in AMK nor having parent staying in AMK got a unit for AMK BTO .

He is very very disappoint n wanted to know why is that so? He is a first timer n he is staying near his parent n why isn’t he given the first priority for selection? Does HDB really go thru EVERY APPLICATION? If yes, why isn’t he given the so call FIRST TIMER PLUS NEAR PARENT PRIORITY? Does this system still apply or is just saying only?

Thank you.



30 Responses to “Do first-timers buying HDB flats really have priority?”

  1. P Koh said

    This enquiry should be addressed to HDB as all answers from readers may not be adequate as the rules changes ever so often and we do not really know the latest one.

    • 60+ Singaporean said

      Leong, first of all. Yr fren, siew got fren working in hdb? Got fren in grassroots? If got nothing then end up waiting long long lor.

      • double standard said

        did he vote for opposition cos its pinky’s ward. if he didn’t den ask him to find pinky, see what advice he will provide him with

  2. oute said

    aiyoh, you ready believed what you read or hear meh.

    Just asked yourself, whether your friend had helped the PAP or not. If not, dont bother lah…

    • Edmund said

      Maybe he voted against PAP, so kena blacklisted and so put at the end of the Q. Govt is sending a subtle message to flat buyers to vote for govt to get priority.

  3. More Chances said

    everybody got their own excuse for apply in AMK.
    U just get more chances…to lucky draw for 1st timer and whatever reasons, no priority.
    Leong, you and your friend don’t understanding the system ??

  4. Arborist said

    “Do first-timers buying HDB flats really have priority?”
    – Of Course Not. I had to go thru EIGHT fucking times as a first time buyer.
    Wonders which HDB in charge is the liar. From Mah bastard to Khaw fucker.
    Nabeh. KNN. kong jiao wei.

  5. Maximus said

    I also have the similar problem. Married for 3yrs and still staying with my parents because we can’t get the nearby BTO after 3 tries as a first timer plus staying near parent priority. We didn’t even had a chance to select any unit at all during the balloting. Right now, both my parents are having medical conditions and i’ve got no choice but to try other area BTOs. This priority thingy is already transparent sentence to me. Disappointed.

  6. Jack said

    Trust Minister Khaw , he cannot be wrong, he will take care of your friend as a first timer. If not, go and see him. If TCH can make time to meet a student, I am sure Minister Khaw will do likewise to see your friend

  7. i say what i think only... said

    they say give u more chance but nv pick u. got higher chance anot u dunno. try serving in grassroot to increase his chance lor. u never know how it may help. voluntary hor no strings attached, don’t get me wrong

    • 60+ Singaporean said

      Very good idea. Serve in grassroots u can even choose the specific unit. Which direction facing. Heard ppl boast before – his son got priority coz of his connections.

  8. family fun said

    I think your friend not be totally right, if he insist on getting one of the BTO in AMK might be a little difficult as there are many people apply for that area. I too have a selection 7 years ago but at that time punggol might not be the most sought after, so I managed to get my. I understand AMK does have limited projects and really I have seen it over subscript many times. So if he is putting himself up against luck too, not just priority. It is just like parents wanting to put them in popular school, while you have priority within 2km but if there are more people then space, then you have to depend on luck of the ballot.

  9. Sad Old Man said

    I have been trying to apply HDB flat in my parent estate for past 25 yrs, I have applied more than 10 times, I have given up leh. I bought from open market.

    PAP regime no care for citizens that need to take care old parents. The Regime only interested in milking $$$ from us.

    Don’t waste your time.

    You can by-pass all these disappointments by join RC, do FOC works for PAP, then U got 1st right to new HDB in your estate. Back door to HDB selection process

  10. Leonster said

    I myself have tried 9 times applying bto before I succeed. Met MP 3 times and the only thing he can do is to write in to hdb, but only to get standard reply to apply like the rest. I have friends who have no intention of gettin the house and got it by chance and in the end they just give up their chances. For ppl who geniunely wants a house are not getting their chance.

  11. darrenz120 said

    Many first-timers wanted to live near parents but are forced to live far, due to the hard-to-reach prices of resale flats in matured estates and the limited supply of new flats in these areas. From the letter, it seems that this person is ONLY INTERESTED in AMK. Many people are interested in AMK too, but chosen the cheaper options in non-matured estates. Unless you are prepared to go head-on with the resale prices or lucky enough to secure new unit here, you are no difference from any other person who are also ONLY INTERESTED in AMK. What make you so special?? You need pure luck or strong cash to secure a unit here. Complaining is useless. Who doesn’t know “buy low sell high” theory? Everybody want it, but not everyone get it. Especially so for the very ordinary people like us. No luck plus no cash.

  12. TC said

    Frankly speaking i do have doubts with the system too. I have been staying in my area for about 30years with my dad, and recently i went for the SBF released. But to my horror, my number is a BIG (3 digits) one despite i choosing to stay near my dad.

    I am also a first timer, i have friends who has got numbers as small as 5 or lower.

    To date, many of the flats have been taken. and i am still waiting for my selection date to come…. Fair? I am not too sure.

  13. richiekid said


  14. Jefflyn said

    I totally feel the pain! Fiance and I tried applying BTO at sengkang for 6 times! I am staying with my parents in Sengkang, and my Fiance with parents about 15 mins drive away. First application had a queue number but was way beyond the no. of units given. Subsequently… “Sorry, your queue no. is way beyond the available no., application unsuccessful!” =(
    $10 gone everytime like that. Can you imagine how many people had given that $10 to an unsuccessful application?!?! Its not a big amount by itself but considering how many people paid.. its a big amount in total. We paid 6 x $10 and still did NOT get any unit.
    We’re first time applicants. Near parents scheme. So? not working! There was one of the project that we applied for, they had those 2-rm units which my parents thought they can apply for as once I get married and move out, no point for them to stay in such a big unit. Another advantage is that if they get to stay in the same project, it will be so much more easier for me to take care of them (I’m the only child). Result, they got a queue no., and my application failed again. Of cos they did not go for any selection since it defeats the purpose as I did not get any queue no.
    Isnt the gov trying to promote family ties?? I’m not even applying for those hot location like AMK, Bukit Merah etc .. Just Sengkang and Punggol .. All I want is just to be near parents so that its easier for me to take care of them!
    Well, after so many failed application, we gave up and resort to some other housing alternaltives which I finally got an unit within walkable distance to my parents’ place, but also at a much higher price. =( Our monthly total income did not exceed $8000 (to be exact, its way below this amount).
    So … yeah .. I don’t believe in the “First-timer” or “Near Parents” scheme!

  15. ngpy said

    Now than realised that why 60.1% voted for them. I am not sure how long or what time span you have registered your application, for your I have to wait for almost 8 years before I got my 4 rooms flat and with various conditions. If I were to tell the whole story, the story it will be as long 10 kilo metres long. If you are staying in AMK go see the PM, otherwise you will have to wait long long.

  16. bb said

    PM is in AMK. You vote for him you get your HDB flat.

  17. ADR said

    Dear all,

    My best advice is that you have to join the RC (Resident Committee). From what I see, if you qualify for a HDB flat then you will get high priority because so far, all those RC members who applied for HDB flats under the RC scheme (not sure what the actual name is) – all got a flat even though the new luanch was 4x times over subscribed.


  18. singaporean said

    just a thought…hv u ever wondered..everytime theres a BTO..u need to make a online payment of $10 to register ur interest..over the years..many of registered and failed n keep registering everytime theres a new launch..ever wondered how much HDB makes from this alone? it may seem like a minimal amount..but mulityply by the total no of entries we will know the answer…is there anytign tat is free coming from PAP? gosh..i shall c how many applications go thru for this month BTO…they shld refund the money back…

    • Amanda Annie said

      If there is no $10, anybody will be applying for BTO flats as and when they like and spoil chances for those genuinely interested in staying in the estate!

  19. john said

    Is this complaint genuine. AMK is under PM and you need your friend to raise this problem? Your friend must have to the wrong channel.

    • darrenz120 said

      Share your thoughts. Nowsaday one needs to be sceptical first, on any unproven report. Sacarly it turn out to be another joker who consecutively rejecting whatever units offered to him because he don’t like the “feng shui”, facing, height, blar blar blar……etc…..

  20. Disappointed Singaporean said

    The question to ask is did Mr Siew voted for the opposition in the previous GEs?

  21. Discouraged Cathy said

    So if PAP has fail to give you a new flat in your desired old town at the time you wanted, they should be voted out? No matter what the govt has done in other areas? Please open your eyes wide and see around you. If you don’t like where you are staying now, you are most welcome to go somewhere else.

  22. Amanda Annie said

    A first timer and living near parent means that you have more balloting chances. So HDB gives you more entries into the “lucky draw” for you to have more chances to buy the BTO unit. For popular estates like AMK, there will be more people from all around Singapore to ballot for the BTO. Hence, it lowers your possibility to get a unit. Please read and understand the system before placing irresponsible comments like this.

  23. Jack said

    I believe those who help PAP or serve their politically org like RC do get priority.
    My neighbour is a PAP member in AMK but he got his flat in Hougang extremely fast

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