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Ex-MOE schizophrenic teacher jailed for filming girls in school’s toilet

Posted by temasektimes on August 1, 2012

Less than one month after former MOE scholar Jonathan Wong was jailed for having sex with a minor, another MOE teacher found himself in hot soup over sex-related offences.

37 year old Bertrand Ngien Wen Tseah was found guilty of filming girls in the school’s toilet and was jailed for one year today.

The court heard that Ngien had hidden three pinhole cameras in the cubicles of the female toilet on the morning of Feb 15 which he used to record a video of a 14 year old girl using the toilet.

Later that day, he noticed the three cameras lying inside the office of the school’s operating manager. Ngien decided to get rid of the footage after realising that the cameras contained the recordings.

More shockingly, it was revealed in court that Ngien had schizophrenia, a mental illness whose symptoms usually become apparent in teenage years and is currently receiving psychiatric treatment.

It is not known if MOE is aware of Ngien’s psychiatric condition before he was employed.


5 Responses to “Ex-MOE schizophrenic teacher jailed for filming girls in school’s toilet”

  1. alamak said

    Is he FT? His chinese name doesn’t sound local. What kind of screening standards has MOE deteriorated to?

  2. Bertrand Ngien Wen Tseah said

    Horny Bastard.

  3. Nabey said

    Funny. Why record video of people shitting? He wants to eat is it?

  4. get with the programme said

    For someone using mental illness as an excuse for his actions, he sure was fully cognizant of his wrongdoings, discarding his memory card in the canal and getting rid of his school laptop in case the law caught up with him (which they eventually did anyway). Having said that TT needs to be more progressive and aware that having a mental disorder does not mean that they cannot be employed as professionals. As long as they are high functioning you will be surprised to find that there are those working in the finance and management sector,research areas and even education sector. M Ravi is a good local example, Nobel Laureate John Nash being the most well known case.

  5. kaypoh said

    To ensure she wipe & flush properly!

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