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FHM model Celestina Tiew arrested for alleged drug use

Posted by temasektimes on August 1, 2012

22 year old FHM model and blogger Celestina Tiew has been arrested for alleged drug use.

According to the Chinese tabloids, Tiew was arrested with two men last Tuesday at a carpark in Dakota Crescent near Old Airport Road.

The car she was traveling in was searched and three packets of Ice and Ecstasy were found by the police.

Tiew is currently out on a police bail of $5,000 pending further police investigations.

In a tweet after her arrest, she wrote:

“I am really having a hard time here. I just got released today and I saw the news….now my career is ruined.”




51 Responses to “FHM model Celestina Tiew arrested for alleged drug use”

  1. No Can Do said

    To err is human, but to know one’s own weakness is the foundation of strength. It’s fortunate Celestina is caught in her youth as she still has years ahead to reform and make good. But if like KH’s brainwashed sheep in CHC, Celestina is so steep in her drug addiction as to refuse to see the light, she’ll b another sad story of a bright and pretty girl going down the road of self-inflicted ruin. She’ll hv to take a firm hold of herself to cast her past behind her and ride forth into the sunshine moving forward, if need be to discard those of bad influence around her and making new friends of good character.

  2. Daft Peasant said

    Tiew…….you never consume scared wat? engage a lawyer and fight loh…….

    But if you consume, that is another story…..

    Tiew…….zhan hai diu lo……

  3. P Koh said

    She said ” …. now my career is ruined”. But using drugs itself is ruining not only her career but her life. Buying drugs and using it promotes more drug peddlars and only if users stop buying, then there shall be no more drugs to ruin the lives of so many.

  4. Ron said

    These days it can be dangerous riding together even with friends. An Australian young woman is now charged with drug trafficking after her car was found to be carrying drugs in KL. Her Nigerian boyfriend was also arrested. Of course she is denying any knowledge of that stuff. It is the death penalty if she is found guilty.

    Better not to travel with others or in their cars unless you are very well acquainted with them. As for Celestina, the urine test will show whether she had consumed drugs.

  5. SkinFT said

    its ok bitch. you can always go and find suckers who will fuck you for a high price at any ktvs around SG. You are just 22. Maybe got another 3 more years so better be quick on it.

  6. Annoymous said

    You(Celestina) can always “blow” your way through under the table.

  7. Lee Chee Bee said

    “My career is ruined…”

    I’m sorry, what career?

  8. What a surname…..

  9. Jason said

    I don’t think celestina tiew is pretty she’s such a faker photo of her.. Her real life looking is so much different from her photo.. Means her real life looking is not pretty.. Is fake photo all is edited..

  10. Marissa Ngai said

    You reap what you sow.

  11. waswer said


  12. LOL said

    She must be Cantonese as her surname suggests it.
    Full name should be Tiew Lek Hai….

  13. Alice said

    Oh yes she better go to jail.. Haha.. I agree she is not a pretty girl.. Haha.. I saw her blogger that she put her own without make up photo during acne treatment is omg..

  14. Anomous said

    She is a such a evil heart girl

  15. ultra said

    to begin with…who the hell is she~?

  16. ivan chong said

    Nothing wrong with you , everything have to pay the price … 🙂

  17. Jia Ba Liao said

    well, she was just a passenger in the car, so, unless contraband substance was found in her system via blood/urine sample, she wasn’t using the ice/ ecstacy.

    and she can actually plead her innocence, since carpooling doesnt require passengers to sweep the vehicle for contraband prior to boarding.

  18. Yayrhah said

    well.. is she providing other services?

  19. alibaba said

    Another ah lian…

  20. chngminghow said


  21. SG Talent said

    Dun worry on career…use your oratory skills!

  22. ANGRY said

    All those bitches below 18 who prostitute themselves are absolute the lowest.
    Do it only when you are above 18.
    Don’t hai see lan………

  23. JJ said

    She just deserve it. Nobody ask her to take drugs. Saw the newspaper.. With two men inside a car. One of them is topless. Omg. What are they doing. And the guy is 40years old plus. Anyway the urine test is positive. Prove that she really took drugs. she don’t cherish what she had. Her life is so messy, it’s not what it shown on her blog so simple. If really took drugs then should get some punishment

  24. Dexter said

    Lol. Now she get what she want. Get famous already. Photo is publish on newspaper and so many people is talking about her. Those company still wanna use her as model, ask her to advertise on her blog? She already had a bad image to the public. All the other friends who always hang around with her is not there at the scene. Or else who know that which of them is taking drugs too.

    She got many blog shop asking her to advertise their clothing on her blog. Got a ginvera commercial, work for many car expo show, f1, kiss Jane shop, prive asthetic clinic, my fat pocket’s resident blogger etc. saw the newspaper within few second can already regconise her. Catching attention isn’t what they want? Earning so much but doing all these nonsense. All those company and shop still want to use her again?

  25. Virgorian said

    It’s ok celest, if u offer $300, alot of men will help u

  26. NaBey said

    You can work in oracle, Hitachi or Ncs.

  27. Yuki said

    I have worked in a modelling events with her. And she is a nice girl. It might be a misunderstanding and wrong thoughts by others. But pls, save your nasty comments to yourself cause everyone made mistakes. You are not an angel. And pls don’t say nasty things about her cause as someone who have worked with her, I think that she needs us to support her lowest now.

  28. precious said

    next will be a sex tape. ohhh la la

  29. Public Eyes said

    So what she is a nice girl. My school teacher is also a really nice lady. If she is caught taking drugs, like this girl is caught taking drugs, does that mean I go all out to defend my teacher? It is not her, her personality. It’s her lack of judgement to take drugs. She must be punished for her drug abuse which is against the law. It doesn’t matter if she is the most respectable person before this illegal act. So don’t confuse THE PERSON with THE ACT. She will be punished for THE ACT. She has knowingly chosen to abuse drugs. What was she thinking? That because she is a model that she has to try so hard to fit in? It only shows she’s weak and have to follow the herd and do the wrong thing. I am sure the desire to fit in and be cool was important to her, and she had put herself at risk of being caught. No one is above the law, and she should be dealt with the law as rightly so.

    • Edmund said

      Agree, no one is above the law and she is no exception. She shd know that taking drugs is an offence and when caught,give excuses.Well let the court decides her future.I am sure she knows what she is doing is wrong. Taking drugs can ruin your life and future as well.

  30. Alan Lim said

    Confirmed another Ah lian supporting another Ah lian. Birds of a feather flock together.

  31. Audrey said

    So sad. Drugs never solve problems! These party pills destroy life. My friend went to a KTV and a PRC offered him party pills and tell him sex will be great.Now my friend is hooked on both the drugs and the PRC girl!

  32. Bao Ching Tian said

    You reap what you sow. If you associate with people who abuse drugs and get caught, you will have to face the consequences.

  33. Ren said

    Tiew! R u fine? R u fine?

  34. GODvsDOG said

    Newspaper got nothing better to write. Only knows how to publish Gossip News….BUT we LOVE it..Hope they can publish even more exciting news like maybe she even do Freelance Sexual Service or she exchange her body in return for fame. Make it louder than the Professor Sex Scandel case.

  35. kaypoh said

    Small little thing like this kena sai, 13 y/o girl arrested for flag burning!

    Anyhow buy Bromptons no prob, money face promoted MP for million $$$ sure, she deserves it!

  36. Karine said

    I don’t think so she can be a model because she without make up is really different.. Many people ask her for advertisement so what she only use by her body not look.. Her photo all is edited not natural especially her face is got do something edited that’s why look so perfect.. She can’t be a model she don’t deserved to be a model.. And she is ah Lian ofcos another ah Lian friend will help her say good thing la.. Lol.. She only want to act famous or popular so what can use for money eat meh? Lol.. Wah Lao she like that call pretty model omg fuck la.. She only have photo genic face is using of edited shooting..

  37. TheOne said

    Take care,stay strong. A time to see who really cares for u now.. looking forward to see a brand new celestina. cheers! regards..=)

  38. hate bitches said

    lol.bitch. U sucking losers who support her should be thrown to jail along with her.SHE BROKE THE LAW,SHE DESERVED IT.

  39. Bobo chi chang said

    If I were you, I will be more worried of penitentiary rather than career 😦

  40. Jamie said


  41. Ben said

    Don’t worry if u nvr take drug

  42. Drugs consumption and trafficking are both very serious in Singapore. Let’s hope the investigations will prove the innocent ones. However it’s also in times like this, that you see TRUE faces. People who really cares VS People who doesn’t matter anymore..

    Girls should learn to protect themselves, and not just be merely pcc materials for those h*rny bastards.

  43. ken said

    tiew in jail alr lah

  44. wetbtich said

    do you guys know that she sell her body just to be famous .

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