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Grace Fu given pay rise with promotion to Minister in Prime Minister’s Office

Posted by temasektimes on August 1, 2012

PAP MP Grace Fu who sparked a massive public outcry last year by complaining about the cut in ministerial salaries is now given a massive pay rise after being promoted to a full-fledged Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office.

A former Senior Minister of State at the Ministry of National Development, Ms Fu will also be Second Minister for Environment and Water Resources and Foreign Affairs, and will assist Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean on population matters.

Speaking to queries from the state media, an obviously elated Ms Fu said:

“People are Singapore’s greatest resource. I am very privileged to be given this opportunity in NPTD to look into our population issue, with its far-reaching impact that directly affects Singapore’s make-up and economic competitiveness.”

Ms Fu was rapped two years ago for lending her support to a ‘Water Festival’ organized by her grassroots organizations to make foreigners feel accepted, welcomed and happy living in Singapore.


34 Responses to “Grace Fu given pay rise with promotion to Minister in Prime Minister’s Office”

  1. No Can Do said

    $-faced Fu chastised by sinkies is now richer with PM LHL’s choice of her as a full-fledged minister. Is this intended to show that the PM cares nought for gneral public opinion despite the expected backlash from the ppl come next GE? Or is the PM unable to see the political storm brewing in the near horizon which cld spell the end of the PAPies’ regime and payback time?
    Promoting Grace Fu to full-fledged minister despite the commoners’ displeasure for her $-face when, as a mp, she is expected to work with dedication and sacrifice for the coomon cause is not going to endear the PAP to the ppl and may hv a heavy cost to the party come next GE. Period.

    • Bla bla bla! said

      You seem to think too highly of Singaporean…do you really think you can make a difference just by talking and ranting on paper and voting the pappies out in 2016??? !!! Sooooo laughably naive! Opposition without action and bloodshed is mere lip-service!

    • Ken Lee said

      we need to pay them more to prevent CPIB to check them! and when they meet COE of private company they got more face!

  2. crappy said

    Kick her out in 2016!

  3. LKY said


  4. Jaded said

    This bunch of people is going to decide our futures as well as those of our children? God have mercy on Singapore..

  5. SashaQueenie said

    What a slap to the voters face!
    I am utterly insulted by this promotion and hold our PM responsible for this callous action.

  6. Jack said

    Congrats to ms fu, and the 60.1%

  7. I am DAFT so WHAT ! said

    She is as disgusting as the underaged predatorial hooker who caused havoc to more than 50 men.

    • SkinFT said

      Careful. Police will be knocking on your door. Remember that threat from Mr. Yaccob? Can’t spell his name anyway. This is consider as an accusation in the eyes of PAP and their “dogs” Be very afraid.

  8. Annoymous said

    I like that face expression(top) to go along with her massive pay rise.

  9. icefire said

    typical PAPaya member … money orientated
    keep introducing more pple without national pride into the useless LKY’s son office to cover his incapability at the expense of our taxer payer money
    i believe those prosititue at gelyang is not as money faces as our so call minister here !!!
    earn these 黑心money hope ur family will not have to received karma on ur behalf

  10. CWS said

    We need to pay more for greatest resource! Let’s see what up from the newly promoted ones!

  11. Exaggerated said

    They will always find a way to increase their own salary. Seems like everything they have done is just a facade. Just something to shut the citizens mouths. Cutting salaries on one end and raising on the other. How ironic!

  12. Mikey said


    Not sure if man or woman..

    What’s the deal with the proliferation of these type of people in the government?

  13. bb said

    The PM has to reward her asit is abundantly clear she is instructed to voice out the cuts in Minsiters salary

  14. Singapuraboi said

    Well she has a big nose and we know in Chinese face reading means. she has an inmate ability to accumulate wealth. Guess that vacuum nose can suck up stray pennies. She will be rich even if she does not whine about pay cut. Govt if u want to save money then don’t hire big nosed people. Wonder how old she is as her lips r thin meaning she will have hard years ahead. Good thing got strong chin.

  15. stevenadosan said

    According to some fortune teller,face structure can reveal a person character.Big Nose means highly sex! I think there were more than 1 BIG Nose in pap!!!! So funny!

  16. enough said

    sad another bootlicker
    another scam
    another case of rich robbing the poor
    in isreal, two killed themselves by setting themselves on fire because the regime of isreal like singapore is robbing the poor
    to pay the rich with no social safety nets for the sick and the aged

  17. Tan Yan Ren said

    VERY bad Choice, PM!disgusting in my opinion….DisGrace FOOL!!!! …as bad as TPL choice!!!!

  18. money face said

    yes, she is right. singaporean citizens are the pappies government’s biggest asset – they are suckers and easily bullied. pappies govenment bring in several million FT to press down wages so that tamesek companies can have bigger profit margins, rather than to let singaporean have higher salaries, never mind if many singaporeans get retrench, face more work stress, married later or have small families.

    and singaporean men must serve national service so that tamesek companies can make bigger profits supplying to mindef and lsl is also shareholder in these companies. singapore army is to defend singapore? come on it is all about money.

  19. Unhappy said

    Field her in Aljunied in 2016 so that we can vote . . . . .

  20. John karung guni said

    Government must hire Karung Guni man so that all citizen will be happy with paying a minister with karung guni income. Who is happy with your boss salary when he just sit in the aircon room and gives you instruction.

  21. Hamster said

    Take heart Singaporeans! At least we do know that PAP does indeed not ONLY listen to “feedback” on the “massive” pay cut that some of us had to endure BUT they also listen to the “minority”..

    Too bad that the feedback they chose to listen to is from within their own party ranks.. Grace Fu is definitely an example for us all to follow she has shown us all that we must stand up for ourselves if we want more pay…

    later i will muster courage to feedback to my boss on the ridiculous salary i get and the measly 1% pay rise year on year, not only that i will also feedbac to him abt the coffee machine in the pantry that was has never worked since i joined the company 5 years ago.. Viva La Grace FUUUUUUUUUUU !!!

  22. weak justice said

    Grace! F.U. understand???!!!

  23. i say what i think only... said

    she made her point known liao. people is singapore greatest resources. she nv say which nationality liao mah, do expect the new wave that is coming.

  24. The Daft Singaporeans! said

    Cut Salary than give promotion??? LP-PL
    Well done PM!

  25. Yayrhah said

    what is her promoted pay right now?

  26. IronMan said

    She deserve the promotion?!? Puuuiiii…!!!

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