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VIDEO: Man uses fake gun to threaten SBS bus driver to drive faster

Posted by temasektimes on August 1, 2012

A netizen filmed this shocking footage of a Chinese man in his 20s using a fake gun to threaten the SBS bus driver to drive faster.

“He disturbed the driver for quite sometime, pointed gun at him, pointed gun at the other passengers, I could even hear him press the trigger many times, just that no bullets came out. Managed to catch just the ending part of his crazy rantings & threats, since i don’t want to attract too much attention to myself,” he wrote.


22 Responses to “VIDEO: Man uses fake gun to threaten SBS bus driver to drive faster”

  1. Sam Tan said

    The netizen is a cock. He has time to record down the ongoings with his handphone but have no time to notify or sms the police for assistance.

    • gentleaura said

      Even notify the authorities need evidence what?!

    • Ron said

      That is the problem with some Singaporeans. No balls to help arrest such bastards or call the Police. The same happened when the Uncle was pushed out of the bus and when two Uncles starting fighting. What is the use of hp? Afraid to get into trouble or be involved with the Police?

  2. I am DAFT so WHAT ! said

    Definitely NO DOUBT, this person IS NOT FULLY integrated, YET.

  3. Was he arrested?

  4. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Judging from this, all I want to say is, this “crazy” man belongs in the “one flew over the cuckoos nest” fraternity. Our good friend Jack Nicholson will be thrilled when he sees this short clip. Have a nice day one and all!!!!!!!!

  5. Singapuraboi said

    I don’t condone his behaviour but I also don’t blame him. Our bus frequency has dropped drastically and speed of buses is worst than a funeral cortège. I feel like am attending a bloody funeral everyday. Honestly, I also thought of screaming at the driver and perhaps inflict physical harm although I never did it. I have always wondered about the odd sign in SBS buses about their captains have the right to work in a safe environment. If they have to put up the sign they should know that commuters’ frustrations r mounting. No sane person would get out of bed and decide to inflict harm on another person for no rhyme or reason. During LKY and GCH time it took 45min including waiting time from my house in upper serangoon to Chinatown. Now it takes me one and a half hours. It is almost double the time and this is after SBS announcement that they r hiring more PRC drivers to ease the problem. The pool of drivers have apparently not increased as they let go the local n Malaysian bus drivers. The PRC drivers can’t value add. They can’t communicate with our Malay and Indian brethren. I once asked about doing a connecting route and the PRC drivers always tell me they don’t know. The local n malaysian drivers always know their routes n connecting routes n they can converse in Malay for the benefit of the Malay n Indian commuters. Ok enuf said about the incompetence of SBS.

    • Ron said

      Why not take up bus driving to experience it yourself? Easy to point the finger. Typical Singaporean complaining.

      – What about the bus driver that tried to stop two Uncles fighting in the bus?
      – I saw another driver tell a passenger to get off because she had durians on board.

      The issue is overlapping and bus routes that are too long. We have plenty of MRT stations. So, buses should radiate out from MRT stations. That will reduce road congestions. And tains should run more frequently. LTA is not providing an overall public transport coordination, leaving it to commercial decisions by different companies.

  6. alibaba said

    why nobody dares to topple him if this is a fake gun?? Singaporean selfish attitude again???

    • Cozy said

      Topple him you may get into unnecessary trouble with the police or even get sued. Will you do it? Don’t keyboard warrior ah.

  7. kaypoh said

    Why dun he use his cuckoo bird? Then the driver can drive like Ma Chi & drop him at Hotel 81 faster 🙂

  8. somethingwrongsomewhere said

    not a dull moment in Singapore these days.

    • SINYoobi said

      Singapore is flooded with rojak nationalities without an identity. Thanks to the ruling party for making our country so colourful and plentiful.

  9. steve said

    some drivers just drive too slow 😉

  10. des said

    This person holding the fake gun is obviously nuts. He should get locked up in mental institution lest he really does something threatening to other people’s life in the future.

  11. R S Rajan said

    Having a fake gun is a serious offence under out laws. Since all our public buses are equipped with CCTVs, I am sure that the Police will nab him soon.

  12. Hamster said

    is it just me or has riding on public transport nowadays become such a dramatic and even atagonizing thing? Seems like u never know when u will star in the next Public Transport drama…

    But really lah… Bus drivers in SG are really damn slow.. Just stand along orchard road and see how “fast” our bus drivers are.. then compare it to the Doubledeck Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) hurtling up & down Nathan Road in HK. I am really impressed how they can be so fast yet maintain low accident rates.. cant say the same for Minibus drivers in HK though… haha

  13. SoFDMC said

    Things are unraveling. Stress levels are reaching a breaking point. Someone’s going to snap big time one of these days and go postal.

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