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Female teacher charged with having sex with underage male student

Posted by temasektimes on August 2, 2012

A female former teacher has been charged with having sex with an underage male student who was 15 years old at the time of the offence.

The teacher who is currently in her 20s, has two children and is out on police bail.

The accused and the boy, who is now 16 years old, cannot be named, as the court has imposed a gag order.

According to rumors circulating on the internet, the accused is believed to be teaching at Raffles Institution, a top boy’s school in Singapore.

The teacher was teaching in the humanities and came to know the boy through the sports CCA under her charge. She was described as ‘friendly, approachable and caring’ by her students who are shocked to hear the news.

RI has yet to respond to or debunk the rumors as of now.


15 Responses to “Female teacher charged with having sex with underage male student”

  1. NaBey said

    20s with 2 kids, I think she must be damn itchy.
    Wah Lau TT, once again, this picture make me Buey tah Han. Want to go geylang liao,.

    • Ah Kong said

      Ya la. If in the pic my teacher, I refused to go home.
      Stay in Sch do extra work oso never mind..
      Will purposely drop my pen on the floor all the time..

    • kaypoh said

      Mebbe now she really have to go Geylang liao… stupid!!! She should be carrying the flag at Olympics, I’m sure 99.9% Spore men will support her for Gold… the other 0.01% want her to give personal coaching, lol

    • pic said

      She looks quite different from the cartoon:

  2. FUCK_TT said

    _l_ admins. I come here to hear facts not to see rumours.

  3. Lou said

    where is the teachers name?

  4. Allgooner said

    Guess everyone can be horny….including RI teachers!! But for heaven’s sake, pls dun shit in your own backyard lah!!

  5. cb said

    the boy must be excited with the service!

  6. Julie Ong said

    Frankly, since time immemorial human beings have ‘fallen’ because of sexual indiscretions. In this instance I would not comment as the matter is still before the courts. Suffice to say though that sex is a natural activity. It isn’t dirty. It is also an ‘animal thing’. We have of late been made aware of a number of cases involving high profile persons ensnared by the honeypot of carnal lust …..and the devastating consequences of loss of reputation and career. It’s a pity. Highly credentialled/trained people just cast aside and shamed. A real waste considering the potential contribution these highly qualified people can give to the nation. As a fellow human being I will not be judgmental as I do share the same urges as you do. Perhaps, we can learn to manage/control our sexual cravings. We know ourselves best. Therefore, do what is appropriate to prevent yourself from falling into temptation. I’m dumbfounded. What more can I say?

    • SoFDMC said

      Finally someone who actually has an honest opinion about things. Its an upside down world when people’s careers are ruined by incidents like these when we have big time war criminals bombing weddings in Afghanistan using remote controlled drones and banksters of the 6 big megabanks (Goldman Sachs, Meryll Lynch, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, et al) who destroy countries’ financial systems and laugh about it, write books about it openly and brazenly and think of us ordinary folk as dumb animals.

    • kaypoh said

      Eh, not new lah….ever since Adam got this “problem”…

      If Adam oso “buay tahan” liao, how can us mere mortals?

      You gets your kicks & u takes your licks, it’s “fair” right?

      After all the monopoly media must create some “entertainment & distraction” from the REAL problems facing us, capisch?

      Besides, why punish SEX when on the other hand gahmen are encouraging BABIES??? what a comedy!

  7. Naivety said

    Perhaps her husband can no longer sextisfy her lah…

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